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Congratulations are in order for MACHINE HEAD drummer Dave McClain, who just married his Australian girlfriend Belle. The couple live in Alameda, California.

This is the second marriage for McClain, a former member of Arizona thrashers SACRED REICH who joined MACHINE HEAD in 1995 following the departure of Chris Kontos.

In a January 2012 interview with, McClain stated about the touring life: “Personally, I love it. It’s been part of my life for 21 years now, so I love pretty much everything about being out [on the road]. Doing shows, hanging out and doing our thing and doing what we love, it’s a good life.”

He continued: “When I’m stuck at home for some time, that’s when I start feeling a little caged up or something, but not really being in the studio. As long as we’re doing something band-related… I used to kind of just learn to like everything about it. It’s cool if you’re recording, just soak everything in and get back on the road. And that’s when the fun begins.”

MACHINE HEAD will enter the studio later this year to begin recording the follow-up to 2011’s “Unto The Locust” for an early 2014 release.


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San Francisco Bay Area metallers MACHINE HEAD are continuing work on the material for the follow-up to 2011’s “Unto The Locust” for a 2014 release. Writing on his official Twitter profile earlier today (Thursday, September 19), MACHINE HEAD guitarist Phil Demmel said: “Pretty sure we’re over the hump writing this record. Each song is a monster so far. So stoked!”

Meanwhile, MACHINE HEAD frontman Robb Flynn has posted a picture of what appears to be a list of working songtitles for the forthcoming CD: “Killers & Kings”, “Beneath The Silt”, “Sail Into The Black”, “Ojos De La Muerte” and “Night Of The Long Knives”.

MACHINE HEAD‘s next album will be the band’s first with new bassist Jared MacEachern, who replaced Adam Duce this past spring.

Some fans might remember MacEachern from MACHINE HEAD‘s 2007 “The Black Tyranny” tour, on which he performed with his previous band, SANCTITY. MACHINE HEAD, challenged to find a fill-in bass player for the North American tour after an injury sidelined Adam Duce, also found themselves in need of someone to sing harmony with singer/guitarist Robb Flynn.

Earlier this year, MACHINE HEAD conducted an extensive search for candidates through various channels, the most fruitful of which proved to be video submissions. Sifting through more than 400 videos, the band personally reviewed and evaluated everyone’s performances, including MacEachern, who made the short list without a second thought.

After reviewing all of the submissions, the band narrowed down the 400-plus candidates to a short list of seven, each of whom took a trip to Oakland to perform a handful of songs in person and spend the day hanging with the band.

MACHINE HEAD is currently finalizing a new label home following the expiration of the band’s contract with longtime record company Roadrunner Records.

MACHINE HEAD‘s most recent studio album, “Unto The Locust”, sold more than 17,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 22 on The Billboard 200 chart — putting MACHINE HEAD in the Top 25 for the first time in the band’s history.



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Machine Head’s Robb Flynn and Phil Demmel

Machine Head are busy working on the follow-up to 2011′s epic Unto The Locust, and according to guitarist Phil Demmel, it’s all coming along nicely.

“Pretty sure we’re over the hump writing this record,” comments the man himself via Twitter. “Each song is a monster so far. So stoked!”

Get excited.

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Beaten To Death

Beaten To Death: suspend all rational thought

Grindcore fans, and fans of mentalist heavy metal in general, rejoice, because Norway’s nirvana-inducing noise experts, Beaten To Death have wisely chosen Metal Hammer as exclusive hosts to stream their forthcoming album, Dødsfest! – out on October 4 via Mas-Kina Recordings – in full.

Fronted by She Said Destroy’s Anders ‘Ugmod’ Bakke, this is ADD-enhanced grindcore running headlong through the looking glass, and yet also strangely accessible. If you’re a fan of Rolo Tomassi, The Locust, Brutal Truth, moshing like a maniac or the sensation of being eaten alive by seriously tripping, exhibitionist lions, this album is going to blow your mind. Check it out below!

Pre-order the limited edition 12-inch vinyl here.

And check out Beaten To Death’s own Facebook page here.

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San Francisco Bay Area metallers MACHINE HEAD are scheduled to begin demoing material today (Thursday, April 11) for the follow-up to 2011’s “Unto The Locust” with engineer Juan Urteaga of Trident Studios in Pacheco, California.

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Palm Reader: Future stars

Our Steve loves hardcore, so we thought we’d send him to a show featuring three of the most promising upcoming hardcore bands around. Simple.

A cold, miserable Friday night in Kingston is not the sort of place where you would expect to find something truly inspiring, especially in an, almost empty, converted strip club. It’s here though, in the freezing, pure white confines of the Kingston Peel that the next stars of the UK underground are honing their craft in front of a few curious individuals before their inevitable rise to wider acceptance.

Openers Let’s Talk Daggers are only on for roughly twenty minutes but exhibit more ideas in that time than some bands manage in an entire career. The three piece are a wildly exciting blur of blastbeats, odd time signatures and caustic screeching. If you can imagine The Locust covering At The Drive In then you are in the right ball park. It’s a mouth-foaming set of insane and original noisiness and, like the very best bands, LTD would stand out on pretty much any bill like a sore thumb.

Palm Reader are much more conventional but no less thrilling. If you long for the early days of Gallows or have always wanted a British band that could really compete with Every Time I Die then Palm Reader will have you punching the air in delight. A whirlwind of spite soaked punk rock with the same technical intensity of The Dillinger Escape Plan, PR are the T-1000 of UK hardcore. It’s faster, heavier and catchier than what’s come before. The closing Seeing And Believing Are Two Different Things is an anthem waiting to be discovered, and Palm Reader nearly tear the place down playing it. When they leave there is a moment of stunned silence that a band could be that good so early in their career.

There can’t be anyone inside the Peel that genuinely thinks Palm Reader aren’t walking off unopposed with the title of band of the night. So it’s even more of a shock when The Catharsis match them stride for stride. Where the first two bands opted for precision in their attack The Catharsis go purely for power; they play a type of metallic hardcore that is reminiscent of The Hope Conspiracy or Norma Jean and even recalls Great Southern Trendkill era Pantera. Endless supplies of bludgeoning riffs are their most obvious weapon, but frontman Morgan Tedd also deserves a mention – a spinning, screaming demon who channels a young Phil Anselmo as he goads and harasses those present. They’re a band with genuine crossover potential; they’d fit in on tour with Messhuggah as well as they would Hatebreed. On this evidence you wouldn’t bet against them.

A few miles up the road, in Brixton, emo also-rans Finch play their hit to a sold out Academy, robbing these three bands of extra faces in the crowd. You’d be annoyed, but justice is coming. Let’s Talk Daggers’ E.P. has just been released, Palm Reader’s debut Bad Weather comes out on the 6th May, The Catharsis release Romance on the 20th April. Buy them, and be here next time.

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M F’n’ H

Machine Head announced over the weekend that bassist Adam Duce has left the band.

“Machine Head would like to wish Adam the best with his current and future endeavors,” say the band via a statement. “The band will continue on for the time being as a three-piece and has begun the writing process for the follow-up to 2011′s Unto The Locust.”

Adam was a founding member of the band, leaving frontman Robb Flynn as the sole original member. Machine Head’s new album will drop later this year via Roadrunner.

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Machine Head slayed Bloodstock in August

Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn has confirmed that the band will begin writing the follow-up to 2011′s Unto The Locust this month in a new blog posted on the band’s website.

“Just to refresh everyone who may not have read the first journal I wrote, I have started up my diary/journals again after taking a much-needed break from it,” writes our Robb. “They’re now called ‘The General Journals: Diary of a Frontman… and Other Ramblings.’

“For a little background, I started doing these journals/diaries 11 years ago in 2002, between ‘Supercharger’ and ‘Through The Ashes’. It was the first wave of the Internet, and we jumped on board, were one of the first (if not the first) to start the text/video diaries, and we fully embraced it. It was awesome, and enabled our band (that had been completely written off by the major U.S. metal press, and continues to be) to connect with our fans in a really unique way. And that’s what these are for/about: the connection. I need this connection, and from what you’ve told me over the years, you need it too.

“I find myself looking back on my life and so much of it is about searching for a connection, any connection, through music, through shows, through jamming, through partying, through girls/sex, through friends, and oftentimes, down all the wrong paths. Maybe we all are. And maybe some of us don’t need to be. Some of us had great normal lives, lives that kept the need for this fucking endless search at bay. I’m certain that part of it with me is, being adopted at 6 months and never feeling truly ‘connected’ to anyone (3 foster families in the first 6 months of life), but hey, that’s a whole other story.

“Side note: If you’re reading this on a website other than [] or our Facebook page, please know that this is not a ‘press release.’ These are my ‘journals,’ ‘ramblings,’ ‘brain dumps,’ etc. There seems to be some confusion about that. If you’re not a fan of the band, feel free to ignore these, I’ll be doing them often, sometimes twice a week. I’m not trying to win anyone over here, I’m not trying to change anyone’s opinion of MACHINE HEAD or me, I don’t expect, or even need, everyone to like me or the music we make. This is for the diehard MACHINE HEAD fans (the Head Cases, The Undesirables) who follow the band closely. It’s for our main site,, our Facebook, and the PHPList that I’ve started. Its purpose is to give said fans updates, thoughts on life, and life in a band.

“No immediate tour plans, but [MACHINE HEAD] will officially begin writing this week or next. No one has really sat down and discussed where we’d like to go in depth, but we have talked about shorter songs (LOL). The last TEN TON HAMMER show we did in London really got us thinking about cool, short songs. In particular, ‘Postmortem’ by SLAYER seemed to really get our blood flowing. We all talked about it afterward, how they managed to squeeze so many AWESOME riffs into 3 minutes and 28 seconds is just freakin’ mind-boggling (or as our drum tech Mudbilly says, ‘mind-bottling’). ‘Everlong’ and ‘Sad Statue’ were also cool nuggets of shortness (videos of us covering those songs are up on YouTube, check ‘em out).

“Phil [Demmel, guitar] has told me he has some riffs, [Dave] McClain [drums] e-mailed some cool riffs, I have some pretty awesome riffs tuned down to F that I’m stoked on… so, who knows where it’s all going yet, but it’s definitely starting to bubble. Can’t really tell where it’s all gonna end up, you can’t really plan that out, but that’s some of what we’ve been bouncing around.

‘In other news, we’ve successfully finished our recording contract with Roadrunner and are currently free agents. It’s an exciting time for us right now, the world is our oyster and we can dictate a lot of fair terms in exchange for our art. There’s been a lot of talk as to what we should and/or shouldn’t do; the music business has changed dramatically since the last deal we signed for ‘Through The Ashes’ back in 2003 (let alone our first deal in 1993), and what we’re looking for in a deal here in 2013 is different.

“I used to be a staunch believer that the world isn’t waiting for a quickly delivered MACHINE HEAD album, they’re just waiting for a great MACHINE HEAD album. And while I still believe that, in the 10 years between ‘Through The Ashes Of Empires’, ‘The Blackening’ and ‘Unto The Locust’, the world stopped caring as much about great ‘albums.’ People want great songs, and while great albums are appreciated, they don’t mean what they used to. People have been burned by too many lousy CDs / albums / downloads. I know I have (the new MUSE record blows, I LOVE that band, but the last 2 have been pretty meh).

“Plus, if you’re making music these days, there’s a hell of a lot of chatter to cut through between Facebook, Twitter, gaming, movies, Instagram, YouTube, social everything, mobile everything… listening to an album front to back ain’t what it used to be. Songs resonate more, it’s easier to get to the point. I don’t even want to listen to most albums all the way through anymore, most have too many songs / are too damn long. Gimme ‘Paranoid’ ANY DAY — 41 minutes, 8 songs (one of which is a drum solo!), a masterpiece. Gimme ‘Moving Pictures’ — 39 minutes, 7 songs, PERFECT!! Remember when SLAYER’s ‘Reign In Blood’ was so short you could squeeze the whole album on one side of a cassette?! The official Def Jam cassette had the whole album repeated on side 2 cause it’s 29 minutes!! People were up in arms, they actually felt ripped off. Today, it’s regarded as a masterpiece.

“Is anyone saying, ‘Man, I wish ‘Reign In Blood’ had 9 more songs’?

“We don’t need 19 songs and 72 minutes of music on a CD. And where would you even get most CD’s nowadays? Between my iPhone, iTunes, and Spotify, I just download or stream it, it’s too easy. I can say without a shred of doubt that I will never buy another physical CD again. Ever. I have found so many new bands on iTunes and Spotify (I use the $9-a-month premium version) it is absolutely incredible. The entire history of recorded music is at your fingertips, at all times. Sure, there are a few holdouts, but they’ll be on board within the year. Even METALLICA just hopped on the Spotify train. The world has gone streaming. It’s just too easy. Hell, I’ve found more new AND old bands on YouTube just surfing around than I ever have going to a record store.

“And so we as a band ask ourselves a lot of unique questions about what we should do. I am absolutely not interested in selling CDs first week of release for $16, $17 or $18 dollars/euros/pounds. I’m not interested in selling CDs at all, frankly, though I realize people still buy and appreciate them… but hey, change is inevitable, especially in this business. Just like cassettes became obsolete, just like CD longboxes became obsolete. I remember when people were pissed that we didn’t offer vinyl for ‘The More Things Change…’, and then really pissed when we didn’t offer cassettes for ‘The Burning Red’, and I mean PISSED about those cassettes! Does anyone miss cassettes now? Hell no.

“And as I write this I’m thinking — as I’m sure many of you are — just how counterproductive the things I’m saying are. I mean, MACHINE HEAD are in the business of selling CDs, right? But at the same time, we’re in the business of making music, for people to listen to, however they want to. We find ways to generate money to pay back the people who loaned us the money to record, to re-invest in our band, to make better records, to put on better light shows, to bring better sound systems, to keep the lights on at MACHINE HEAD, to live our lives, so that we can make more music. We don’t want to get in bed with a bunch of corporate sponsors, we’ve already dabbled in that and it’s a nightmare, worse than the record companies. Who knows, maybe we’ll end up signing with a traditional record company after all, because there is A LOT of stuff that we’re just not interested in doing. Maybe we do something radical instead, I’ve heard a lot of great things about these Kickstarter projects, Amanda Palmer in particular has done amazing…

“I don’t know where I’m even going with this. It’s part vent, part ramble, part trying-to-figure-it-out-as-I’m-typing. But in saying that, let me put it out to you: How do YOU want MACHINE HEAD’s music? Do YOU want a CD? Do YOU want a Spotify stream? Do YOU want the ease of an iTunes download? Do YOU want vinyl with that digital download? Do YOU want a new/different configuration no one has thought about/offered? A guitar that plays the whole record through a USB plug? A calendar-sized booklet with nothing but a download code?

“Write me at, post on our Facebook page, tweet it to me, post a Blabbermouth comment, I’ll read it all. Because to me, it’s all about making the best music we can, about striving to be better than the rest, not just good, but absolutely bad-fucking-ass. Making something so powerful, it can’t help but be heard. And frankly, that’s all that matters. The rest will sort itself out.”

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As well as our huge 2013 preview and immense interview with Rage Against The Machine, Down, While She Sleeps and many more, our massive new issue also has a FREE FREAKIN’ CD with it. Yeah, we’re good to you. Here’s what’s inside:


Oakland’s finest rifflords tear into this Unto The Locust belter on their ferocious new live album. Now you know why we rave about this band’s shows. Taken from the album Machine Fucking Head Live, out now via Roadrunner.


The Maryland groove masters return to make everyone feel ready for summer already. If you don’t fancy a boogie after this, you’re ill. Taken from the album Earth Rocker, out in March via Weathermaker Music.


Jamey Jasta and crew’s first album in four years is another one that makes you want to put your fist through solid objects. Don’t blame us for the breakages. Taken from the album The Divinity Of Purpose, out January 28 via Nuclear Blast.


Throw grooving riffs, hardcore aggression and massive electronica together, and you get Japan’s hottest new metal property Crossfaith. Check this out, and discover why so they’re making so many new fans. Taken from the ZION EP, out later this year.

Upon A Burning Body: Snappy Dressers, No-Messers


The Texans got an outstanding reception supporting Trivium at the end of last year. Want to know why? Hear this, and imagine it in a mosh bit. Brutal. Taken from the album Red. White. Green., out now via Sumerian.


The legendary creative force that is Voivod continue their legacy without Denis “Piggy” D’Amour for the first time. Unsurprisingly, they still slay. Taken from the album Target Earth, out January 18 via Century Media.


Enslaved axeman Ice Dale and his Norwegian cohorts have been one of the worst kept secrets in hard rock for years. If you’re not in on it already, you no longer have an excuse. Taken from the album Youngblood, out February 4 via Napalm.


The second part of their The Afterman double album is just as catchy, heartfelt and completely bonkers as the first. Here’s how. Taken from the album The Afterman: Descension, out February 4 via Hundred Handed/Everything Evil.


Fuzzy, dirty, driving freedom rock straight out of the sun-baked, dusty climes of, er, Stockholm. Any Graveyard fans should listen to this immediately. Taken from the album Power And Volume, out February 21 via Nuclear Blast.


A grooving, soulful approach to hard rock that’s aggressive and slightly bonkers. Imagine Deliverance-era COC crossed with Soundgarden and a touch of System Of A Down. Taken from the album Kamikaze Test Pilots, out now via self-release.


The solo prog metal project from former Mishkin man Jimmy MacGregor, this sounds like Strapping Young Lad if Hevy Devy had been in a good mood when he made City. Taken from the Found EP, out now via self-release.

Humanfly: leeds’ finest


These Leeds brain-bafflers, who were a huge hit at Damnation 2011, play atmospheric, textured prog for the 21st century – rich, deep and genuinely affecting. Taken from the album Awesome Science, out February 11 via Brew.


Imagine if Dillinger Escape Plan and Protest The Hero got together to jam while throwing in random bits of catchy pop. Now make that sound even more crazy. That’s For The Imperium. Taken from [?their forthcoming album, out later this year via Lifeforce].


Atmospheric, expansive and downright fucking heavy technical metal from this fresh British talent. TesseracT, Soilwork and Scar Symmetry fans need to hear this immediately. Taken from the album To End It All, out now via self-release.


These London-based melodic metallers are driven by the powerful vocals of Anežka Piška, a singer straight out of the Cristina Scabbia school of being really good. Taken from the Driving The Nails In EP, out now via self-release.

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Machine Head live

Despite releasing their most recent album, the excellent Unto The Locust, last year, 2012 proved to be another manic twelve months for one of the best metal bands of recent times.

Machine Head have spent their year reaffirming their status as one of the most loved band around, and one of the most dependably brilliant live acts doing it right now.

After another blitzing set at Download in June, Machine Head took on what will perhaps go down as their most defining performance in August, headlining Bloodstock for the first time and bringing Catton to its knees as only they know how. It was another crushing, muscular display of authority and further proof of their well-earned heavyweight status.

They topped it all off with the release of a new live album, Machine Fucking Head Live, meaning we can all finally enjoy a bit of MH live without having to get off our sofa. Which, let’s be frank, was terribly nice of them. Cheers, lads!

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