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The Cypher 16 guys recently jetted out to India to play some huge shows and to check out one of the world’s most inspiring and fast-rising metal scenes. We got them to blog it for us



Check out Part 3 below…

Another early start and yet another delayed (and incredibly slow) taxi we arrived at the airport for our next plane journey over to the Far East of the country. Getting to the airport 30 minutes late meant having our own escort who proceeded to rush us through the system whilst we held up the entire plane, but by the skin of our teeth we made it to Guwahati. This was another previously unseen place for us in India and for me (Jack) probably the highlight of the tour

The first thing that struck me about this area was that it is incredibly green – apart from our first tour back in 2009 (where we were based in Goa) we had never played in such a rural location, so it was lovely to sit and gaze out of the window of the taxi and not just see buildings, people and pollution. The other thing that I found interesting was the lighter skin and slight Asian features of the people who lived there. Assam (the state in which Guwahati finds itself) borders with Burma and China, so it is to be expected, but when you are used to seeing one thing and are suddenly presented with something different it leaves an impression nevertheless.

As usual everyone we met and those who looked after us in our hotel were very kind and did everything they could to help during our stay. By flying instead of taking a train from Kolkata (a 30 hour journey), we also found ourselves with a day off. The famous Kamakhya temple in Guwahati lies at the top of the nearby Nilachal Hill, and so our tour manager suggested that we go and see it.

A fantastic idea we thought, so off we went, and straight into a traffic jam – which lasted for four hours. Those who have been to India will always come back talking about the state of the roads, and this method of travel is usually where something will go wrong when we are over. On this occasion we didn’t know what was going on, but nothing was moving at all and unfortunately the consequence of this was that by the time we did eventually reach the temple it was dark. And closed.

We consoled ourselves by heading a little back down the hill and pottering around some stalls, from which we were able to pick up some locally made gifts. We’re not really tourists in India anymore, but this was our first time in this city so it was nice to see what was on offer. I also remember being repeatedly recognised around Guwahati and finding this slightly surreal seeing as we had never been there before. A late highlight of the day came in the form of an elephant that was walking along the roadside. This beautiful creature took money offered to it in its trunk and immediately passed it up to his owners sitting high on top – we hoped to contribute for his care and upkeep but when you see such an animal being made to wander along a main road you can never be sure…

The day of the show was as ever, a busy one. Between repeated power cuts during sound-check, some of the drum-kit not turning up, and interviews and photo-shoots we had our hands full, but all was eventually sorted and we waited to see whether the rumours about Guwahati being one of the best places in India for heavy music were true.

Wow – totally true. WHAT an insane show! Shortly before we began we were presented onstage with traditional tribal scarfs and I was nearly dragged into the crowd after making the mistake to try and grab a quick pre-show photo with the crowd and my new garment.

The venue was actually a seated theatre, but within seconds of the music starting the crowd had left them and rushed down to the front where essentially mayhem became the order of things. It’s funny when people tell you how certain people are and behave in other parts of the world, because you’re never quite sure you will see them in the same way, but with the fans in Guwahati everything we had been told was proved to be absolutely true. Passionate, wild and uncompromising. Totally involved with the show. Amazing.

Post-show we returned to the hotel and (accompanied by whiskey), prepared for yet another early start to Delhi the next morning. We were originally scheduled to play Shillong the next day but India’s size and logistical issues unfortunately came into play at this point. It isn’t possible to fly into Shillong – you have to drive for several hours from Guwahati and there would have been a very good chance of something going wrong en route from Shillong to Delhi. This would have meant almost certainly missing the Delhi show. We would also arrive in Delhi having just travelled for nearly 24 hours and that probably would have meant a sub-par performance on our part. We therefore opted to play it safe and just head straight to Delhi, and apart from another plane hold-up situation (us to blame again!) we reached India’s capital without incident.

Come back tomorrow for Part 3!

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Facedown Records has checked in with the following announcement about inking a deal with Leaders for the release of a new album:

“We are proud to announce that we have signed Leaders to Facedown Records. Before going through a line-up and name change in 2011, Leaders shared the stage with Flyleaf, Blindside, and Brian ‘Head’ Welch as ALLORNOTHING.

“Now, Leaders are storming onto the hardcore and metal scenes with their powerful debut album Now We Are Free. Comprised of 10 tracks engineered by Zack Ohren at Castle Ultimate Studios (As Blood Runs Black, All Shall Perish, In the Midst of Lions), Now We Are Free blends metal and hardcore influences seamlessly and is a must have album for fans of Hatebreed and Living Sacrifice.

“Leaders will be taking their live show on the road and will be on tour for all of 2012. The band describes their live shows as ‘powerful, intimate, and real. With enough character and groove to the rhythm that it makes you want to move.’ Now, they look forward to touring with a solid line-up and new music.”

Leaders will release “Now We Are Free,” on March 27th, 2012 and will be supporting it at Facedown Fest 2012.

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33 bands from the Polish rock and metal scenes will take part in a charity tour, “Covan Wake The Fuck Up Tour 2012”, to help former DECAPITATED singer Adrian “Covan” Kowanek.

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Metal Hammer scribe Tom Dare discusses the often ignored interdependence of the underground and the overground metal scenes. (more…)

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The first teaser trailer for the new documentary film “A History of a Time To Come” can be viewed below.

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KEN MODE is a name synonymous with the Canadian hardcore and metal scenes.

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