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We all know that metal videos are usually pretty piss poor. There are, of course, exceptions to the rule, but one particular avenue of metal that almost always releases garbage, is death metal bands. The latest victim to the tired “stand still and headbang profusely in an abandoned locale” is Victory Record’s Jungle Rot. Make no mistake, this band is killer and I am looking forward to hearing this release, but Victory’s latest promo item: the making of Jungle Rot’s video for “Rise Up and Revolt,” is possibly the most un-necessary piece of promo material I have ever received. What could possibly go into a behind the scenes video? A close up of the band members getting make up? Actually…yes, that’s exactly what happens, along with heavy doses of headbanging. Watch and learn the inner magic of the death metal video!

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Since 2003, my friends and I have frequented the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival without missing a year…until 2011. I have seen some amazing performances, comebacks, first performances at Metalfest, and as a result, it was the go to festival in the North East. However, for the last couple of years, I have noticed a gradual decline in the quality of the festival, with it being marked by heavy doses of scene-related standouts like Emmure, the entirety of the deathcore scene, Iwrestledabearonce, etc. The inclusion of mainstream metal and hardcore music isn’t surprising to me, as Scott Lee (one of the founders of Metalfest) and his cohorts, have always been leaders in promoting up and comers. I may not enjoy all the bands Scott has put together in the past, but what kept me and my friends going, was the knowledge that if we didn’t like one band, there would always be bands that we really wanted to hear, or some acts that sparked our curiosity. If there was some down time, no problem, we could make a run to grab a beer or go grab some lunch, this is the nature of the festival scene, you aren’t supposed to spend all 12 hours a day glued to each and every band. Last year should have been the straw that broke the camel’s back for me, but the headliners saved the show from being completely drowned out by a torrent of deathcore. This year, with the likes of Attack Attack! (as headliners nonetheless), A Bullet For Pretty Boy, Dr. Acula, *insert deathcore/slam band here* and Hatebreed, Job For A Cowboy and BTBAM headlining…again, amongst other bands that have played time and time again, I couldn’t bring myself to go. Where is the originality Scott? Why must the festival devote an entire day to scenester bullshit that legit metal and hardcore fans (you know, the ones that have frequented the festival for years?) could care less about?

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that Friday’s line up was legit in terms of hardcore with the re-uniting of Blood For Blood and the original line-up of Bury Your Dead amongst other quality acts (Trapped Under Ice anyone?). It’s been awhile since Metalfest provided a real, quality helping of back to back hardcore, new and old, featured on the main stage. With that said though, this is the Metal AND Hardcore Festival, not the “Let’s Throw Scene BS on Thurs, Hardcore on Friday and Metal on Saturday” Festival. I respect Scott for pulling out all the stops for the hardcore community, but now me, primarily a metal fan, am reduced to attending Saturday only, whereas in previous years, I’d always buy weekend long passes for all days. Now though, there’s no diversity, I have nothing to look forward to. So Saturday would be my only option, but Saturday is loaded with bands that have played this festival so many damn times. Yeah, there are some stand outs that I would have liked to have seen like Lazarus A.D., Cephalic Carnage, Dying Fetus and Withered, but I am not going to attend a “festival” to see a handful of bands on one day. In a word, it’s a waste.

I actually had the opportunity last month to speak with Scott on the phone about this very festival after I told him about my displeasure with this year’s line up. I won’t get into what was discussed as it was a casual conversation and not an interview, but while I respected the man for facing up to his criticisms and wanting to hear me out, I just wasn’t satisfied with the answers I was given. Now, Scott doesn’t have to answer to me, clearly he knows the ins and outs of this festival far better than I do, as an attendee, but as a paying customer, I wanted to voice my dis-satisfaction then, as I am doing now, because what once was a fantastic yearly getaway, has turned into a tide of partisan musical tastes, with a complete ignorance to the rest of the wonderful local, national and international artists that are burgeoning, which may not fit into the tidy, convenient stereotypes of the mainstream aggressive music scene that Lee tends to covet.

I’ll be honest, I thought I’d be disappointed when this weekend rolled around that I wouldn’t be attending this year, but I’m really not. Maybe next year will hold some surprises, but unlike previous years, I won’t be waiting in anticipation.

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Poor setlist choices, awful-sounding music, and confounding sartorial decisions mixed with heavy doses of audience mockery: These are the reports we’ve been getting about the Smashing Pumpkins’ “20th Anniversary Tour”.

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