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Gabe Reed Productions and Kendra Helms Media have joined forces to create the Metal Allstars tour, which will hit South America in November. The Metal Allstars tour will feature “some of the biggest contributors to the heavy metal genre along with some of the most technical musicians in the industry,” according to a press release.

Metal Allstars will be offering unique items and experiences to be auctioned off in order to raise funds for Ride For Dime. Ride For Dime Inc., a 501 (c) 3, charitable organization, honors the lives of guitar hero and friend, “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott (PANTERA), Jeff Thompson, Nathan Bray and Erin Halk. Ride For Dime has proudly given back to charities that were of interest to Darrell during his life as well as charities he would have been proud to be a part of, like Little Kids Rock, Toys For Tots, IAVA and many more. Ride For Dime was formed in 2010 and began funding its own Ride For Dime Scholarship Fund.

Originally formed in Arlington, Texas, in 2005 by Darrell‘s friends and family, the organization has now grown to having six nationwide chapters. Each chapter holds its own event, and all proceeds go directly to the Ride For Dime Scholarship Fund. Their current chapters include: Texas, Philadelphia, Chicago, Florida, Wisconsin, Nashville, Minnesota and the U.K.

Confirmed artists so far:

* Philip Anselmo (PANTERA, DOWN)
* Joey Belladonna (ANTHRAX)
* Udo Dirkschneider (U.D.O., ACCEPT)
* Brian Fair (SHADOWS FALL)
* Matt Bachand (SHADOWS FALL)
* Jasin Todd (SHINEDOWN)
* Aaron Rossi (MINISTRY)


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On September 10, Magna Carta will release DAVE MARTONE / GLEN DROVER‘s “Live At Metalworks” as an audio CD with bonus DVD.

A trailer for the effort can be seen below.

“Live At Metalworks” captures audio/video performances by Martone and Drover which were streamed live over the internet on September 25, 2011. This show was viewed by over 25,000 people in over 63 countries around the World.

Martone — a true modern guitar hero — performs with his band on such guitar virtuouso tracks as “The Goodie Squiggee Song” and “Dinky Pinky” from Martone‘s Magna Carta debut, “Clean”. Other highlights of Martone‘s set include a cover of CHARLIE DANIELS BAND‘s “The Devil Went Down To Georgia”. Another special moment occurs when Martone brings Drover on stage for an encore version of JOE SATRIANI‘s “Crush Of Love”.

Drover — best known for his work in MEGADETH — performs with his band (which includes SAGA keyboardist Jim Gilmour) on a version of FRANK ZAPPA‘s “Filthy Habits” as well as “Colors Of Infinity” and “Ascension” from Glen‘s Magna Carta debut, “Metalusion”. Drover brings Martone back on stage for an encore version of MEGADETH‘s “Symphony Of Destruction” with Glen on vocals.

* Dave Martone – Guitar and Vocals
* David Spidel – Bass
* Gary Grace – Drums

01. The Goodie Squiggee Song
02. Bossa Dorado
03. Angel Fish
04. The Devil Went Down To Georgia
05. Got Da Blues
06. Dinky Pinky
07. Crush Of Love (with Glen Drover)

* Glen Drover – Guitar and Vocals
* Jim Gilmour – Keyboards
* Paul Yee – Bass
* Chris Sutherland – Drums

08. Frozen Dream
09. Illusions Of Starlight
10. Colors Of Infinity
11. Filthy Habits
12. Ascension
13. Ground Zero
14. Symphony Of Destruction (with Dave Martone)


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There may be contenders and pretenders, but the Bach– and Paganini-inspired Yngwie J. Malmsteen remains the undisputed king of neoclassical shred guitar. The legendary guitar virtuoso and composer’s influence on the guitar world is undeniable. Yngwie has become the most revolutionary, copied and talked-about guitar hero since Eddie Van Halen. He is also one of the most spontaneous. What he’ll do next is always a mystery. His impact is all that is certain.

Thump Music has announced that it has secured Yngwie Malmsteen for an extremely rare and exclusive masterclass tour. See, hear and experience the master of the vibrato teach, empower and share insights into his incomparable career.

“My clinics are a show in themselves,” proclaims Malmsteen. Thump‘s founder, Jon Carruthers, adds, “Yngwie‘s jaw-dropping wizardry and fretboard pyrotechnics will challenge your mind and help you to achieve your musical dreams.”

Yngwie‘s 2013 Australian masterclass tour dates:

Dec. 09 – Brisbane
Dec. 10 – Sydney
Dec. 11 – Melbourne
Dec. 13 – Perth

Malmsteen recently released his autobiography entitled “Relentless: The Memoir” via Wiley.

In “Relentless”, Malmsteen relives the greatest and worst moments of his storied career as one of the most admired, talked about, and emulated guitarists in the world — from how he managed to buy his first Strat and assemble his first wall of Marshall amps to the truth behind the title of his 2005 “Unleash The Fury” album and beyond.

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Swedish power metal act ReinXeed, featuring Tommy Johansson (Golden Resurrection/Charlie Shred), posted a new music video for the track “Guitar Hero.” The song appears on the upcoming album “A New World,” which is scheduled for release on August 22, 2013 in Japan and September 4, 2013 the rest of the world via Doolittle Group.

The post New Music Video “Guitar Hero” Posted By ReinXeed appeared first on Daily Heavy Metal News.

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Graveyard BBQ quickly rose to fame when they won the “Be a Guitar Hero” contest to have a song featured in the Guitar Hero soundtrack.

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Former MEGADETH guitarist Marty Friedman recently answered several fan-submitted questions for a “Dear Guitar Hero” feature for Guitar World magazine.

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Phil Anselmo: wanting to build bridges

Phil Anselmo has discussed his current feelings for former Pantera bandmate and brother of Dimebag Darrell, Vinnie Paul, who has continued to refuse a reconciliation with his former singer since Dimebag’s death in 2004.

“I feel bad for Vince,” Phil tells Revolver. “People should pity the guy. I wasn’t there when Dimebag was murdered, but he sure as fuck was. That’s his flesh and blood, murdered right in front of him. It’s a shame that Vince never reached out to Rex [Brown, former Pantera/Down bassist] and I. I think the healing process would have been beneficial to him, instead of his knee-jerk reaction to fear, and his therapy through tit bars and whiskey.

Dimebag Darrell: Still missed

“One guy can’t break up a band,” he adds of Pantera’s demise. “After we broke up, why was Rex with me and not with Dimebag and Vince? You have to understand, it goes all four ways when a band breaks up. Yes, I made mistakes. Yes, there was a lack of communication on both sides and some of it is my fault — a lot of it is my fault.”

“Two mornings ago, the first thing I thought of when I woke up was Dimebag. I think about Dime a lot. Last year was very rough. I don’t know what it was about last year, but I got into a severe depression about the loss of Darrell and what it meant and how huge it is. How heinous it is for him not to be here and to go out the way he did.

“Dimebag was a lifer,” Phil continues. “He was meant to be this guitar hero. He was born for it. We would have made amends. I would like to think he would be proud of me for pulling myself out of the muck, the abyss. I’m not a believer in the afterlife. I think this is our shot. But I guess, in an atavistic way, you hope that the fallen one’s mighty spirit is looking down and smiling on you. I just choose to remember the positive things. He was almost like the perfect counterpoint to me. We may have clashed to a certain extent, but we would always find a happy medium, It was a vital relationship that I miss greatly.”

“Pantera had an almost supernatural freakin’ alchemic chemistry, not of this world,” he added. “I have not felt it since. Down has its own chemistry, but it’s not Pantera.”

Read more from the interview here. You can subscribe to Revolver here.

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TESTAMENT guitarist Alex Skolnick performed at the official launch party for his book, “Geek To Guitar Hero”, this past Thursday, January 17 at Tammany Hall in New York City.

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TESTAMENT guitarist Alex Skolnick performed at the official launch party for his book, “Geek To Guitar Hero”, this past Thursday, January 17 at Tammany Hall in New York City.

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(William) Rory Gallagher was without a doubt, a guitar hero.

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