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Matt Blackett of Guitar Player magazine recently conducted an interview with legendary BLACK SABBATH guitarist Tony Iommi. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Guitar Player: [BLACK SABBATH had] never worked with [producer] Rick Rubin before. How was the overall vibe [during the recording sessions for the new SABBATH album, “13”]?

Iommi: It was fine once we got used to him. We didn’t know how he was going to work, because through the writing period, we didn’t see a lot of him. He’d say, “Phone me up when you’ve got an idea and I’ll come down.” So we’d have a track together and phone him up or email him, and then he’d come down and say, “Yeah, I like this part, but I don’t like that part” or “I like everything,” whatever it may be and then he’d go. He was only there perhaps ten or 15 minutes at the most. We didn’t know how he was going to approach recording. It was all a bit of a mystery to us.

Guitar Player: This record does have an immediacy and an honesty to it, and it seems like a lot of his productions do. Maybe that’s part of what he brings.

Iommi: Yeah. It’s sort of left to the last minute, and then he throws it at you. He just pushes that much more, and that’s difficult for a band like us. We’ve been around so long, it’s hard to accept criticism from somebody we’ve never worked with. But we did, and it was good. It was really good. We might be working on a track, and he’d go, “Oh no, it doesn’t feel right. Try it again and try extending that part.” So we’d do it and then we’d be thinking to ourselves that it may be too long, but we’d do it anyway. And then he’d go, “That doesn’t feel right. Let’s try another one.” And then he’d say, “Okay I think we’ve got it, but do you want to just try another one?” So we would try another one, and he’d say, “Okay, let’s leave it now.” So we never knew exactly which one he was going to pick.

Guitar Player: Brad Wilk [RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE] plays drums on this record. Is your rhythm playing and your soloing different with him, as opposed to playing with Bill Ward, Cozy Powell, Vinny Appice, or any other drummers that you’ve worked with?

Iommi: Well, I play what I play. And certainly with Brad, he picked up on that. He knew to listen up a little bit to follow, and when you listen to the record, you can hear these little things he put in. It was very subtle — much like what Bill would have done, really. Bill would listen to little accents that I’d do, and a lot of drummers don’t. They don’t hear it. They just hear the immediate riff or chord or whatever. But with Brad, he was picking up little accents like Bill did, and it was good. And he was thrown right in the deep end, poor old Brad, because he didn’t have much time to work on these songs. That was probably another good thing from Rick‘s point of view. I think he wanted to have this element of jamming where you’re on edge all the time. Every time we’d track a song, when we’d do it again, Brad would play something different, because he was obviously feeling stuff out. So it was really good. He was doing stuff off the cuff. I thought he was excellent.

Guitar Player: You are widely credited with inventing heavy metal. What influenced you and drove you to create that sound?

Iommi: I think it was the dramatics of it all. I used to listen to the old classical stuff with the dynamics in the music, and I wanted that sort of dynamics in what we were doing — something that was really dramatic and big. And that’s what I tried to achieve guitar-wise. I wanted to make this big, powerful thing come over you — like what happens when you go and see a horror film. I wanted to create a huge sound that was really horrific in some ways, if you know what I mean.

Read the entire interview at Guitar Player.


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Belgian power metal act Iron Mask revealed the album artwork and track list for the band’s upcoming fifth release “Fifth Son of Winterdoom.” The album drops on November 8th via AFM Records. The album’s track list is: 1. Back Into Mystery 2.

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Australian hard rock band Mystery will release the debut album “2013” on August 24, 2013 via Metalapolis Records. The band formed officially at the very beginning of 2010 after thirteen year old Rocky Ravic met twelve year old Tony Mlikota. Rocky was then introduced to twelve year old Kris Laccino who was a school friend of Tony

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According to, a mystery donor has offered to pay to repair the Phil Lynott (THIN LIZZY) statue — which was unveiled on August 19, 2005 in his hometown of Dublin, Ireland, on the corner of Grafton and Harry streets — after it was knocked from its plinth earlier this month.

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Jason (far left) back int’ Metallica days

While we’ve all been busy high-fiving each other and spaffing our thrashy pants over the fact that Jason Newsted is back, the man himself has inevitably spent the last few months fighting off questions mainly directed at his time with Metallica.

One such burning issue has been the missing bass parts that many feel blighted his first album with The Biggest Metal Band In The World – namely 88′s …And Justice For All.

“There are so many years of water under the bridge with that and I can now see it for what it is,” he tells Metal Exiles. “There is no real confusion or mystery to me now that I can look back after time and look on the situation. When I went in to record Justice, I had only recorded one time and that was with Flotsam for Doomsday. I was used to recording with the band, you go in together, do it and you’re done.

jason newsted

Newsted 2013

“With Justice, I went into the studio with an assistant engineer and nobody else, no other band members, just go in, plug in and do your best. I plugged into the same shit I did the Flotsam record, recorded my parts and loaded my gear and went home. There was nobody there to work parts out with or discuss how this or that was going to sound; it was just “record your bass” and that’s that. Being a bass player in Flotsam, I did not know about playing the to the bass part yet, I just knew about playing bass really fast like guitar, basically everybody playing the same thing like a sonic wall. So it ended up with everything being in the same frequency, my bass and James’ [Hetfield] guitar battling for the same frequency.

“If I had known then what I know now, it would have been different, but it became a classic album for what it was; we captured a moment in time and that is all there is about it. I used to be pissed about it back then, but that was a long time ago, but the records I have made since then have had some ugly bass parts all over the place on them!”

Debut Newsted EP Metal is out now, while the man himself will be playing both Download and the Boat Party before our Golden Gods Awards in June! Shit’s gonna get messy.

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Poland’s Forger Emaciated has posted several songs online from latest album “Hypercrisis.” Check out the tracks “Crystal Mystery” and “The Thing” in the SoundCloud clips below, or hear more from the album at this location . The track listing is as follows: 1. Crystal Mystery 2

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“The Mystery Of Time”, the new album from EDGUY mainman Tobias Sammet’s AVANTASIA project, has registered the following first-week chart positions:

Sweden: #9
Finland: #9
Norway: #19
France: #51
Netherlands: #85
UK: #97, #6 (Rock Chart)
Japan: #17 (International chart)

“The Mystery Of Time” was released on March 30.

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Video footage of EDGUY mainman Tobias Sammet talking about working with former HELLOWEEN frontman Michael Kiske and MAGNUM singer Bob Catley on the new AVANTASIA album, “The Mystery Of Time”, can be seen below.

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Video footage of EDGUY mainman Tobias Sammet talking about working with SAXON frontman Biff Byford and ex-RAINBOW singer Joe Lynn Turner on the new AVANTASIA album, “The Mystery Of Time”, can be seen below.

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Alexey Soloviev’s Ascension, the cinematic metal act featuring multi-musician Alexey Soloviev, is streaming a couple of new tracks “The Devil In Us All” (featuring Souldrinker/The Mystery Vocalist Iris Boanta) and “Alone in the Universe” (featuring Amaranthe/Kamelot vocalist Elize Ryd).

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