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Toxic Holocaust

Toxic Holocaust: apocalypse now

Chemistry Of Consciousness, Toxic Holocaust’s forthcoming first album in five years proves once again that thrash is at its most potent when a) you throw in a whole bunch of sonic pollutants, and b) you actually sound like some badass, nuclear-apocalypse-surviving warrior of the wastelands.

Featuring all manner of d-beats, caustic, black metal atmospheres, true punk venom and an air of genuine menace throughout, Chemistry… – released on October 25 via Relapse Records – is scabrous, coal-eyed thrash metal that that belongs more in the unholy, confrontational company of bands like Destroyer 666, Aura Noir and Nekromantheon than it does in the cleaner cut, more classicist purveyors of the form. Now head honcho Joel Grind has released the track Rat Eater like some particularly nasty flesh-ravaging virus and you can hear it exclusively right here. Thash till death! And beyond!

Check out Toxic Holocaust’s Facebook page here!

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Shadow Kingdom Records will release the self-titled full-length debut from Canadian epic doomsters FUNERAL CIRCLE on November 19.

“Funeral Circle” track listing:

01. Scion Of Infinity
02. Amaranthine (Wandering Dreamer)
03. Corpus Of Dark Sorcery
04. Tempus Edax Rerum
05. The Charnel God
06. Black Colossus
07. Obelisk

Shadow Kingdom Records head honcho Tim McGrogran had this to say about the debut: “Epic doom metal is not the most well-known heavy metal genre. It takes a lot of heart and guts to play this style of music since the dinosaurs that started this kind of music are some of the very best bands to ever exist.

“Epic doom metal, in our opinion, started in Sweden with CANDLEMASS. Their intention was to write the first epic doom metal album. Other doom metal bands floating around back then weren’t thinking about writing a doom record, they just wrote the music they liked and that sounded heavy.

“With that said, we’re proud to introduce FUNERAL CIRCLE! Hailing from the icy mountains of Canada, this young and hungry band is writing some of the very best epic doom metal songs heard today.

“If you’re looking for epic doom metal, there’s not much out there better than this self-titled beast of an album! They’re slowly clawing their way to the top of this genre. This record is loud, heavy, and raw with outstanding vocals. To top it off, if the fans voted on best album artwork, this would be the best of 2013.”

Ordering information is available at


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Walking Corpse Syndrome is currently working on new album “Alive in Desolation,” and now the band has checked in with a new studio report. You can check out the full blog with photos from the studio at this location, or read the following excerpts:

“We’ve been nothing but impressed with Amplified Wax, a recording studio in Spokane, Washington. Jimmy, the head honcho and Grand Master of Engineering Magic, is a genius who is able to bring the absolute best out in all of us. His ears are sharp as razors and his expertise is unrivaled by anything we’ve ever seen. One would think that by now, we would be numb to the experience, that we would no longer be gawking at each other with fully-dropped jaws, stammering the same slobbering mantra, ‘This album is going to be SO FUCKING KILLER!’

“In that respect, we are perpetually broken records, because ‘Alive in Desolation’ is incredible RIGHT NOW AS IT IS, even in the amniotic sea of tracking. From day one, our expectations were completely surpassed. With each passing day, we become more and more amazed, more impressed, more blown away that music of this caliber can come from a little Montana band. We reached for the stars and were catapulted beyond the cosmos, straight into the fiery bliss of the indescribable spirit of Awesomeness itself!

“We expected a high quality rendition of what we’ve been playing. What we’re getting is repeated shock after shock of amazement. The songs start and we hem and haw, high-five, and grab-ass in our bizarre tribal revelry. Allow me to reiterate: WE ARE HIGHLY IMPRESSED, MAJORLY BLOWN AWAY, AND RANDILY EAGER TO FINISH THIS ALBUM. We have to get this into your hands, into your CD player, onto your computer, your iPod, your smartphone, your central nervous system, and anywhere else we can get it. We’re so stoked that we need you to hear it, so that you can be stoked like us. Then we shall all embrace in a festive jump-hug, burn some effigies, and toast to the everlasting spirit of Metal.

“There’s a strange duality to recording this album. We can’t wait to finish it, but each of us who have already finished recording our parts have felt a slight sense of sadness that we’re done. It means that we’re powerless to do anything but watch, listen, and wait. We want to open our Christmas present early; we want to rip the clear plastic garbage off of a CD copy of AiD and stuff it into the CD player, turn the volume up to 11, and revel in all its glory. Excitement like this must be contained, channeled, and focused into the project, and into FUNDING the project. So we wait, and we cheer Matthew and Leif on as they stomp through their parts.

“Shawn and Greg tore through their drum parts like a couple of Bosses, placing us ahead of schedule. Leif is consistently knocking out at least one song per night, and proving his worth as an incredibly formidable extreme vocalist. I’ve finished my guitar and bass parts because I keeps it simple and it feels good to be a gangster. Bill hit consecutive home runs with his bass and violin parts, taking a couple songs to entirely new levels that blew the rest of us away. Matthew has begun tracking his guitar parts and is currently pouring all of his dedication, attention-to-detail, and bullheaded resolve to bring the best album we possibly can to you. These dudes have been wringing their souls out, dripping pure passion into a bucket to be refined, honed, and mass produced FOR YOU GUYS AND GALS!”

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Mark “Barney” Greenway of Napalm Death has slammed Earache Records head honcho Digby Pearson for characterizing their past working relationship as “unpleasant”.

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Vocalist Mark “Barney” Greenway of British grindcore pioneers NAPALM DEATH has slammed Earache Records head honcho Digby Pearson for characterizing their past working relationship as “unpleasant” and describing the frontman as someone who was ungrateful for the “eye-wateringly huge sums of money” that the label spent promoting his band.

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This year, a special Metal Hammer Golden Gods award was created in honor of ten years of Download festival memories, and SLIPKNOT’s incredible 2009 headline set was voted the greatest moment of them all!

Download promoter Andy Copping and Metal Hammer’s head honcho Alexander Milas took to the stage on Saturday afternoon, June 9 at Donington Park in Leicestershire, United Kingdom to present SLIP

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Fancy asking Download‘s head honcho those burning questions you’ve been gagging for answers to? Well, now you can – because Live Nation promoter and Download booker Andy Copping will be joining Hill, Merl and Amit on this week’s Metal Hammer Podcast!

Join the Metal Hammer Podcast Facebook page to fire us your questions for Andy, and we’ll get as many answered as we can. Bring it on!

Download 2012 takes place from June 8-10 at Castle Donnington and featuring a banger of a lineup including The Prodigy, Black Sabbath, Metallica playing the Black Album in full, Machine Head, Lamb Of God, Slash, Anthrax, Megadeth and way way more.

Download tickets

Listen to last week’s Metal Hammer Podcast

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That sound of a ton of prog fanboy liquid hitting the floor? Yeah, you don’t want to know what that is.

As you can see, Opeth has finally released a morsel of news about their upcoming 10th record, the follow up to 2008′s Watershed. What we know so far about the next Opeth:

  • The record is being produced by Jens Bogren who just finished work on the latest Amon Amarth.
  • It’s being mixed by Steven Wilson, Porcupine Tree head honcho and frequent collaborator/contributor of Opeth.
  • A “mutual agreement” between the band and keyboardist Per Wiberg means this will be the band’s last work with Wiberg on keys. They are now currently rehearsing with a nameless keyboardist.
  • We now know that it will be called Heritage, and it has a tentative release date of September. But you know how release dates go. I will be entering the AMR pool with a guess of November, 2011 for when Heritage sees the light of day.

So there you have it, a bit of news and a brief recap. Not bad for a Wednesday.

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If you remember a few weeks ago, I did a review of Sacrarium’s debut album. Today, you receive the fruits of an exclusive All MetalResource interview with the French black metal band’s head honcho, V.R.S. The interview, which was conducted via email, was translated to V.R.S. by lyricist A.m.K, and those answers have been translated back into English. The translation isn’t perfect but it is clear, and the results are below.

AMR: You self released your album back in 2009. What happened between then and now where you were able to get it picked up by a label for proper distribution? How did that happen?

V.R.S: To be honest, not much. I did a few promo in webzines and fanzines, and contacted some labels. I could see that the album was well downloaded on the net, I found it rather interesting, as for some reviews I read, finally it was a good start.

Then DTP contacted me, at the end of 2009 to sign a contract for two albums.

AMR: On March to an Inviolable Death, the bass is actually a large part of the sound. Traditionally, the bass is inaudible in black metal. What was it that made you decide to let it shine through and made you actually go out to get a session player for bass duties?

V.R.S: Since the beginning I really wanted this bass. After the release of the second demo, it was time to take a real bass player, because I’m not.

So we did an audition, and get 10 proposals, and the only one who has really stood out was David Mariteau (D.A.V), former bassist of the French death metal band Obnoxious. This guy had done a great job. Less in a month, he composed and recorded the bass lines, so it was natural that his work is very present on the album.

AMR: Sacrarium is part of a new wave of one man bands where everything is essentially done by one person. Why do you believe this way of operating has gained popularity, and what separates Sacrarium from other one man outfits?

VRS: I don’t think that’s a matter of popularity, I think it depend from were you live. There is not a lot of serious musicians close to where I leave, so it’s very hard to create a band. At the beginning, Sacrarium was a real band, I had a singer called Nekrofoross and a bassist calles Frenekross, but we soon admit that we won’t go very far. Sacrarium is really become a one man band in late 2003. I met A.m.K in October 2003 during a concert, wa drank and talked then we worked together very quickly, so from this day Sacrarium was no longer a one man band, because A.m.K have a very important place in the band, without him, I don’t know what would Sacrarium become. And for your last question, I don’t think that Sacrarium is different from another band, I compose the music I love, it’s a real passion for me. The only thing that could be different, is the fact that we decide to don’t do any concert, it’s just a personal choice.

AMR: How does a Sacrarium song get created? What comes first?

V.R.S: It’s something I can’t plan. It depend to the first thing I got in my mind! I could begin with a guitar riff or just a drum beat, and then I’m looking to compose the continuation of the song. The only thing I try to do, is to compose tracks really different each others, by playing in different rhythm in each one! But maybe you can hear this in a better way in the next album (laugh).

AMR: Your Myspace says the lyrics are from A.m.K. Who is that, and what is the general theme of the lyrics?

V.R.S: As I mentioned in the previous question, A.m.K is Sacrarium as I am! He is like a brother, and we have the same tastes in music.

A.m.K: On the album the main idea is the way we are killing the earth, the lyrics are about the way we suffer for our extinction, bloody humans. It’s sad, despaired, cold and real. I love the title of the album, it really explain what I think of the way we would die, we cannot play with earth, we cannot play with death, she will ever win, and we will ever lose…

AMR: What are Sacrarium’s biggest influences, and how do these show up within the music?

V.R.S: Since I found Black Metal, I am a huge fan of Marduk, perhaps my biggest influence. I love the Swedish scene. Then, when I compose a song, I don’t tell me that my music have to be identical to a band like Marduk, I just do what I want. But yes I think it’s normal to perceive my influences, I just release one album, this king of album I have on my mind from so many years, so it was normal to finalise my idea.

AMR: In your opinion, in what direction is black metal going, and where does Sacrarium fit into that?

V.R.S: Personally, and I think A.m.K will agree, Black Metal is moving more and more towards an Avant-Garde style’s (bands like DHG, Aborym or Code are good examples.). Right now,I am listening these bands throughout the day. Finally I would say that I don’t think that Sacrarium would ever be an Avant-Garde band, but for now I have some new ideas for the next album, wich will surely be more different and surprising than “March to an Inviolable Death”.

AMR: In a world where black metal is too obscure a genre to be able to financially support an artist on its own, in what other ways are you able to support yourself while still making music? How does this impact the music?

V.R.S: To be honest, I leave with a very few resources. It’s very hard for me to invest in a project like Sacrarium, even if it’s a studio project, it requires a lot of investments. For example, I am saving money, so I could buy some new material for the next releases. So, of course, there is an impact on my music. I could not have a huge sound, perhaps it is not a bad thing.

AMR: The album was released almost two years ago; is new music on the way?

V.R.S: Yes! Of course. We are currently preparing a best of for the 10th anniversary of the band, 8 songs from demos and the album and two new tracks. It should be released in a digital format – and free – in 2011. We are also workingon a new album which will be called MIASMIND, it will be release in 2012.

AMR: Will there be a tour in support of the album in the future, or is that even possible due to being a one man band?

V.R.S: No, it’s impossible. I need session musicians to do that, and to be honest I don’t really want to play live.

AMR: How has the Sacrarium sound developed over time, and where do you see it going in the future?

V.R.S: At the beginning of Sacrarium, I had a simple distortion pedal, a BOSS MT2 with a 100 watt Marshall amp. With this equipment, I recorded the first two demos “ Land of Forgotten Souls” released in 2004 and “ Lost By Your Belief” in 2006. For the release of the first album, I wanted a better sound, so I called a friend, Laurent Gisona, guitarist in Deficiency – a local band – so I called him and he lent me some of this equipement. He has kindly lent me his Mesa Boogi Rectifier amp. So it was with this amp I could record “March To An Inviolable Death”. For the next album, I decided to buy my own equipment, so I couldn’t tell you the way Sacrarium will sound in the future, but I wish I could have a much heavier sound.

AMR: As far as album art, is the art from the original release or is it newly done? Where is it from?

V.R.S: No it’s the original one. It’s Alex Rebecq (XXX) bassist of Otargos who worked on it with the help of AsphyreS.

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With System of a Down confirmed this morning, it’s now been revealed that Avenged Sevenfold will also be at Donington next June! Download head-honcho Andy Copping also reveals that he sees the band as a ‘future headliner’. Come inside for more! (more…)

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