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“Electronicore” is the latest hipster tag to emerge in the metal world and one of its face bands is Osaka’s CROSSFAITH. Essentially what you’re getting with this digi-bang tribe is a rave-minded interpretation of BLEEDING THROUGH and AUGUST BURNS RED. Formed as a protest against a pop-saturated Japanese music market, CROSSFAITH‘s use of romping synths and grinding electronic filaments amidst hardcore and metalcore methods is not for everyone. However, it’s easy to appreciate the band’s inherent thumb bite despite frequently ringing like a Tekken soundtrack gone metal-mental.

On their third full-length, “Apocalyze”, CROSSFAITH continues to employ the party-down metal tears of their well-received singles “Jagerbomb” and “Monolith” from their 2012 EP, “Zion”. “We Are the Future” bursts as a roaring manifesto about bands trying to break molds, thus allowing “Apocalyze” to bop between mid-tempo hook jams and rhythmic metalcore schemes.

“Hounds of the Apocalypse”, one of the heaviest tracks of the album, alternates between blast beats and varied hardcore stamps with Tamano Terufumi‘s smothering of the final section with IMMORTALS-esque synth frolics. The party-flavored “Eclipse” next comes with a crazily-constructed succession of punishing strikes and pulsing pumps that gives woofing vocalist Koie Kenta a moment to throw out some rare cleans. The proto-punched theme continues into “The Evolution”, a song with the obvious intent of getting CROSSFAITH‘s audience pogoing on the floor.

In direct counter to each other, the groove-oriented “Gala Hala (Burn Down the Floor)” at the midpoint of the album is instantly squashed by the abrasive and noisome “Countdown to Hell”. The latter’s theme about bullying takes a darker path on the following track, “Deathwish”, a slinking bopper that pits a vengeance-minded protagonist on the search for his loved one’s killers. Ikegawa Hiroki‘s bass licks on “Deathwish” are menacing despite the awkwardly up-tempo feel of the track

A brief string intro to the anthemic banger “Counting Stars” makes for a tasteful lead into Tamano Terufumi‘s astral electro fills on the verses and bridges while the song lofts on its choruses. Here, Terufumi‘s synthetic textures serve the song’s drive, along with supplemental vocals from Bianca Roman and mounting guitar fills from Takemura Kuzuki. “Burning White” might’ve become “Apocalyze”‘s hardest hour, but the spanking double hammer from Amano Tatsuya is quickly morphed into a melodic bangfest that’s lavished by a gorgeous guitar solo from Kuzuki.

CROSSFAITH saves their most potent venom for “Only the Wise Can Control Our Eyes”, a song spotlighting the Fukushima nuclear disaster. The moshing verses are brutal, the wrecking breakdowns are smartly executed and still CROSSFAITH engineers a tuneful chorus amidst all of the mayhem. It becomes “Apocalyze”‘s moment of grace as the band seeks to give voice to the citizens impacted by the Level 7 fallout and to hint at a believed governmental cover-up.

While CROSSFAITH may take some listener acclimation with all of their tenacious electronic rakes, “Apocalyze” is nevertheless a creative and energetic album that grows strength with repeated listens. This album will excite metalcore freaks like it’s the dawn of a new era. Like their contemporaries MUCC and DIR EN GREY, this band isn’t afraid to dabble, tinker and stretch boundaries largely borrowed from the western sanction. While BORIS continues to reign over the Japanese metal scene in their own modest way, CROSSFAITH will appeal to a broader audience. For certain, expect to hear these guys jacking up a video game or two in the near future.

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After previously canceling several tour dates due to illness, Gotham O.D. has now issued the following announcement about lining up a series of Chinese shows in August:

“Firebox Agency’s conquest of the China’s growing music market has proceeded to the point when our merry men from Finland’s Savo are just about to enter the plane headed for Beijing. The originally planned showlist has grown to total of eight shows and now the tour includes festival performances at MIDI Ocean Music Festival in Rizhao and at MIDI Music Festival in Zhang Jiang.

“The band waits eagerly to get on the way and is going to play awesome shows in every venue. The Finnish craziness and love for rocknroll will be manifesting in the China stages like never before. The singer Ilkka’s and drummer Jone’s video greeting to China can be found below. At this point the band wishes everyone a great rest of the summer and promises to tell about their adventures in video and text form when they have returned. Now we say Zàijiàn and Bye bye for a moment!”

The currently announced dates are as follows:

5.8.2011 Erjinder live house, Yinchuang
6.8.2011 MIDI Ocean Music festival, Rizhao Olympic Aquatic Park, Rizhao City
7.8.2011 Kui Live House, Hangzhou
8.8.2011 Material Life Live House, Xining
10.8.2011 Gu Bao Live House, Nangjing
11.8.2011 Yu Yin Tang Live House, Shanghai
12.8.2011 Nine Ball Club, Hangzhou
13.8.2011 MIDI Music festival, Zhang Jiang

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Brazilian metal act Oligarquia recorded the new album “Distilling Hatred” at Top Noise studio, and the band also commented on the recording process:

“The highlight is that the mastering was done by legendary producer Ciero in his equally legendary Da Tribo studio. We wanted an extreme sound to this album and nobody knows how to make a sound just as good as Ciero.

“Another highlight is the controversial cover, created by artist Felipe Eregion from Mysterian of Art. With the search for an extreme sound, wanted a strong cover to complete the theme of the album, I believe we have achieved this aim!”

The band also commented on the album’s delay: “The release was postponed several times due to sponsorship problems and changes in the line-up at the time of recording, this time is about to leave in fact! Our largest sponsorship is the company Frigocenter we only have to be giving thanks on this great force for the band. Oligarquia has always been a totally independent band, with its ideology and views on the music market, which is prostituted. Because several absurd proposals that the band received from record companies, we decided to wait a little longer to get sponsorship and then run the CD independently.”

A teaser trailer for the album can be viewed below, with the track listing available after the jump.

2. When The Hate Dominate
3. Bloody Ideals
4. Ignorance Prevails
5. Consumed By Greed
6. L.O.V.E.
7. World In Convulsion
8. Until The Next Day
9. Here Comes The Pain
10. Cerebral Atrophy
11. Owner Of The World
12. Abyss Of Hatred

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Following its insolvency on May 27, 2009, SPV GmbH, Hannover, is realigning itself with a new repertoire strategy, building on the reputation which it has gained in over 25 years in the recorded music market with artists such as WHITESNAKE, MOTÖRHEAD, XAVIER NAIDOO, SIMPLY RED and ALICE COOPER.

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