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I am happy that Iron Maiden re-packaged some of their earlier videos, such as ’12 Wasted Years’ and ‘Maiden England’, and are offering them in one DVD .

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IRON MAIDEN drummer Nicko McBrain spoke to The Press-Enterprise ahead of the band’s September 13 concert in San Bernardino, California. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

On playing in California again:

McBrain: “We love San Bernardino. Mainly, [we] just [remember playing] fantastic gigs [there in front of] fantastic crowds. I think 2005 was a little bit rough for us, but that was something that’s been very well documented and we shan’t talk about now.” [Referring to the band’s final gig on the 2005 Ozzfest in which they ended up with power cut off during the set and eggs thrown at them.]

“It’s always nice playing in California. We always used to stay uptown around the Sunset Strip area … we’ve calmed down from the party days. It’s a nicer pace of life in Santa Monica. It’s lovely being next to the ocean and the pier.”

On the “Maiden England” tour, which went worldwide in 2012 and brought back some of the band’s classics that haven’t been performed live in a while:

McBrain: “We dusted the cobwebs off of ‘Phantom Of The Opera’; we hadn’t played that in about five or six years. The one that really gets me is ‘Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son’. It’s a very tricky song to play. It’s got a lot of different moves and moods in it. That one I find really hard but challenging, and it’s really great to play because it’s a stunning piece of music.”

On support act MEGADETH:

McBrain: “They’ve got a great show. They’ve got these wonderful Jumbotron tellies and screens and they’re sounding really, really good.”

On the possibility of IRON MAIDEN staging its own festival:

McBrain: “You never know, you just never know in this game. I think it would be great to do a Maiden Fest.”

Read the entire interview at The Press-Enterprise.

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Fan-filmed video footage of MEGADETH‘s entire September 10 performance at at Austin360 Amphitheatre in Austin, Texas as the support act for IRON MAIDEN can be seen below.

The band’s setlist was as follows:

01. Hangar 18
02. Wake Up Dead
03. In My Darkest Hour
04. Sweating Bullets
05. Kingmaker
06. Tornado Of Souls
07. Symphony Of Destruction
08. Peace Sells


09. Holy Wars… The Punishment Due

MEGADETH‘s latest album, “Super Collider”, has sold 66,000 copies in the United States since its June 4 release. The CD arrived in stores via MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine‘s new label, Tradecraft, distributed by Universal Music Enterprises (UMe). It marks MEGADETH‘s first release since the band’s split with Roadrunner Records.

In a recent interview with Metal Insider, MEGADETH bassist David Ellefson stated about the band’s decision to release the new album via the group’s own label, “The whole imprint idea is that we pretty much just put our logo on our own record [laughs], but we use the muscle of Universal Music Group around the world to push it out and to use all of their marketing and distribution, which is what you want.

“Anyone can start a label, but if you’re just selling them out of your post office box, you’re gonna sell about two copies versus having it distributed around the world. So major-label distribution obviously makes all the difference in the world. And we noticed that when we went from ‘Killing Is My Business’ to the ‘Peace Sells’ record years ago.”

Regarding the songwriting process for “Super Collider”, Ellefson said: “We worked with [producer] Johnny K on the last record, so we already had the getting-to-know-each-other experience on that record; that was kind of the first date and this was more digging into the songs on the record and had a good idea of what we were going into when we started it. And, really, the songs were laid out in October and we did the ‘Countdown To Extinction’ 20th-anniversary tour, and by the time we were ready to start tracking at the end of December, we had a good road map of where we wanted to go and there were a lot of tunes that were already on the deck and ready.”

He added: “We’re a band now that is always on tour, so we always try to find little windows to make records in between. [laughs] So yeah, we were already laying out the record during the last world tour. And we knew once we were rolling off the road that we were going to go in and start tracking. January gave us the opportunity to write about six more tunes, which also included bringing in the cover song of [THIN LIZZY‘s] ‘Cold Sweat’.

“We’ve always done covers, for the most part, of bands that don’t really exist anymore, even BLACK SABBATH at the time didn’t exist when we did ‘Paranoid’. Nancy Sinatra, of course, the SEX PISTOLS, you know, so at the time we were doing this, it was all artists from a past day. That’s what made the THIN LIZZY song a great tune — the fact that that lineup will never exist ever again I think made it cool for us to be able to take the torch and run with it.”

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Lots of drama this week, between Robb Flynn calling out Avenged Sevenfold and this odd story about Bruce Dickinson. Here are the most visited pages of the week: MACHINE HEAD's Robb Flynn Congratulates AVENGED SEVENFOLD For "Their Covers Album," Hail To The King Going To #1  AVENGED SEVENFOLD Frontman Responds To ROBB FLYNN's "Cover Albums" …

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Matt Sullivan of the Nashville Scene recently conducted an interview with MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

On politics:

Mustaine: “You’ve got all these politicians saying that they’re your friends, and they’re not. Republican, Democrat, whoever they are, they’re all the same monsters, and they don’t care about us. When they passed that bill exempting them off of Obamacare, that was the cherry on top of the cupcake for me. All I have to say is, ‘I told you so.’ ”

On openly embracing Christianity:

Mustaine: “I don’t think that my faith has anything to do with my lyrics. I try and keep religion out of it. Frankly, for me, I don’t believe in religion. I have a personal relationship with God and with Christ, and that’s it. I don’t push that on anybody; it’s private. I kind of leave it there. Dave‘s [Ellefson] real open about it.”

On his days in METALLICA:

Mustaine: “I remember when I was in METALLICA, the second-to-the-last show that I did with those guys, [IRON MAIDEN bassist] Steve [Harris] came and checked us out. I was talking to him after the show and he goes, ‘Yeah, I think you guys are going to be big.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, I think so, too.’ Little did I know.”

On up-and-coming metal bands:

Mustaine: “Regardless of their age, if they’re young or they’re old or whatever, they’ve got talent. I’ve got to say that. But the originality is like flaxseed oil. To me, it’s absolutely tasteless.”

On how much of his competitive fire is still there:

Mustaine: “I’m not going to say I’m complacent, but put this into another metaphor. You’re a gunslinger. Just because you’re the best doesn’t mean you have to keep your gun out on the table all the time. You get respect. When people want to challenge you, they’ll let you know. It’s like, if you’re standing in front of a samurai, if he pulls his sword out even one inch, you’re fucked. Excuse my French.”

Read the entire interview at Nashville Scene.

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– September 13th, 2013 – TÝR will be streaming their brand new album, “ Valkyrja ,” exclusively via all weekend! The album can be heard in its entirety beginning on Friday, September 13th, through Monday, September 16th. Fans: this is your chance to hear previously unreleased tracks, including “The Lay of Our Love,” which features Leaves’ Eyes vocalist Liv Kristine. Plus, TÝR ‘s covers of Iron Maiden’s “Where Eagles Dare” and Pantera’s “Cemetary Gate,” which called “downright amazing, faithfully capturing the emotional essence of the original.” Additionally, George Kollias was enlisted to handle drum recording duties on “ Valkyrja .” In terms of what the band hopes fans take away from the album, bassist Gunnar H

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EMP Rock Invasion recently conducted an interview with vocalist Joakim Brodén of Swedish metallers SABATON. You can now watch the chat below.

SABATON will release its new DVD and Blu-ray, “Swedish Empire Live”, on September 20 via Nuclear Blast. The disc features the band’s live performance at the renowned Polish Woodstock Festival in 2012, where over half a million fans had gathered to watch SABATON in action. Besides this main feature, the first-ever SABATON live offering also features even more live footage of the band’s performances in Gothenburg, London and Oberhausen on their extensive “Swedish Empire Tour”.

“Swedish Empire Live” will be made available in the following formats:

* 2Blu-ray digi
* 2DVD digi
* DVD (Poland only)
* CD digi
* 2LP (limited black vinyl in gatefold + poster)
* 2LP (limited yellow vinyl in gatefold + poster) (Nuclear Blast mailorder only)
* Earbook (2Blu-ray + 2DVD + CD + exclusive bonus CD, 48-page earbook)
* Special Leather Hardcover Earbook (Nuclear Blast mailorder only) (2Blu-ray + 2DVD + CD + exclusive bonus CD, 48-page earbook)

SABATON‘s latest album, “Carolus Rex”, was recently certified gold in Poland for sales in excess of 10,000 copies. The band was presented with gold plaques during their signing session in Warsaw. The CD was also certified gold in Sweden for sales in excess of 20,000 copies. (Note: The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry [IFPI] in Sweden has revised the sales requirements for albums to reach gold status in the country twice in the last 11 years — from the pre-2002 level of 40,000 to the current 20,000.)

“Carolus Rex” was released on May 22, 2012 via Nuclear Blast Records. The lyrics for the CD, which was made available in both English and Swedish, deal with the Swedish Empire (referring to the Kingdom of Sweden between 1561 and 1721).

SABATON last year parted ways with guitarists Oskar Montelius and Rikard Sundén, drummer Daniel Mulback and keyboardist Daniel Mÿhr.

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Iron Maiden frontman squashes reports of receiving a $500 million contract from the government.

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Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson is a man of many talents. He flies planes, picks up stranded passengers, creates jobs, and is a doctor ferchristsakes!  But one thing he isn't: an investor in drone technology.  A drone is an unmanned ariel vehicle controlled, essentially, by remote control. Apparently, some British website named Dorset Eye accused the Iron Maiden frontman …

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Rosie Tomkins of CNN recently spoke to IRON MAIDEN lead singer Bruce Dickinson about the band’s own beer label. Check out her report below.

IRON MAIDEN‘s new ale, the Trooper beer, which was officially launched on May 9 at Robinsons Brewery in Cheshire, features packaging that is based on that artwork for IRON MAIDEN‘s single “The Trooper”, released in 1983.

Dickinson said: “I’m a lifelong fan of traditional English ale; I thought I’d died and gone to heaven when we were asked to create our own beer. I have to say that I was very nervous: Robinsons are the only people I have had to audition for in 30 years. Their magic has been to create the alchemical wedding of flavor and texture that is Trooper. I love it.”

U.K. national supermarket chain Morrissons recently revealed that Trooper was its fastest-ever-selling newly launched ale, with sales exceeding expectations tenfold.

Mark Land, Morrisons ales buyer, said: “Trooper has been phenomenally successful since Morrisons launched it four weeks ago. The bottle’s label has definitely been a huge factor in its success as has the push our stores have given it.”

Robinsons marketing director David Bremner added: “Looking at the customer journey, Trooper is truly unique; it literally drives fans into their nearest pub or supermarket. Fans find the beer, take a photo and post it on Facebook. This drives more fans to the store who clear the shelves and post a photo of an empty shelf. People are driving miles to pubs to sample the draught which is rolling out across the country in a remarkably quick time. The publicans are finding the positive reaction to the beer is creating a lot of demand from their regulars. And what is also unparalleled and truly remarkable here is that this has all been achieved by word of mouth and online. It just shows that, like most things, at the end of the day, it is the quality that counts.”

Last year, Robinsons produced 13.3 million pints of beer in total. If the first eight weeks of production and sales of Trooper are anything to go by, the Cheshire family brewers could quite possibly double the volume of beer they produce in a year.

David continued: “No one has ever launched a beer in the U.K. with this much potential. The demand continues to expand as whenever people taste it, they just want more. This is purely down to the quality of the ale and the great taste. The ‘problem’ we have is forecasting quantities for production of Trooper, but what a great challenge to have. On top of that, we have had interest and enquiries for Trooper from 184 countries and together with Sovereign, our international distributor, we are currently planning Trooper‘s worldwide expansion and dealing with the import/export bureaucracy. MAIDEN‘s global following is immense and in all corners of the planet so we are focusing on the wonderful opportunity of making this a global beer, which would be a truly remarkable feat for a genuine British ale.”

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