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New A Perfect Circle material also might be in the making.

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“In theory they have a CD for me today,” the singer says.

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We got really excited early this year when a posting on the official TOOL website hinted that perhaps the band was almost done recording a new album. Then there was injuries and frontman Maynard Kennan saying "nope, no album in 2013" but we still held out hope, as did drummer Danny Carey. But even Danny's lost …

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Bad news for all you Tool fans out there, as the band apparently won’t be releasing a new studio album this year.

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The Safety Fire released debut album “Grind The Ocean” at the beginning of April this year through InsideOut Music. The band recently finished a UK tour with French metal titans Gojira, which followed a show at this year’s Download Festival at Donington Park. The band documented these dates and have created a live video for the track “DMB (FDP).” Dez explains a bit more about how the video was made and why they picked this track in particular:

“‘DMB (FDP)’ is one of our favourite songs to play live and was an obvious choice for this video. We love touring, and wanted to give a wider audience a glimpse into what our live show is all about. We filmed over several UK dates, including our performance at Download and our recent run with GOJIRA. We were lucky enough to have our good friend Jamie Carter produce the video, whose eclectic credits include RISE TO REMAIN, CONOR MAYNARD, FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND and PROFESSOR GREEN to name a few. Other filming duties were handled by our friends and crew including our brü Adam Nolly Getgood, who recently joined PERIPHERY. More importantly this video will help spread the message of #FDP. Jokes.”

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Maynard and friends tap into their more aggressive tendencies on Puscifer’s new single “Telling Ghosts”.

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I’m not sure what this is going to be; I guess it’s a show review. But it will in all likelihood be a stream of consciousness fiasco since I’m writing it at work, and also because I don’t have any photos. Yes, for once I decided to just enjoy a show rather than jockey for photography territory. The show in question was Animals As Leaders’ headlining debut in Hollywood, and the following is a random grouping of things I noticed.

To start, this is the nerdiest metal show I’ve ever been to. I expected there to be some people that worshipped the art of guitar wankery, but this took it to another level. The amount of people wearing tech death shirts was a surprise, as well as the excited cheers that went up when Intronaut’s bassist Joe Lester walked onto the stage. I mean, what? That’s the bassist, guys. Joe is a great bassist, phenomenal even, but he’s playing an instrument that traditionally is seen as something that rumbles in the background. And yet he got the most excited reception out of anyone in the band when he walked out onto the stage. So yes, definitely surrounded by music nerds. Also, when the venue played Tool songs over the PA between sets, the group singing of everyone to Maynard was painful and made me want to hand over my Tool cred.

But that doesn’t mean music nerds won’t be metal douche bags if they have to. There was one non metal nerd that seriously looked like an Amon Amarth roadie. He had long blonde hair, hadn’t shaved in days, smelled like he hadn’t bathed in longer, and he was completely trashed. He tried shaking hands with every band member, he would pick people up, he would slow dance with people… he was just basically making a fool out of himself. But then he disappeared. And then it started to smell really terrible in the pit area. Turns out someone lit his hair on fire. I am not kidding.

Also of note was the appearance of Derek Rydquist in the crowd. Derek is famous for two things; being the vocalist of the Faceless before suddenly quitting earlier this year, and for constantly wearing this black Neurosis shirt. Every single promo photo of him has him wearing it, and he wore it to the show. Is this the only shirt he owns? Does he just re-wear it whenever something remotely metal is going on? Does he own multiple Neurosis shirts?

Oh, and has anyone ever heard of Dead Letter Circus? They’re an Australian band. They are also not metal. How did they get themselves onto this tour sandwiched between Last Chance to Reason and Intronaut?  It was completely bizarre. The singer looks like that guy from AFI, they sound like a cross between Circa Survive and Incubus, and yet for some reason their bassist plays a five string. Actually, every single band’s bassist played at least a five string bass. Right before DLC’s last track, their vocalist/AFI dude made a little speech type thing about how in Australia, people jump up and down to get the energy going or some shit. He advised the crowd to do that. You’re talking to the wrong crowd, buddy. The audience internally and unanimously decided jumping is not metal at all, so instead they chose to create a small circle pit in the middle of the floor. I don’t understand why this pit existed, even for that brief moment. Would you mosh to Incubus? Would you ride a roller coaster naked? It’s just something you don’t do.

As far as Intronaut goes, it was essentially a lesson in the bitter sweet. Intronaut’s 2010 album Valley of Smoke did a lot of things for a lot of people. Unfortunately, it did absolutely nothing for me. The dual clean vocals were just not good, and even the music had lost its complexity and pop as they moved closer into the realm of the dreaded 4/4. Even the cooler elements of that record seemed a little played out, like; “oh, here’s the usual Intronaut bass solo bit.” They only played five songs, three of them coming for Valley of Smoke. The last two were both from the excellent Prehistoricisms, and the second they played that opening riff from “The Literal Black Cloud,” the audience went crazy. It was kind of awkward almost… Sacha was smiling a bit wistfully about it, and I don’t blame him. It would be a bit disheartening to have the crowd react the most energetically and positively to the songs that aren’t even your most recent work. Hopefully it shows them that they had a good thing going before introducing 4/4 and clean singing.

Oh right, Animals As Leaders played too. Almost forgot. But seriously, they may have just snagged away the spot (from who, I don’t know) of best live band I’ve ever seen. Their set was absolutely, 100 percent flawless. I’ve never seen a human being move his fingers as quickly as Tosin. Oh, they also played a new song. There was a lot of tapping. It was good. It sounded like Animals as Leaders. I’m sure you can find it on YouTube or something. Anti climactic ending? Oh well!

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Have your tissues ready? Because new Tool is coming soon. An interview with drummer Danny Carey was posted by Australian website, and while it’s more than a little tedious to read (we’re talking over 2,000 words, with not nearly all of them being Danny’s), you can read the whole thing here.

Interestingly enough, a good portion of the interview serves as a quality companion to the controversial post I made a week ago.

The actual portion where Danny comments on the new album (including a rough release date!) is below:

“We’ve got a couple of great ideas like that that have sort of almost taken off from where that left off that we’re working on. It’s still in its infancy,” he admits, hurriedly, before I can even ask, “and we’re still at the point where we’re just jamming and logging ideas. There hasn’t been a lot of writing and arranging going on; it’s more just in the development, research stages. We’ve got three or four great frameworks that we’re having a lot of fun with, that’s for sure.”

“That’s like the norm, isn’t it? Usually the first two or three songs are the hardest ones, and every once and a while we can get stuck and we’re working on one song for two months or something. I’m hoping it’ll be out… definitely before the end of 2011.”

So there you have it. We’re looking at Tool hopefully before the end of this year, but I definitely wouldn’t be surprised if Maynard suddenly got lost in his vineyard setting the album release back to 2012.

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Ah, Tool. A band that is totally outside of any industry standards or trends. A band that has produced four albums over their twenty year existence of high quality music filled with great lyrics, instrumentals, album packaging, the whole deal. The band reeks of consistency. The band also has one of the all time most annoying fan bases, and the biggest discrepancy between quality of music and quality of fan. The fact of the matter is that a majority of Tool fans resemble the baaaing sheep they supposedly despise.

Just to clarify, I think Tool is a great band. I first heard the band when I was a freshman in high and I heard a track on the radio, and then after googling the lyrics (which completely disturbed my 14 year-old-mind), I was hooked from there. And while, like with all bands, my attention or favor towards the band has wavered up and down since then, I have always felt and will always feel that they’re a truly talented progressive metal band. I even have a poster of the Tool dick tool at left above my bed. There is no debate that I do very much enjoy the band, and I don’t have some bizarre vendetta against the band for selling too many records or something.

That being said, so many of their hardcore fans are garbage, and not in the sense that they’re not loyal enough or they’re fair weather fans. I mean that they’re too loyal, and they give way, way too much credit to the band. A quick glance through Tool’s page reveals this.

Yes, many Tool fans believe that the band is insanely smart and are running around with IQs above 200 and that their music is some sort of embodiment of this high level intelligence. Granted, Maynard writes good lyrics, but please. Half of their music can be directly tied to drug use (a completely separate topic I have absolutely no interest in discussing), and even their guitarist has noted the benefits of DMT on his life. So, is Tool smart? Maybe. Does Tool have some higher level understanding of life and existence? No.

Then there’s the outright worship of the band. Last June I was at the final Isis concert in Hollywood before their break up (yes, I’m cool). Up in the sealed off area on the second floor where the band and their guests were hanging out, there was a guy with shoulder length brown hair that looked quite a bit like Adam Jones, the guitarist. However, any doubt that it was him was erased when the guy standing next to me with a tattoo on his shoulder of the third eye looked up and then literally started bowing down to him. He then turned to me and yelled “that’s Adam fucking Jones!” The literal worship was bizarre to me. From the tattoo to the actual bowing, it’s incredibly strange. And off base. Adam is a great guitarist, but does anyone really deserve to be bowed down towards?

Of course no discussion of Tool worship can go without at least touching on the complete and total reverence for vocalist Maynard James Keenan. This idea that Maynard is some sort of prophet is a theme that is pretty constant amongst the irritating Tool fan base. As said earlier, Maynard writes good lyrics. But that’s pretty much it. The rest of his time is spent making wine and participating in sub par side projects like Puscifer.

Really, it’s all just so overblown. There’s the Fibonacci sequence track listing for Lateralus, the constantly commented on five year gap between between Tool albums and how mathematically it is supposed to somehow guarantee or ensure a new record this year. This constant clinging to the idolized versions of the band members and the higher power that dictates their music and album release dates and secret tracks really wears down on the image of Tool as a band. And while by no means does it ruin the actual music, it does have an impact on the perception of the band by both good fans and prospective fans. There is a negative impact when quality, grounded fans have to defend the work of a band due to the ignorance and idiocy of the majority of the fan base. In the end it’s summed up best by the post below, and I left their username visible so everyone can go to their page to congratulate them on their intelligence.

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