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TOOL has released a statement to explaining how a misunderstanding between the band’s guitarist and a fan led to speculation that the group had completed its new studio album.

“Last night, Adam Jones, in a private conversation with fans attending the Portland TOOL concert, joked that the band’s new album was not only finished but coming out the next day,” the statement reads. “Unfortunately, his off-the-cuff joke was taken out of context. Work on the forthcoming album is ongoing and as soon as it is done, trust me, we will be the first to let everyone know.”

Jones posted a message on his Twitter profile stating, “FYI, ‘The record’s done and it’s coming out tomorrow’ is what I said yesterday, followed by ‘just kidding. . . ‘”

TOOL kicked off its spring tour at Veterans Memorial Arena in Spokane, Washington on Tuesday (March 4) with a two-hour collection of fan favorites but not a single new tune in sight. According to, the Los Angeles band opened its set with “Hooker With A Penis” and blasted through hits like “Vicarious”, “Schism” and “Jambi” before ending with the triple knockout of “Forty-Six & 2”, “Ænema” and “Stinkfist”.

The instrumental members of TOOL have acknowledged working on new music for a large portion of the past year, but have yet to give any sign that they are ready to hit “record.”

TOOL‘s last album, “10,000 Days”, came out in 2006. The band has toured a few times since then.

Keenan has kept himself busy with his Arizona wine-making business and his band PUSCIFER, along with doing some live work and a little new music with A PERFECT CIRCLE.

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AS I LAY DYING frontman Tim Lambesis has been ordered to stand trial on charges he tried to hire someone to kill his estranged wife.

At the conclusion of a court hearing earlier today at San Diego Superior Court in Vista, California, San Diego Superior Court Judge Robert Kearney ruled that there was sufficient evidence for the case to go to trial.

Prosecutors allege Lambesis had twice told a man at a gym that he wanted his wife killed, then met with an undercover detective known as “Red“, and gave the agent an envelope containing $1,000 in cash, photographs of his wife, and the security gate code to her house. He also allegedly told the agent the dates he would be with the couple’s three adopted children, in order to give himself an alibi.

A number of witnesses testified for the prosecution during today’s hearing, including the undercover officer who posed as a hitman. The officer explained that Lambesis told him, “Just to clarify, just so you know, I do want her dead.”

Investigators say the undercover cop operation was staged after Lambesis told a man at his gym at Pure Fitness back on April 23 that he wanted his wife killed. Lambesis was allegedly complaining that she was making life difficult for him, that it was hard for him to see his children and that it was impossible for them to complete their divorce.

“[Lambesis said that] he wasn’t allowed to visit his kids, he wasn’t allowed to see his kids, he wasn’t allowed to take his kids out of the state to go on tour with him, and that angered him,” the undercover officer testified. “And the fact that his wife was gonna get a large portion — up to 60 percent — of his income.”

Lambesis will be arraigned on the charges October 22, which is when a date for his trial will be set.

A video report on today’s hearing from can be seen below.

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For a large portion of the crowd here at Donnington, Papa Roach are a band who were ubiquitous in their teenage years. The some time nu-metal titans have got the power of nostalgia firmly on their side but to their credit they are a band who have never rested on their laurels. Jacoby Shaddix leads the assembled throng infront of the main stage through a setlist that encompasses both old and new material and does so with such a shit eating grin plastered on his face that it is virtually impossible not to smile along with him.

Shaddix is an genuinely brilliant frontman, bigging up fans both old and new and celebrating his bands twentieth (TWENTIETH!) anniversary by taking a mud bath in the photopit, he has the crowd eating out of his hand by the time inevitable closer Last Resort rolls around. A truly entertaining festival set from a genuinely brilliant festival band.

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Black metal act Sonic Reign will release second full-length album “Monument In Black” on February 1st, 2013 via Apostasy Records.

The new album was produced in 2011 and mastered by Markus Stock at Studio E. Azathoth (ex-Dark Fortress, Eudaimony) wrote a large portion of the lyrics and will join the band for the follow up to “Monument in Black.” The “Monument in Black” track listing is as follows:

01. Abhorrence Vs Scum
02. Clouds Above The Desert
03. The Whisperer In The Dark
04. Monument In Black
05. A Doctrine Unreachable
06. Daily Nightmare Injected
07. Soul Flagellation


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Philadelphia based metallers Single Bullet Theory have quite a busy next few months ahead of them. In the midst of writing and recording their next full length offering, the band will be hitting the road in August as part of the North American Devastation tour alongside Into Eternity and Riksha. Matt DiFabio offers some insight below:

Well, I have compiled about fourteen songs for the next record and our drummer, Nick (Bunczk) and I have been working on the new material pretty diligently to get a large portion of it ready before we hit the road. It’s been pretty refreshing working on arrangements and little extras for each of these songs; I’d say its pretty consistent with the SBT sound. Some may say that that might be considered a little inconsistent considering the vast amount of influences we have and that i am not afraid to wear ‘em on my sleeve. Regardless, the new record is pretty damn heavy with a good dose of melody thrown in for good measure.

Working with Nick is a breath of fresh air. His drumming and general musicianship is completely off the charts, so to hear these songs come to life with him behind the kit… well, its really inspiring. Also, for the first time in almost thirteen years, there is a collaborative effort for a track. Our guitarist, Joe Brannigan, had some KILLER riffs floating around in his noggin. He came up to the house last week and we were able to get them scratch tracked and compiled into a completely new piece of music.

It’s very heavy and kinda reminds me of something that would have been done on the ‘Nevermore Dreaming Neon Black’ record. I have a serious pool of talent to pull from on the next record and I intend to utilize everyone’s strengths accordingly. On the last SBT, ‘V,’ we had a blazing lead guitarist and a great drummer to record with but I knew that we would never have those exact guys live. With this new record I have even more of a blazing lead guitarist in Pat Brose and an even better drummer with Nick Bunczk. What’s better yet is that I know we will be able to pull these new songs off live without a hitch.

Our intention is to come off the North American Devastation tour and go immediately into the studio. I don’t want to fuck around and lose momentum so the plan is to do a few of the new songs live for the tour and continue getting all the little shit written and prepared for an immediate recording session.

Regarding who will be putting the new record out…. we officially are no longer with Goomba music. I should have gone with my gut feeling and NOT given the ‘IV’ record over to them to begin with. I worked really hard (as did John Ruszin) on getting ‘IV’ to be a pretty massive record and for it to have withered on the vine just does not sit well in any way with me. We shot a video that wasn’t worked, we delivered a master that wasn’t really promoted. There is no metal radio campaign…. really a big let down. It’s a shame because I like the guys at Goomba and have been with them for almost ten years if you consider my time with Crash Music, as the labels have the same owner. Regardless, we have been in negotiations with a label with whom I have had relations with since the mid 90′s. I believe that, in hindsight, we should have stuck with the original game plan back before we released ‘IV’ and went with them then.

The cover art is already done for the new record and despite it previously being slated as being titled ‘The Divine Ways of Chaos,’ the record is actually going to be self titled as I feel that this record and this line up really encompasses what SBT really is. We also have a brand new video that we just shot for ‘Edge of Broken’ that will be a bonus song on the next record. ‘Edge of Broken’ is an older, unreleased song that we re-worked and are very happy with.

Regarding the upcoming tour dates…. I am soooo stoked to get back out on the road again. We haven’t REALLY toured since 2005 and our last tour was actually with Into Eternity. For us to get back out there with Tim and Troy (Into Eternity) seven years later; it’s really exciting. Into Eternity is one of my favorite bands and I am gonna be honored to share the stage with them again after all this time.

A promo video for Single Bullet Theory’s upcoming tour is posted below.

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When I produced my debut issue of Retaliate digital magazine, I’d sat down with former Overkill drummer Rat Skates, one of my thrash metal heroes I’ve since become friends with. Rat has recently issued two critically-acclaimed documentaries related to his time spent in the music industry, Get Thrashed and Born in the Basement. Born in the Basement especially delves deep into the foundations of Overkill and how effective the DIY ethos was for Rat and the original lineup of the band. Watch it and learn, folks. This is a blueprint to marching your way up through the underground.

Rat is currently filming a new documentary about the music industry and since we’ve interviewed together, I’ve become involved in this project, plus a separate venture Rat and I will be undertaking in the immediate future.

Welcome to the Dream: The Rude Awakening of Stardom is an investigative analysis of truths and realities behind making it in the music industry, as conveyed by Rat’s guests, which include members of Lynard Skynard, Twisted Sister, Megadeth, Anvil, Living Colour and former Dream Theater/current Avenged Sevenfold drummer, Mike Portnoy.

While a large portion of Rat’s film has been completed, the bottom line to this independent enterprise is, of course, needing a new bottom line to finish the project. Rat’s objective to Welcome to the Dream is to serve as a wake-up call and a warning to up-and-coming musicians and artists that the industry should be approached with certain caveats. Nobody who’s ever come into music without the proper knowledge has ever not been taken for a ride.

Even with all the Behind the Music specials and deep probing backstage in other documentaries for new artists to consult, the youth of today starting a band still comes in blind. The music industry is seductive, everybody wants to become the next overnight sensation. The internet may serve as a key inside that has previously never been there, however, the unspoken rules are still there and still…well, unspoken. Until now.

Please have a look at my interview with Rat Skates to get deeper into his mindframe behind Welcome to the Dream and then visit his site with a mere click below. If you want to get involved or you know of a financier who would like to help back this project, please contact myself here or through Rat’s site. Your support is genuinely appreciated…

Welcome to the Dream website

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Primitive Graven Image has released a free download of the single “March Of The Cattle,” the first taken from the bands “Celebrating Impending Chaos” album, which was released last year through Envenomation Records. The free download is currently available from the band’s web site at this location.

Drummer Matt Platts spoke of the release: “We have become more and more aware over the last year that this album has a greater reach than our immediate black metal following, with people regularly discovering it who are generally more into other genres, such as thrash and death metal, even punk. We wanted to try and spread the word a bit but didn’t want to lose our DIY approach to things, we are just from that ethic really, so we came up with an idea and then spent a great deal of time on our own trying to make it work. A large portion of that was trying to learn video editing software it has to be said! It was a bit more of a task than we bargained for actually, but I think that it’s a good thing for bands to take control of their creative output. We’re pleased with the results.”

Guitarist, Luke Lehane explains a bit more about the song: “‘The March of the Cattle’ is about the idea that Humanity as a whole is pretty blind to what is going on around it. We relentlessly kill each other, destroy the environment and generally mess up the Earth as much as we possibly can. On a bit more of a personal level – we go to work, we watch tv, we sleep, we mindlessly go through the motions of life without really thinking about it a lot of the time. We use the obvious analogy that Humans are like cows marching along blindly… probably to the slaughterhouse!

“We have chosen to turn this track in particular into a video because it is quite central to the ‘Celebrating Impending Chaos’ album as a whole. Other songs go into a bit more of a philosophical ‘what-if-we-stopped-behaving-like-this’ idea. Tracks like ‘The March of the Cattle’ and ‘War til Death’ establish the problems and other tracks explore the possibility of an alternative. ‘Cattle’ has a pretty infectious feel to it and offers a lot of great imagery to put into a video. So here we are!

“So this whole thing has turned into a bit of a relaunch of an album that was released a year ago now. Head over to the mini site, check out some tracks from the album, download the single (which contains hi res, brand new artwork!) and watch the all new video! Thanks for the support over the year!”

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