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Christian rockers STRYPER are filming two new music videos this weekend off their forthcoming album, “No More Hell To Pay”, which will be released on November 5 in North America via Frontiers Records.

In an August 17 posting on the band’s Facebook page, guitarist/vocalist Michael Sweet writes: “Just finished shooting video #1 and now off to location to shoot video #2! Time to sweat outside — it’s over 100.”

STRYPER‘s last three videos were shot and released in 1990 and 1991 when the band was promoting its “Against The Law” LP.

“No More Hell To Pay” will be made available in two formats — standard CD and deluxe digipak featuring exclusive video content. Produced by frontman/guitarist Michael Sweet himself, the set features some of STRYPER‘s strongest and heaviest material ever.

Commented Sweet, “‘No More Hell To Pay’ marks our 30-year anniversary and what a journey it has been! It’s our eleventh studio release since our first album in 1984 (‘The Yellow & The Black Attack’) and it’s quite possibly our best record to date. Why? It’s everything you might expect from a STRYPER record — high-octane vocals, layered vocal harmonies, guitar solos galore, driving drums and bass and an energy that hasn’t been achieved since our glory days. The message is equally as powerful as it offers hope and inspiration to anyone listening. If you’re a STRYPER fan, it’ll make you proud to be one. If you’re not, listen with caution as you may actually become one.

“We’ve been waving the striped flag for 30 years and we’re proud to say that it’s an honor to still be making music with you and for you. The best is yet to come and it’s coming November 5th!”

“No More Hell To Pay” includes STRYPER‘s cover version of “Jesus Is Just Alright”, a gospel song written by Arthur Reid Reynolds. STRYPER guitarist/vocalist Michael Sweet said, “It rivals our cover of EARTH, WIND & FIRE‘s ‘Shining Star’ — riffs!”

“Jesus Is Just Alright” was first recorded by Reynolds‘ own group, THE ART REYNOLDS SINGERS, on their 1966 album, “Tellin’ It Like It Is”. It was later covered by THE BYRDS and THE DOOBIE BROTHERS.

“No More Hell To Pay” track listing:

01. Revelation
02. No More Hell To Pay
03. Saved By Love
04. Jesus Is Just Alright
05. The One
06. Legacy
07. Marching Into Battle
08. Te Amo
09. Sticks & Stones
10. Water Into Wine
11. Sympathy
12. Renewed

Regarding the musical direction of STRYPER‘s new material, Michael Sweet told Screamer Magazine: “The song ‘God’, which is on ‘The Covering’; if you took that song along with ‘Bleeding From Inside Out’ and ‘Blackened’ [from ‘Second Coming’], and you put it on the same album, that’s a pretty good indication of where we are going and where we are at right now. But at the same time this album is all its own.”

He added: “Every song has a hooky guitar riff. Everything is in minor keys, so it’s a little darker sounding and a little tougher. It’s definitely our heaviest record and I think people will be pleasantly surprised.

“The people who do like the poppier side of STRYPER, like ‘Calling On You’ and ‘Holding On’, this record isn’t going to really give them that. There are a lot of vocal hooks and melodies going on, but it’s a little darker, and a little edgier. To reference, there is less songs like ‘Calling On You’ and more songs like ‘To Hell With The Devil’. It’s more in that vein than the poppier vein.”


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Michael Sweet of Christian hard rockers of STRYPER has finished laying down the lead vocals on the band’s new studio album, “No More Hell To Pay”.

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STRYPER frontman Michael Sweet’s autobiography, “Honestly”, is “almost finished being edited” and he is due to fly to Florida in June to schedule a release date.

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Joey Irsik of In The Now Magazine recently conducted an interview with guitarist/vocalist Michael Sweet of Christian rockers STRYPER.

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Tony Harnell (TNT, STARBREAKER, WESTWORLD) and Michael Sweet (STRYPER, BOSTON) joined forces for a special performance at the Monsters Of Rock Cruise, which embarked on its second voyage from March 16 to March 20.

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Patrick Prince of Powerline recently conducted an interview with guitarist/vocalist Michael Sweet of Christian hard rockers STRYPER.

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I’ll be starting a new project next year. I can’t say with who, but I’m going to record and produce a new record with three all-star musicians.

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STRYPER frontman Michael Sweet is putting the finishing touches on his autobiography, “Honestly”, to be made available later in the year.

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STRYPER frontman Michael Sweet’s autobiography, “Honestly”, went to editing last week.

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STRYPER frontman Michael Sweet’s autobiography, “Honestly”, goes to editing next week.

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