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Iron Maiden frontman talks “The Trooper” beer: “People who say it’s a gimmick obviously haven’t drunk it.”

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In a movement that is blatantly being heralded as “a gimmick you can believe in” and “a campaign beyond borders,” rock band Relevant Discord is asking for your vote.

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Muse drummer Dom Howard insists that their “Survival” track is not just a gimmick, and should be considered alongside the band’s other works.

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British rockers Coldplay are reconsidering the use of flashing wristbands at their concerts as the gimmick is proving too expensive.

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Black Shore has issued the following statement about the release of the band’s new album:

“Finally we finished the work on ‘Legion,’ our new album! Release date is the 16th of September. The CD also contains a video clip for ‘Kaiserschnitt Replikant.’ You can pre-order your copy at The first 250 copies include an alternative coverdesign-box and a special gimmick!”

The track listing and artwork are available for viewing below.

1. Kaiserschnitt Replikant
2. Black Metal Untermensch
3. BadBloodBastardBlues
4. Golem
5. Fat, White and Ugly
6. Nullvoid Hibernaut
7. Planet Ärger
8. We are Legion

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Imagine you’re listening to a great album, and after ten tracks or so, you’re finally on the last one. You’ve had a very satisfying listening experience. Then you see the last track; it’s almost 20 minutes long! Yes! This must be some epic proggy track of juicy goodness! It plays for four or five minutes, and then the track just goes silent. It stays that way. 15 minutes later, some completely out of place guitar riff or drum solo or spoken word or bizarre static then plays out the final minute of the record. Is this hidden track the cherry on top of the ice cream sundae that is a great album? No. It’s like finding a bunch of pennies or maybe some grass on top of your sundae; something totally jarring that adds literally nothing to it.

I love albums. I love thinking of a band’s work within the context of the album, not by singular songs. Because of this, track listing is extremely important to me, as is album length, song orders, etc. Hidden tracks may have been a hokey thing back in the 90s when people were using CD players to play their music and didn’t have track lengths available to them. After not noticing their album had ended ten minutes earlier, some random slice of music could come in and reawaken the listener and ideally make them say “whoa, I totally didn’t know my album was over! What’s going on! This record is packed with surprises! I’m going to buy five more!” Has a hidden track ever pushed you over the top to really appreciate an album? Probably not. If anything, it holds you back from full appreciation.

What’s frustrating is that I can’t just pin this on bad bands. I can’t say something like “oh, only shitty bands throw that gimmick in! Troo and kvlt metal for life!” Because bands I actually really enjoy do the same thing. For example, Gojira does this on their 2008 record The Way of All Flesh. Keep in mind, The Way of All Flesh is a straight up exhausting listen. It’s over 75 minutes long. By the 60 minute mark it feels like your brain is just going to shut down. That’s when you get to the final track, the title track. It’s 17 minutes long. It’s supposed to be the culminating message of what was one of, if not the best album of 2008. Instead it’s seven minutes of music, followed by ten minutes of silence. The ending isn’t even music, it’s strange static/feedback. Satisfying? No. A waste of time? Yes.

Another guilty party is Georgian sludge band Baroness. On their 2007 debut, Red Album, there’s a hidden track. No, really; track number 11 is actually called “Hidden Track.” In the mp3 age (which has existed for roughly ten years), doesn’t this sort of defeat the already weak purpose of a hidden track? It’s not as though it’s a surprise when a song called “Hidden Track” is made up of 11 minutes of silence and then one minute of a random, southern guitar riff. The song could just be renamed “Eleven Minutes of Silence and then a Little Guitar” and it would be more accurate.

My final example comes from Mastodon’s 2006 record Blood Mountain. A great album, but one of the most out of place hidden tracks. The final track, “Pendulous Skin,” is a whopping 22 minutes. It makes up over 30 percent of the entire album. Is it a proggy, epic song as previously mentioned and hoped for? If it was, this post wouldn’t exist. Nope, we have five minutes of song and then 16 minutes, I repeat, 16 minutes, of silence. And then Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age (and the infinitely better Kyuss) reads some cheeky letter about how he loves the band and will upload the demos of the tracks onto the Internet because they seem like cool guys that would be down for it. It’s sort of amusing, but it’s not worth a 16 minute build up. It’s like being at a comedy show and waiting over an hour for someone to do their stand up, and then having them be not very funny.

I presume Gojira, Baroness, and Mastodon take the quality of their music and records seriously. I mean, all three of these are top notch albums that sit on top or close to the top of the pile of each band’s respective discographies. But adding these idiotic hidden tracks is amusing only to the band, and in the end takes away from the album. With that, I leave you with Austrian Death Machine, in the only worthwhile hidden track I’ve ever heard due to the self mockery.

Click here to view the embedded video.

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To some, A BAND OF ORCS is just a comical gimmick for a lack of musical chops, but these fantasy role-playing nerds can play some pummeling death metal. The band is definitely recognizable and unforgettable within the death metal scene, and they never break character.

In a recent e-mail interview, the ORCS talked about … well, I don’t know what it is they’re saying, but it’s pretty amusing none the less.

How did A Band of Orcs form?
Gogog: Long, long time ago, in far away place, Hirntodia. Many Gogog’s
before this Gogog, the great dragon, Gzorroth, sent slaves, fire and
death, to seek most brutal of warriors, those who could breed and kill and

Gronk!: Finding only short ugly dwarves and foul, fairy princess elves,
fire and death came to a retreating riverbed. There, Fire use heat to dry
mud and form it into shape of beautiful warriors, thick muscles, hard
heads, strong bodies and powerful tusks. Death looked at what fire done and laughed, for with all power fire can only make burnt, dried statue. “All creatures stuupid, fire,” said death. “Yes, none so great as orc,” fire said back. “I now take might of death and feed it backwards through you statues, for Great Gzorroth I give all my power to deal death to your statues and I breathe my breath through them backwards so they come to life and then give my death to all others and raise the great dragon Gzorroth from pits of slumbers.” All hail Gzorroth!

All Orcs: All Hail Gzorroth!

WarChiefs of the Apocalypse EP, your only release, was actually released in 2007. What has taken so long for a follow-up or a full-length release?

Gronk!: Time flow different here and Hirntodia.

Cretos: Hulg not learn to play songz right.

Hulg: Cretos have penis for tusks.

Gogog: Oog spend too much time on unicorn safari hunts.

Oog: Oooooog :(

Cretos: That too much Hulg, you die now.

Hulg: Cretos dumber than even penis tusk make you think. You cannut kill
wut already dead.

Cretos: Your spirit will flee living realms in terror before Filthgrinder
is done with you, ElfRIPper!

Hulg: Try it!  Hulg become more powerful that puny Cretos can sleep think.

Gronk!: Warriors, stop now.  You see why album not done yet!  Try and get
orcs to do anything quick.  Work bad, very ungood.

You just released the single ”Hall of the Frozen Dead” in Sept., which kicks ass by the way. Is this just a preview for the new album?

Gogog: Yes.

Explain the concept behind the title and the direction the music is heading in?

Gogog: Many year back, before us come to your pitiful unicorn free land, mmm, tasty, want snack. Oog you have unicorn shank? No? That suck. Long years ago, Gore Stained Ax tribe travelled far and long in Hirntodia doing battle with many tribes of Giants.

Cretos: As us go underground we pass through place so cold.

Hulg: So cold …

Gronk!: Hoarfrost abound, treasures below, each step further from fire except torches and closer to the wailing dead. Beyond freshly slain ogre guards, past frozen corpses of elves, faces shaped in glorious painful death mask, limbs torn from bodies, eyes beautifully replaced by gaping holes.

Hulg: It good they there. Orcs get hungry, need frozen snack. No microwave in Hirntodia so just eat with torch.  Grugnar.

Cretos: Music frozen, like ice giants cave.

Gogog: Us also write songs about fire giants and hill giants.  They different and us killed them too.

Your video “Into the Maelstorm” gets talked about a lot for it’s CGI animation, concept and Orc chicks. How’d you get Malachai (Courtney Gains) from Children of the Corn involved?

Gogog: Our favored slave Rusty Slusser of SPFX masks; he provides us with the human looking illusions we orcs go into your world when we don’t want humans to know.

Gronk!: Rusty human forged alliance between A Band of Orcs and Malachai and of video illusion director Jess Bryden Director use his magic camera machine to capture Rusty’s work for propaganda and Rusty said you should film orc.  Director agree.  Courtney Gains Malachai handle production.

Gogog: Gogog did not give him choice.  His hair too red for honorable death, so him work til die of orc kicks.

Out there in the uninformed internet land, some say that you’re just a GWAR knock-off. I’ve maintained that you’re not, care you reiterate?

Gronk!: No, you sayz it good. Why Gronk! need say it too?

GWAR’s music always seems to get overlooked by their costumes and stage show. You guys play awesome death/thrash metal, but because of, as people have described you previously, your nerdy attire, are you afraid people won’t take your music seriously?

Gogog: Orcs fear NOTHING!  Tusk your tongue, human.

I’ve read that your live shows are killer. What do you get out of a great performance?

Gronk!: Souls for Gzorroth!

Gogog: Many riches, that all go to pay for Gasoline.  Much gold, your fast human travel costs.

Hulg: Braaaaiiiinnnnnzzzzzzzz

Cretos: Half-Orcs

Oog: Oog smash now?

Gronk!: The energy that feeds from the circle pits

Hulg: Fills Hulg wit power beyond comprehension, energy sings thorught room, humans, orcs, disasembling and coming back together. Chaos plays the life force of all present, destroying consonance, congelaing into an oversoul of metal proprtions.

Gogog: Yeah, what him say.

You’re pushing for nominations to open for Rob Zombie in Santa Cruz. How’s that going so far? Even if you get enough petitions, will that influence the promoters to bring you on?

Gogog: Yes.

You did a similar thing to open for Kiss. Did that ever transpire?

Gogog: Orcs is numer 2. Will be second, before Kiss.

Gronk!: Yes, any day soon.

What’s next for ABoO?

Gogog: Playing with Arnocorps at Slim’s in San Francisco. It Arnocorps’ biggest show ever ’cause orcs are there for 10th anniversary.

Gronk!: Judgement day plays evil strings, too, January 8, 2010.

By Kelley Simms
Website: and

See the original post here:
A Band of Orcs: The Orcs speak – posted on 2010-12-21 21:12:27

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The oddities that metal tends to attract and uproot are so common that they are no longer considered weird or odd. In fact, some of the greats in recent years have been courtesy of bands that are so weird and original, that they completely twist our sense of acceptability in what we deem as quality. One notable example is Diablo Swing Orchestra, who meld various forms of music, ranging from swing to…well, pretty much whatever else that group can dream up. Whatever it is that DSO comes up with though, they manufacture something that is genuinely good, original music, that very few, if any other artists have come up with. Unfortunately though, for every legit original trailblazer, there are those who try with the same good intentions…and fail.

Greece’s Dakrya and their second album Crime Scene, is one of those groups that fit into the latter category of having the forthright mindset to create legitimate original music, but end up failing in the process. Dakrya, with their sultry, burlesque style female vocals, combined with the instrumentation of said burlesque/vaudeville/circus theme, simply does not work. While this band probably had every intention of creating a dark, atmospheric playful Wizard of Oz vibe, to help set the mood for Crime Scene, I find it to be a distraction that doesn’t that allows for limited enjoyment. Whatever talents this band may possess, are really tossed out the window based on their style alone. I know that’s a bit too judgmental, trust me, but I get little to no enjoyment from albums that rely on their gimmick. With that said, I fully recommend everyone check this out, despite my disinterest. Crime Scene is one of those albums that you could really be into, or be completely put off by like in my case, either way, you owe it to yourself to give it a try for something a little different.


Similar Artists: The Gathering, Madder Mortem, Diablo Swing Orchestra, Lacrimosa

1.    The Charlatans
2.    Blind Man’s Bluff
3.    Scaremongering
4.    The Urban Tribe
5.    Camouflage
6.    Phantasmagoria
7.    Inertia
8.    Dramatis Personae
9.    A Dreadful Side Scene

Thomais Chatzigianni – Vocals
Christina Kalantzi – Vocals
SophiaX – Keyboards, Piano
George Droulias – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Angelos Charogiannis – Guitars
Alex Drake – Bass
Stavros Vorissis – Drums

Sensory Records

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Doro Pesch is well known for one thing, being a hot, confident vocalist within the heavy metal genre. Starting out in the German group Warlock, Doro achieved some notoriety, most notably some video coverage on MTV (again, mainly because she was a talented hot vocalist with some decent musical companions), but her real claim to fame in the metal scene has been her long career as a solo artist. Her popularity has been fairly consistent in Europe, more specifically in her home country of Germany, and because she has sustained her career for so long, she has kind of gained a legendary status in the metal community. Personally, I think Doro Pesch is one of the most over-rated vocalists in all of heavy metal. She has a leathery vocal style which fits the style well, but she isn’t a very good singer, let’s be honest. She is a figurehead for women in metal (always appears as the token female metal singer in documentaries, right?), and basks in the reception she receives by carrying on with the sexy she-devil gimmick. Now, from what I have discovered about Doro, she seems to be a very down to Earth individual who is genuinely into music, but whether its her or her label that promotes this image of the sexy, bad ass metal chick is irrelevant, because the bottom line is the records she puts out largely suck. Consisting of boring rock anthems celebrating the glory of metal, Doro plays on subject matter in such a tired way that she sounds like she crawled out of the 80’s kicking and screaming. I consider myself to be a proponent of all types of metal, including so called “80’s metal,” but sometimes you need to innovate your sound in order to maintain relevancy. Doro and her band may have the talent to make barebones metal riffs that would have passed as good in 1982, but doing the same shit in 2009 is disastrous as far as I’m concerned.

Fear No Evil is simply awful, in fact, it might very well be the worst widely distributed metal album I have heard this year. It’s repetitive and painfully slow. “Caught in A Battle” literally has the same riff for the entire song with drums that sounds almost synthesized because of horrible production values! Doro repeats the same lyrics over and over and over again…..guh! I feel like someone just hit me in the face with a sack of shit! There is not one song worth the CD is was printed on. This is all crusty, dust laden rusted over crap with ZERO sense of innovation and progression. Even the token metal bands to pick on, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden have progressed with the times. They play the same style, but they add fresh takes on their style instead of recycling the same riffs over and over again. Doro and whomever helps write for her need to stop, because its clear they don’t have the creativity to write an album that is relevant in a world that literally has so many  great albums coming up from the underground that will never get their day in the sun because crap like Fear No Evil are filling up stage time on Wacken or being pushed to European fans who are probably as weary of this crap as I am.

Doro, you were once an asset to metal, but unless you can come up with something that speaks to the people, there’s no point in competing with younger, vibrant bands who can play your style of music FAR better.


Similar Artists: W.A.S.P., Accept, U.D.O., Pretty Maids

1.    The Night Of The Warlock
2.    Running From The Devil
3.    Celebrate
4.    Caught In A Battle
5.    Herzblut
6.    On The Run
7.    Walking With The Angels
8.    I Lay My Head Upon My Sword
9.    It Kills Me
10.    Long Lost For Love
11.    25 Years

Doro Pesch – vocals
Nick Douglas – bass
Joe Taylor – guitars
Johnny Dee – drums
Oliver Palotai – keyboards, guitar
Luca Princiotta – keyboards, guitar

AFM Records

Review by CODY

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Yeah yeah I know, they are “legends” of the grunge and 90’s metal scenes, and yes, they made Dirt which is a pretty good album, but come on people, let’s make some progress here. Alice in Chains had it’s run, but after the death of Layne Staley, the band should have died with him to be frank. By saying that I am truly not trying to piss people off, but like Pantera and Dimebag, how can you take such an important figure of the band  out of the equation and then continue on? I don’t want to speak for the original bandmembers still kicking around, but you have to wonder if this whole reunion is just a financial get rich quick gimmick. Having a few shows to keep the legacy alive is one thing, but becoming a full time band again? Come on folks.

I am not one of those people who claim that Alice in Chains don’t deserve to be apart of the metal scene because they are indeed metal, but why do we have to throw so much adulation their way? Why do all metal news outlets have to hug the nuts of Jerry Cantrell when there is such a strong undercurrent at our fingertips? Realistically the answer is unfortunately quite obvious; money and recognition, that’s what. Landing a reunited Alice in Chains on your cover, or having an Alice in Chains week on satellite radio is guaranteed to bring in the populace. I can’t slam people for wanting to promote their product, I really can’t, but don’t be such whores about it.

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