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Danish thrashers HATESPHERE have released the following statement:

“Due to serious health problems, our dear bass player, Jimmy ‘The Talent’ Nedergaard, is forced to sit out our upcoming European tour with HYPOCRISY.

Jimmy is suffering from diabetes, and due to that fact his kidney is in very bad shape, things are now that bad that he needs a kidney transplant, and things are set up for that to happen in the end of the year. He is now preparing and relaxing at home, and we wish him a speedy recovery. Nikolaj Harlis Poulsen from fellow Danes BLOOD LABEL will stand in for Jimmy on the shows that will be affected by this.”

HATESPHERE‘s eighth studio album, “Murderlust”, will be released on September 27 via Massacre Records. The CD was recorded at Antfarm Studios in Aarhus, Denmark with producer Tue Madsen (THE HAUNTED, SICK OF IT ALL, MOONSPELL, DARK TRANQUILLITY) and it once again features cover artwork by MNEMIC‘s Mircea Gabriel Eftemie.

“Murderlust” will be made available as both standard and digipack.

The track listing is as follows:

01. Murderlust
02. Pandora’s Hell
03. Fear Me
04. The Violent Act
05. Punishable By Death
06. In Process
07. Iconoclast
08. Darkest Of Forces
09. Refill The Chest
10. Assassin (MUSE cover)

Digipack bonus tracks:

11. Murderlust (pre-production)
12. 500 Dead People (live)


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Multi-camera viideo footage of reunited Swedish heavy rockers TRANSPORT LEAGUE performing on June 29 at Virgin Oil in Helsinki in Helsinki, FInland can be seen below (clip shot and edited by Timo Halo).

TRANSPORT LEAGUE‘s latest album, “Boogie From Hell”, was released digitally on May 20 via frontman Tony Jelencovich‘s (DEATHDESTRUCTION, B-THONG, MASSIVE AUDIO NERVE, MNEMIC, ICON IN ME) Hoffa Entertainment. A physical CD was also printed for release through the Bengans record store.

“Boogie From Hell” was tracked over a 17-month period and was mixed by Svein Jensen at Grand Recordings in Gothenburg, Sweden. The CD’s sound is described in a press release as “groovy, shaky-boogie-rock ‘n’ roll metal … for the fans of CLUTCH, CATHEDRAL, CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, MUSTASCH and even VOLBEAT.”

TRANSPORT LEAGUE will embark on a short tour of Sweden and The Netherlands at the end of the month. Guitarist Peter Hunyadi will be forced to sit out most of these shows due to “serious health problems, but will soon be on his feet again.” Filling in for him on the road will be Dan Johansson (GENEROUS MARIA, MARY BEATS JANE).

The band states: “We are really looking forward to play some shows again, and we are very happy that the album has been getting raging reviews all over, from both media and fans.”


Tony Julien Jelencovich – Vocals, Guitar
Lars Häglund – Bass
Mattias Starander – Drums
Peter Hunyadi – Lead Guitar

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Here's the cover to Motorhead's next album, their 21st studio release, Aftershock. After 20 albums, how many more ways can one write a Motorhead song? I guess we'll find out next month when the album is officially released. The album, which was completed before Lemmy's health problems, is scheduled for release on October 21st. The …

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This is getting a bit scary. Earlier this summer, Lemmy got a defibrillator installed in his chest to monitor his heart rate and also he revealed that he suffered from an “unspecified hematoma.” This resulted in the band cancelling the majority of their summer tour dates, but they did not cancel today's performance at Wacken Open Air. Turns …

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Some distressing news filtering through this morning as Motörhead were forced to cancel shows in Austria and Italy due to Lemmy suffering what has been described as “unspecified hematoma”.

“With great regret we inform you that, after [Motorhead had] canceled a date in Austria yesterday, Motorhead are also forced to cancel the date of June 25 in Milan, for the same reason,” state the Milan promoters, “health problems with Lemmy, caused by a strong hematoma, makes it impossible at present to go on stage.”

Hematoma is a a localised collection of blood outside the blood vessels, usually in the form of a blood clot. With Lemmy having recently been fitted with a defibrillator due to an irregular heart beat, it looks like the rock ‘n’ roll icon is taking a bit of a battering at the moment, so everyone here at Hammer wishes him a speedy recovery and hopes to see him back on his feet ASAP.



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Belphegor is currently working with Erik Rutan on a new album and follow-up to “Blood Magick Necromance” (reviewed here). As work on the album progresses, vocalist Helmuth recently conducted an interview with Metal Sucks to discuss his recent health issues. Excerpts from the interview follow.

Metal Sucks: How are you feeling?

Helmuth: Way better than a few months ago. I am recovering, slowly. It’s getting better each month.

Metal Sucks: I know you had to cancel some tour dates due to a lung infection back in the fall but what was the extent of your illness? What were you struggling with?

Helmuth: I had to cancel all shows and tours for the last nine months. It wasn’t a winning situation. Seriously, I never expected anything like this. Who does? It’s like a punch in the face. I got a typhus infection in Brazil. I guess it was from drinking water from the sink. What are you going to do when you wake up in the morning after hard drinking and have a raging hangover? Yes, I know, not very smart in the end. I was not vaccinated against typhus. The virus killed my lungs. As we toured Brazil, I didn’t know what was going on. I thought day by day it would get better. On the contrary, it got worse. Breathing was difficult. The last shows were tough, full of pain, vomiting and fever. But we played the last two shows with Morbid Angel. Hey, you can’t say “no, we’re cancelling.”

After eight shows in Brazil, we flew to Venezuela. I couldn’t lift my guitar case anymore, so that was the first time that I went to the hospital. I couldn’t play the show but Columbia was on the plan. I still thought, it will get better… sick, man. I was totally done, couldn’t do the last three shows in Columbia; sorry to all the people involved. I am a fighter, I never cancel shows as long as I can stand on my damn feet, but it was over. It was four days of pain and fever, lying in the bed in Bogota, followed by two damn international flights back to Austria. When we arrived I was totally done; it wasn’t possible to lift my hand luggage.

They put me in intensive care for ten days, to prepare for an operation. There was a lot of water in the heart, liver and legs – everywhere. I looked like a sumo wrestler. Besides my lungs, there was also heart damage. So I had an open heart and chest operation. I could fill a book, man.

Metal Sucks: How did you recover? Were you ever close to death?

Helmuth: Man, I fought five weeks to get my life back. Five weeks in the hospital – three times in intensive care, then six weeks rehab – step by step, I tried to get my life back. I have rock hard will and discipline, otherwise I wouldn’t be here anymore.

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Brazilian metal band Almah, featuring Angra vocalist Edu Falaschi, has parted ways with guitarist Paulo Schroeber (Astafix/ex-Dies Irae/ex-Fear Ritual) due to health issues. Falaschi posted the following announcement on its official website:

Dear ALMAh friends and fans! I think many of you already know about health problems that our brother, partner and member of the band, Paulo Schroeber, has recently faced. Due to these problems we had to call another guitarist to replace him at the latest ALMAH shows during Motion tour, but we always hoped that Paulo would be with us again very soon.

Unfortunately, a very serious heart problem made it impossible for our friend to continue his work for a long term, and we received his message that he had to leave the band! All of us became extremely sad but at the same moment we respect his decision to stay with his family at such a delicate moment.

For us, there remains only one thing: to keep public our eternal support, love and, most of all, gratitude for all the great moments we had together! We are very happy to know that his treatment is going on and the prognosis is positive. The band is here with all its energy and now it’s even stronger because we do what we love and ‘cos we respect all the dedication of our friend Paulo over these years of hard work and fun.

The name of new ALMAh’s guitarist will be revealed soon, together with announcement of new ways of the band and tour dates for 2012. The band’s “philosophy” to create music for the sake of music in friendship and fun will always be our priority.

Thanks for all,
Edu Falaschi

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Guitarist Paulo Schroeber has left Brazilian metallers ALMAH”due to health problems.”

Commented ALMAH lead singer Edu Falaschi (also of ANGRA): “I think many of you already know about health problems that our brother, partner and member of the band, Paulo Schroeber, has recently faced.

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Andrew ‘Mac’ McDermott, the former lead singer of British heavy metal outfit Threshold, passed away yesterday in England. A condolence page has been set up for the vocalist, which you can visit by clicking here. McDermott has reportedly been suffering from “serious health problems” for a while, which resulted in him leaving the band Powerworld in June. The cause of death is presently unknown.

McDermott was best known for his tenure as the vocalist for Threshold, a position he held from 1998′s, “Clone” album to 2007′s, “Dead Reckoning.” He also spent time with German metal band Sargent Fury in the early 90′s and most recently was part of the band Swamp Freaks.

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Powerworld has issued the following announcement about recruiting Michael Bormann as the band’s new vocalist:

“The band played on the last tour with Axel Rudi Pell with Michael Bormann on vocals due to singer Mac’s serious health problems. Michael had only six days to prepare himself and because the tour was imminent, he had no opportunity to rehearse with the band.

“The tour went extremely well, and Michael did one good job after another. Every evening he sang Mac’s vocals as though they were his own, and rescued the first tour for Powerworld. Subsequently we put all activities on hold to give Mac the time that he needed to make a good recovery. Ilker and Barish played on the tour with Michael Bormann Band during this time.

“Unfortunately, Mac did not recover from his illness, and has left the band by his own request.
Now that we know that Michael is one of the best singers in Germany and have also gained a new friend, it was logical to ask him whether he could imagine a future with PW. We proudly present our new singer: Welcome Michael Bormann.”

You can also check out a trailer for the band’s “Human Parasite” album by heading over to this location.

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