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At The Gates: touring the UK!

A monstrous extreme metal feast is coming our way this winter.

Reunited melodic death metal legends At The Gates will play a batch of UK dates, with support coming from Tom G Warrior’s doomy beasts Triptykon and progressive death metal heavyweights, Morbus Chron! What. A. Bill!

Catch it on the following dates:

Dec 4 London Forum
Dec 5 Manchester Academy 2
Dec 6 Glasgow Garage
Dec 7 Birmingham Academy
Dec 8 Cardiff Solus

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Dimmu Borgir: Extreme icons

Some big, big names in the latest Bloodstock announcement.

Black metal legends Dimmu Borgir return to Catton in August as special guests on the Friday night, and are joined by fellow new additions in Hellyeah, Rotting Christ, Bloodshot Dawn, De Profundis and Aghast! Holy crap!

“We are excited for our return to Bloodstock 2014, the one and only UK festival we do this year,” say Dimmu. “It will be a special event for sure, without revealing too much, but a 20th anniversary show will not go unnoticed.  Await the return of symphonic darkness.”.

Head to and grab your ticket right now! Bloodstock 2014 takes place August 7-10 at Catton Hall, Derby and is headlined by Down, Emperor and Megadeth.

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dream theater

Dream Theater: proggy style

Prog metal legends Dream Theater have released a special, limited-edition box set version of their self-titled new album, out now via Roadrunner!

The box set comes with the following awesome bonuses:

* Exclusive artwork by Hugh Syme

Custom Box Set Holds:

* Custom 2GB Majesty symbol USB stick containing:
– Isolated stems of “Behind The Veil”
– “Take This For The Pain (Mike Mangini Audition Improv Jam)” — 30-minute documentary.
* Exclusive 7″ of “The Bigger Picture” on clear vinyl, wrapped and sealed with a custom wax seal.
* Gel-skin iDots of Majesty symbol for iPhone.
* 2-disc embossed deluxe edition digi with bonus disc of 5.1 audio mix + expanded packaging.
* 180-gram 2-LP embossed gatefold vinyl with high quality FLAC files of full album.

Bundle Includes:

* Limited-edition collector’s box set
* Digital album
* Digital FLAC album


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KK: no regrets

Former Judas Priest guitarist and founding member KK Downing, who sensationally left the band back in 2011, has elaborated on his decision to leave the heavy metal legends, revealing that it wasn’t his own career that he felt was coming to a close…

“I’ll never get away from this ‘retirement’ thing. What happened was that I quit,” he tells The Midlands Rocks. “‘Retired’ implies that I am not physically able to do it. I am able to do it, but I didn’t want to do it; I just wasn’t enjoying it any more. A lot of things had changed. I think I counted about thirty reasons why I didn’t want to do it at the time, and that’s an awful lot of reasons.

“In all honesty I think that in so many respects it had run its course. If you’re part of a songwriting team you get the recognition and reward for creating something. But for me Priest became about going out and playing live and replicating exactly what people had enjoyed ten, twenty or thirty years ago.

KK with Judas Priest

“The fans would be just as happy if they could see us take them on a walk down memory lane – I think that’s what people enjoy most. And I understand that, because if I could go out now and see Eric Clapton with Cream then I would be the happiest person in the world.”

“If the industry was still healthy and people still had to spend their hard-earned money buying a record, it would be different.

“We used to buy an album and think, ‘Well it’s not that good, but I’ll play it a million times and I’m sure I’ll get into it.’ Now it doesn’t get a second chance.

“In the past there was always the opportunity to create a record like The Dark Side Of The Moon orBritish Steel or Back In Black that would be indelible, and people will always come back to. I think that opportunity has gone now – it would take a miracle for one of those to happen again.”

Meanwhile, Judas Priest look set to release a new album next year, despite many assuming they’d call it quits after their Epitaph “farewell”. tour

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Slipknot’s Clown: busy bee

Slipknot‘s M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan has unveiled the first model of a new, limited-edition series of official Clown masks that’ll go on sale each year.

50 editions of the “Clown001″ are on sale at $500 each, with each one coming hand-painted and so featuring unique touches that essentially make it a one-of-a-kind.

“I decided that every year on my birthday I’m going to release a new clown mask,” explains the man himself. “As you know, I’ve tried to get some masks out to the public and it hasn’t quite yet added up to everything I wanted to be. Now I’m collaborating with a friend named Jason Kain and we are going to bring you the new way in clownology.

“I just put them up today. I’m going to put masks out every year with a new story. Clown001 is starting it all off. In the near future, you will receive the story behind clown001.”

Click here to buy one for yourself

Clown confirmed to Metal Hammer earlier this year that we’ll be seeing a new Slipknot album in 2014, following the Des Moines legends’ show-stealing set at Download earlier this year. Brace yourselves.

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Deicide: extreme metal royalty

Death metal legends Deicide will release new album In The Minds Of Evil on November 25 via Century Media.

“Do you hear that? It’s the sound of Satan singing along to the new Deicide”, boasts mainman Glen Benton of the album. “[It’s] like King Kong taking a shit on a daisy”.


In The Minds Of Evil Track List

1.     In The Minds Of Evil
2.     Thou Begone
3.     Godkill
4.     Beyond Salvation
5.     Misery Of One
6.     Between The Flesh And The Void
7.     Even The Gods Can Bleed
8.     Trample The Cross
9.     Fallen To Silence
10.  Kill The Light Of Christ
11.  End The Wrath Of God

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Korn: together again

Nu metal legends Korn return with new album The Paradigm Shift on October 7 via Prospect Park/Caroline International, with the opus serving as the first new Korn album to feature long lost guitarist, Brian “Head” Welch, in ten years. Yes, that’s ten whole fucking years.

The Boys From Bakersfield have filmed a documentary detailing some of the behind-the-scenes action from the album sessions, as well as elaborating on the story behind Head’s incredible return. It’s titled Korn: Reconciliation, it’s going to come on a DVD included in the special edition of the new album, and we have a teaser taken from the film right here! Pretty cool, right?

Watch it below:

And just in case you missed parts 1 and 2, they’re also below!

Order The Paradigm Shift from the links below:



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Carcass: legends return

Carcass join Amon Amarth, Bleed From Within and Hell on Defenders Of The Faith IV later this year! Here’s how they’re feeling about it…

New Carcass album Surgical Steel is out now via Nuclear Blast. Order it below:

CD –
iTunes –

See Carcass alongside Amon Amarth, Bleed From Within and Hell on Defenders Of The Faith IV this winter:

Nov 12 Birmingham o2 Academy
Nov 13 Manchester o2 Academy
Nov 14 Glasgow Barrowland
Nov 15 Bristol o2 Academy
Nov 17 London Forum



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Pearl Jam return!

Grunge legends Pearl Jam have released the first video from new album Lightning Bolt.

Watch Eddie and the lads do their thing with Sirens below…

Lightning Bolt lands on October 14.

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British heavy metal legends Saxon have produced a series of alternative takes on classic favorites to herald a new entry to the Saxonian Institute of Metal. The following statement was issued about the coming “Unplugged and Strung Up” release: “There is always feral beauty in a raging beast…and with ‘Unplugged And Strung Up,’ Saxon’s selection of unique, fresh and adventurous interpretations of material previously heard only with raw heavy metal thunder, the point is triumphantly underscored. “Unplugged And Strung Up reveals layers and pieces previously dormant in many of the 14 classic Saxon songs chosen for this makeover, thanks to some ear-catching new arrangements and mixes

The post Saxon Announces “Unplugged And Strung Up” Orchestral/Remix Release appeared first on Daily Heavy Metal News.

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