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Beaten To Death

Beaten To Death: suspend all rational thought

Grindcore fans, and fans of mentalist heavy metal in general, rejoice, because Norway’s nirvana-inducing noise experts, Beaten To Death have wisely chosen Metal Hammer as exclusive hosts to stream their forthcoming album, Dødsfest! – out on October 4 via Mas-Kina Recordings – in full.

Fronted by She Said Destroy’s Anders ‘Ugmod’ Bakke, this is ADD-enhanced grindcore running headlong through the looking glass, and yet also strangely accessible. If you’re a fan of Rolo Tomassi, The Locust, Brutal Truth, moshing like a maniac or the sensation of being eaten alive by seriously tripping, exhibitionist lions, this album is going to blow your mind. Check it out below!

Pre-order the limited edition 12-inch vinyl here.

And check out Beaten To Death’s own Facebook page here.

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Along with their new record Anonymous out on September 17 via Sumerian Records, Stray from the Path will embark on a headliner tour come this October across America! Stray from the Path live are so energetic you'll get tired just watching them. Or you'll get tired from endlessly moshing and two-stepping your way through a …

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Cyprus act Blynd has announced the band is beginning to write new material to follow the “Punishment Unfolds” release ( reviewed here ). The band comments: “Well its always great to play home! Thank you all for coming last night and moshing with us until the end (even if it was on a Monday night) you where amazing! We would like to thank also the great En Psychro, our new brothers Desert Near The End, and of course the great crew (you know who you are)

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What have scientists learnt after studying videos of mosh pits at rock concerts? It turns out they behave the same as particles of gas, according to this study.

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Seattle’s 7 Horns 7 Eyes has announced the band’s first ever Canadian headlining tour with support from Winnipeg’s Annex Theory for February 2013. Dubbed the “Throes of Existence Tour” and sponsored by Heavy Blog is Heavy and Stuff You Will Hate, the trek will start in Winnipeg and end in Ottawa.

Commented 7 Horns 7 Eyes guitarist Aaron Smith: “We are excited to be hitting the great frozen hostile wasteland (as Jim Carrey put it), also known as Canada. This is a totally untapped market for us in terms of live performances, and we’re looking forward to bringing the show to our Canadian fans alongside Annex Theory! It’ll be some very wintry driving for us, so if you live along the tour routing, come on out and give us a proper Canadian welcome!”

Continued vocalist JJ “Shiv” Polachek: “We can’t wait to finally hit the great north with such a sick band like Annex Theory! These shows will be special to everyone who attends, because due to the fact that we have to fill up a headlining time slot, we get to play ‘Throes of Absolution’ in its entirety! So make sure to come out and enjoy some epic BDC jams, and generate some heat by moshing and headbanging your balls off with us! I can’t wait to wear ten layers of clothing at all times! Someone please buy me drinks because my Florida blood is thin and I don’t know if I can survive a place like Canada! Please respond!”

Dates are as follows:

February 7th – Winnipeg – The Zoo
February 8th – Regina – TBA
February 9th – Calgary – The New Black
February 10th – Kelowna – Lake City Bowl
February 11th – Vancouver- Columbia Theatre
February 14th – Prince George – Westwood Pub
February 15th – Edmonton – Avenue Theater
February 16th – Saskatoon – Lepps
February 19th – Thunder Bay – Black Pirates Pub
February 22nd – Toronto – Hard Luck Bar
February 23rd – Montreal – TBA
February 24th – Ottawa – The Rainbow


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Nasum is currently embarked on a final farewell European tour, and the band has now checked in with a new road report. Excerpts from the report are available below, or you can find the full thing complete with pictures over at the Nasum website here.

September 28 – Madness In Munich

On the second show out of three in Germany we went to the Backstage complex in Munich. Apparently we’ve been here before, during the long tour with Napalm Death back in 2001. I had gotten this place mixed up with the Feierwerk or possibly Hansa 39 which are two previous venues I’ve been to in Munich. Imagine my surprise when I woke up in what can only be described as an jungle… The entire complex is surrounded by palm trees and other plants and I had no idea where we were.

The complex has a number of halls in different sizes and we played in the “Club” which is one of the smaller ones, if not the smallest one. I believe there were four different things happening at Backstage at the same time so it felt quite weird. Would there be any people coming to our show?

I spent most of the day in pain. My back was aching badly due to unknown reasons. Maybe a combination of a weird sleeping position and a cold that only struck the back. I was feeling it already in Geneva but in Munich it was really bad. Luckily we had a nice backstage area far away from the stage so I could take it easy and take care of some internet business.

We had no extra support band this night, so it was quite an early show. But what a show! The crowd went mental which surprised us a lot. We had expected it to be a slow night, but it was quite the opposite. The small room was filled and we observed people both moshing like maniacs and singing along to the lyrics. Crazy. And when it was time for the encores the general vibe was that we could keep playing forever, so we played seven extra songs which isn’t really the amount we usually play. A great night in Munich.

September 29 – Grindcore chemistry in Slovenia

The first of five Eastern dates which in total includes four completely new countries for Nasum started in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The Gala Hala venue is part of bigger complex just like the Backstage Club the day before, but was located in a completely different surrounding, although that Backstage jungle would have been a nice and not at all unexpected addition. There were a lot of different houses connected via a big yard and everything was covered in graffiti and various art pieces mostly made out of recycled objects. Sort of a squat mixed with a crazy playground. We arrived quite early – or the load in was quite late – so we had a few hours to kill in this environment. I brought out the digital camera and shot some of the stuff I saw there.

In the late afternoon we got access to the venue and could load in and set up our stuff. I was sweating like crazy just by setting up the drums, which was a sort of a premonition that the show would be really hot. After soundcheck and some food I hung out in the bus watching some shit in my laptop and then joined a totally unexpected discussion about drum fill-ins together with Urban and Hannes. That’s an alternative way to warm up before a show.

After Hellcrawler, who were the local support, and Black Breath we went up on the quite small stage and played for the first and last time in Slovenia. As expected it was really hot and we were more or less soak after a few songs. The show was another good one and I felt that we had a real connection within the band on stage. Of course we have that every night, but this is one of the first times that I really thought about it. We know our songs in and out and we know every single little detail leading from one song to another. It’s grindcore chemistry for sure.

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“The Long Road South,” the debut album by Finnish metallers Dark Days Ahead will be released May 9th, 2012 in Finland and May 18th internationally on Inverse Records. A teaser for the album is available below.

“The Long Road South” track listing is as follows:

1. Hail The Lone Star
2. Enemy Of The Nation
3. Bastard Son Of Disaster
4. No Single Word
5. Manic Moshing Monday
6. Bring The Next One In
7. Deadly Empathy
8. Chaos Caravan
9. Until You Come Full Circle

For more info on Dark Days Ahead, navigate to the band’s Facebook profile.

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It’s not a slow news day, we just see no fault with a moshing penguin. (more…)

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Another year has come and gone, my eight consecutive year in fact. I have seen many highs and many lows and a breadth of evolution through my time attending the New England Metalfest over nearly a decade. Say what you will about Metalfest, but this is the premiere festival in the States, and the one true litmus test for what is currently popular, and what will break next in not only music, but culture. Back in 2003, my first year attending, there was a clear distinction between hardcore kids with their backpacks, bandannas and camo hats, and the metal kids with their long hair and metal shirts. You could always tell a band’s loyalty by the crowd, like when Cannae or Diecast hit the stage, there was bound to be a multitude of hardcore dudes ready and willing to throw down, and when Nevermore or Novembers Doom began, there was bound to be a full crowd of metalheads. Back then I saw fights break out because of chosen musical identities, or at the very least each side making fun of the other for their styles of moshing. There was the hardcore and the metal, intertwining like oil does with water. However, as the years went by, with metalcore gaining in popularity, melodic death becoming popular, and the subsequent creation of deathcore, the divide between hardcore and metal has really disappeared to a large degree. To the chagrin of many though, the concept of pure hardcore is a rarity these days, even in the Boston and New York scenes which have held true for so many years. Deathcore has replaced the “hardcore” band’s crowd to a large degree, which is a crowd that is much more accepting of metal bands. And with the metal purists, the spirit of classic metal has been sacrificed to a large degree for the sake of hardcore aggression and breakdowns. Those who once took pride in the division and identity of the two genres, as being separate but equal, are suffering the most these days, while those who embrace the best of both worlds are probably reveling in this evolution. Personally, as long as the music is good, and I have my best friends to enjoy it with, I could give two shits.


Howl – Mmmmmm…stonery!

Doomriders – What’s that? You want to give me more righteous stoner metal?! Fuck yeah!  Bring it on!

The Fall of Troy *sigh* I am going to be kind here to protect the innocent, but this band’s concept blows. These guys have some  talent, but their execution is excruciating. In fact, these guys were so “loved,” that a buddy of mine seriously was asking for money from people to throw on stage to get them to leave. The only bands I can think of that have played this fest and were worse, were Eighteen Visions, and Howling Syn. So yeah…*burp*

Valient Thorr – “We are going to be doing so much partying tonight, that we are going to need more than one life. Cats have 9 lives, but that’s not enough for us, we need unlimited lives! YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKIN’ ABOUT?!” – Valient Himself. Doesn’t that kind of describe what to expect from Valient Thorr? Well, that and a bunch of crunchy, catchy Southern rock infused good time metal!

Baroness – My first time seeing Baroness, and they were outrageously good. These guys play, note for note, and when you are a Baroness fan, that’s kind of what you look for in a live show whereas when you see Slayer, getting the notes exactly right is less important than maintaining the ferocity. This was an excellent introduction to the coming evening of great prog.

Between the Buried and Me – These guys, by far, were the highlight of the evening for me. BTBAM just keep getting better and better no matter how many times I have seen them play. With a perfect harmony of aggression and progression, BTBAM are easily one of the best metal bands today.

Mastodon – This is the first time I have seen Mastodon since Leviathan, and I have to say that I was a bit disappointed. Instrumentally, these guys continue to wow, but vocally, Brent Hinds and the others were absolute shit, and there’s really no other way to break that lightly. This was a huge disappointment as I was excited to finally hear Blood Mountain and Crack the Skye tracks live, and while the music lived up to the hype, the vocals really hindered my enjoyment.


I feel like I should have spent more time watching bands, but the 99 Restaurant was beckoning with their Killians, and the second stage was about to break at the seams with the amount of humanity shoved in there (that’s what she said). I also feel like the headliners became a bit monotonous with the hours of progressive music. I really enjoy all the headliners, but I think experiencing a death metal band in between might have livened things up a bit.


Swashbuckle – They don’t get the crowd going as much as Municipal Waste do (yet), but with their own unique brand of thrashy grind, Swashbuckle are just as fun. We got up extra early to see these guys perform and it was well worth it!

Periphery – With all the talk of former Periphery frontman Chris Barretto joining Haunted Shores, I wanted to experience what Chris had left behind, and Periphery really proved themselves as a more than capable unit. I don’t know the details of Chris’ departure, but their replacement is quite good, and the band’s progressive style is impressive. I look forward to seeing Periphery again.

Through the Eyes of the Dead – Only saw a couple of songs from them, and I wasn’t impressed. The dreadful deathcore live show wasn’t as prevalent today thank God, so these guys weren’t too bad to sit through for a few short songs.

Holy Grail – We were really waiting to experience the hype surrounding Holy Grail, and while the band seemed a bit rough in the beginning, the songs picked up quite a bit to deliver a crushing delivery of old school heavy metal. I very much was digging these guys. Time to seek out their album!

Cattle Decapitation – There was once a time when I didn’t want anything to do with Cattle Decapitation. I have never thought their recorded material was that interesting and don’t own one song from them. However, whenever I see these guys live, I am ALWAYS impressed. Sometimes, some bands just rock harder with such passion, that they ooze kick assery. The guys who hadn’t yet seen Cattle from my crew were mightily impressed.

Skeletonwitch – I fucking love Skeletonwitch, and if you attended the festival, I was the asshole starting the pit before the first song really got underway. I think the combination of almost note for note perfection, combined with their ferocity, Skeletonwitch tends to get my blood pumping much more than other bands. I was happy to see Scott bring these guys back this year, especially when it lead to the next band.

Municipal Waste – Out of any live act I have ever experienced, Municipal Waste are surely the most entertaining to see live, and this was no different. After being featured last year on the main stage, Municipal Waste were back to the place they really belong, and that’s the smaller second stage where stage diving and moshing is a much more personal and enjoyable experience. I think the band was here to replace Toxic Holocaust, and personally, I think these guys were a much preferable replacement.

Eluveitie – This was a nice break from the thrash onslaught that had befallen me during the last couple of acts, and as the second time seeing these guys, I was equally as impressed. It amazes me how such small, non-intrusive instruments can be heard quite vividly in The Palladium, let alone in a metal band. The crowd was really into these guys too, which always helps.

White Chapel – Found a nice comfy spot for White Chapel and took a snoozer…next?

Job For A Cowboy – Blargemdfonuf lsfubg fk! *breakdown breakdown* dfjnfsfbsdsdflksdf…this is what JFAC sounded like from where I was sitting in the terrible, terrible balcony at The Palladium, and really, it was probably the best they have ever sounded!

Amon Amarth – Ahhh yes, I made sure to make my way down to see the legends of viking death, Amon Amarth. These guys have been putting out album after album of amazing melodic death for years, and I couldn’t wait to hear some of their best songs played live. Normally I like to hear a band play material across their entire career, but in this case, I was really glad Amon Amarth played mostly off of their last 3-4 albums. These guys were easily the highlight of the evening, just a fucking amazing experience.

Cannibal Corpse – After 2007’s destruction, I was very much looking forward to being harshly eliminated once again by the Corpse. Unfortunately, through a combination of exhaustion, a bad performance by Corpsegrinder, and a crappy song selection to get their set going, the guys and I gave each other a “fuck this shit” glance and took off back to the hotel where we drank cheap beer and laughed our asses off to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.


If Metalfest this year only consisted of Saturday, it would have been more than enough to make up for the tragedy that was last year’s event. 2010 was a big year for me as an attendee, as I am beginning to realize how important it is to keep traditions like this alive with my metal brothers that I see only once a year in many cases. Before, when we were all in college and were living the single college life with no responsibility, I took this shit for granted, but as I drove back saying my goodbyes to my bros, and finally dis-embarking from my home away from home in Worcester, it hit me like a ton of bricks how great being able to do this is. Thanks so much to everyone who attended this year, and for all the bands, thanks a bunch for the experience, even if I thought you sucked!


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And can you blame her?

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