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When METALLICA‘s new movie, “Metallica Through The Never”, opens in 3D IMAX today (Friday, September 27), fans will see the band performing on a massive stage, specially constructed for the film, that incorporates elements of METALLICA live shows from the past 30 years. LA Lloyd of the Austin, Texas radio station KLBJ-FM asked bassist Robert Trujillo if there is any chance of taking that stage show on the road. “”That is the plan,” he said (hear audio below). “But we won’t do that until we finish recording a new record. We need a new album.”

He continued: “We started working on new music earlier in the year, and it was really fun; we had a great time. Lars [Ulrich; METALLICA drummer] was even saying that it was the funnest time that he had jamming with METALLICA.

“There’s a great sense of unity right now in the band; we’re firing on all cylinders.

“We’ve had a lot of challenging moments on stage, we changed the setlist every night, we played some major events. We had a special anniversary… It was about a year ago, at the Fillmore in San Francisco, we played four shows for the 30-year anniversary, and we actually… Again, us being crazy, we flew in people like Rob Halford [JUDAS PRIEST] from Birmingham, England to sing one song with us. We had members of DIAMOND HEAD there, we had MERCYFUL FATE, with King Diamond, [who] came out from Denmark. Geezer Butler and Ozzy Osbourne, we flew them in, from BLACK SABBATH, to do a medley of SABBATH songs with us. We had Glenn Danzig. I mean, it was crazy. Lou Reed came out, too. It was four nights of that, and it was a celebration for our fans. And again, going back to the idea that we’re not making any money off this — I mean, Fillmore is a small place, and we’re flying people in, and we’ve gotta put them up. But again, at the end of the day, it’s for our fans. And I always think that that’s why people really connect with us, because we’re kind of crazy like that. And at the end of the ay, I think it translates into positive energy.

“But again, the reality is we’ve gotta make a new album. We’ll take the stage out a few years down the line if there’s a demand — kind of the way Roger Waters took his production out.”

METALLICA reportedly spent $20 million of its own money to make the “Metallica Through The Never” film, which was screened at Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas this past Wednesday (September 25).

The soundtrack, which features a number of METALLICA classics performed live in the movie, was released on September 24. The two-disc CD came out on METALLICA‘s own label, Blackened Recordings, also in digital and vinyl formats.

The concert sequences for the movie were shot in August 2012 at two shows in Vancouver, Canada and feature a stage containing elements of many of METALLICA‘s previous live productions from the past 30 years.

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Pennsylvanian classic metal troopers INFERNAL OPERA are a work-in-progress. Their debut album “Emissary of Steel” rings like a weekend warrior project for a while before it becomes stacked with a bottom end of solid tracks. For certain, INFERNAL OPERA will take many people home to the days of BITCH, HALLOW’S EVE and even early SLAYER, which speaks well enough of them.

The band is founded by drummer/vocalist Michael Alberque, but really, INFERNAL OPERA is led by the dynamic vocals of metal newcomer Volpe Vetrano. Vetrano‘s frequently engaging ranges are plenty for the band to ride on, albeit they frequently dub layers of vocal tracks in the hopes of broadening their punchy songwriting schemes mixed between American and Euro power metal and in spots, mid-Eighties thrash. While the vocal heaping strategy works better in the second half of “Emissary of Steel”, it nearly crashes the album in the beginning despite getting on the right foot with the banging title track.

Similar to EPICA pushing Simone Simons to the front with frequent death growling at her side, Volpe Vetrano‘s up and down pitches on “Infernal Human” are raped by demonic male rumbles. Worse is a rough collision with an aloof-sounding background vocal track in the later parts. They’re designed to provide extra harmony, but unfortunately, they don’t jive at all; they sound too alienated. At least the main chug of “Inhuman Being” will keep trad headbangers slamming along.

Vetrano‘s operatic training provides radiance on the mid-tempo pump of “Betrothed to Darkness”, “Eden” and the closing number, “The Word”. On the flipside, she carries much fang like she’s delivering an estrogen-touched interpretation of Tom Araya on the speedy and sprawled “It”. The would-be ploy to mimic King Diamond‘s high altos and plowing snarls on “Succubus” is a bit corny (as is the goofy mythological wallowing on “13th Sign”) despite some cool thrash interjections. Volpe Vetrano may be a bit overplayed in the early going of this album, but later on is a different matter.

The 1:43 instrumental “The Garden’s Gate” is the separation point where “Emissary of Steel” begins to gel. Randy “C.R”. Gonce (ex-PURGATORY) and Aaron Celsus‘ wayfaring guitar lines meld with an overdubbed chorus that manifests once the composition amps up in the second section. It leads straight into the CANDLEMASS-esque doom stomp of “Eden”. Together, a well-executed coupling with Volpe Vetrano sticking to mid-level pitch and fielding peppered background vocals that gel nicely this time.

As it takes a few hiccups before INFERNAL OPERA has their act together, it’s the latter half of “Emissary of Steel” that shines and ushers a woebegone feeling of old-school Metal Blade and New Renaissance albums. The demonic shredding and razor-sharp guitar solos between Gonce and Celsus are a huge plus (they’re freaking hellhounds on “It”) and they hoist INFERNAL OPERA past their initial gimping. The stronger material of the second half allows their sparkling solos to sound as pro as anyone out there.

In all, there’s a homebrewed, nostalgic charm to “Emissary of Steel” that’s worth getting behind and rallying these diehards on. Their hearts are well in the right place and that’s where it counts the most.

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Swedish epic doom metallers BELOW are currently hold up at Sonic Train Studios in Varberg, Sweden with KING DIAMOND guitarist Andy La Rocque recording their Metal Blade Records debut.

BELOW draws influences from BLACK SABBATH, CANDLEMASS and KING DIAMOND, so going with La Rocque as the producer was a clear choice for the group.

“The progress of the recording of our debut album is going great and to have the opportunity to work with Andy La Rocque and Olof in Sonic Train Studios is amazing,” says the band.

“We are currently finished recording the drums, the bass and the main guitars, and will start with the vocals this weekend. It sounds amazing already. It will be a truly epic album that will leave its mark in the history of doom.”

La Rocque adds: This is one of the heaviest bands I have worked with in the studio for a very long time, and the sounds so far is amazing! And always great to work with great musicians!”

The Swedish quintet is working with Tobias Rosén — bass player of fellow Metal Blade Records artists NOCTUM — of Howlin’ Owl Productions and a split seven-inch single is in set to be released by Dark Descent Records. The full-length CD will follow in 2014.

In November, BELOW will tour Europe for the first time supporting the mighty doom band DEVIL from Norway.

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– September 18th, 2013 – Epic doom metal band, BELOW , are currently hold up at Sonic Train Studios in Sweden with none other than Andy La Rocque (King Diamond) recording their Metal Blade Records debut. BELOW , hails from Sweden and music has influences from late Black Sabbath, Candlemass, and King Diamond, so going with Andy La Rocque as the producer was a clear choice for the group

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“Essence”, the new video from Costa Rica-based melodic metallers SIGHT OF EMPTINESS, can be seen below. The clip features a guest appearance by Whitfield Crane of UGLY KID JOE. The song comes off SIGHT OF EMPTINESS‘ third album, “Instincts”, which features additional guest appearances by the following musicians: Glen Drover (KING DIAMOND, MEGADETH), Christian Älvestam (SCAR SYMMETRY, MISERATION, SOLUTION .45), Ralph Santolla (DEICIDE, ICED EARTH, OBITUARY), Ole Halvard Sveen (EXTOL, MANTRIC, LENGSEL) and last but not least, one that comes as a shocking-but-pleasant surprise, no other than the Minister of Culture of Costa Rica; Manuel Obregón, who plays the Marimba and the acoustic piano.

“Instincts” was recorded at SoloHits Studios in San José, Costa Rica with Swedish producer Thomas “Plec” Johansson (SCAR SYMMETRY, WATAIN, MORS PRINCIPIUM EST, SOLUTION .45, MISERATION), who traveled all the way to Costa Rica to work with the band closely for about 22 days. The CD was mixed and mastered by Thomas Johansson at Panic Room Studios in Skara, Sweden.

Sight of EmptinessINSTINCTScover_600


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The current special exhibition at Geomuseum Faxe in Faxe, Denmark about fossils that are named after rock stars is featured at this year’s British Science Festival — which is being held September 7-12 in Newcastle — as an example of outreach in scientific exhibitions.

The British Science Festival is one of Europe’s largest celebrations of science, engineering and technology, with over 250 events, activities, exhibitions and trips taking place over a week in September, each year in a new town.

Esben Horn, founder of 10Tons Aps, which built the models, says that the reaction from the scientific community has been great, and everybody has admired his fantastic creations of the about 400 million years old worms Kingnites Diamondi (named after King Diamond) and Kalloprion Kilmisteri (named after Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister).

The background for the exhibition is the old scientific tradition that when a scientist discovers a new and unknown fossil, he gets to give it a scientific name. Some choose a name that reflects the shape of the animal, some choose a name that relates to where it’s found, and others choose to name them after their favorite rock stars. The resulting exhibition, “Heavy Metal And Punk Fossils”, explores this more amusing part of natural history by focusing on a series of bizarre fossils that all are named in honor of rock stars.

One of the pieces on display is a 420-million-year-old worm with huge jaws, which carries the name Kingnites Diamondi, named by Professor Mats Eriksson, from Lund, Sweden, after the Danish metal maestro King Diamond. Another equally old and ferocious-looking worm is named Kalloprion Kilmisteri, after Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister of MOTÖRHEAD. Other fossils that are portrayed in the exhibition are named after members of AC/DC, BAD RELIGION, SEX PISTOLS, and RAMONES. And a fiercely looking dinosaur, Masikasaurus Knopfleri, is named after Mark Knopfler from DIRE STRAITS.

The exhibition portrays the story behind the fossils, the rock stars and the scientists behind the names, and the funny anecdotes about why they choose the names they did. The exhibition is being held as a cooperation between Dr. Jesper Milàn, curator at Geomuseum Faxe and Esben Horn from 10Tons Aps, a company specializing in zoological and palaeontological reconstructions who built models for the exhibition. Professor Mats Eriksson from Lund, Sweden, Dr. Gregory Edgdecombe, Natural History Museum in London and Dr. Jingmai O’Connor from Institute of Vertebrate Palaeontology and Palaeoanthropology in Beijing have been scientific supervisors on the project.

The exhibition opened on June 9 at Geomuseum Faxe in Denmark, where King Diamond himself took part in the festivities and exposed the model of the animal named in his honor.

Museum curator Jesper Milàn from Geomuseum Faxe says: “It has been great fun to create this exhibition together with Esben Horn, and I am very pleased about how well it has been received, both in the scientific community and among rock fans. We can defintly see an increased number of visitors wearing heavy metal t-shirts at the museum after we opened the exhibition.

“The exhibition can be seen at Geomuseum Faxe until the spring, and we are currently negotiating with the Natural History Museum in Oslo about the possibility that they can display it next summer.”




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Denver’s 106.7 KBPI radio station conducted an interview with Danish/American metal rock ‘n’ rollers VOLBEAT on September 2 at the Locura Festival at Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre in Englewood, Colorado. You can now watch the chat below.

VOLBEAT‘s fifth studio album, “Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies”, was released in North America on April 9 via Vertigo/Republic Records/Universal Music.

Seamlessly bringing together all of the band’s influences and reshaping them into something gleaming and new, “Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies” is a record that’s rich with stories and characters woven throughout its lyrics. Some are real — like the noble lady outlaw Pearl Hart, who held up a stagecoach to buy medicine for her dying mother, or Lola Montez, the erotic dancer with her infamous “Spider Dance,” or “Black Bart,” the gentleman highwayman who wrote poems for the people he robbed. Others are entirely fictional. “The Nameless One” is a cautionary tale of dabbling in the dark arts, featuring the mysterious and sinister character of the title. Elsewhere, “Room 24”, featuring King Diamond, was inspired by a terrifying experience in a hotel room somewhere in the heart of America.

“Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies” finds the core trio of Michael Poulsen (vocals/guitar), Anders Kjølholm (bass) and Jon Larsen (drums) joined by former ANTHRAX/THE DAMNED THINGS guitarist Rob Caggiano, who produced the album with longtime VOLBEAT co-producer Jacob Hansen.

“It’s a new vibe for VOLBEAT,” said Poulsen. “You’ve got everything — the rockabilly stuff, the melodies, the ultra-heavy stuff, the Western motifs and the big rock songs. It’s everything that VOLBEAT are all about, but taken even further.” The album title is a phrase that evokes another time, an era when elegant lawbreakers were the rock stars of the day. It tips its fedora to everything from the bad men (and women) of the old west to the old-school metal bands who influenced the young Michael Poulsen to form his first band, DOMINUS, back in the early 90s.

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Danish thrash metal veterans ARTILLERY will release their new album, “Legions”, in Europe on November 22 via Metal Blade Records. Songtitles set to appear on the CD include “Chill My Bones”, “God Feather”, “Legions”, “Wardrum Heartbeat”, “Global Flatline” and “Anno Requiem”. The digipack version of the album will include two bonus tracks: re-recorded versions of songs that originally appeared on ARTILLERY‘s 1995 debut, “Fear Of Tomorrow”.

In a recent interview with, ARTILLERY guitarist Michael Stützer stated about the upcoming CD: “I personally think it’s the best production we ever had on a ARTILLERY album. It’s very raw and heavy.”

He continued: “Our new drummer, Josua [Madsen] and new vocalist, Michael [Bastholm Dahl], really deliver the goods on this album, Josua is an amazing drummer and real nice guy and Michael is the singer in ARTILLERY who is the closest ever to [original ARTLLERY vocalist] Flemming Ronsdorf beside putting a lot of new elements in the band because of his vocal range. He is also writing some great lyrics. So this band is a very complete unit.”

Regarding what qualities they were looking for in a singer following last year’s departure of Søren Adamsen, Michael said: “You will never hear ARTILLERY with a growler or a pop singer, but sung vocals with melody and rawness at the same time. Actually, we headhunted Michael from a cover band who played MERCYFUL FATE / KING DIAMOND covers, so we knew he could sing the old ARTILLERY songs very good.”

ARTILLERY 2013 is:

Michael Bastholm Dahl – Vocals
Michael Stützer – Guitar
Morten Stützer – Guitar
Peter Thorslund – Bass
Josua Madsen – Drums

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Danish rock singer Maryann Cotton (born Jackie Patino), the son of KING DIAMOND bassist Hal Patino, has announced via his Facebook page that legendary rocker Alice Cooper “has written material” for Cotton‘s sophomore album, tentatively due in early 2014. Alice‘s involvement will be featured on three songs, along with his former collaborator Dick Wagner.

“My meeting with Alice Cooper in Germany went so well,” says Maryann. “He was such a nice guy and I can’t wait to go in the studio and record the songs they have written. It takes me back to my childhood when I listen to the tracks by Dick Wagner and Alice Cooper.

“Thank you so much for a great time together and for all your help and support, I really appreciate it!

“My biggest inspiration and hero of all time, Alice Cooper!”

Wagner is producing the new Maryann Cotton CD, which will be “a full concept album,” with “the most terrifying horror story ever,” according to a press release. Also set to make a guest appearance on the effort is KING DIAMOND guitarist Andy La Rocque.

La Rocque previously played on Cotton‘s debut CD, last year’s “Free Falling Angels”, on the tracks “Crazy”, “Night Train To Paris”, “Miss Misery”, “Shock Me” and “Maryann”.

Maryann Cotton debuted his new band on September 14, 2012 at Amager Bio in Copenhagen, Denmark.

“Free Falling Angels” was released on June 15, 2012 via Pure Steel Records. The CD featured guest appearances by four musicians who performed on KING DIAMOND‘s 1990 album, “The Eye”Hal Patino, guitarists Andy La Rocque and Pete Blakk, and drummer Snowy Shaw.

Maryann Cotton‘s career was launched in 2006 when he performed live on Danish TV as part of the “Scenen Er Din” program (Danish version of “Star Search”).

Photo above courtesy of Maryann Cotton‘s Facebook page.

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Roadrunner Records celebrates its three-decades-plus legacy as one of the most highly regarded labels in heavy metal and hard rock history by releasing a four-CD boxed set covering a broad spectrum of heavy music with tracks from dozens of the world’s most legendary artists.

The set, due for release on October 1, includes 54 tracks spread across four discs, packaged in a deluxe fold-out paneled box, at a retail price of $39.98. Decibel contributor Chris Dick has written the liner notes, which trace Roadrunner‘s entire history and include quotes from founder Cees Wessels; legendary A&R guru Monte Conner; and artists such as KING DIAMOND, SEPULTURA/SOULFLY/CAVALERA CONSPIRACY mastermind Max Cavalera, TRIVIUM frontman Matt Heafy, OPETH leader Mikael Åkerfeldt, SLIPKNOT drummer Joey Jordison, and more.

“XXX: Three Decades Of Roadrunner Records” delivers a blistering overview of the label’s formidable first three decades of existence spread across four carefully assembled CDs. The first disc, “Foundations,” highlights the label’s early, reputation-building years with ultra-heavy tracks by MERCYFUL FATE, CARNIVORE, DEICIDE, BRUJERIA, SUFFOCATION, BIOHAZARD, TYPE O NEGATIVE and more. The second disc, “Horns Up,” sums up Roadrunner‘s indelible impact on the metal scene of the 1990s with moshpit-detonating anthems from SLIPKNOT, MACHINE HEAD, SEPULTURA, COAL CHAMBER, FEAR FACTORY, and many others. The third disc, “And Metal For All,” brings the listener into the 2000s and up to the present with the pounding sounds of KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, TRIVIUM, DREAM THEATER, OPETH, GOJIRA and more, as well as a track from 2005’s “all-star” Roadrunner United album. The final disc, “Rock For The Ages,” focuses on Roadrunner’s hard rock contingent with tracks from mainstays such as RUSH, NICKELBACK, LYNYRD SKYNYRD, THEORY OF A DEADMAN, AIRBOURNE, BLACK STONE CHERRY, and KORN featuring Skrillex, among others.

A documentation of not just Roadrunner‘s history but metal itself, this four-disc set is testimony to the fact that as metal and heavy rock have morphed and changed over the years, Roadrunner was always, and continues to be, at the epicenter.

“XXX: Three Decades Of Roadrunner Records” will also be available digitally from all major online retailers.

The full track listing is as follows:

Disc 1 – Foundations:

01. MERCYFUL FATE – “Evil”
02. WHIPLASH – “Power Thrashing Death”
03. KING DIAMOND – “Abigail”
04. CARNIVORE – “Carnivore”
05. OBITUARY – “Slowly We Rot”
06. ANNIHILATOR – “Alison Hell”
07. DEICIDE – “Sacrificial Suicide”
08. SUFFOCATION – “Infecting The Crypts”
09. BIOHAZARD – “Punishment”
10. TYPE O NEGATIVE – “Christian Woman”
11. BRUJERIA – “Matando Güeros”
12. CYNIC – “Veil of Maya”
13. LIFE OF AGONY – “Through and Through”
14. TREPONEM PAL – “Excess and Overdrive”

Disc 2 – Horns Up:

01. NAILBOMB – “Wasting Away”
02. MACHINE HEAD – “Imperium”
03. DOG EAT DOG – “No Fronts (Jam Master Jay’s Main Edit)”
04. DEATH – “Crystal Mountain”
05. SEPULTURA – “Roots Bloody Roots”
06. COAL CHAMBER – “Loco”
07. SOULFLY – “Eye For an Eye”
08. FEAR FACTORY – “Shock”
09. SLIPKNOT – “Spit It Out”
10. SPINESHANK – “New Disease”
11. CHIMAIRA – “Pure Hatred”
12. 36 CRAZYFISTS – “Bloodwork”
13. ILL NIÑO – “What Comes Around”

Disc 3 – And Metal For All:

01. KILLSWITCH ENGAGE – “My Last Serenade”
02. TRIVIUM – “Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr”
03. DEVILDRIVER – “I Could Care Less”
04. CRADLE OF FILTH – “Nymphetamine Fix”
05. HATEBREED – “Destroy Everything”
07. ROADRUNNER UNITED – “The Dagger”
08. PORCUPINE TREE – “Fear of a Blank Planet”
09. DREAM THEATER – “On the Backs of Angels”
10. OPETH – “Heir Apparent”
11. MEGADETH – “Head Crusher”
12. DOWN – “Witchtripper”
13. HEAVEN & HELL – “Bible Black”
14. GOJIRA – “L’enfant Sauvage”

Disc 4 – Rock For The Ages:

01. NICKELBACK – “Side of a Bullet”
02. JERRY CANTRELL – “Anger Rising”
03. STONE SOUR – “30/30-150”
04. KARMA TO BURN – “Ma Petite Mort”
05. GLASSJAW – “Pretty Lush”
06. THE DRESDEN DOLLS – “Girl Anachronism”
07. AIRBOURNE – “No One Fits Me (Better Than You)”
08. MURDERDOLLS – “Dead in Hollywood”
09. THEORY OF A DEADMAN – “Bad Girlfriend”
10. BLACK STONE CHERRY – “Lonely Train”
11. KORN feat. Skrillex – “Get Up!”
12. RUSH – “Headlong Flight”
13. LYNYRD SKYNYRD – “Still Unbroken”


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