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Heavy-as-balls UK post-punk mainstays October File have unleashed a new song.

Heroes Are Welcome is taken from the band’s brand new album, The Application of Loneliness, Ignorance, Misery, Love and Despair An Introspective of the Human Condition, out May 26 via Candlelight.

The guys also play Bloodstock in August. Head to and grab your ticket right now! Bloodstock 2014 takes place August 7-10 at Catton Hall, Derby and is headlined by Down, Emperor and Megadeth.

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Mayo and Kermode: learning about metal, bit by bit

Yeah, you read that precisely right. The Boss Man was invited to talk to the two BBC Radio 5Live mainstays about Lamb Of God on their recent Film Reviews show.


Listen to the show here (it’s the JJ Abrams one, our Milas kicks in around 1:40)

We’ve heard that Kermode is up for appearing on a Metal Hammer Podcast soon. COME ON MARK, GET INVOLVED.

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Trenton, New Jersey metalcore mainstays Beyond Dishonor have released a music video for the single “Heisenberg.” Check it out below. Any fan of the hit television drama Breaking Bad will immediately recognize that “Heisenberg” is a tribute to the popular show, complete with yellow meth lab suits, greasy cigar-smoking drug kingpins, shady factory laboratories galore and more. “Heisenberg” is cut from the band’s upcoming EP “Generations,” set to drop in June 2013

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Trenton, New Jersey metalcore mainstays BEYOND DISHONOR have released a music video for their first single, entitled “Heisenberg”.

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– February 6th, 2013 – Decibel Magazine to feature CATHEDRAL on the cover of their May issue UK mainstays and international cult act CATHEDRAL , has released their first new recorded material in three years exclusively via Decibel Magazine’s subscriber-only Decibel Flexi Series. The song, Vengeance of the Blind Dead , can be heard in the flexi included in this month’s issue, which hits newsstands tomorrow.

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Blood Command: The Only Way Is Norway

If you’ve not heard of Blood Command yet, by all sane reasoning and any sense of justice in this world, you’re definitely about to hear a hell of a lot from them. Not only have they now firmly consolidated themselves as one of the best bands to come out of Norway in recent years, but in the electric Funeral Beach, they produced one of the best albums of 2012.

“We got together as a studio project at first – it was just me, our drummer and Silje [Tombre, frontwoman],” reveals guitarist and driving force of the band, Yngve Anderson. “We just wanted to record some fun stuff, and we went into the studio and recorded our first EP after we’d been a band for about a month or something! It was after we got a lot of good [feedback] for that first EP that we decided to make this a full band. We also got nomitated for Best New Band in a national radio competition with bands like Kvelertak, and it went from there.”

Since then the trio have gone about steadily carving themselves a reputation as one of Norway’s finest exports in recent years, managing to meld the high-octane punk ‘n’ roll of Kvelertak with the soaring, anthemic melodies of heavier pop punk mainstays like Billy Talent and the fleshy modern hardcore of Cancer Bats, all pinned together by the unsettling, screeching tones of Silje. There’s also elements of grunge, showgaze, pop and…erm…disco. Seriously. Where has it all come from?!

“We grew up on a lot of bands like New Order and Depeche Mode, a lot of that 80s pop,” explains Silje of the band’s maddening mixture of influences. “When this was still just a studio project, we were already experimenting with melody and synthesisers and stuff like that. As a singer, my personal influences go through everything from hardcore through to stuff like Sigur Ros.”

Lyrically the band deal with a range of subject, from more introvert themes of love and emotional reflection to society-slamming tirades. As Yngve notes, there’s plenty of inspiration around to get pissed off at.

“Our lyrics are about aggression, fucked-up love, people you hate, situations you hate and the system that you hate,” he states emphatically. “It’s really ‘Fuck the world!’ It can be simple things in your community, it can be bigger things. It’s everything, everyday life. You’ll find [stuff to be angry about] every fucking place you go.”

Whatever it is that has them pissed, it’s working. Funeral Beach is a gloriously triumphant piece of work, taking the strengths that 2010 debut Ghostclocks laid down and 2011′s Hand Us The Alpha Male EP nurtured and moulding them into something spectacular. If Blood Command have slipped under your radar up until now, they’ll be bang in your sights very, very soon.

Beach Funeral is out now via Fysisk Format

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The decade of the ’90s started strong. There were outstanding releases from mainstays like Megadeth, Judas Priest, Slayer and Anthrax. More extreme acts like Emtombed and Deicide also cracked the top 10. Quality albums like Testament – Souls Of Black, King Diamond – The Eye, Bathory – Hammerheart, Psychotic Waltz – A Social Grace and Trouble – Trouble narrowly missed the cut. Here’s my list for the best metal albums released in 1990.

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Hellbastard has checked in with the following update about the band’s upcoming full-length album:

“Hellbastard is hard at work writing the new full length album, title unknown as yet but a few working track titles are in place, with songs like ‘Rockstar Burning,’ ‘Throw de Petrol Bomb…,’ ‘Living Under the Grid,’ and ‘Emotionally Retarded Raging Bitch.’ This promises to be the angriest and most intimate of hellbastard albums ever.

“Hellbastard flies out to Sweden next month to play the prestigious “punk illegal fest” held yearly near Gothenburg, this promises to be a real feral and wild affair, lasting over three days Hellbastard headline the event on Sat. June 25th.

“Hellbastard also has a new video in the works with Andrew Lefton at the helm of controls, Mr. Lefton has just completed the Amebix new video ‘Knights of the Black Sun’ for their upcoming teaser 12″ to be released shortly on profane existence and alternative tentacles exclusively.

“Also new for Hellbastard’s next album will feature the new line-up of scruff on vocals/guitars, Tom Mccombe on guitar, Paul O’Shea on bass and Michael Brush on drums. This same line-up that played the mammoth USA tour 2010 and the more recent ‘Bastards over Europe’ tour with Boston’s most hated panzerbastard and the U.K.’s own suicide watch.

“The ultimate Hellbastard discography CD is planned for a release on Selfmadegod records sometime in 2011, this will be the first time certain tracks have ever been heard before outside of the band, some real rarities will be included on this double-CD affair. Comes with full colour booklet, stories, pictures and more.

“Hellbastard also venture into the studio soon the record the tracks for an exclusive split 12″ picture disc vinyl featuring also USA mainstays ‘dresden’ fronted by profane existences’ own Eric ‘bitty’ Plekan. To be released on profane existence sometime in 2011/2012. Rumours abound that a mammoth USA tour for 2012 is on the cards with none other than recently reformed antisect (long time standing hardcore metal punk legends from the UK, highly influential and most revered by critics and press alike). Watch this space!”

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Nü-metal mainstays Korn have announced dates for their upcoming Australian tour.

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Diana Silveira Piedade, the 25-year-old runner-up in the 2009/10 season of “Ídolos”, the Portuguese version of “Pop Idol”, joined HAIL! — the supergroup featuring mainstays Tim “Ripper” Owens (BEYOND FEAR, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, ex-JUDAS PRIEST, ICED EARTH) and Andreas Kisser (SEPULTURA) — on stage on Sunday, May 30 at the Rock In Rio festival in Lisbon, Portugal to perform a cover version of the IRON

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