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Las Vegas metallers FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH have uploaded pre-show backstage footage from their March 19 concert at Komplex Klub in Zurich, Switzerland. Check out the two-and-a-half-minute clip below.

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH will release the official music video for its cover of the classic folk song “The House Of The Rising Sun” on Monday (March 24). The track is the next single from the band’s latest album, “The Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous Side Of Hell Volume 2”. The disc came out last November and is the second half of a two-record set, with “Volume 1” coming out last July.

The band has posted a teaser for what it described as the “gasoline and rocket-fuel-soaked” video, which was filmed in the desert. A Facebook post said that the video “was an experiment, the initial steps toward something we always wanted to do… make a full-length movie.”

Although the song is thought to be about a life gone bad due to alcohol, gambling or prostitution, FIVE FINGER frontman Ivan Moody told The Pulse Of Radio his spin on it. “For me, it’s in relation to being on the road, you know, year in and year out,” he said. “You know, with my history and my family and whatnot, it’s just, it’s really relatable for me and I don’t necessarily think it’s bleak. I think there’s a positive side to it. But people will take out of it what they want.”

The original author of “The House Of The Rising Sun” is unknown and the song’s roots may date back to the 16th century.

The most successful commercial version was recorded by the English rock group THE ANIMALS in 1964, which was a No. 1 hit in the U.K., the U.S. and Canada.

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH is currently on the road overseas, but will be back home in late April to play at several major rock festivals.

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KISS frontman Paul Stanley has confirmed via Twitter that his much-anticipated autobiography will be released next spring.

During an appearance on the “Sixx Sense” radio show hosted by MÖTLEY CRÜE/SIXX: A.M. bassist Nikki Sixx last November, Stanley, 61, was asked if he has read some of the other rock and roll autobiographies out there and whether he has plans to write a book of his own.

“This will come back to haunt me, because, of course, mine is in the works,” Stanley said.

“Autobiographies, for the most part, to me, are like writing a love letter to yourself,” he continued. “I mean, George Orwell said that the autobiography is the most outrageous form of fiction. How objective can you be when you are writing about yourself.

“I’ve seen people around me write books and somehow they’re always in the center of everything that happened, they were the one who made it happen. There’s been a lot of those books that didn’t really interest me much. I thought Duff‘s [McKagan] book was great. I think a book that just says, ‘Gee, aren’t I the greatest thing?’ And ‘I was smarter than everyone else.’…”

Asked how his book will be different from the other rock and roll autobiographies and whether his book will be “a history lesson in music,” Stanley said, “Well, everybody will tell you the same thing: ‘Well, my book is brutally honest.’ It’s a history lesson in music, but it’s also a history lesson in somebody taking themselves and making themselves into something they weren’t — taking a not-so-great deck of cards and winning at poker. So it’s good. I think it’s terrific. Especially, it’s funny, at this point, with the three other guys from the original lineup having written books. It’s kind of like, ‘OK, have you all said your piece? OK? Now let me tell you what happened.'”

In a 2007 interview with Australia’s, Stanley stated about the prospect of writing an autobiography, “Show me anyone who writes about themselves and doesn’t find themselves in the center of the universe? I have seen other people’s autobiographies and I had some questions about those.

“Tooting my own horn is of no interest to me … it takes you away from real life. It’s a waste and I don’t find a need to sing my own praises.”

Original KISS drummer Peter Criss‘ memoir, “Makeup To Breakup: My Life In And Out Of Kiss”, landed at position No. 7 on the New York Times “Hardcover Nonfiction” best-sellers list. The book arrived last October via the Simon & Schuster imprint Scribner.

Former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley‘s book, “No Regrets: A Rock ‘N’ Roll Memoir”, debuted on the New York Times “Hardcover Nonfiction” best sellers list at No. 10. The book, which was described as a look back at Ace‘s “life of sex, drugs, and rock and roll,” arrived on November 1, 2011 via Gallery Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster.


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EMPEROR frontman Ihsahn will release his new solo album, “Das Seelenbrechen”, on October 22. The cover artwork for the CD can be seen below.

Ihsahn‘s April 21 performance at this year’s edition of the Roadburn festival at the 013 venue in Tilburg, Holland was professionally recorded and can now be streamed using the audio player below.

Ihsahn‘s debut solo album, “The Adversary”, was re-released as a limited two-LP edition, including layout by Trine + Kim Design Studio, last November via Blood Music.

“The Adversary” was originally released in April 2006 via Mnemosyne/Candlelight Records.

All music and lyrics for “The Adversary” were written and performed by Ihsahn with exception of drums, which were played by Asgeir Mickelson (BORKNAGAR, SPIRAL ARCHITECT).

“The Adversary” was written and recorded over a one-year period at Symphonique Studios in Norway and features a guest appearance by Garm from ULVER on one song.

Ihsahn‘s fourth album, “Eremita”, sold around 900 copies in the United States in its first week of release. The CD landed at position No. 32 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart, which lists the best-selling albums by new and developing artists, defined as those who have never appeared in the Top 100 of The Billboard 200.


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Polish thrash act Saratan posted a new music video for the track “Mastema.” The song appears on the band’s latest LP “Martya Xwar,” which was issued by Massacre Records last November. A previous video for “Ba’al Zevuv” from the release can be seen over at this location . Check out the clip here:

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Chicago metallers DIRGE WITHIN, who last November announced Travis Neal (DIVINE HERESY) as their new lead singer following the departure of Jeremy “Jerms” Genske, have issued the following update:

“We have been pretty much buckled down writing and in and out of the studio working our asses off on new music and although it’s early in the game, we wanted to share a taste of something fresh and me

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Since quitting SOULFLY and retiring from music last November, drummer David Kinkade — who has also played with BORKNAGAR, ARSIS and MALEVOLENT CREATION — has made the decision to sell all of his equipment.

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Chicago metallers DIRGE WITHIN, who last November announced Travis Neal (DIVINE HERESY) as their new lead singer following the departure of Jeremy “Jerms” Genske, have posted drum-cam footage of drummer Frankie Harchut performing the song “Vultures” and “There Will be Blood” on January 3 at Bar 3 in Rockford, Illinois.

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Multinational (Italy-California) alternative metal act Klogr posted a new music video for the track “Silk And Thorns.” The song appears on the band’s debut LP “Till You Decay,” which was issued last November through Valery Records.

Check out “Silk And Thorns” here:

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New York’s Jack Starr’s Burning Starr (featuring former Virgin Steele guitarist Jack Starr, Reverence vocalist Todd Michael Hall and bassist Ned Meloni along with Ex-Manowar drummer Rhino) is streaming the reworked “Burning Starr” track. The song first appeared on the 1987 release “Blaze of Glory,” but was re-worked as a bonus track on the band’s latest LP “Land of the Dead.” The album was issued last November 2011 through Limb Music.

Check out “Burning Starr” here:

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Dutch power metal band Martyr announced a string of European show dates in support of the band’s latest LP “Circle of 8.” The album was released last November through Metal Blade Records.

Confirmed dates are as follows:

17-03-12 – The Rambler-Eindhoven (NL) with Solarfall, Prematory
06-04-12 – De Gonz-Gouda (NL) with Wild (SP), Gloria Victis
17-04-12 – Tivoli De Helling-Utrecht (NL) with R3D (US)
29-04-12 – Club Azotod-De Meern (NL)
05-05-12 – Freedom Fest – Wageningen (NL)
29-06-12 – Little Devil-Tilburg (NL) with Jaguar (UK) , Burn
30-06-12 – De Meester-Almere (NL) with Jaguar (UK), Rebelstar
01-07-12 – Negasonic-Aalst (BE) with Jaguar (UK)
08-09-12 – Tivoli De Helling-Utrecht (NL) A special night with MARTYR
15-09-12 – JV Blanko-Emmen (NL) with Edge Of Serenity
27-10-12 – Musikzentrum-Hannover (GE) with Jaguar (UK) and others

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