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This summer two of the world’s greatest rock bands, KISS and Def Leppard, are set to deliver a massive tour dedicated to fans who wanna rock and roll all night!

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Chicago's powerviolence jokers, Weekend Nachos, are taking to the open road in November for a month long tour to support the band's upcoming LP, Still. The album will be out sometime in November on pretty much every music format available, including cassette. Below are the tour dates. This is basically just a mid-west/east coast tour, but check these …

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According to The Pulse Of Radio, METALLICA bassist Robert Trujillo admitted in a new interview with Classic Rock that work on the band’s next album — its first official release since 2008’s “Death Magnetic” — has been sidetracked in recent months by touring and by preparing the feature film “Metallica Through The Never” for release. Trujillo told the magazine, “Before all the film stuff, we were jamming these ideas and having a lot of fun. But we got sidetracked. In 2014 it’ll be all about getting new music — without any interruptions, hopefully.”

Trujillo told The Pulse Of Radio that the band wants to get back on track with its 10th studio album as soon as it can. “Obviously for next year, our priority has to be making a new record,” he said. “We’ve been detoured from that through the course of the year. We had about six weeks or so where we were really focusing on a new album and writing and then, you know, somehow we ended up hitting the road. And then at the same time we’ve got to promote this film. We get sidetracked by great things — it’s a blessing and a curse.”

Trujillo admitted to Classic Rock that the band is “sitting on a stockpile of riffs” but has yet to complete any songs.

He added about the next album’s direction, “It feels like ‘Death Magnetic’ was the launch pad — it’s the introduction to what we have now . . . that’s one thing I’m excited about: there’s the thrash element back in the mix. It’s kind of been missing in the past.”

Trujillo said that fans will “get their album in the next year or so.”

“Metallica Through The Never” is out in IMAX 3D theaters on September 27, with the film expanding around the country on October 4.

The film combines a full-blown METALLICA concert with a storyline in which a roadie played by Dane DeHaan must fight his way through post-apocalyptic city streets on a mission for the band.

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After releasing new album “Preachers of the Night” ( reviewed here ), Powerwolf will hit the road again at the end of September with Majesty and Battle Beast.

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Wayne Static has commented on his decision to put an end to his industrial metal band STATIC-X after failing to come to an agreement with the group’s former bassist, Tony Campos, over the rights to tour and record under the STATIC-X name.

“The thing is STATIC-X and Wayne Static are the same thing,” Wayne writes on his Facebook page. “The music comes from the same place and the same person.

“A struggle that all musicians face is how to keep moving forward without losing fans. If you do the same thing, people say, ‘Oh, it sounds the same as their last record. I wish they’d do something new,’ but if you change it up, then it’s, ‘They don’t sound the same. I wish they’d go back to their old music.’

“You can never please everyone at the same time. Styles, sounds, records, they all change with environmental factors such as what’s going on in a writer’s life at the time the pieces were written. And that’s the true beauty.

“I’m not writing a song to appease you, I’m communicating an emotion to appease what is inside of me.

“You can appreciate the butterfly, even in its coccoon.

“Lest we forget that these dusty dirty temporary homes are spun of pure silk.

“Change is beautiful.”

Wayne announced in June 2012 that was resurrecting STATIC-X with a brand new lineup and was hitting the road as part of the “Noise Revolution Tour”. The trek, which marked STATIC-X‘s first outing since they announced a hiatus in 2009, was cut short last October so that Wayne could “return to Los Angeles and prepare for some medical procedures to remedy problems that have been hampering his performance.”

During an appearance at this year’s NAMM (National Association Of Music Merchants) show in Anaheim, California, Wayne said that STATIC-X would embark on the “Wisconsin Death Tour” later this year during which the band would perform its 1999 debut album, “Wisconsin Death Trip”, in its entirety. However, those plans now appear to have been scrapped, as Wayne explained to The Gauntlet in a June 2013 video interview.

“The first leg of the [‘Noise Revolution’] tour actually went pretty well,” he said. “I wanted to try to get the whole STATIC-X going again, get the name out there, so I made this deal with Tony, my former bass player, who owns 50 percent of STATIC-X — which him and I haven’t been getting along for years; it was really bad at the end. The last couple of tours, we never talked or anything like that. So I made this deal with Tony where I paid him ‘X’ amount of dollars quarterly to use the name STATIC-X, which I thought was a pretty generous deal; he got a lot of money for doing nothing, for just sitting on his ass doing nothing. I wish someone would give me some money for doing nothing.”

He continued: “I ended up developing this really bad hernia throughout the tour. And it kept getting worse and worse. It was from touring. I’m getting older and I guess I was pushing myself too hard; we were doing six shows in a row and all that kind of thing. I had a hernia belt on and I was shoving crap in there, trying to keep my guts from pushing out on stage. It was just getting worse and worse and worse, and it just got to the point where I couldn’t do it anymore, so I had to cancel the tour. And then I asked Tony if we could take a break on the deal. Obviously, if I’m not working, how am I supposed to pay him? I don’t shit money; I am not made out of money. So he pretty much told me to fuck off. He’s, like, ‘Boohoohoo, you have a hernia. Sorry. Give me my money.’ I told him, ‘Dude, give me a few months off to recuperate, and then we’ll start up the deal again.’ ‘Cause I wanted to keep touring. But he wouldn’t do it. Apparently, he was really pissed off because I said in some interviews that STATIC-X were never, like, all gret buddies and friends and all that kind of stuff, and we never hung out. So he told me, like, ‘Since you said we’re not friends, then why should I help you out?’ I’m, like, ‘Who gives a fuck? It’s business, dude.’ And that’s the truth — we weren’t friends; we never hung out. And there’s nothing wrong with that; there’s a lot of bands like that.

“I wasn’t dissing him or any of the other guys in STATIC-X. The original lineup, we got on stage, we had a great chemistry, it was awesome, and then when we left the stage, we never talked to each other. There’s a lot of bands that way. Who cares? What’s wrong with it?

“So that’s pretty much the end of it. Tony wouldn’t give me the break. I had to go have my surgery and take my time off, and he wouldn’t give me the break, so the deal lapsed, the deal’s done, STATIC-X is done. The end. No more STATIC-X.”

He added: “The last e-mail Tony sent me, he said he hopes we never have to talk again. And I said, ‘Believe me, this is the last you’ll ever hear from me.’ And that’s the way we left. And it sucks. I think it’s sad that things have to end that way. And it happens to a lot of bands.”

Asked if he would be open to reforming STATIC-X with Campos if Tony ever called him and wanted to be a part of the band again, Wayne said: “I’ve always been open to that. It’s like [with] any of the guys… If they wanna call me up and say, ‘Sorry I was an asshole to your wife. And maybe we should get together and some money.’ We can talk. I’m open to talking. I don’t see it happening, though.”

He continued: “There would be no STATIC-X if I didn’t write all the songs. And these guys never quite got that through their head. I don’t wanna take away… Yes, they added parts to the songs — they did add their flavor to the songs. But I basically wrote everything, I did most of the legwork, I put everything together, and I don’t think they really ever really quite grasped that. And they were very disrespectful with a lot of business end.”

“Cult of Static”, the most recent album from STATIC-X, sold 19,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release in March 2009 to debut at position No. 16 on The Billboard 200 chart.

STATIC-X‘s previous CD, “Cannibal”, opened with more than 30,000 copies back in April 2007 to land at No. 36. This represented a slight drop from the 35,000 tally registered by the band’s “Start A War” album, which came out in June 2005 and debuted at No. 29.

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Andrew Reid of KKCO conducted an interview with KORN at the Rock Jam on August 24 at Grand Junction Festival Grounds in Grand Junction, Colorado. You can now watch the chat below.

KORN has unveiled the lineup for its one-day edition of the revived Family Values festival. This year’s show, which will take place at the 1st Bank Center in Denver on October 5, will include ASKING ALEXANDRIA, HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD, MACHINE GUN KELLY and BEWARE OF DARKNESS in addition to the headliners.

KORN singer Jonathan Davis said in a statement, “We wanted to celebrate our new album release in a big way since Head is back and since this record means so much to us. What better way but to bring back Family Values and the Korn Kage for one big fuckin’ special night!”

The Family Values show will take place right in the middle of KORN‘s upcoming North American tour, which launches on September 26 in Philadelphia.

The band is hitting the road to promote the October 8 arrival of “The Paradigm Shift”, KORN‘s 11th studio album and the first in a decade to feature founding KORN guitarist Brian “Head” Welch.

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“Second Chance”, the new video from English rockers GLAMOUR OF THE KILL, can be seen below. The clip was filmed in Los Angeles with director Robby Starbuck, who has previously worked with ASKING ALEXANDRIA, ESCAPE THE FATE and SNOOP DOGG, among others.

Said GLAMOUR OF THE KILL bassist/vocalist Davey Richmond: “Working with Robby on the video was such a great experience and having the opportunity to shoot it in L.A. definitely had the added bonus of standing outside in sun with an ice-cold beer between takes. The heat turned out to be our enemy, though, as we all just looked like melting pale Yorkshiremen the second we started the performance part to the video. Fortunately, we had a great make-up team who managed to disguise this though! We all had such big ideas on how we wanted the video to look and Robby managed to capture that spot-on.”

“Second Chance” comes off GLAMOUR OF THE KILL‘s new album, “Savages”, which will be released on September 24 in the U.S. through eOne Music, September 20 in Germany and September 23 in the rest of Europe through SPV.

Produced by Joey Sturgis (ASKING ALEXANDRIA), this is the first batch of new material we’ve seen from GLAMOUR OF THE KILL since the release of “The Summoning”, which came out in 2011.

The new CD’s first single, “Break” features a guest appearance by VAMPIRES EVERYWHERE! lead singer Michael Vampire.

“Savages” track listing:

01. Break
02. Second Chance
03. The Only One
04. Live For The Weekend
05. A Freak Like Me
06. Heartbreaker
07. Rescue Me
08. Leave It All Behind
09. A Beautiful Day To Die
10. Tears Of The Sun

Fresh off a full U.S. tour with ESCAPE THE FATE and a European tour with PAPA ROACH, GLAMOUR OF THE KILL will be hitting the road with MOTIONLESS IN WHITE and THE DEFILED in the U.K. throughout September before heading back out the Europe with PAPA ROACH in November.

GLAMOUR OF THE KILL has been generating buzz ever since its debut EP, “Through The Dark They March”, came out in 2007. The success of the EP led to tours with BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE, DRAGONFORCE, AVENGED SEVENFOLD and most notably a performance on the main stage of Download festival in 2008.

GLAMOUR OF THE KILL is: Davey Richmond (lead vocals, bass), Chris Gomerson (guitar, backing vocals), Mike Kingswood (lead guitar, backing vocals) and Ben Thomson (drums, backing vocals).

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Saint Vitus will be hitting the road this October with the likes of Pallbearer, Hookers, and Zoroaster! Come on in and see if you'll be getting some solid, classic doom metal in your city! If you're a fan of things like "good music" and "having lots of fun at a concert that moves at the …

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Hartke has announce the addition of famed bassist Rex Brown to its already impressive roster of artists. Rex is best known as one half of the driving rhythm section of legendary metal band PANTERA and is currently further developing his signature sound with his new band KILL DEVIL HILL. KILL DEVIL HILL will release its sophomore album this fall on Century Media Records.

“I’ve been playing bass for a long time and I recently had the great fortune of pluggin’ in to a Hartke rig,” says Rex. “My new rig gives me the flexibility to control my tone and blast my sound in any size venue. This Hartke rig slams like a concrete sledge. I’m looking forward to being part of the Hartke family for ANOTHER very long time.”

On September 19, Rex Brown will make his debut Hartke appearance at the Sam Ash in New York City, located on West 34th Street. The event will take place at 7:00 p.m. and will feature Rex discussing some of his favorite bass techniques, as well as demonstrations of some of his famous riffs from throughout his career. The event is free and open to the public on a first-come basis.

This past March, Rex released his memoir entitled “Official Truth, 101 Proof: The Inside Story Of Pantera”. He also made an appearance on VH1 Classic‘s flagship program “That Metal Show” in support of the book. He will be hitting the road with KILL DEVIL HILL this fall in support of their new release.

Rex was recently announced as part of the festivities at Bass Player LIVE! 2013. He will participate in the Bass Player LIVE! Concert and Awards Show, presented by Hartke, which will be a historic tribute to BLACK SABBATH‘s Geezer Butler. The show will take place at the Fonda Theater on November 9. And on Sunday, November 10, Rex will be a part of a bass panel, again hosted by Hartke, alongside Billy Sheehan, David Ellefson and Frank Bello.


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So much to be excited about the Protest The Hero front. The band will be releasing Volition on October 29th and now they announced they will be hitting the road this fall in support of the new record. They will be touring with Architects, The Kindred and Affiance. The tour runs from November 7th in …

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