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Dimmu Borgir: Extreme icons

Some big, big names in the latest Bloodstock announcement.

Black metal legends Dimmu Borgir return to Catton in August as special guests on the Friday night, and are joined by fellow new additions in Hellyeah, Rotting Christ, Bloodshot Dawn, De Profundis and Aghast! Holy crap!

“We are excited for our return to Bloodstock 2014, the one and only UK festival we do this year,” say Dimmu. “It will be a special event for sure, without revealing too much, but a 20th anniversary show will not go unnoticed.  Await the return of symphonic darkness.”.

Head to and grab your ticket right now! Bloodstock 2014 takes place August 7-10 at Catton Hall, Derby and is headlined by Down, Emperor and Megadeth.

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Sepultura: returning veterans

We’ve got a brand new track from Brazilian thrash icons SepulturaThe Age Of The Atheist is taken from new Seps album The Mediator Between Head And Hands Must Be The Heart, out October 28 via Nuclear Blast.

Get grooving:

The Mediator Between Head And Hands Must Be The Heart Track Listing

01. Trauma Of War
02. The Vatican
03. Impending Doom
04. Manipulation Of Tragedy
05. Tsunami
06. The Bliss of Ignorants
07. Grief
08. The Age Of The Atheist
09. Obsessed
10. Da Lama ao Caos

Pre-order the album here

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Alex Skolnick: thrash icons

Bargains. We shit ‘em. Testament legend Alex Skolnick comes to London with his jazz-influenced Alex Skolnick Trio project on Sunday September 29, and we’ve got an exclusive deal that means you can grab tickets for just a tenner!


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Pearl Jam return!

Grunge icons Pearl Jam have announced the title and release date of their new album! Lightning Bolt, the follow-up to 2009′s decent Backspacer, will land on October 14.

Check out a preview of the opus below…

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Behemoth played a triumphant set at Bloodstock last year

Good to see that Nergal’s recent legal troubles haven’t made him go soft, then. Polish death metal icons Behemoth have announced that their brand new album The Satanist will land this Autumn via Nuclear Blast.

“It took us over two decades to come up with a title that… says it all,” explains our Nergy Nerg. “While our new songs artistically take surprisingly adventurous directions, our message stands steadfast — proud and radical. The Satanist stands for undying yearning for liberation and love for freedom in all aspects of life. Considering all our life experiences that often took dramatic curves, I couldn’t think of more appropriate and fitting statement of who and where we are now.”

This will be the first Behemoth album since Nergal’s battle against leukaemia and, we reckon, absolutely monstrous.

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Thrash icons co-founder dies near his Southern California home after suffering a liver failure; metal community left devastated.

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Guitar icons giving fans a chance to record music with their idols.

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Heavy metal icons will join forces with thrash titans for a total of seven US concert dates.

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Heavy metal icons reveal new details regarding the “Epitaph” live DVD release.

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Slayer: now minus one Jeff and one Dave

Slayer guitarist Kerry King has discussed the progress of the thrash icons’ new album, as well as their ongoing lineup issues in a new interview!

“Well, two songs are done; they just need to be mixed,” he tells Metal Obsession. “Another one is done without leads and vocals on it, and I’ve got nine others to record, so we’re in really good shape.

“I always think [our albums are gonna be released] sooner than later, and I’m always changing my story, but I really think we can go in and record between this [Soundwave festival] and our next tour in June. So, if it’s all finished, then it could be getting mixed while we’re in Europe. And I don’t see any reason why it can’t be out this year. Don’t hold me to that, but that’s what I’m hoping for.”

On the current status of Jeff Hanneman, who has been absent from the Slayer fold since contracting necrotising fasciitis two years ago, he notes:

“I don’t have an update. I haven’t seen Jeff in forever. He’s always been a recluse, and he’s even been more of a recluse since he’s mot going on tour with us. But our manager talks to him from time to time and sees him in L.A. just randomly. But I’m far from L.A., so I’m not in that loop. But I guess he’s just getting better. It’s just one of those things where he can do anything in life. He could be hanging here having a good time with us. He can probably play South Of Heaven, but he’s not gonna be playing Jihad, you know what I mean? So it’s just a muscle memory kind of thing, I guess, at this point.”

“I think Gary [Holt, Exodus guitarist who has been filling in for Jeff for the past couple of years] is in for the long haul. I haven’t really discussed it with him. But he keeps his schedule free when he knows we’re on tour. And I’m pretty sure, if Jeff all of a sudden came back in June, we would probably pay Gary for freeing up his time. I don’t wanna treat somebody that’s bailed us out for two years badly. But if Gary played with us forever? I’m OK with that. But if Jeff got better and said, ‘Hey, man, I’m ready to play,’ and he came to rehearsal and showed us he was good enough, that’s his show.”

Jon Dette: Da New Guy

On whether Jon Dette was the band’s first choice as a replacement for Dave Lombardo, who was controversially fired from the band earlier this year, Kerry adds:

“Yeah, he was, actually. I’ve got a lot of friends in this business and I was thinking, at the first instant of trouble in paradise, I’m, like, ‘Alright, what can we do?’ First off, I thought there’s probably no way to get a visa for somebody this quick, and I knew Jon was with Anthrax. And in a perfect world, I was thinking maybe he could do both, so I had to call him up and say, ‘Hey, man, I hate to drop this on you…’ [laughs] And he was stoked. And I did the right thing — I called up Scott [Ian, Anthrax guitarist], asked him if he minded. I rehearsed with Jon for three days and it came out good.”

Read the full interview here

Slayer headline Bloodstock in August

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