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Finnish act Magenta Harvest has released a highlight medley of music from the band’s upcoming debut album titled “Volatile Waters.” Check it out below. The album was recorded at SoundSpiral Audio by Juho Räihä and a worldwide release date is set for January 10th, 2014.

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Vinnie Paul: Total dude

Download 2013 is just around the corner, and while the weather is looking “meh” at best right now, we’re still fucking excited. Even moreso now that we got to chat to Pantera and HellYeah legend, Vinnie Paul…

How many times have you been to Donington?

Seven times! Played five times and was a visitor twice! Every time was amazing – it’s truly a legendary festival.

What’s your favourite Donington memory?

My favourite moment was when I played there with Damageplan in 2004 and we were suppose to play on the second stage, and Slayer got hung up in customs and they called us and offered us their spot on the main. We left a great impression, but the highlight was when my brother Dimebag owned the stage during his guitar solo and 100,000 people erupted for him like no other that day!

What are you most looking forward to about playing this year?

I feel like Hellyeah’s third record, Band Of Brothers, really connected with the European audience this time around, and I’m looking forward to seeing their reaction to the new songs! We’re gonna kill it!

Which bands on the bill are you most excited about?

Rammstein! They are always mesmerising live!

What can we expect from your set?

Expect the bands, the fans and the music to be one continuous circle of energy. Hellyeah!

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever seen at a festival?

People shitting.

If you could only pack five things to take with you, what would they be?

I would take a raincoat, a flash, money, sunglasses and a lot of aspirin!

Download 2013 takes place June 14-16. Grab your tickets now

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Download Festival 2013 is finally just around the corner, so we’re grabbing some of the biggest and best bands from this year’s lineup to throw some irreverent bollocks at. Not literally. That’d be insane. Today, we chat to Turisas frontman Mathias ‘Warlord’ Nygard.

Hi, Warlord! How many times have you been to Donington?

This year will be our third time playing.

What’s your favourite Donington memory?

Our first time, opening on the main stage in 2007 at 11:30 in the morning. It was pretty absurd pulling on the furs and slapping on the warpaint in the morning. And it was unbelievable how many people where out there so early to see us.

What are you most looking forward to about playing this year?

As far as I know, the Pepsi Max stage is a tent, so it’s going to be a bit more intimate than out on the huge open air stages. And that suits us well. We’ve always had a good following in the UK and the turnout at shows is always great, so I expect a packed show and a lot of red-black faces.

Which bands on the bill are you most excited about?

I don’t know if we’ll have any time to catch any bands or what the plan is, but in case we do, would love to check out Motörhead, Gogol Bordello, Satyricon, Rammstein, maybe Europe.

What can we expect from your set?

It to be the highlight of the festival!

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever seen at a festival?

The freak storm that hit Sonisphere Finland in 2010 throwing around everything and damaging stages. Many were injured and one person died. Those situations are scary.

If you could only pack five things to take with you, what would they be ?

Credit card
Red paint
Black paint

Cheers, Warlord!

Download 2013 takes place June 14-16. Grab your tickets now

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Polish black/death metallers Devilish Impressions are headlining the “Fear No Gods Of The East Tour 2013,” which will roll over the Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia plus Kaliningrad), Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. The band has now checked in with the following road report: “Hell(o) there! The war is on, tanks sent on the road! So far the gig in Kaliningrad was the tour’s highlight with extremely warm welcome of both fans and the show’s promoters. On the other hand, yesterday in Alytus we’ve played the smallest show ever

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The Cypher 16 guys recently jetted out to India to play some huge shows and to check out one of the world’s most inspiring and fast-rising metal scenes. We got them to blog it for us



Check out Part 3 below…

Another early start and yet another delayed (and incredibly slow) taxi we arrived at the airport for our next plane journey over to the Far East of the country. Getting to the airport 30 minutes late meant having our own escort who proceeded to rush us through the system whilst we held up the entire plane, but by the skin of our teeth we made it to Guwahati. This was another previously unseen place for us in India and for me (Jack) probably the highlight of the tour

The first thing that struck me about this area was that it is incredibly green – apart from our first tour back in 2009 (where we were based in Goa) we had never played in such a rural location, so it was lovely to sit and gaze out of the window of the taxi and not just see buildings, people and pollution. The other thing that I found interesting was the lighter skin and slight Asian features of the people who lived there. Assam (the state in which Guwahati finds itself) borders with Burma and China, so it is to be expected, but when you are used to seeing one thing and are suddenly presented with something different it leaves an impression nevertheless.

As usual everyone we met and those who looked after us in our hotel were very kind and did everything they could to help during our stay. By flying instead of taking a train from Kolkata (a 30 hour journey), we also found ourselves with a day off. The famous Kamakhya temple in Guwahati lies at the top of the nearby Nilachal Hill, and so our tour manager suggested that we go and see it.

A fantastic idea we thought, so off we went, and straight into a traffic jam – which lasted for four hours. Those who have been to India will always come back talking about the state of the roads, and this method of travel is usually where something will go wrong when we are over. On this occasion we didn’t know what was going on, but nothing was moving at all and unfortunately the consequence of this was that by the time we did eventually reach the temple it was dark. And closed.

We consoled ourselves by heading a little back down the hill and pottering around some stalls, from which we were able to pick up some locally made gifts. We’re not really tourists in India anymore, but this was our first time in this city so it was nice to see what was on offer. I also remember being repeatedly recognised around Guwahati and finding this slightly surreal seeing as we had never been there before. A late highlight of the day came in the form of an elephant that was walking along the roadside. This beautiful creature took money offered to it in its trunk and immediately passed it up to his owners sitting high on top – we hoped to contribute for his care and upkeep but when you see such an animal being made to wander along a main road you can never be sure…

The day of the show was as ever, a busy one. Between repeated power cuts during sound-check, some of the drum-kit not turning up, and interviews and photo-shoots we had our hands full, but all was eventually sorted and we waited to see whether the rumours about Guwahati being one of the best places in India for heavy music were true.

Wow – totally true. WHAT an insane show! Shortly before we began we were presented onstage with traditional tribal scarfs and I was nearly dragged into the crowd after making the mistake to try and grab a quick pre-show photo with the crowd and my new garment.

The venue was actually a seated theatre, but within seconds of the music starting the crowd had left them and rushed down to the front where essentially mayhem became the order of things. It’s funny when people tell you how certain people are and behave in other parts of the world, because you’re never quite sure you will see them in the same way, but with the fans in Guwahati everything we had been told was proved to be absolutely true. Passionate, wild and uncompromising. Totally involved with the show. Amazing.

Post-show we returned to the hotel and (accompanied by whiskey), prepared for yet another early start to Delhi the next morning. We were originally scheduled to play Shillong the next day but India’s size and logistical issues unfortunately came into play at this point. It isn’t possible to fly into Shillong – you have to drive for several hours from Guwahati and there would have been a very good chance of something going wrong en route from Shillong to Delhi. This would have meant almost certainly missing the Delhi show. We would also arrive in Delhi having just travelled for nearly 24 hours and that probably would have meant a sub-par performance on our part. We therefore opted to play it safe and just head straight to Delhi, and apart from another plane hold-up situation (us to blame again!) we reached India’s capital without incident.

Come back tomorrow for Part 3!

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UK extreme metal royalty Carcass will headline Damnation Festival in November!

“We’re very excited about the prospect of returning to Damnation Festival this year,” says guitarist Bill Steer. “Our appearance there in 2008 was a major highlight for us and this time around, people can expect to hear a fairly different Carcass set. The old favourites will be in there, of course, but we’re also planning to play a couple of the less obvious tracks from our past, as well as songs from the album we’ve just completed. Join us!”

Not a bad start at all, that. Damnation takes place on November 2 at Leeds University Union. To buy tickets (currently available at 2012 prices), visit , the official Damnation Festival website at or

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Finnish act SoulHealer has checked in with the following update about completing the recording process for a new album:

“One year has passed again, and this was a really great one for SoulHealer. One highlight was for sure our first show in Germany at the warmup show of the Headbangers Open Air, where we had a blast. And we hope and promise to be back in Deutschland as soon as possible. It was also great to share the stage with our heroes from Zero Nine at Lankafest.

“And last but not least we signed a worldwide deal with Pure Legend Records, a sublabel of the german record label Pure Steel Records last summer, where we will release our coming album.

“And here we can tell you, that we have finished our studio work there last weekend. All songs are recorded, and now Janne Tolsa will take care of mixing and mastering everything at Note On – Studio.

“We are more than happy with our recording sessions and how everything turned out. And we think that we have produced a killer album, with some of the strongest SoulHealer songs ever. We know almost all bands say this about their newest album, but this is the feeling we have at the moment, and we want to share it with you.

“Well, you will be able to make your own opinion pretty soon. We are looking forward for another great SoulHealer year 2013, and we hope you are doing too.”

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Dust Bolt has posted tour footage online from the band’s time on the road during the summer, which can be viewed below, and the band also issued the following year-end recap:

“Hey thrashers! We just want to thank everyone for a kickin ass year 2012!! We experienced so many things, met so many people and friends, it’s just unbelievable! Every such moment just shows us the fun of making music, traveling around and spending time with other crazy thrash maniacs and it shows us, that this is the one thing we want to do!

“Many things changed in 2012 (to the better!!), and I can’t even name them all or thank everybody who made all the things possible, but I think you know who you are! We signed with Napalm Records, released our debut album Violent demolition, played many shows in great places and we already started working on new song for our 2nd album which will probably come out end 2013/begin 2014.

“As far as I can’t emblaze every highlight of this year, we just want to thank everybody who supported us by joining our shows, buying our stuff, giving us beer or whatever the fuck ;-) but finally we want to thank every single headbanger acting like mad in front of the stage – you keep us doing this and we will come to your town in 2013 and kick ass!! :-)

“Keep moshing until then! And arrange a date in the gym for training your neck muscles for our 2013 shows!”

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Winds of Genocide has checked in with the following announcement about working on a new album for release next year:

“As the dawn of 2013 approaches we would like to extend our thanks to everyone for their interest and for supporting the band throughout 2012.

“2013 is shaping up to be a VERY busy and exciting year for the band with the undeniable highlight being the planned recording of our debut full-length album ‘USURPING THE THRONE OF DISEASE’ in the late summer which should be unleashed by Pulverised Records sometime later in 2013 all going as planned.

“More finer details on the album will be released next year once there is more info to share, we are quite a way into the writing process for the album now though. Here is a track off our 2012 split CD with Japanese Blackthrash Ragers Abigail!”

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Audrey Horne recently signed with Napalm Records, and the band’s new album “Youngblood” is now set for release on February 5th, 2013. The track listing will be:

1. Redemption Blues
2. Straight Into Your Grave
3. Youngblood
4. There Goes A Lady
5. Show and Tell
6. Cards with the Devil
7. Pretty Little Sunshine
8. The Open Sea
9. This Ends Here
10. The King is Dead
11. I Wanna Know You (Limited-Edition Bonus Track)
12. This Ends Here – Demo (Limited-Edition Bonus Track)
13. The Open Sea – Demo (Limited-Edition Bonus Track)

Napalm Records also commented: “With their first three albums, praised by fans and critics alike, Audrey Horne positioned themselves in the premier league of rock! Furthermore, the band has shown that honest and hand-made music is still more than popular. Their fourth album, Youngblood follows this tradition and presents the Norwegian hard rock quartet full of fresh energy and a truthful love of playing. Songs like ‘Redemption Blues,’ ‘Straight Into Your Grave,’ or ‘There Goes a Lady’ not only live up to the numerous Audrey Horne classics, but turn into irresistible tunes with catchy refrains right from the start and will stay with you for a long time. The great production provides the finishing touches and presents the listener with a warm sound that differs tremendously from the soulless plastic productions of this day and age. Youngblood is an excellent and sweeping hard rock album full of soul, and without a doubt the highlight in the discography of Audrey Horne!”


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