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Fozzy: employing rubbish roadies since Saturday

Last Saturday, our Merl got invited by WWE legend, Fozzy frontman and Hammer contributor Chris Jericho to come and be a Fozzy roadie for the day at their Brighton show with nu metal survivors Drowning Pool. Which mainly meant trying not to fuck anything up or get in anyone’s day. It was a tall order. Here’s his Totally Official And Very Professional Fozzy Tour Diary.


Today, I am officially a roadie! I’m not actually fully sure what that entails, but I’m excited. However, having decided that I set my alarm a tad too early, I set it to sleep for half an hour and put my head back down for a bit. Roadies have to get a proper sleep, I’m sure I definitely read that somewhere. I’ll still get up early, obviously – I want to soak in some sweet, sweet sunshine down on the coast before I get cracking with lifting things and tuning guitars and doing electrical stuff and whatnot.


I wake up in a blind panic.


Just over two hours later, I arrive in Brighton, still roughly on time. It’s pissing it down and there’s a wind coming from the sea that feels like the breath of a snowman gargling ice cubes. God I hope my shoes are waterproof…



My shoes are not waterproof.


After walking around like a human puddle for what seems like an age due to half of the seafront being closed off for a car rally or some shit, I finally make it to the Concorde 2, host for tonight’s Saturday evening heavy metal frolics. Things are looking up already! I think…


I wander into the venue and have a quick look around, before heading over to the Fozzy dressing room to find out what super-important jobs I am clearly going to be entrusted with tonight. I’m assuming they have a KING ROADIE badge already made up for me or something. Maybe a hat too. I like hats.


Oh look, it’s Chris Jericho!


After complimenting Chris on his fine performance at this year’s Wrestlemania (even though he lost to a guy called Fandango, poor bastard), I’m handed over to a thoroughly nice chap called Scott. Scott’s basically here to make sure I don’t fuck anything up. Cheers, Scott!

Hi, Scott!


After deducing that I am definitely not getting a KING ROADIE badge, I instead get Scott to give me the rundown of how everything’s going down tonight. Apparently everyone has to be out by 10pm as there’s a club night on later. We’re not sure what kind of club night, but the general vibe is that it won’t be a metal one. Ah well.


Scott very kindly gives me a guided tour of the Fozzy/Drowning Pool tourbus. I am shocked and disgusted to find that someone is clearly jacking up on pills. Disgraceful scenes.


After being informed by Scott that we’ll soon be looking after the Fozzy fans who have bought a special VIP pass to meet and hang out with the band, I toddle back into the Fozzy dressing room where our Chris is in the midst of what looks like a fairly gruelling pre-gig workout. Guitarist Rich “The Duke” Ward turns up and things suddenly get weird.


I back out of the dressing room slowly and decide to go and watch the Drowning Pool guys run through a soundcheck instead. They’re sounding pretty good!


After nodding sagely and pulling a few “Fair play, Drowning Pool” faces, I go and check out some of the merch on offer. Apparently Fozzy don’t like Lady Gaga very much. This upsets me. I like Lady Gaga 🙁


Rather than try and enter a debate with Chris Jericho about why Lady Gaga is actually pretty cool, I watch the rest of Drowning Pool’s soundcheck before helping Scott to welcome and entertain the VIP fans that have arrived. I say I help, I mainly just sit and watch Scott entertain the VIP fans. Sorry Scott.


We all head back into the main venue to watch Fozzy soundcheck. They’re also sounding pretty good!


Chris kindly reminds me from the stage that I should probably be taking photos of this kind of stuff. Fair point.


With soundcheck wrapped up, the band sit down with the VIP crew for pizza! I hang around pretending to take important photos but I’m mainly hoping that I can nick a slice for all the really hard work I’ve done so far. Also I start to realise that as well as being a pointless roadie who doesn’t actually do much roadie-type stuff, I make a pretty crappy photographer.


With doors about to open and tonight’s support Revoker due to kick off their set in less than half an hour, there’s enough time for one more round of Fozzy-fan hugs and high fives before the guys head back to their dressing room to relax before their set. I take the time to breathe in the venue a little more, taking in the calibre of iconic artists that have stepped out onto these hallowed floors and appreciating the prestige of company tonight’s bands are in.


After a solid opening effort from Revoker, a rapidly-filling Concorde 2 is ready for Fozzy to do their thaaaang. I pop backstage to get a few final shots of the guys in pre-show mode. It’s nice to see that even seasoned pros can get pre-gig nerves at this stage of their career…


It’s SHOW TIME! Being the faithful KING ROADIE that I am, I forgo a few trips to the bar to grab some shots of Fozzy doing their thaaaaang.


I soon realise that I’m still a terrible photographer.


As a thumping Enemy signals that the end of Fozzy’s set draws near, I sneak backstage to make sure that I can catch the guys wearily plodding offstage, no doubt to rest their sleepy heads and chill out for a bi-


Right, looks like we’re in for a loooong night.


After checking out the majority of Drowning Pool’s set with a beer or three and deciding that being a roadie is pretty good fun, I trundle up to Fozzy’s dressing room, wherein which I find drummer Frank Fontsere mouthing along word-for-word to some Paul Stanley crowd patter being played very loudly over some speakers at his side. It’s a helluva a party trick.


After debating which is the best Maiden album of the second Bruce era (it’s Final Frontier, FYI), I am formally relieved of my roadie duties and am given permission to relax and do what I want. About fucking time; I’ve been working my nuts off here, guys. I grab a drink, kick back and promise to take it easy tonight as I have a train to catch back to London in the morning. Cheers, Fozzy! It’s been real.


I wake up in a blind panic with a raging hangover.

Fozzy and Drowning Pool hit the following UK venues over the next two weeks:

16th (UK) Nottingham – Rescue Rooms
17th (UK) Rugby – The Vault
18th (UK) Stoke – Underground
19th (UK) York – Fibbers
20th (UK) Manchester – NQ Live
21st (UK) Wrexham – Central Station
23rd (UK) Bristol – The Fleece
24th (UK) London – Electric Ballroom

Sin And Bones is out now via Century Media

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Upon A Burning Body: Snappy Dressers, No-Messers

South By South West, one of the best festivals on the planet, takes over Austin, Texas this week for a barrage of music, art and cultural events. It sounds amazing, and there are tons of great bands playing, so we got our Raz to tell us how it’s all going. Here’s Part Two…


If this isn’t a hangover, I dunno what is, but on the fine recommendation of Trivium‘s finest, Paolo Gregoletto, I totter down to a little shack way out west from the main strip called Bacon. I’m there for breakfast and the rocket scientists amongst you might have figured out that it’s a pork rasher-oriented establishment. It’s delicious. Apparently, our Paolo ate here quite frequently whilst recording Triv’s upcoming sixth album with Austin native, David Draiman. Today might involve trying to infiltrate the Disturbed/Device man’s home and barbecuing with him. Possibly…

Anyway, with a belly full of bacon, eggs and bacony waffles, I roll into the first afternoon shows of the day. Red Bull are plying me with loads of free booze and Heaven’s Basement are playing their showcase. Having failed to read the room correctly when not a single drunk, sunburnt person answered his first question, Aaron Buchanon keeps asking the crowd to sing along. Nothing happens. They may have polished their sound over the years, but if they keep trying to read off a script like this, no amount of free beer and ice cream is going to work. Still, thanks Red Bull!

Having filled my boots with alcohol, I arrange to go eat a load of shrimp and corn directly off a table (why not?) before heading over to the Sumerian Records showcase. Filled with exactly the kind of people you’d expect to see at a Sumerian gig, rucksacks hit me while the likes of Australian bruisers, Capture The Crown and the Parisian excellence of Betraying The Martyrs lays waste to this patio. It’s all just pre-amble because the real Texan party begins when Upon A Burning Body jump onstage in their sweater vests and three-piece suits. It’s heavy, I have an X stamped on each of my drunken hands – maybe I look under 21 in the sunshine… – and the Crowd. Goes. Wild.

UABB are the only thing holding Sumerian label boss, Ash Avildsen from running over to the Dirty Dog to catch the last few songs of Norma Jean, but that’s exactly what I do. It’s the MetalSucks showcase and it’s busy as hell. With Royal Thunder, KEN Mode and mighty NOLA monsters, Goatwhore (more about them tomorrow) on the bill as well, this is the other major metal gig of the evening and the disparity between the crowds is easily seen: all the kids are still milling around over at the Annex whilst the… more…established generation of metallers are in this here biker bar. There’s something for everyone in Austin. It’s nice to be back in the venue Metal Hammer held our showcase last year. Fingers crossed we’ll be back in Austin in 2014, showing the world how it’s done.

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For more info on SXSW, head to

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Polish act J.D Overdrive has issued the following year-end recap and update about working on a new album:

“The Mayans were wrong, what a surprise! OK, since we’re not going anywhere just yet, we thought we’d do a little sum up of the last twelve months. We have quite a successful year behind us, lots of awesome gigs, including supporting Soulfly and Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens in Warsaw, a mini-tour with Anti Tank Nun, performances at Rock Stars Festival, River of Booze, Radio Revolta Fest, the return of the Night of the Living Rock ‘brand’… Happy happy joy joy.

“The New Year should be exciting as well – at this moment we’re almost done with recording guitars for our sophomore album which we hope will get released in the 1st half of 2013. It’s gonna be bigger, heavier and better – this we can promise. We’re also cooking up quite a surprise in the concert department but shush for now…

“So all in all we’d like to thank everyone who made sure that 2012 was so easy on us. And we’d like to wish everyone a happy holiday and a brutal hangover on January 1st. See you all in 2013!”

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Bloodstock 2012

Getting the sleepy Saturday morning crowd to snap out of their collective hangover is no mean feat, but over on the Sophie Lancaster stage Savage Messiah are close to pulling it off. The sheer energy of these Brit boys is infectious enough to get every set of hands in the air even if they’re too tired to actually move, and their thrashy power metal tunes kick things off nicely.

By the time Taiwan’s Chthonic hit the main stage we’re ready to start drinking again (or I am anyway), to the sound of their slick melodic black metal. The contrast of heaviness and gloom infused with the beautiful ghostly sound of Freddy Lim’s erhu – that strange-looking stringed instrument like a skeletal violin – is well-received by the still slightly lethargic Bloodstockers, and when Freddy goes off on one about the politics of the Olympic games, he even gets everyone chanting ‘Taiwan! Taiwan!’ Not sure anyone knows what they’re chanting about, but fair play.

Up next is Crowbar, who play a predictably tight and solid set. For the fans – and there are many – it’s reliably awesome musically, but you’d be forgiven for not being moved by their static stage presence. What we need at this point is to get riled up, but it’s probably safe to say that Mayhem will do the trick shortly.

Meanwhile over on the Jager stage, a decent-sized crowd gathers for Triaxis. The Welsh girls and boys play a mellowed-out set of catchy melodic metal tunes with a slightly folky vibe, lending themselves perfectly to the chilled setting while still getting people dancing. So far, so good – time to get ready for the next round!

– Catherine Morris

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British metallers Savage Messiah are gearing up for their performance at the UK’s Bloodstock Open Air festival, which takes place this weekend at Catton Hall in Derbyshire.

The band will be storming onto the Sophie Lancaster stage this Saturday, August 11th at 11:50am to wake the metal masses with shred-heavy metal. Savage Messiah joins a line-up that includes the likes of Machine Head, Sepultura, Testament, Iced Earth, Evile, Alice Cooper, and more.

Savage Messiah guitarist Joff Bailey comments: “The anticipation is really starting to brew now! It’s gonna be one hell of a weekend and we really can’t wait to blast the living shit out of any one of you crazy muthas who are brave enough to come check us out with a hangover! Trust me… you will receive no mercy from us! Prepare for a Saturday morning slab of total and utter carnage that will seriously separate the warriors from the cowards! It’s gonna be all-out war! You have been warned!!”

For tickets and more information about Bloodstock, head over to this location. See Savage Messiah live at the following shows:

Aug. 11 – Walton-On-Trent, UK – Bloodstock Open Air
Nov. 03 – Holmfirth, UK – Picturedrome (w/ EVILE)

Savage Messiah’s latest album, “Plague of Conscience,” is out now worldwide on CD and limited edition coloured vinyl LP.

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While Amit and Merl were nursing their sunburn and sore heads, Metal Hammer Podcast host Steve Hill braved another round of Hevy 2012. Here’s what he saw….

After a night of partying hard, I feel rough on Sunday morning and it looks like I’m not the only one. Today some of punk rock’s old school attempt to show the youngsters a thing or two and, after Attack! Vipers have kicked the hangover out of me, I’m treated to 7 Seconds, Ignite, Madball and a day-stealing set from H20 playing a pre-MTV style of punk rock all with passion and fury on one stage.

While the other stage deals with the savage sounds of the impressive Black Shapes, Rise and Fall‘s Black Breath/Trap Them style grizzled noise, the bafflingly insane DEP-meets-One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest Chariot and headliners Converge, even they are not immune from the curse of the PA. Sounding paper thin for half their set and then, utterly disrespectfully, having The Descendants sound checking right next to them as they play. By the end it gets sorted out and No Heroes and Concubine sound as much of a head fuck live as they do on record.

As bad a taste as Descendants leave for their antics whilst Converge were on there is no arguing with the strength of their year zero melodic punk and they close the festival in fine style, barely pausing for breath in the process.

It’s a fine end to a fine weekend, which has had its fair share of problems but succeeds on the strength of its diverse and committed line up. Hopefully, it’ll be back next year and those creases can be ironed out. Get a better sound system, basically. And somebody wake that sleepy tiger in the zoo up!

Friday review
Saturday review

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This weekend sees punk, metal, hardcore and actual animals come together in one of the best festivals in the UK. Hevy 2012 is upon us, and we’re just a bit excited. Here’s ten reasons why…

Meshuggah Bringing The Metal

Meshuggah: Kolossal

How do you make an already brilliant lineup even better? Inject it with some of the most colossally heavy music the planet has ever seen, obviously. Since returning this year with the stunning Koloss, the heavy techy Swedes have proceeded to demolish the UK with a recent tour and will no doubt provide one of the most uniquely invigorating sets of the weekend. Lavlaaaay.

An Andrew WK Festival Headline Set

Andrew WK taught us the Art Of Partying in a recent issue of Hammer. We learnt well.

As anyone that saw his batshit insane recent show at the London Forum can attest, Andrew WK is indeed back and on the form of his fucking life. Now look at the following three terms and think of what they all mean when put together: Andrew WK. Festival. Headliner. This is gonna be good.

It’s Nice And Intimate

Hevy 2011 (not really)

Much like Bloodstock, one of Hevy’s biggest assets is that it’s small enough to get from one stage to the other in ridiculously easy time, meaning you can catch more bands and party harder than ever without having to spend three hours crawling back to your tent.

UK Talent

Bury Tomorrow: UK's finest

From incredible rising metalcore saviours Bury Tomorrow and djenty techy types The Safety Fire to brutal hardcore mob Feed The Rhino and ambient post-hardcore Londoners Devil Sold His Soul (who happen to be headlining our own Razor Tour later this year), Hevy showcases some of the finest young bands our country has to offer.


A gorilla.

And other animals. Yup, as well as around 90 bands on display, you also get access to Port Lympne Wild Animal Park, which means you get to kill off your hangover by going and staring at rhinos and lions and tigers and something called The Palace of the Apes, which sounds awesome.

Converge And Will Haven, One After The Other

Converge gives you Hevy ba-beeeeh

While punk legends Descendents close the festival on the main stage on Sunday, the second stage throws out the outrageous double-header of Will Haven followed by fucking Converge. That’s going to really, really hurt in the morning.

Municipal Waste Will Bring The Most Ludicrous Moshpits Of The Whole Weekend

Municipal Waste: bananas just out of shot

As they do at every festival they play. Surfboards? Check. Inflatable bananas? Check. Fully grown men dressed as animals going round in a circle pit? Guaranteed. Shit’s gonna get silly.

The Metal Hammer Podcast Crew Will Be In Town!

Steve looks really excited

Yup, Merl, Steve and Amit will all be onsite and giving it large. Come and hang out! And buy us beer. Seriously, we have no money. Help.

This Is Hell Will Tear The Whole Damn Festival Down

Why? Because they’re one of the best young bands on the planet right now, that’s why. Miss them at your peril.

It’s Killer Value

Even stingy cunts like Scrooge McDuck can't argue with that

So just to clarify, you’re getting an ace lineup, a great atmosphere and access to a fucking zoo for under £100? Bargain, mate.

Hevy Fest 2012 takes place this coming weekend (August 4-6) at Port Lympne Wild Animal Park and features the likes of Andrew WK, Meshuggah, Municipal Waste, This Is Hell, Bury Tomorrow, Glassjaw and many more.

Get your tickets below:

Hevy 2012 tickets

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Belphegor is currently working with Erik Rutan on a new album and follow-up to “Blood Magick Necromance” (reviewed here). As work on the album progresses, vocalist Helmuth recently conducted an interview with Metal Sucks to discuss his recent health issues. Excerpts from the interview follow.

Metal Sucks: How are you feeling?

Helmuth: Way better than a few months ago. I am recovering, slowly. It’s getting better each month.

Metal Sucks: I know you had to cancel some tour dates due to a lung infection back in the fall but what was the extent of your illness? What were you struggling with?

Helmuth: I had to cancel all shows and tours for the last nine months. It wasn’t a winning situation. Seriously, I never expected anything like this. Who does? It’s like a punch in the face. I got a typhus infection in Brazil. I guess it was from drinking water from the sink. What are you going to do when you wake up in the morning after hard drinking and have a raging hangover? Yes, I know, not very smart in the end. I was not vaccinated against typhus. The virus killed my lungs. As we toured Brazil, I didn’t know what was going on. I thought day by day it would get better. On the contrary, it got worse. Breathing was difficult. The last shows were tough, full of pain, vomiting and fever. But we played the last two shows with Morbid Angel. Hey, you can’t say “no, we’re cancelling.”

After eight shows in Brazil, we flew to Venezuela. I couldn’t lift my guitar case anymore, so that was the first time that I went to the hospital. I couldn’t play the show but Columbia was on the plan. I still thought, it will get better… sick, man. I was totally done, couldn’t do the last three shows in Columbia; sorry to all the people involved. I am a fighter, I never cancel shows as long as I can stand on my damn feet, but it was over. It was four days of pain and fever, lying in the bed in Bogota, followed by two damn international flights back to Austria. When we arrived I was totally done; it wasn’t possible to lift my hand luggage.

They put me in intensive care for ten days, to prepare for an operation. There was a lot of water in the heart, liver and legs – everywhere. I looked like a sumo wrestler. Besides my lungs, there was also heart damage. So I had an open heart and chest operation. I could fill a book, man.

Metal Sucks: How did you recover? Were you ever close to death?

Helmuth: Man, I fought five weeks to get my life back. Five weeks in the hospital – three times in intensive care, then six weeks rehab – step by step, I tried to get my life back. I have rock hard will and discipline, otherwise I wouldn’t be here anymore.

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If Junkyard’s debut was the sound of a cantankerous band nursing a wicked hangover, Sixes, Sevens And Nines was the relaxing drink-a-thon that caused the next morning’s pissy attitude.

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London sludge band Diesel King is streaming its debut five-song EP “The Ancient and the Nameless” over on Bandcamp. Diesel King formed in 2009 and recently played a gig with Betraeus and others at the Hangover Sunday event in Camden. Stream the entire “The Ancient and the Nameless” EP below.

The Ancient and the Nameless by Diesel King

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