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U.K.’s Metal Hammer magazine recently asked guitarist/vocalist Matt Heafy of Florida metallers TRIVIUM to give us his thoughts on the state of metal in 2013. As ever, his answer was an interesting one. Check out the clip below.

“The state of metal in 2013… It’s in a great place and it’s also in a bad place,” Heafy began. “I think the fact that there is so much… I guess to each his own, and I always talk about being acceptant of all styles of life and all genres of music — I mean, you can learn something from everything — there is a lot of manufactured nonsense out there.

“For me, when I think of hardcore and I think of metal and I think of bands that I love from those genres… I don’t know. In my head, I know what they should sound like. And I can see what these bands are all copycatting off each other’s copycatting and not quite making anything original and not making anything of their own; they just keep copying a form of a copy.

“I know I’ve been looking for that young, new metal band. Where are the kids that are picking up a guitar, saying, ‘Hey, I wanna be like IRON MAIDEN,’ ‘Hey, I wanna be like METALLICA.’ Instead it’s bands that are putting weird dance music in with heavy music. Which is fine — I guess they’re doing something that kids love — but for me, as a metal fan, I’m missing out on where are the young kids picking up a guitar and starting metal bands. I guess there are a few last hopes out there — there are some really incredible bands that are doing some really incredible things. The fact that METALLICA and IRON MAIDEN are bigger than ever is a really, really great thing.

“We, as fans of metal, need to not just look at it as a thing to get turned on to casually — it’s a lifestyle; it’s far beyond just something that we casually listen to.

“I think that metal fans and metal bands need to support each other and band together and help bring each other further and bring each other upwards versus trying to drag each other down. I’m not saying that’s a common feature and that’s what’s happening now, but I definitely don’t see enough of a brotherhood, of people helping each other — bands helping each other go up, fans supporting all bands because they’re in the genre they love. I think we need more of that. And we need more kids to start playing metal again.”

TRIVIUM‘s new album, “Vengeance Falls”, will be released on October 15 via Roadrunner Records. Produced by David Draiman (DISTURBED, DEVICE), the follow-up to 2011’s “In Waves” is available for pre-order at The first single, “Strife”, is available as an instant download with all pre-orders.

TRIVIUM‘s “Strife” video can be seen below. The clip was filmed in July at Studio One in Orlando and was directed by Ramon Boutviseth, who has previously worked with NONPOINT, DARKEST HOUR, INCUBUS and ALL THAT REMAINS, among others. Check out photos from the video shoot at this location.


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I think it is safe to say that Newsted is doing metal proud with Heavy Metal Music.

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Radiosuicide Photography‘s RSPTV conducted an interview with drummer Matt Greiner of AUGUST BURNS RED on September 15 in Gothenburg, Sweden. You can now watch the chat below.

After wrapping up a momentous summer that included a Billboard Top 10 debut for its latest album, “Rescue & Restore”, and a mainstage spot on Warped Tour, AUGUST BURNS RED is preparing to unveil its next offering, a brand-new DVD entitled “Foreign & Familiar” to release this fall. The documentary chronicles the entire 18-month touring cycle behind the band’s breakout 2011 album “Leveler”, whose critical and commercial success catapulted the band to the forefront of the modern heavy music scene.

From headlining tours of North America, Europe, Japan and Australia — with stops in New Zealand, Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and more along the way — “Foreign & Familiar” shows the globetrotting metal titans doing what they do best in settings all over the world.

‘Foreign & Familiar’ has literally been three years in the making,” explains guitarist JB Brubaker.

“It’s no small task to try and squeeze 18 months of touring into a two-hour package, but that’s exactly what we have here.

“I am grateful that we were able to pull this DVD together, as this is something we’ll all be able to look back on as old men and remember the good ol’ days.

“I think anyone who cares about this band will find ‘Foreign & Familiar’ to be an entertaining and insightful behind the scenes look at AUGUST BURNS RED on the road.”

AUGUST BURNS RED is also pleased to announce the Endless Chicago Weekend event on November 22 and 23, featuring back-to-back shows at Chicago’s House of Blues and, for fans holding a weekend pass, early entry on Saturday to attend an exclusive screening of “Foreign & Familiar”, followed by a question-and-answer session and meet-and-greet with the band.

“Chicago has almost been a home away from home for AUGUST BURNS RED,” says Brubaker. “From the Beat Kitchen and Reggie’s to our many stops at the House of Blues and even Riot Fest, Chicago has consistently been a tour stop we most look forward to playing. We wanted to make our stop in Chicago this fall extra special. Certainly looking forward to spending some extra time in the Windy City!”

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Heavy music presenter Christina Rowatt of SF Media spoke to Los Angeles glam-metal jokesters STEEL PANTHER about their recently announced Australian tour, their new album, music videos and more. You can now watch the chat below.

STEEL PANTHER is the ’80s metal/hard rock tribute band formerly known as METAL SKOOL. The group’s lineup includes guitarist “Satchel” (real name Russ Parrish; ex-FIGHT) and singer “Michael Starr” (real name Ralph Saenz; ex-L.A. GUNS). Onstage, the band both pays tribute to and lampoons the heyday of ’80s glam metal. The group’s between-song comedy includes jests at conflict between bandmembers, discussions of drugs, sex, and improvised humor with the crowd.

STEEL PANTHER recently spent time putting the finishing touches on its third full-length album at a studio in Sherman Oaks, California with producer Jay Ruston (ANTHRAX, STONE SOUR, MEATLOAF) for an early 2014 release.

Speaking to the South Bend Tribune, STEEL PANTHER drummer Stix Zadinia (real name: Darren Leader) stated about the band’s new CD: “If you liked [2009’s] ‘Feel The Steel’ and [2011’s] ‘Balls Out’, you will love this record. It is more heavy metal songs that are hooky and great and fun and make you want to rock and make you want to have a good time and party. Also, there is a lot of riffage on this album that I think anybody who has ever questioned this band — ‘Oh, those guys wear spandex and it is 2000-whatever’ — these songs are going to put all of that to rest.”

Regarding naysayers that say STEEL PANTHER is a joke-metal band, Zadinia said: “Listen to our record and tell us that our songs aren’t better than most of the bands out there. How funny is that? At the end of the day, it comes down to the songs. I think our songs — without sounding egotistical — I think our songs are great. When you hear the hooks in our songs, you hear the playing and you hear the vocals, you throw that up against any band in any era, and I think it stands up.”

“Balls Out” sold nearly 12,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 40 on The Billboard 200 chart.

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“As I Drown”, the new video from the London, U.K.-based modern metal mob THE DEFILED, can be seen below. The song comes off the band’s second album, “Daggers”, which was released on August 2 via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. The cover artwork was designed and executed by Scott Chalmers, the band’s longtime photographer.

Comments THE DEFILED keyboardist The AvD: “‘As I Drown’ was one of the first songs written for this album. We had been playing it live for more than a year before we even booked the studio to record ‘Daggers’. It’s about a certain record company executive that brought THE DEFILED to a stand still for whole year. THE DEFILED is the most important thing in our lives so we took that very seriously.”

Adds THE DEFILED frontman Stitch D: “We shot this video in a mountain range in the north of England in the middle of winter. The wind was insane to the point of constantly blowing the drums and amps over even though we used rocks to hold them down. It was a fun day shooting but a very tough one.”

Having released its debut album “Grave Times” via Metal Hammer magazine in 2011, THE DEFILED has since enjoyed status as the U.K.’s biggest unsigned metal acts. Making huge strides forward on their own, their achievements as a self motivated and independent band in the world of heavy music, which includes sold-out tours, prestigious slots at the biggest festivals and a Golden God Award, is remarkable. Their unwillingness to compromise or settle for anything less than their ambition dictates has got them this far; this alliance with indie metal powerhouse Nuclear Blast Entertainment now sets the sky as the limit.

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Syracuse, New York-based hardcore veterans EARTH CRISIS have entered Red Booth Recording in Rochester to begin recording their next album for an early 2014 release via Candlelight Records. The CD will reportedly be mixed by Chris “Zeuss” Harris, who has previously worked with SUICIDE SILENCE, ALL THAT REMAINS, SHADOWS FALL and SOULFLY, among others.

No hardcore or metal fan can be unaware of EARTH CRISIS or the contributions the band has made to heavy music since their founding in 1989. Championing the weak and the voiceless, the band has over 200,000 catalogue sales to date, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Regardless of passing trends, the five-piece has maintained their vision, dedication to their craft (and causes), and most importantly respected their fans in the 20-plus years of their performing career.

Founded by vocalist Karl Buechner, EARTH CRISIS has enjoyed two chapters in their musical journey. From 1991 to 2001, the straight-edge, vegan band would cultivate a global fanbase. Enduring numerous line-up changes, van accidents, and the natural up-and-down of music industry fads, the band released five full-length albums, two EPs, and two live albums before saying goodbye before a sold out audience at the sixth annual Hellfest in 2001. Six years later, the band would reunite and perform at the Maryland Metal And Hardcore Festival January 2007. It would open the door to additional performances in the U.S. and Europe, later leading to the band’s headline appearance at 2008’s Firestorm Fest. A rejuvenated EARTH CRISIS would later record two albums, “To The Death” (2008) and “Neutralize The Threat” (2011). Each followed by extensive international touring. Revealing a bit about the new album and its focus, Buechner conveys: “Lyrically this new record is going to focus strictly on an animal rights/anti-vivisection theme. Of course, this is what the band is known for, but we’ve actually never solely dedicated an entire album to the topic.”

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Former PANTERA and current DOWN frontman Philip Anselmo has been confirmed for the Mad Monster Party Gras 2013 horror convention, set to take place September 13-15 at the Sheraton hotel in New Orleans. Anselmo will appear at the event on Saturday, September 14 only.

There are a limited number of discount rooms at the Sheraton, so act fast to guarantee the Mad Monster discount.

For more information, visit

As previously reported, Anselmo has joined forces with internationally renowned, best-selling true crime author Corey Mitchell (“Hollywood Death Scenes”, “Dead And Buried”) to create Housecore Horror Film & Music Festival, the ultimate underground, three-day horror and heavy metal fan event that will combine live concerts from some of the biggest bands in metal and hard rock with more than 70 screenings of horror, true crime, and heavy metal films, music videos, and more — and special guest appearances from three of the world’s most revered underground directors of horror.

The Housecore Horror Film & Music Festival will take over the entire Emo’s complex in the newly revitalized area of Austin, Texas for three days at the end of October.

The nefarious brainchild of Anselmo and Mitchell, the Housecore Horror Film & Music Festival spawned from a mutual love for all things horror that was discovered while the two were collaborating on Anselmo‘s upcoming autobiography (Simon & Schuster, 2014). Wanting to bring their passion for — and knowledge of — extreme music and horror films to legions of fans, Housecore Horror Film & Music Festival was born, with the goal of showcasing the best in a wide range of horror films — from the obscure to the extreme, from quality mainstream to the most unrepentant gore — and the heavy music that goes hand-in-hand with it.


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Though many purists may hate to admit it, the amalgam of dance and rock music has been commonplace for many a decade now. But Crossfaith’s arrival has lifted the rave metal genre up a notch and blurred the lines between movements to new and unheard levels. Previously there were rock bands with elements of electronica à la Ministry and Pitchshifter and, as much as fans of heavy music have taken them to their bosom, The Prodigy and Pendulum are definitely dance acts with a rock’n’roll attitude.

The beauty of Apocalyze is its refusal to compromise on either side, sounding as pure and current in dance circles as it would to committed metalheads. While Countdown To Hell starts with a riff savage enough to make Lamb Of God sound tame and sprinkles it with electronics, Eclipse rides along on a huge throbbing synth line that you can feel pulsing through your whole body and layers it with thick guitar grooves. One minute you’re dancing insanely, the next you’re banging your head uncontrollably; these songs will no doubt come into their own during Crossfaith’s dazzling live shows.

It’s a testament to their abilities, nailing an actual song being something that gets overlooked in this genre, that the band sound so far ahead of a game that ran out of gas around a decade ago that they’ve practically reinvented it. Are they ravers or rockers? Who knows? Are they the perfect intertwining of two disparate sounds? No doubt. This is the future.


Review by Stephen Hill

Apocalyze is out Monday September 9. Crossfaith play Vans Warped Tour UK in November

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Metalville has set an October 4 release date for “Stairway To Hell”, the new CD + DVD from reunited hard rockers UGLY KID JOE. The set contains the band’s latest EP, “Stairway To Hell”, which was originally released independently last summer, plus three bonus acoustic tracks and a special bonus DVD, including the 2012 Download festival concert, two new video clips and a “making-of” segment.

“Stairway To Hell” enhanced reissue track listing:

01. Devil’s Paradise
02. You Make Me Sick
03. No One Survives
04. I’m Alright
05. Love Ain’t True
06. Another Beer
07. Cat’s In The Cradle (acoustic version)
08. Would You Like To Be There (acoustic version)
09. No One Survives (acoustic version)

The video for the song “I’m Alright” can be seen below.

“Stairway To Hell” heralds UGLY KID JOE‘s return, containing songs spanning the full repertoire of influences which made the band one of the prime soundtracks for young snowboarders, surfers, keggers and characters worldwide. Whether it’s “Devil’s Paradise”, with its hypnotic riffery and hook line, grooving and grinding its hips seductively, the melodic power-fueled darkness of “No One Survives” or the irrepressibly memorable chug-and-chorus of “I’m Alright” it’s clear that UGLY KID JOE have everything they started with plus fatter chops and a (frankly) superior curve on songwriting.

UGLY KID JOE frontman Whitfield Crane told Neuweltmusic, “17 years ago, we were excited to prove ourselves with our new, heavy music. Sometimes we’d leave ‘Cat’s In The Cradle’ or ‘Everything About You’ out of the set. That was understandable in the sense of wanting to prove ourselves — it was also childish. It drove me crazy, but now it’s all good. Now we embrace both our sides. They’re part of our dynamic and our history.”

UGLY KID JOE released three full-length albums and toured extensively throughout the 1990s before disbanding in 1997.

The epicenter of UGLY KID JOE is Crane, a wonderfully cathartic wrecking ball of rock ‘n’ roll energy as it used to be served, on the rocks with no need for tonic. He’s joined by long-time co-conspirators, Klaus Eichstadt and Dave Fortman (guitars) as well as Cordell Crockett (bass) and Shannon Larkin (drums.) Several members have built pretty substantial resumes during UGLY KID JOE‘s break. Fortman produced albums by EVANESCENCE, SLIPKNOT and MUDVAYNE, while Larkin hit the skins for multi-platinum-sellers GODSMACK.

Asked what the catalyst was in bringing the band back together, Crane told, “I never thought it would go down personally, but Dave was producing a band called GODSMACK and in that band there’s a magnificent drummer called Shannon Larkin who, of course, is the UGLY KID JOE drummer, so basically you had Dave Fortman producing Shannon‘s band, and those guys were just talking and having a good time. I guess they talked about it and called Klaus, my best friend and guitar player of UGLY KID JOE, they said, ‘Hey, man, we should make some music.’ Klaus shot me a call and asked me if I wanna play some heavy metal music, and obviously I said yes.”

Regarding why UGLY KID JOE split up in the first place, Crane said: “In late ’96 and January ’97 when we officially spilt, no one was into it; you could feel the wind out of the sails. We were sick of each other and we had the courage to leave. It’s okay to leave a toxic situation. So that said, fast forward 16 years later, and everyone wants to be in the room, we’re excited to be around each other and be creative. We’ve all gone off and done this myriad of stuff, some of us are married and have kids, so now we’re armed with all these various experiences and it’s really exciting and cathartic in some sense. We didn’t know how it would work out, if we would get any shows, and being asked how we feel about being able to support ALICE COOPER [on a recent U.K. tour], we [were] blown away.”

“I’m Alright” video:


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Originally scheduled as a two day fest in Toronto, Spread The Metal Fest will now only be taking place on Saturday, Sept 7th at the Opera House with the following line-up: Suffocation Kittie Skull Fist Augury Crimson Shadows Vesperia Beheading of a King Deathpoint Wretchedpain Answer With Metal The all-day heavy metal music celebration will be hosted by The Governor, from the “Governor’s Ball podcast.” All profits are to be donated by Spread the Metal Records to

The post Spread The Metal Fest Cut Down To One Day, Announces Revamped Lineup appeared first on Daily Heavy Metal News.

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