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The Great Southern Brainfart recently conducted an interview with Erik Danielsson of Swedish black metallers WATAIN. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

The Great Southern Brainfart: So I have to be honest. Aside from listening to VENOM as a kid, I was never much of a black metal fan, and then I gave you guys a listen, and I’m really intrigued with your songs and your performances.

Erik: That is really good to hear that you made that comparison. I wish I heard VENOM and WATAIN in the same sentence more often. VENOM is one of my all-time favorite bands, and I think if you have that sort of background, you might actually be able to relate to what we do as well. Musically, there might be a slight difference. VENOM are the originators of the black metal movement that we later became a part and we like carrying that torch onwards and uphold that legacy.

The Great Southern Brainfart: WATAIN seems to have more of that classic element than most of the other modern bands. Is that something that was intentional?

Erik: We never really sat down and discussed how WATAIN should sound. It’s pretty safe to say, though, that our own personal preferences, when it comes to black metal, have always been very traditional. VENOM are one of the most important bands ever to WATAIN and the same goes for bands like MERCYFUL FATE and even bands like EXCITER, RAZOR, and VOIVOD. We’ve always leaned towards bands like that in our own musical tastes when it comes to metal. I suppose our sound really comes from a mix of those bands and late-era black metal such as MAYHEM and DISSECTION and so on.

The Great Southern Brainfart: One of the things that intrigued me the most about Watain was the ritualistic approach to the live show using animal carcasses, lighting candles on a small alter and whatnot. What can you tell me about the live show and the background to this ritual?

Erik: If you play music of a diabolical nature, and the music that you perform is permeated by a sinister and infernal essence, of course, that will have to translate to the stage show as well and your appearance. It’s not a process that should be forced. It should come as a natural consequence of the music that you’re playing and the artistic work that you are doing. With WATAIN, it was very much that way and it evolved into this thing that it is. When we started playing, we already had that kind of extreme view of how a black metal live show should be like. It should look like the music sounds. That’s how it all began. The longer that WATAIN existed, the more we realized that the magical side of this band, the spiritual side began to come through and it just began to transform into a ceremonial thing rather than just a rock concert, so to say. It evolved into an event where we communicate with the forces that gave birth to this band and that have always been a part of this band. It became a time where we could let these things just come to life and be at one with them. It’s an ever-ongoing evolution and the live shows are constantly progressing. They have become something more and more severe and intense and that’s a very good thing to me. It’s a very inspiring context to work with.

The Great Southern Brainfart: When WATAIN takes this ceremony on the road, especially when touring in the southern part of the U.S., sometimes there are limits as to what you can and can’t do on the stage. When that does happen, how much of an impact does that have on the purpose of your live performance? Does it make things harder for you to do?

Erik: Yes, of course it does, but being in a band like WATAIN is always quite a challenge. When you take something as inhuman as WATAIN into the world, then, of course, things can be a bit strange. We knew since day one that we would have to face a lot of opposition because of some of the things we wanted to do. I think we’re always pretty well prepared for that to happen. Of course, it’s annoying and it makes me want to punch the living shit out of anyone who stands in our way, but we always find a way around these things. There’s always a way for the devil to come through, no matter what. It cannot be stopped. It’s just a fact and it’s been that way since the dawn of man. The devil always wins and the devil always finds his way. I think that in general, all of that opposition and all of the people who prevent us from doing what we want to do just makes us stronger. It makes us feel more proud and stronger about what we’re doing. We like to fight against the extreme and we like to go against the current. We like to be the enemy and that just fuels the fire of WATAIN and I actually appreciate that. I like touring in places especially the South because we always feel that tension and how skeptical they are but in the end we just do what the fuck we do anyway. [laughs]

Read the entire interview at The Great Southern Brainfart.

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A study carried out by University College London is suggesting that our musical tastes may be determined more by aesthetics than musical ability.

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MADDER MORTEM, Norway’s darling of the avant-garde, has issued the following update:

“We’re looking for a new, permanent guitar player with broad musical tastes, but with roots in rock/metal.

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Saud Ahmed of The Crimson Armada has posted the following statement online about the band calling it quits:

“Closure. A lot of people are wondering what in the world happened to this band. Jordan, TCA’s last drummer wrote a statement but never really consulted our management nor the rest of the band before posting and thus the result was just a bunch of confusion. I am going to clear things up briefly as possible.

“Crimson broke up for a multitude of reasons. The first and primary reason was because of a lack of passion. It is no surprise the difference in sound between our two full lengths , Guardians and Conviction. Guardians was written over several years with the original members kyle, and david and myself (saud). The album reflected what we wanted to play and how I felt about things at the time. over the course of signing to metal blade records and latter years we didnt really receive the push we expected and I ended up going out and selling merch for other bands and finding other things to occupy my time like recording and engineering.

“Over what seemed like an eternity of waiting for things to move forward our musical tastes changed, and most importantly our religious views changed, mine especially. After Josh and David decided to leave our band we decided as a band to take a more secular route although I had already written a religious record. We planned on using conviction as a transition record to play music that was more fun to perform. It goes without saying, that the backlash we received was less than amusing however we decided to suck it up and continue on with our new label.

“Over the course of the tours that followed it seemed like we had a new lineup every time we hit the road. After a while the band became more of a chore than a job or anything that was fun really. No one warned us for the ridiculous amount of baggage that came with being a full time touring band. Every tour we went on we ran into some kind issue and someone quit and we ran through a new member every few months. Ultimately it just didn’t feel right anymore. We were trying our best to keep things together all the while paying for most of our band expenses out of pocket.

“Bottom line the band died long before our last few tours. We were essentially a completely different band under the same name. It was obviously time to move on.

“I want to take this time to thank all of our fans for everything you’ve done for us. I can speak for all members that were ever in this band that we had an incredible time performing and travelling the country. I would not trade this experience for any amount of money or fame. I learned so many valuable lessons about being a musician, a professional, and a friend through this band and i owe it all to the fans and bands and bandmates and friends I’ve made over the years. Crimson definitely broke down my ego, forced me to grow up and opened my eyes to the real world. Thank you so much for this experience.

“I also owe a huge apology to all the fans who looked up to us for inspiration as a religious band or a Christian band. I’ll be real straight with you, there was a time when we took TCA seriously as a ministry. When that time passed we did not immediately announce so in fear of losing our following. Upon finally announcing our secular turn we were met with lots of negativity which put me in a real dark time and I retaliated immaturely and unprofessionally. I don’t expect any sympathy nor am I expecting any. I simply want to apologize to all the fans who were left in the dark. That was not fair to you. I simply wasn’t the same person anymore and couldn’t continue playing music that my heart was not behind. I have grown a lot since then and learned much through this.

“If there is one thing that I would like to leave you with is to question everything and keep an open mind. You will miss out on many great opportunities in life and lessons that you can learn simply by assuming that what everyone else tells you is the truth. Think for yourself and be conscientious of what you commit yourself to. You can convince yourself that anything is true if you say it enough. The human mind is a powerful thing. Use it wisely.

“This is the last (real) post that will be made from this page. And I would like to invite you to check out the other bands that once members of this band have moved onto. David our original drummer now plays drums for For Today . Dan and I are now playing with The Holy Guile. I’ll check back and post other members’ projects as per their requests.

“Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart for everything. this chapter of my life means so much to me and the rest of the band. we are so thankful that you were a part of it. Thank you for reading and I wish good health and success to everyone in following their hearts.”

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Jettblack: On Fire

Oh look! It’s the brand new video from Jettblack, ‘Raining Rock’!

“In a barren and not too distant future, Simon Cowell has been assassinated, killed with a radioactive dart by Lord Zoltan who now rules the airwaves, slaughtering bands that don’t meet his impeccable musical tastes,” say the band of the video’s concept. “Now it’s Jettblack’s turn to enter Death Frequency and play for their lives. Will Lord Zolton spare them, or have these UK rockers annihilated by his blood-thirsty firing squad?”

More to the point, it contains fire and hot girls. Check out the video and order the single below…

‘Raining Rock’ Single

‘Raining Rock’ Album Pre-Order

For more on Jettblack, please see:

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According to Mastodon’s singer and bass player Troy Sanders, diversity in musical festvals they played has a lot to do with the band’s random musical tastes.

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In 1978, my musical tastes were pretty much consumed by KISS and Ted Nugent.  KISS, however, was catering to younger kids and lost touch of their hard-rock roots. Nugent simply became a parody of…

Read the rest of this article at and tune in to Braingell Radio!

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