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Enchantya’s debut album “Dark Rising” is going to be released on September 28th, via Massacre Records. The album was mixed and mastered by Fernando Matias at The Pentagon Audio Manufacturers. The track listing is:

1. Unwavering Faith
2. No Stars In The Sky
3. Night In Whisper
4. Clad In Black
5. Longing For You
6. Your Tattoo
7. She Devil
8. Ocean Drops
9. Dark Rising
10. Winter Dreams
11. Fear Me When You Fall
12. Interlude / Become Of Me
13. Moonlighting The Dreamer

You can catch the band live at Portugal’s Cameraman Metal Fest next month or listen to the song “No Stars in the Sky” at this location.

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Portugal’s Disaffected will be releasing a second album titled “Rebirth” this coming Friday through Massacre Records.

The album was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Fernando Matias and the band at The Pentagon Audio Manufacturers Studio in Lisbon, Portugal. “Rebirth” will feature guest appearances by Moonspell’s Miguel “Mike” Gaspar (percussions), Before The Rain’s Joaquim Aires (percussions) and Mons Lvnae’s Célia Ramos (vocals).

Marc Niederhagemann of ArtWars Mediadesign is responsible for the artwork, available below. You can also listen to the song “C.ult O.f M.y A.shes” after the jump. The track listing is as follows:

01. Mankwala (Intro)
02. C.ult O.f M.y A.shes
03. Getting Into The Labyrinth
04. Dreaming III (A Nightmare)
05. Evilution Within
06. Miracle Dance
07. Our Will
08. Hypnotic Prophecy
09. The Rebirth Of…
10. 1460 Steps To Divine
11. Arrival (Outro)

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Finnish symphonic power metal band Stratovarius has played the final gigs with longtime drummer Jörg Michael, who announced his departure from the band for personal reasons in September 2011. Interested parties, should submit YouTube videos to the band in accordance with the following announcement:

We have now played the final Latin America gigs with Jörg Michael, who is leaving the band after 16 years. 2011 started with the release of the “Elysium” album and was a long year with a long world tour together with Helloween. After some time off, we are now looking to the future, composing material for the next album, and we are also looking for the next drummer.

We have some great candidates already, but since we have a bit of time, we decided to also cast a wider net to see what comes up. So, if you have some touring and recording experience, are – more important – musical and hard hitting, and – most important – a nice dude, you might be the one we are looking for!

If you think this sounds like you, playing in a world famous metal band for a living sounds like something you’d enjoy, and if you want us to listen, please put on some headphones and record a video of yourself playing any of these three Stratovarius songs: Coming Home, Father Time or Deep Unknown. You can for instance upload them to youtube.

Send the video links and a short letter with your personal information to this email address: <a mail="mail"

What do you have to lose? The world awaits you! Plus money, fame, great times, and all the beer you can drink.

With best regards,
Jens, Lauri, Matias and Timo

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Portugese metal act Gwydion has checked in with the following announcement about entering the studio and record a new album:

“Cheers my friends! It has been a while since you got news from our camp! First of all we are overwhelmed by the huge success of our latest release Horn Triskelion, and we raise our horns to all of you Beerzerkers that made this a very successful album.

“Meanwhile, after 4 years of a great relation, we decided to stop working together with our label Trollzorn. But we will never forget who gave us a hand when we were a completely unknown band in Europe. It has been a great pleasure to work with such honorable people that always stood aside us in the best and worst times, but like everything in life there is a time when we feel the need to change and we all think that this time has come. We wish Trollzorn all the best and please keep up your astonishing work as a folk/pagan label!

“But the best news of all, Gwydion has entered ‘The Pentagon’ studio last week to record our 3rd album with our producer Fernando Matias and so far everything is rockin´ as it should be! You think Horn Triskelion was good..? Well then arm yourself, and get ready for war! Prepare yourself for the most intense and majestic epic folk metal album! Horns up!”

You can also find further details on Gwydion by heading over to the band’s official Facebook profile.

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DJ Marco Garavelli of italian web radio recently conducted an interview with STRATOVARIUS guitarist Matias Kupiainen.

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