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Let's face it, if you're in a metal band chances are it doesn't pay the bills. Some people choose to work as bartenders, airline pilots, and deli counter assosiates, while others decide, fuck it… I'm going into real estate. Kittie drummer Mercedes Lander falls into the latter category. You can buy your next house from the same girl who drummed …

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The oddities that metal tends to attract and uproot are so common that they are no longer considered weird or odd. In fact, some of the greats in recent years have been courtesy of bands that are so weird and original, that they completely twist our sense of acceptability in what we deem as quality. One notable example is Diablo Swing Orchestra, who meld various forms of music, ranging from swing to…well, pretty much whatever else that group can dream up. Whatever it is that DSO comes up with though, they manufacture something that is genuinely good, original music, that very few, if any other artists have come up with. Unfortunately though, for every legit original trailblazer, there are those who try with the same good intentions…and fail.

Greece’s Dakrya and their second album Crime Scene, is one of those groups that fit into the latter category of having the forthright mindset to create legitimate original music, but end up failing in the process. Dakrya, with their sultry, burlesque style female vocals, combined with the instrumentation of said burlesque/vaudeville/circus theme, simply does not work. While this band probably had every intention of creating a dark, atmospheric playful Wizard of Oz vibe, to help set the mood for Crime Scene, I find it to be a distraction that doesn’t that allows for limited enjoyment. Whatever talents this band may possess, are really tossed out the window based on their style alone. I know that’s a bit too judgmental, trust me, but I get little to no enjoyment from albums that rely on their gimmick. With that said, I fully recommend everyone check this out, despite my disinterest. Crime Scene is one of those albums that you could really be into, or be completely put off by like in my case, either way, you owe it to yourself to give it a try for something a little different.


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1.    The Charlatans
2.    Blind Man’s Bluff
3.    Scaremongering
4.    The Urban Tribe
5.    Camouflage
6.    Phantasmagoria
7.    Inertia
8.    Dramatis Personae
9.    A Dreadful Side Scene

Thomais Chatzigianni – Vocals
Christina Kalantzi – Vocals
SophiaX – Keyboards, Piano
George Droulias – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Angelos Charogiannis – Guitars
Alex Drake – Bass
Stavros Vorissis – Drums

Sensory Records

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The quirky sidestepping routine of modern stoner rock/metal, post metal whatever and avant garde practitioners can either be executed with incredibly effective technique, or it can fall on it’s face with everyone wondering what the hell just happened. 11 As in Adversaries is one of those acts that falls into the latter category.

11 As in Adversaries tries too hard to accomplish too much, but in the end accomplishes nothing. The end result of their album The Full Intrepid Existence of Light is a mess; a hodge podge of noise rock, stoner metal and odd avante garde…stuff. The title track is 15 minutes of pure meandering with no time to give the listener a break to absorb what the hell they are listening to. Perhaps if the folks in this band had taken the time out of their furious pace to insert a time shift, or a less than relentless drum attack we might have had 15 minutes worth listening to, but the actual end result is nothing more than contrived nonsense. Beyond the initial title track, the rest of the album is more or less more of the same, a constant barrage of noisy weirdness without giving the listener a chance to appreciate what it is they are hearing. The only redeeming track for me was the last, “Verses From Which to Whirl,” which has  a slower tempo that breaks into an interesting riff. But really, after listening to the initial tracks, my mind is so overwhelmed ffrom trying to take it all in that I can’t really appreciate this last track.

I think there is definite promise with 11 As in Adversaries, but they need to reel themselves in and stop shoving as much craziness as possible into a song structure. The talent is there, but the band has yet to figure out how to harness it.


Similar Artists: Every Time I Die, Mastodon, Neurosis

1. The Full Intrepid Experience Of Light
2. Agitation In The Glorious Theme
3. The Night Scalp Challenger*
4. Reckless Beacons Attraction
5. Verses From Which To Whirl

J. – Guitar, Bass Vocals
G. – Drums


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Swanky, new age hard rock with an emo-ish (I know what a cop out that term is, but find a replacement and I’ll use it), quasi-hardcore approach is a common denominator in modern rock with a range from the heavy stuff with Atreyu and Killswitch Engage to the lighter side of things with the likes of Saosin and Underoath. New group We Are the Ocean fall into the latter category, which guarantees umpteen numbers of 13-18 year old girls making up the large majority of their live audience. I like seeing the ladies at shows, don’t get me wrong, but being greeted by a throng of middle schoolers is not exactly my ideal night on the town. Nonetheless, I can’t fault We Are the Ocean for any of that nonsense, because they play what they want to play, and they do it pretty well.

We Are the Ocean’s debut effort, Cutting Our Teeth really is a non metal album with a few metal moments.  While there are little to no surprises or original moments on the album’s entire 31 minute playing time, it’s definitely competent work with vocalistDan excelling at what he does best, with a mixture of clean and somewhat harsh vocals so as to not scare away previously mentioned teenage girls. All in all, I can’t get into Cutting Our Teeth, not because it’s necessarily bad, but because it’s just not my thing. It’s fairly generic rock with little personality to it, but if your tastes include well produced, well played melodic pop hard rock, then I’d say check out We Are the Ocean, otherwise (and I can only assume this represents the majority of AMR readers), steer clear of this record.

I won’t damn this record, but I am certainly not going to promote it either.


Similar Artists: Alter Bridge, Saosin, Seether, Underoath

1. Look Alive
2. Our Days Are Numbered
3. All of This Has to End
4. Confessions
5. These Days, I Have Nothing
6. Don’t Take Chances
7. I’ll Grab You By The) Neck of the Woods
8. Are You Proud of Me Now?
9. I Could Have Been So Much More
10. This is Called My Home

Dan – Vocals
Liam – Guitar and Vocals
Alfie – Guitar
Jack – Bass
Tom – Drums

Hassle Records

Review by CODY

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