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High on Fire join the ranks of metal bands that have conceived some form of branded alcohol with their upcoming brew, Razorhoof! I hope it tastes like cigarettes and whiskey… just like how I assume Matt Pike smells. So in addition to being in the studio for a pretty short amount of time with producer …

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High on Fire weren't content with just releasing one live album on June 18 of this year, so they'll be releasing two! Every album comes with a free t-shirt that Matt Pike wore on stage as well. That t-shirt thing was a joke, just in case you had your buttmad all ready for the comments …

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Anthrax: now minus one Rob

Anthrax, Exodus, High On Fire, Municipal Waste and Holy Grail took over San Diego’s House Of Blues on the immense Metal Alliance Tour. Joe Daly was there to get his face blown clean off.

“Go fuck yourself, San Diego!”

It’s not often that you hear a frontman treat a full house to such a colourful greeting, but when the Metal Alliance tour pulls through town, all bets are off, and on this Monday evening, the paradisical city of San Diego is about to tuck into a feast of nearly five hours of glorious, ear-bleeding metal.

San Diego’s House of Blues, a sweatbox of a room more suitable for a Sunday roast than a metal show, requires all bands to complete their set by 11 p.m. or plugs are unceremoniously pulled. With five bands attached to the Metal Alliance tour, featuring headliner Anthrax bringing a 90 minute set that includes the entirety of their classic Among the Living album, tonight’s festivities kick off at 6 o’clock sharp, with quick, punishing sets from Holy Grail and Municipal Waste.

At 7:30 p.m., High on Fire, led by a gloriously shirtless Matt Pike, dive headfirst into Rumors of War and blaze through a jet-paced thirty minute sludge and doom offensive that sees giant circle pits form across the floor, with the “No Crowd Surfing” sign getting less respect than Fernando Torres at Old Trafford.

A recent Facebook debate explored the question: “We know who the thrash metal ‘Big 4’ are, but who would be the fifth?” Tonight, Exodus lay out a strong, if not airtight case for themselves, delivering forty bracing minutes of thrash and speed metal that includes Piranha, Bonded by Blood and Strike of the Beast. Frontman Rob Dukes is having the time of his life, at one point bellowing, “Go fuck yourself, San Diego!” The crowd of course, howls with delight at this quote from the movie Anchorman. After orchestrating a wall of death that makes the battle scenes in Game of Thrones look subdued, Exodus bid farewell, along with one more “Go fuck yourself, San Diego!” for good measure.

Anthrax have just released Anthems, their spectacular new covers opus, but tonight is a celebration of their past, with a setlist featuring a performance of Among the Living in its entirety. Two years of hard touring, including a turn at Donington last summer, have left the band in their best ever performance shape and Anthrax unleash an absolutely blistering ninety minute set that sees them cover side one of ATL before breaking into a middle set that includes AC/DC’s T.N.T. from their new EP.

Scott Ian: Respect the beard

They end the song by jumping straight into Back In Black, stopping abruptly after the first few chords and smirking at the audience. A twisted sense of humour, those guys…

Frank Bello slapp-a da bass

Across the board, Anthrax are polished, high-energy, and utterly devastating. After side two of ATL, they end with I’m the Man, Antisocial and Rainbow’s Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll. Before walking off, Scott promises that the band will hitting the studio soon and will be back with a new album next year. We should be fully recovered by then.

Joey Belladonna: paying tribute to Ronnie James Dio

All photos by April Edwards

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Music lesson web site is now featuring guitar lesson videos with guitarist Matt Pike from HIGH ON FIRE.

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Elliott Sharp of The Village Voice recently conducted an interview with frontman Matt Pike of the Oakland, California trio HIGH ON FIRE.

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California metal band High on Fire has announced that front man and guitarist Matt Pike has emerged from his recent treatment for alcohol rehabilitation and is ready to conquer the world. High on Fire is celebrating by releasing the first music video from new album “De Vermis Mysteriis,” for the track “Fertile Green.”

The video was directed, animated, and edited by Phil Mucci for Doomsday Entertainment (Passion Pit, Islands). Check out the Vice premiere of “Fertile Green” now through at this location, or in the player below.

High on Fire’s upcoming tour dates are:

September 28 Melbourne, AUS
September 29 Sydney, AUS
September 30 Brisbane, AUS

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Oakland, California metal band HIGH ON FIRE has announced that it will be forced to miss this summer’s Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival as frontman and guitarist Matt Pike enters treatment for alcohol rehabilitation.

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SleepDopesmoker reissue
2012 Southern Lord
Ray Van Horn, Jr.

You know the legend of Sleep’s Dopesmoker, namely that it is an hour-long haze ride through distorted ostinato.  You’re also probably aware Dopesmoker was a four year process, which may stun neophytes and the inhibited, given the singular, perpetual crunk of the album.  It takes a special ear and even more special patience to hang with this album, but if you’ve been through Boris’ Absolutego and Green Carnation’s Light of Day, Day of Darkness, you’re acclimated to the visionary concept of a sixty-minute contemporary track.  Dopesmoker (and its twin sister Jerusalem), by attrition, is beyond visionary.

Perhaps you’re familiar with the fate of Dopesmoker, namely that it was shelved by Sleep’s one-time label, London Records after the imprint sunk a fair chunk into it then cried foul when Al Cisneros, Matt Pike and Chris Hakius delivered the most inaccessible album any band could.  Satanic majesties returned to London Records that year.  For certain, Dopesmoker was wrung out of more than one cannibis leaf during the nineties, even if to this writer’s ears, it could’ve been recorded on a stray fishing boat in the Mekong Delta post-Vietnam. 

Dopesmoker is (by modern lexicon) a classifiable doom and stoner epic, but when Matt Pike is allowed to step out of the primary laggard grind of the composition, his soloing is exquisite, far-flung and translucent.  His psychedelic solos are the reward for letting the entire trio hammer down on your ears for so long and be warned, you will experience ringing on the first go-round with this album.  The aquatic bridge (finally appearing around the 45-minute mark) is acidy yet beauteous.  Though it may enchance the overall listening session of Dopesmoker if you’re carrying a buzz, the precision of Pike’s ghostly strumming, Cisneros’ grumbling bass lines and Hakius’ restrained rat-a-tats are better savored sober.  Dragged snarling out of Sabbath Bloody Sabbath and Saint Vitus’ Born Too Late, Sleep found their muse in doom chords and doobies on Dopesmoker.  Yet it takes skillful hands to command a listener’s attention with something this massive in scale and Sleep may have been toked up through the entire jaunt, but it’s evident pot was inherent to the creative process.  They used it as a construct versus an embellishment.  Indeed, Dopesmoker might not have been the same album without marijuana.

In 1996 when Dopesmoker was first embarked and recorded, metal was still underground in the United States, and stoner music was a cult phenomenon relegated to Kyuss, Orange Goblin, Fu Manchu, Weedeater and Bongzilla.  This was ambitious yet private music Pike and company bravely undertook, particularly when you factor the original backlash handed to Dopesmoker by London.  Just rewards, the album soon took a life of its own thereafter through the metal underground. 

We can thank Josh Homme and Clutch for exposing this low-tuned vibe to a larger audience, and now we can thank Southern Lord for bringing Dopesmoker back to life this year with new artwork and a bonus live track of “Holy Mountain.”  Best of all, this reissue of Dopesmoker makes use of audile cleaning technologies to produce the most definitive (by the band’s and label’s analysis) tone of the album yet heard.  By all means, the crispness of Dopesmoker’s audio wash magnifies the hapless vibratum and the swirling inertia Sleep intended to project through analog.  The album remains dirty in execution but far more homogenized in conveyance.  It’s perhaps even heavier now than ever before.

I need no further commentary at this point.

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Toby Cook of The Quietus recently conducted an interview with Matt Pike of the San Francisco Bay Area hard rock band HIGH ON FIRE.

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Heavy music presenter Christina Rowatt of Soundwave TV of the conducted an interview with Matt Pike of the San Francisco Bay Area hard rock band HIGH ON FIRE during Australia’s Soundwave traveling festival.

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