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Members of world-famous American rock band JOURNEY played the national anthem yesterday (Saturday, September 28) before Arizona State University‘s football game against USC in Tempe, Arizona.

Founding member and lead guitarist Neal Schon, accompanied by longtime keyboardist and backing vocalist Jonathan Cain, played the anthem approximately 15 minutes prior to kickoff.

Check out video footage of the performance below.

Schon, JOURNEY‘s only constant member, and Cain, who joined in 1980, co-wrote most of the band’s classic songs, including massive hit anthem “Don’t Stop Believin'”.

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U.K.’s Total Guitar magazine recently conducted an interview with KORN guitarists James “Munky” Shaffer and “Brian “Head” Welch. You can now watch the chat below.

KORN‘s 11th studio album, “The Paradigm Shift”, is the first to feature original Welch in more than eight years. Welch rejoined the group permanently earlier this year after leaving in 2005.

KORN will release “The Paradigm Shift” on October 8. A deluxe edition will feature two bonus tracks and a documentary DVD called “Reconciliation”.

In an interview with AltSounds, KORN singer Jonathan Davis was asked if “The Paradigm Shift” was the band’s way of trying to appease KORN‘s hardcore fans after the dubstep influence on the last CD. “We wanted to do what we do best,” he said. “Yes, we love our fans, but we’re not trying to make the same record over and over. Sure, when we write certain parts we say to each other, ‘The fans are gonna go crazy here,’ but the fans that are the most vocal about it, if we paid attention to that all the time, we’d just be making the same thing over and over.”

Speaking about Welch‘s return to the group, Davis said: “It was good to have him back, and it opened up the opportunity for Head and Munky to do what they’re so good at. You know, playing off each other. So, it just clicked as if no time had passed. It was great to have our brother back again. With him being back and everything… it really worked.”

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Jonathan Davis remembers his first Bentley being “the stupidest thing ever bought”, as Head focuses on reconciliation.

Comments No Comments » recently conducted an interview with KORN singer Jonathan Davis. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below. How has the band been since Brian‘s [“Head” Welch] return?

Jonathan: One word: happy. It’s so nice to see my bandmates, Fieldy and Munky and Ray, just up there smiling and having such a good time cause he’s back and I missed him so much. And he’s not crazy anymore. He’s not preaching or doing any of that stuff. He was gone for almost ten years… he’s like a little kid again. He’s experiencing this for the first time all over ’cause he was so messed up on drugs, so I’m having a blast watching him. Seeing Brian‘s return, former drummer David Silveria [1993-2006] has made it public that he’d come back if asked.

Jonathan: I don’t think it’s the right time or place… Right now we’re really really happy where we’re at. I guess that’s all I can say. The first single, “Never Never” has a big electronic breakdown toward the end. Is that indicative of the rest of “The Paradigm Shift”?

Jonathan: We wanted to do what we did on “Follow The Leader” when we infused hip-hop with rock. We wanted to write for fun, do interesting music and just see what happens and then add electronic elements after. “Never Never” is probably the most electronic one on the album. On this record there’s a song for everybody. There’s a song for old-school fans, a song for new-school fans, it’s all over the place. I think it’s the best album we’ve done in a long long time. In the trailer for “The Paradigm Shift”, there’s a focus on six words: money, fame, fortune, separation and depression. How does each one come into play on the album?

Jonathan: I think money screws things up. I think money takes away from your creativity. If you get anything you want than your creativity goes away. It’s an easy out. Fame has changed our lives. Being able to go and do things… do what we used to do. I remember when my oldest was out with me and people would come up to me, it would scare him and really freak him out. My other kids love it, they eat that shit up. I’ve bought everything I could dream of. I remember when I bought my first Bentley. I always loved those cars as a kid and growing up and I could finally afford one. And then it became the stupidest thing I ever bought. Over the years… I think money ruins everything. It’s nice to have it and not worry about but it also brings a lot of problems. Addiction. This is pretty self-explanatory. I’m sure [Brian Welch] was depressed through all that, but I’ve always been battling depression so it’s a part of our band. When he [Brian] was going through all that stuff, he had to separate himself from us in order to go get his head together again. He was a single dad. He had a daughter to take care of, he had all kinds of things going on in his life and he couldn’t be in a band and deal with all that.

Read the entire interview at

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Meanwhile, singer Jonathan Davis talks partying: “What I’d give to be able to drink, do drugs and wake up feeling fine.”

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Most of you probably know Criss Angel as a world famous magician, but how many of you kept up with his rocking music career the last couple decades? I thought so. Perhaps you've seen Angel's music video for his TV show Mindfreak, or maybe even the behind the scenes video with song collaborator Jonathan Davis …

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Remember when former Korn drummer David Silveria called out Korn for lacking groove and generally not being as good as they were with him behind the kit? Well singer Jonathan Davis is of a slightly different persuasion. Naturally, Davis was asked about what was going on with Silveria after he called the band out in …

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“That song ain’t for dudes, it’s for the ladies,” explains singer Jonathan Davis.

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Jonathan Davis: not BFFs with Jesus

In our mega current issue, out now, Korn frontman Jonathan Davis discusses Head’s return, his issues with religion and the Bakersfield legends’ new album, The Paradigm Shift.

Your tattoo sleeve (depicting abuses by the church) strongly suggests that you’re not keen on religion.

“Well not the Catholic Church. I’m not into the Bible, I just believe in a higher power. I also believe in a lower power, I believe in balance. I don’t judge nobody, but the thing with Head is I was so pissed off and talking so much shit because I lost so many people to the fucking Church. They go born-again Christian and they’re like, ‘I can’t do this no more’. Great artists…That church has raped thousands of cultures. I just have a big hard-on against it. Not that I’m a Satanist or anything, but to lose my brother to that…I was pissed!”

And yet at the same time it saved your friend?

“Yeah, if that’s the crutch you need, whether it’s AA or whatever, it’s a good thing. I was mad that I lost him to that, but the kicker is I ended up moving back to my hometown and my kids go to that same church. That pastor is the only pastor I have ever met that I have any respect for. He doesn’t preach to me or anything, we just hang out.”

A look inside our new issue

Is there any chance of original drummer David Silveria coming back?

“No. I don’t wanna say any negative stuff, but where we’re at right now is perfect and Ray [Luzier] is an amazing drummer. He fits in good and doesn’t have any typical drummer’s complexes.”

Want to read more? Of course you do. Order our latest issue below:

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He’s clear of his anti-anxiety medication after a long battle against “benzos.” Will the change affect his songwriting?

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