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Mesopotamian kings of blackened thrash metal MELECHESH have announced the addition of drummer Sasha Horn to the group’s ranks.

Commented MELECHESH mainman, songwriter, singer and guitarist Ashmedi: “After a lengthy search, MELECHESH are proud to announce the inclusion of new drummer Sasha ‘Sin’ Horn. Sin as in the Mesopotamian moon god. He will be appearing on the upcoming album, which we will follow up with more details. Meanwhile, he flew in from the USA to our rehearsal room in Germany to work with the band on new material and meet the label guys and the chemistry was great. His drumming skills will sure bring in an extra kick to the new album.”

Since there were rumors and uncertainties of the current second guitarist of MELECHESH, the pioneering band clarified the situation in the following statement: “After one show, it became obvious things wouldn’t work out with Sirus, so we mutually agreed to go separate ways. For now, the position is not vacant until a great talent crosses our ways. Ashmedi will track guitars and former guitarist and longtime friend Moloch might be flying to the studio for recordings, but not touring as well. We have two great touring guitarist who are friends of ours and will step in as live session musicians.”

MELECHESH is currently writing material for its upcoming sixth album.

The band’s latest CD and Nuclear Blast debut, “The Epigenesis”, was released in 2010 and received rave reviews all over the globe, followed by eight tours with the likes of SEPTICFLESH and NILE.


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Alec Plowman of recently conducted an interview with former METALLICA, VOIVOD and FLOTSAM AND JETSAM bassist and current NEWSTED frontman Jason Newsted. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below. “Heavy Metal Music” is an album with a definite, balls-to-the-wall, old-school vibe. Would you say that recording it allowed you to get back to your roots?

Jason: Yes, in many different ways. It’s the first time that I’ve really beared down and wrote all the songs top to bottom; all the parts, all drum programming, all lyrics and all voice. So it’s quite … going back to roots. Like the FLOTSAM AND JETSAM days, where I would do close to the same thing, composing songs from the get-go. So, in that way, it’s old school. Also, in the way that we did everything here in my garage, in my studio. It’s my old equipment and all those things. In a very old school way we go in together and play all the songs together; very few overdubs, let the mistakes go and let as much human factor exist as possible. For all of those reasons, yes, it’s old school all the way. I was wondering if your time off the scene and away from the limelight has affected your approach to making music?

Jason: I think it affected it in the way of appreciation. I’m coming back into it after trying to get away from it, in any serious manner, for a long time. I did some underground stuff with VOIVOD and did ECHOBRAIN records and many other recordings with different people of different styles … there was always music. I couldn’t go for seven or eight days without having a jam session with some of my friends somehow or other, whether it was a jam on the porch or a full-blown live session in the studio or whatever. I had to keep the music going in order to keep my balance. So I kept it alive the whole time. But coming back to it in a serious manner … it all was for a reason. I never planned on having a band of my own like this, coming back out and being in the business again or anything like that, let alone having anything with my name on it. Never ever. I thought I was retired. I retired from METALLICA, I retired from any kind of heavy touring. I’d do one-off shows and do keg parties with PAPA WHEELIE and different stuff like that, but I’d never planned on being in the big time again. So now that I’m back … I guess there’s a reason for all of that. I was gone long enough to really enjoy it again this time. You mentioned that NEWSTED is the first project that we have seen you fronting. Does being in that position daunt you at all, and does being a front-man change the way that you approach live performance?

Jason: It’s not daunting. It’s only challenging. There’s a nervous excitement to being able to present myself and to show off again in a different way, to wear all these new hats and all that stuff. I have bitten off a pretty big bite to chew now, but challenges are what make us get better and keep us alive. The particular scenario of mine … it’s like a guy who hits the dot com boom or someone who wins the lottery … all of a sudden, you’ve got a whole bunch of freakin’ money and all the time in the world, and you have to challenge yourself so you don’t go soft, or get drunk, or get addicted to gambling, or go fucking mental or whatever. I found myself in that situation after I left METALLICA, with all the money in the world and all the time in the world to do whatever I wanted to do. And so I really had to figure out how to create challenges for myself. And so from the time I left that band I’ve created challenges for myself in VOIVOD, ECHOBRAIN, all my art pieces, SEPULTURA, jamming with different players, and now this great challenge, some 12 years after I left METALLICA. It’s so important in my life to keep challenging myself so I continue to stay alive. To pick up, again, on something you mentioned, you suffered a shoulder injury in 2006 that resulted in you being unable to play for some time. This led you to take up painting. I was wondering if your working in another creative medium had affected the way that you approached making music once you recovered?

Jason: There’s a direct correlation. No question about it. It’s the same kind of wild colors that go on the canvas that go into the music. The collectors so far … I know a dozen people that collect multiple pieces … and their consensus is that the paintings look like the music sounds. The intensity of the music is matching the intensity of the artwork. It’s from the same hands and head and heart. The way that I go about either of them … they help each other along. Painting helps the music, music helps the painting in a way of seeing how things go together. Some colors really go together, some really won’t. Some notes will work really well together and some really won’t. I think it’s helped me stand back and look at it a little bit deeper than I would have before. That’s what I learned taking the ideas of painting to the music. I step back from a song, look at it a little bit deeper than I would have in the past. That’s maybe why we have some of the compositions that we have on the “Heavy Metal Music” LP; because I’ve taken a little more time with the compositions as opposed to PAPA WHEELIE songs and stuff like that where I just blast through them. There, whatever it is, it is. You put the microphone in the room, blast through the song, and boom, you’ve got the record. On these ones, I took a little more in depth look, like I would with a painting.

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Procession has checked in with the following announcement about lineup changes within the band:

“First of all and after months of analysis, chats and life’s unexpected events, FRANCISCO AGUIRRE is no longer in charge of the drum artillery in Procession. Basically, he’s being kept busy with his other band (Attacker Bloody Axe…check it out!), building the new Capilla Ardiente material with Claudio and just recently, forced to move to a different town which would mean even less time to try and make him part of composing/recording process of the new tracks. Of course this is under the most friendly of terms, he’s in heart, will and memory one of the headstones of Procession’s history…keep it up ‘dolape!’

“This basically means we’ve taken the decision to incorporate Evans/Pro-Mark artist (and In Solitude’s drummer) UNO BRUNIUSSON as the official drummer of Procession. For those who ignore it, he’s been live/session drummer for us for more than a year, demonstrating to be a contribution both on stage and, most recently, on creative ground on the ongoing TRHA sessions.

“This, along with the inclusion of JONAS PEDERSEN on guitar only means that Procession got heavier, thicker and angrier.

“We’re sure nothing else but satisfaction can come out of this new pact, as confirmed this last weekend with the ‘apparition’ of one more song for our next album.”

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France’s Livarkahil has issued the following announcement about lineup changes within the band:

“All hails brothers. We are addressing you today, at the turn of a tide for LIVARKAHIL. This band is and must be driven by its members’ self-abnegation and it is the sole strength that will, with each of our actions, lead us to victory.

“Some of our past colaborators were not able to understand and share the values we stand for. Although we have no regret, we have simply come to the conclusion that LIVARKAHIL requiers more than mere involvement.

“Beyond simple music, it is about ideology. Beyond simple lyrics, it is about belief. Beyond individuals, we are about unity. Numerous changes are now happening within that entity.

“The band is now composed of Hk, Träume, Skvm, as well as live session guitarist BST (aosoth, the order of apollyon) ,and a new bassplayer whose name will be revealed within a few days. We are now working on new art which will serve as an assertion of our renewed commitment to the cause.

“We will keep true to the path we are drawn to, without caring about futile trends. We will keep on spreading our values and our ideology with no fear of consequences. We shall go on.

“Our respect goes to those who support and have been supporting us.”

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Former Incantation bassist Joey “Fingers” Lombard died on January 3, 2012. He was 42 years old. Lombard played with Incantation from 2001-2005 and played on the following releases: “Blasphemy” (2002), “Decimate Christendom” (2004) and “Primordial Domination” (2006).

Former live Incantation bassist Roberto Lizárraga, who immediately stepped in when Lombard departed in 2005, posted the following statement, which the band re-posted on its Facebook Page:

“In 2003, while INCANTATION toured for the “Blasphemy” album, they played in San Diego and in Tijuana. INFINITUM OBSCURE played in the Tijuana gig. In this tour, I met this genuinely GREAT guy by the name of Joey Lombard, who was Incan’s bassist at the time (2001-2006).

“In 2005 I was asked to step into INCANTATION as live session bassist, since Joey would not be able to commit for all the touring for the “Decimate Christendom” album, then “Primordial Domination”.

“We also toured together in January 2005, I played bass for THE CHASM and he was still in INCANTATION. We shared a tour together.

“Joey even let me use his gear on 2 of those tours, we’ve had drinks together, dinner at John’s house, hung out in Johnstown, PA. Joey let me have a lot of the tabs he wrote for Incan bass lines so that I could learn them and practice them. We shared the same spot in the same band, but in different spectrum: Him in the recording and me in the Live section. I’ve done 10 tours/festival appearances, with Incantation between 2005 and 2009.

“With a deep DEEP sadness and gloom, I learned last night form my dear friend Jill McEntee that our dear brother and loved friend, Joey, had decided to leave this world on his own…

“Everyone in the INCANTATION family is deeply saddened by this. Joey was a GREAT GREAT guy, mellow, really sincere, calm, honest, and with a really BIG heart and an excellent musician.

“My dear brother, you are now in peace, the one you longed for. You will be deeply missed, thank you for everything dear friend…

Till we meet again…”

Lombard is not the only former bassist of the band to pass away. Bassist Aragon Amori, who played with the band from 1989-1990 passed away in 1996.

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Nocturnal Depression has issued the following update about working on new material, playing upcoming live shows, and undergoing lineup changes:

“The ‘Suicidal Thoughts MMXI’ CD will be available the 9th October 2011. You can pre-order it directly to the label Sun&Moon records or also to us. ‘Shadows of Tragedy’ split CD is now available through Self-Mutilation Services. This CD contains tracks from the never released demo ‘One Night Among Nightmares.’ It was a forgotten CD that has made several years of late in pressing by the label…

“An EP is at work actually. This one will be called ‘L’Isolement’ and will include the title track from extract from the upcoming album ‘Spleen Black Metal’ + an exclusive track. More info coming soon.

“The Webshop has been closed during summer by our webmaster. Now it’s back with the re-redition of the first ND shirt ‘spreading self-hatred.’ Also a discount price of the ‘Beyond the light’ CD.

“We will play 2 gigs for the end of 2011 : 5 November in Italy for the Black Winter Fest (with Tsjuder, Handful of Hate…) and the 16th November in Lyon (France) with our brothers in depression Forgotten Tomb. Wait for a Brazilian tour in 2012…

“Avskrius has left the band after the Northern Lights Festival gig. Another session will be with us on stage only for the next gigs. We are looking for a permanent live session lead guitarist. Lord Lokhraed will play with the danish sick depressed band MYRD on their German tour with Angantyr + Blackshore + Soleil Gris in the beginning of October.”

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British metalcore act BRING ME THE HORIZON last month took part in a live session for Huw Stephens and Radio 1 from the BBC’s legendary Maida Vale Studios in London.

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Live footage from Them Crooked Vultures session at the BBC has emerged online. Get the full videos and some interview footage inside! Get Download 2010 tickets here! (more…)

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