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KORN‘s 11th studio album, “The Paradigm Shift”, will be released on October 8. A deluxe edition will feature two bonus tracks and a documentary DVD called “Reconciliation”. The CD is the first to feature original guitarist Brian “Head” Welch in more than eight years. Welch rejoined the group permanently earlier this year after leaving in 2005.

According to The Pulse Of Radio, KORN frontman Jonathan Davis chatted with Loudwire about what to expect from their new outing as well as how his addiction to Xanax affected his work.

When asked about the album, the 42-year-old rocker responded, “I’m excited about this one. A lot of people are talking about it, which is good. It’s different, as you may have heard. I think by not doing the same thing over and over it helps us remain relevant. For some bands like AC/DC, it’s actually a good thing to not change things too much. They have an awesome formula. But our formula is to be kind of different each time out.”

Davis went on to discuss his recent stint in rehab because his Xanax addiction saying, “People started wondering about me and the stuff that was going on in my life. I was not doing it recreationally — I was doing it because I have anxiety problems. My doctor said, you should only be on this stuff for a month or so but it was a lot longer. So I went to rehab in Bakersfield, a real rehab place, not some fru-fru place. I was in there for week, shaking like a fish and almost having seizures and all that stuff. Then I got out and went to see the guys in the band. I’ve been on prolonged detox for like five months now. Hard to explain what it feels like. But I made the new record with one foot in limbo and one in reality. Hopefully now I can help a lot of kids, our fans that are going through things like this. Lots of kids suffer from these conditions and I like to help out, that’s a big thing for me. It’s just who I am. I have no problem talking about anything and if I can help others, then great.”

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Italian power metal act Derdian will release its fourth LP entitled “Limbo” on March 13, 2013 via Magna Carta Records. The album is the follow up to the 2010 release “New Era, Pt.

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Italian power metal act Derdian will release its fourth LP entitled “Limbo” on March 13, 2013 via Magna Carta Records. The album is the follow up to the 2010 release “New Era, Pt. 3: The Apocalypse,” and marks the first album featuring new vocalist Ivan Giannini, who joined the band in 2012 following the departure of Joe Cagianelli.

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Broken Hope, Chicago’s much-loved classic death metal group who recently reformed after more than a decade in limbo, have signed to Century Media Records and are due to enter the studio to record the follow-up to 1999′s Grotesque Blessings full-length. Subterranea tracked down band linchpin Jeremy Wagner to find out what we can expect.

Your last album Grotesque Blessings was quite a musical step on from what you had done before but released in over a decde ago. Can you see where the new one is headed? Is it going to be another big step?

“Our bass player, Shaun Glass, sums up our current material asReign In Bowels, which is basically, if you take SlayersReign In Blood and Broken Hope’sBowels Of Repugnance, what you are get are these songs that are like two-and-a-half, three minutes. They’re just pure, lethal doses of uncompromising death metal. There’s a lots more hooks versusGrotesque Blessings, which is very technical, very over the top, where now our vibe is really coming back with a real heavy hook over and over again and just complementing that with a lot of grind. It’s just massive and lethal.”

You had trouble with members and labels in the past. When you were thinking of getting the band back together again, was there a period of making sure that all the right things were in place before you could start writing music?

“This time aroundI had enough time to reconnect with Shaun Glass, who is the original bass player and who’s with me now, and find the right personnel who clicked personality-wise. I wanted to find guys that were into the same music and had the same positive attitude that I do and who have big goals. And I found those guys, and got really lucky. It’s not stuff that happened overnight but we got the right crew together.”

Could you have done it without Shaun, the only other former member of Broken Hope?

“Shaun and I write a lot of music together. I started the band in ’88 in high school and aside from coming up with the name and writing all the lyrics, part of our sound was Shaun Glass. He wrote some great songs. Also Joe Ptacek’s vocal style was so Ÿber-gutteral and such a signature part of the Broken Hope entity that I didn’t know after he died if we could do the band without him. Our new vocalist, Damien [Leski, also of Gorgasm] really embodies Joe’s vocal style and pulls it off great, and I think having Shaun in the band gives us a little bit more of an identity, that this is still Broken Hope. He’s my partner in crime.”

How did the two of you approach the reformation of Broken Hope?

“We had many discussions over Mexican food and pizza about how we were going to do it, what we wanted to do. Things do happen for a reason, when Shaun and I had all these discussions about bringing Broken Hope back, and from hearing from fans and promoters all over the world, we wanted to do it the right way and we wanted to find, first off, a drummer that could play all of the songs. We got really fortunate with our drummer Mike [Miczek], because he lives about 40 minutes from us and he is such a stellar drummer and he knew all our songs. When we started rehearsing with him it was only last January, almost a year ago, when Mike, Shaun and I formed the core of the new BH. By March last year we were rehearsing 15 songs and then Mauricio approached us about management and bringing Broken Hope back. We didn’t make any public announcement that we were jamming for doing anything. Mauricio had been touring worldwide and had heard the same feedback and interest about Broken Hope, approached us and, again, he lit the fire under our ass, we completed the lineup, and then, it’s just crazy. We did this North American tour with Obituary. It was stellar shows, great publicity, and we got a worldwide record deal out of it, and here we are, man, it’s been just shy of under a year since we started talking about doing this, so it’s pretty amazing what can happen in a short amount of time.”

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Swedish act Limbo has checked in with the following announcement about parting ways with the band’s drummer:

“Hey everyone! We’ve got some sad and good news. As you might’ve noticed our page has been everything else but active the last few months because of many reasons.

“It is with great sadness that we must say goodbye to a beloved member of our awesome djent squad, and we all feel honored to have had this great opportunity to play and hang out with such a talent. We’re wishing our badass drummer Adam Ekholm, all the best in the future and good luck with everything. You are the bäst!

“And now the good news! We’ve been going through and rehearsing new material and have to say that it’s gonna be badass!

“We´ll try to keep you guys updated by posting small teasers once in a while and feel free to comment and give your opinion, or just comment to comment…! We’ll be recording some demos in the near future and can’t wait to share our music with you! So… See you soon and spread the word about Limbo!”

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Epitome of the Weak is currently working on an upcoming EP titled “A New Shore,” and the band has now revealed the track listing:

1. To Those Who Wait
2. Moments Lost
3. Never Forget
4. This Dying Breath

Epitome of the Weak also previously commented on the artwork: “The concept behind our new EP ‘A New Shore’ album art: We are entering a digital age, but we are still in limbo between the new technology and the old. As the new machines slowly take over the old, we watch as our dependence on them grows and becomes more secure.

“Not only are the new machines taking over the old, but they are taking over us as well; by increasing our need for them and our like for their convenience. Soon enough, our co-dependence on these machines will leave us too helpless to fend for ourselves. If we continue down this road then we are looking at a future of destruction crafted by our own hand and brought on by the machnies we built to help us.”

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Sweden’s Limbo has posted a new sample demo track online, simply titled “Limbo12,” which can be heard through the player below. The band also commented: “It is Friday the 13th (omg), which means new riffage from us! Help us spread this one! Happy weekend!”

For more Limbo, check out the previously posted song “With Eyes Wide Shut” at this location.

Limbo12 by Limbosweden

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Swedish act Limbo has posted a new demo track online titled “With Eyes Wide Shut.” To check out Limbo’s latest offering, click play on the SoundCloud player below. You can also find more details on Limbo by heading over to the band’s Facebook profile at this location.

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Finnish melodic death metal band Insomnium announced the departure of guitarist Ville Vänni from the band. Vänni will play farewell shows next week in Joensuu and Helsinki, Finalnd. His replacement will be Markus Vanhala of Omnium Gatherum.

Vänni posted the following statements about his departure: “Time is now ripe to share the news about lineup changes in the Insomnium camp. With a heavy heart I have reached the decision to resign from Insomnium. The decision is mutual and final, and there is no big drama behind it.

“During the last year I have found myself in a limbo of constant lack of time and impossible schedules. Combining a general surgeon’s career with a busy metal band like Insomnium has already taken years of precise timing, and the candle has been burning from both ends for years now.

“At the same time, Insomnium has grown bigger demanding more and more time. As a result, I have gradually come to a painful realization that I cannot meet the needs of this roller coaster ride any more.

“This decision was hard to make and accept for all of us. Insomnium has been like a family and the bandmates have been (and will still remain) my best and closest friends. For not being able to give my 100% would only be letting them down. The reason why this decision is made flesh right now is that I will not be able to attend the One For Sorrow European tour. My wife is due to give birth to our first son and it is my responsibility, duty and choice to be home at that time. I will play two first shows in Finland and then bid farewell.

“However, the burden of this decision is lightened by the fact that Insomnium will go on and even grow stronger after my retirement. Markus Vanhala from Omnium Gatherum will take my place as a full-time guitarist in Insomnium. He is a good friend and an excellent musician and has already been replacing me and Ville F. on several occasions.

“Thank you Niilo, Ville and Markus for a decade of good times and a lifetime of friendship and unforgettable memories. And thank you all Insomnium fans, it is you who made this all possible! See you on the coming shows!”

Insomnium posted the following statement: “We all want to thank Ville for everything and totally support him with his decision. We’ve been together for ten years with this lineup and it has been a great ride. We’ve been a band of brothers, we’ve been a family. Nothing will ever change that.

“This is the beginning of a new era for Insomnium. Sometimes a change is needed to keep the band going. Luckily we have got the best possible man to fill the vacancy, our good friend Markus Vanhala, who is best known as the songwriter and lead guitarist of Omnium Gatherum. Markus will naturally continue in Omnium Gatherum and unfortunately our tour schedules collide in November when OG is participating in the Neckbreaker’s Ball.

“As a result, we’ll have Tuomas Jäppinen as a second guitarist for the first seven evenings of the tour. Tuomas is also our old buddy and he is best known as the songwriter and lead guitarist of Enter My Silence. Tuomas is doing us a huge favour in delivering a killer lshow every night. So, make sure Tuomas feels welcomed when he hits the stage! Markus will join our ranks in München and play all the German shows on the tour.

“Dear friends, do not take these news too heavily. Insomnium is not dying or withering away – we will be stronger than ever and we will keep touring and making new music. Give Ville Vänni the kind of farewell shows he deserves and come to see us perform in Joensuu on November 4th and Helsinki on November 5th. Then come and meet the new gang on the Euro Tour. See you soon!”

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Uneven Structure has announced that the band is set to release debut album “Februus” on October 31st 2011, via Basick Records. The release is a thirteen piece concept album spanning across two discs.

Guitarist Aure Pereira comments on the album: “If we were to give any advice to our fans before they listen to Februus, we would tell them to take their time and really open their minds to the music, because there are a million different listening levels. Recording has taken us so long but we think it was worth the wait in the end. We wanted to be sure that we had put the best of us in it and I think we’ve been successful at doing that. Thall.”

The band recorded the album at French studio Uneven Box, with guitarist Igor Omodei at the production helm. Vocals and mastering were completed at Vertic Studios in the South of France. The artwork concepts that run throughout the album and forthcoming videos were also conceived and produced by Igor Omodei. The track listing is as follows:

Disc One:
1. Awaken
2. Frost
3. Hail
4. Exmersion
5. Buds
6. Awe
7. Quittance
8. Limbo
9. Plenitude
10. Finale

Disc Two:
11. Dew Upon Shapeless Bounds
12. Winds From Untold Memories
13. Promises Of Our Early Days

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