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Pelican were doing instrumetal before it was cool, they're basically a hipster instrumtal band… oh, and their new track is awesome!  About seven years ago, I was on a huge post-rock kick, during ISIS's huge moment in the sun, and between Neurosis, Pelican, Isis and some lesser known bands like Red Sparrows, my playlist for …

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“Electronicore” is the latest hipster tag to emerge in the metal world and one of its face bands is Osaka’s CROSSFAITH. Essentially what you’re getting with this digi-bang tribe is a rave-minded interpretation of BLEEDING THROUGH and AUGUST BURNS RED. Formed as a protest against a pop-saturated Japanese music market, CROSSFAITH‘s use of romping synths and grinding electronic filaments amidst hardcore and metalcore methods is not for everyone. However, it’s easy to appreciate the band’s inherent thumb bite despite frequently ringing like a Tekken soundtrack gone metal-mental.

On their third full-length, “Apocalyze”, CROSSFAITH continues to employ the party-down metal tears of their well-received singles “Jagerbomb” and “Monolith” from their 2012 EP, “Zion”. “We Are the Future” bursts as a roaring manifesto about bands trying to break molds, thus allowing “Apocalyze” to bop between mid-tempo hook jams and rhythmic metalcore schemes.

“Hounds of the Apocalypse”, one of the heaviest tracks of the album, alternates between blast beats and varied hardcore stamps with Tamano Terufumi‘s smothering of the final section with IMMORTALS-esque synth frolics. The party-flavored “Eclipse” next comes with a crazily-constructed succession of punishing strikes and pulsing pumps that gives woofing vocalist Koie Kenta a moment to throw out some rare cleans. The proto-punched theme continues into “The Evolution”, a song with the obvious intent of getting CROSSFAITH‘s audience pogoing on the floor.

In direct counter to each other, the groove-oriented “Gala Hala (Burn Down the Floor)” at the midpoint of the album is instantly squashed by the abrasive and noisome “Countdown to Hell”. The latter’s theme about bullying takes a darker path on the following track, “Deathwish”, a slinking bopper that pits a vengeance-minded protagonist on the search for his loved one’s killers. Ikegawa Hiroki‘s bass licks on “Deathwish” are menacing despite the awkwardly up-tempo feel of the track

A brief string intro to the anthemic banger “Counting Stars” makes for a tasteful lead into Tamano Terufumi‘s astral electro fills on the verses and bridges while the song lofts on its choruses. Here, Terufumi‘s synthetic textures serve the song’s drive, along with supplemental vocals from Bianca Roman and mounting guitar fills from Takemura Kuzuki. “Burning White” might’ve become “Apocalyze”‘s hardest hour, but the spanking double hammer from Amano Tatsuya is quickly morphed into a melodic bangfest that’s lavished by a gorgeous guitar solo from Kuzuki.

CROSSFAITH saves their most potent venom for “Only the Wise Can Control Our Eyes”, a song spotlighting the Fukushima nuclear disaster. The moshing verses are brutal, the wrecking breakdowns are smartly executed and still CROSSFAITH engineers a tuneful chorus amidst all of the mayhem. It becomes “Apocalyze”‘s moment of grace as the band seeks to give voice to the citizens impacted by the Level 7 fallout and to hint at a believed governmental cover-up.

While CROSSFAITH may take some listener acclimation with all of their tenacious electronic rakes, “Apocalyze” is nevertheless a creative and energetic album that grows strength with repeated listens. This album will excite metalcore freaks like it’s the dawn of a new era. Like their contemporaries MUCC and DIR EN GREY, this band isn’t afraid to dabble, tinker and stretch boundaries largely borrowed from the western sanction. While BORIS continues to reign over the Japanese metal scene in their own modest way, CROSSFAITH will appeal to a broader audience. For certain, expect to hear these guys jacking up a video game or two in the near future.

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New Hampshire black metal outfit VATTNET VISKAR are now streaming their debut album entitled Sky Swallower on internet music collective/hipster haven Pitchfork. The album boasts original cover artwork from PALLBEARER‘s own Bryan Proteau, and will be released physically through Century Media Records on September 3.

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“I don’t text, I don’t even have a phone!” the singer says.

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Uncle Phil: still fresh

We get Pantera and Down legend Phil Anselmo to open up about his insanely brutal new solo album, his battle against drugs and why mobile phones fucking suck in our awesome new issue, out right now.

Here’s a look at what Uncle Phil had to say…

What do you think of rock crowds these days? It seems like they pretty much suck, all poling about on their phones when they should be stage diving…

“Oh my God! The song Battalion Of Zero, when I say, ‘Heads up, hands down’, it’s about everyone noodling around with those little fucking phones. Dude, it drives me fucking bananas! I don’t text, I don’t even have a phone! I won’t do it! God damn, man, whatever happened to a fucking conversation and looking each other in the face? Today’s society is not so cut out for the likes of me. I am not a hipster.”

“I know I’ll have to do it eventually because for work it’s crazy important and for people with children, but everybody’s tapping on these motherfucking things! You’re not gonna remember the fucking stage dive you could’ve whipped out! It’s not the same. There are no real pits in America any more.”

You’ve always championed the underground music scene. Are you listening to anything interesting at the moment?

“There’s an Australian band right now – and what’s funny about you asking this is that I never thought I’d be back into death metal like this – but there’s this band called Portal, and they are the single-handed greatest death metal band today! They’re just insane compositions of, pardon the terminology, but technical death metal. I don’t think a day has gone by in the last year that I haven’t listened to Portal.”

Want to read more? Buy our new issue then, ya wally!


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Erik Danielsson, or simply E, is the vocalist and studio bassist of notorious blood-covered black metal band Watain. The band are preparing to drop The Wild Hunt, their most diverse, and potential devisive, album yet. Danielsson recently spoke with Metal Injection and you can read the full chat here.  I’m not sure if there is as much …

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In advance of its worldwide release this Friday, December 7th, the entire new “Flying Dutchmen” album from raging rock trio Vanderbuyst is now streaming in its entirety via Dutch website 3voor12 right here.

“Flying Dutchmen” will be publicly available on CD, LP, and digital download this week by Germany’s Ván Records. The following press release was also issued about the album:

“With the release of Flying Dutchmen, Vanderbuyst continue their tireless quest to save the world from flaccid rock. Much like their ancestors before them, Jonkman, Van Esbroek and Verbuyst have achieved an amazing feat of reclamation. Vanderbuyst have restored the heart and soul to hard rock without any gimmicks or ironic hipster attitude. This is the real deal.”

The album’s track listing is:

1. Frivolous Franny
2. Waiting In The Wings
3. Give Me One More Shot
4. The Butcher’s Knife
5. Tears Won’t Rinse
6. Never Be Clever
7. In Dutch
8. Johnny Got Lucky
9. Lecherous
10. Flying Dutchman
11. Welcome To The Night

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Australian grind/hardcore band Captain Cleanoff is streaming its new single “Hipster Holocaust” over on its ReverbNation page. You can listen to it in the player below, along with several other Captain Cleanoff tracks. The new material features Blood Duster’s Jason PC on bass, who entered the band in 2010. Captain Cleanoff has also recorded nine songs late in 2011, which are intended for a bunch of split 7″s including one with The Kill.

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Where were we last week? Looking at hipsters in wheelchairs that’s where!

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