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In early June 2014, Arch Enemy will unleash 9th studio album, “War Eternal,” worldwide via Century Media Records and Trooper Entertainment in Japan. In what seems like but apparently is not an early April Fools joke, Century Media records has issued the following statement about the band now replacing front woman Angela Gossow: “With this upcoming release, the band will introduce a new member to their ranks: Alissa White-Gluz, former vocalist of Canadian extreme metallers The Agonist. Angela Gossow, who joined Arch Enemy in 2000 and made her debut on the now classic Wages Of Sin (2001), will be stepping down as front-woman and focusing on management, while Alissa takes her place.” Angela Gossow comments: “Dear ARCH ENEMY fans, this is not easy to tell you…I have decided to step down from being ARCH ENEMY’s voice of anger.

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The AU Review recently conducted an interview with keyboardist Jordan Rudess of progressive metal giants DREAM THEATER. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

The AU Review: Was there a central theme that you guys were portraying or using on the new [self-titled DREAM THEATER] album? I know you guys often go into the studio with an idea — so was there anything in that regard, this time around?

Rudess: Well, you know, we always go into it with a strong conceptual idea of what we want to create. Basically, we wanted to create an album that was maybe a little bit to the point with a lot of the songs — a bit more concise. You’ll notice that there are some shorter songs than on the usual DREAM THEATER album. We wanted to see if we could take our style without really limiting it — having the same kind of integrity and virtuosity and bring songs that had definition to them. That being said, we also have a 22-minute epic on the album as well, so that was kind of a release and, you know, a trip toward the total prog land.

The AU Review: Now there is a new — well, I can’t say he’s a new member any more he’s been there for a little while — but Mr. Mike Mangini [drums], how has his writing style helped this time around with him being in the band in the writing process from pretty much the moment? Was there anything you guys had to adjust to do to adjust to his style?

Rudess: Well, it was really interesting having Mangini there for the whole process. One part of the situation was that he’s a very upbeat, energized guy, so just having that personality in the room with us was a good experience for all of us. On a musical level, you know, Mike has one of the most incredible rhythmic minds, I think, of anybody. So he was kind of able to conceptualize these kind of concepts that we would just take and try to compose around. We got some really interesting results form doing that — it was fascinating for us because everyone in DREAM THEATER has a good sense of rhythm, but we never before in our history have had this kind of input where someone would say, “Petrucci, if you play a bar of seven ten times, and Jordan, if you repeat something in five and I play this, it’ll all come together” — you know, we would all just smile, because it was some pretty cool wacky stuff that was just purely conceptualized by Mike. And, you know, I guess what helped the most with the writing process was just his drumming — you know, having him be there for the writing, so we could try something and have him do his thing on the drums which would lead us to compose differently.

The AU Review: So Jordan, take us through a typical day in the studio of DREAM THEATER recording a new album. Is it a 9-5 process or is it a many-, many-hour process per day?

Rudess: Yeah sure; we would get to the studio around lunch time. We usually make a Starbucks stop on the way. You know, Maddi, the guy who is like our head tech of the group who also takes care of us when we are in the studio, he would pick us up in the hotel — for those of us who were staying there — we’d make our coffee stop and go to the studio, have some lunch, turn on our instruments and get started, you know, around one, one-thirty or so, and then we’d work up until dinner and then after dinner for a while too. And when we got tired — maybe around ten or eleven — we’d call it a day. We worked pretty hard; we’re pretty focused when we do our thing, and when it’s everybody’s turn to do their own tracks, then everybody decides on their own schedule. Like when I did my tracks, I got there a little earlier, and you know, I’d just work all day and night until somebody says stop. And everybody is different in that way, but we all kinda had our choice — it wasn’t as much of a routine. But when we’re working together, and we are writing, we generally sleep a little bit late or start a little late so people have their mornings to do whatever they need to do, and then go from there.

Read the entire interview at The AU Review.

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Spanish black metal outfit Ouija, which released the classic album “Riding Into the Funeral Paths” in ’97 via Repulse Records and reunited in ’09 releasing the comeback EP “Adversary” in late 2010, has now finished recordings for new album “Ave Voluptatis Carnis.” The band, consisting on original vocalist Midgard (also in Spellcraft) and original guitarist Map together with also Spellcraft members Fulgur (drums) & Murcilag (guitar), have replaced the band’s previous bass player with new member Hastur. “Ave Voluptatis Carnis” was recorded at Nomad Studios and later mastered at Swedish Necromorbus Studio. The cover artwork was handled by artist Igor Mugerza, who also did the cover art for the latest Spellcraft album.

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Italy’s Devangelic has issued the following announcement about recruiting a new bass player: “Hello guys, so finally it’s the time for to present the new member of our band… We are so proud to announce Damiano Bracci as the new official bass player! “You can see his skills on this video, we’re so happy to have such a talented guy to work with, for our next releases and live shows. Show him some love! More news yet to come, keep your eyes on this page to be updated!”

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Hopes Die Last has added long time collaborator and friend Nekso as a permanent addition to the band’s line up.

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After splitting with drummer Andrew Beattie last month, Rise With Honour has checked in with the following announcement about recruiting a new member: “On Sunday we mentioned are search for a drummer had came to a close.

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British extreme metallers CRADLE OF FILTH have recruited a new member for their live performances.

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Circle of Chaos has checked in with the following announcement about recruiting a new guitarist: “Circle of Chaos is extremely proud to welcome our dear friend Anders ‘Atte’ Strokirk as the new member and guitar player of the band! “Atte is a well known character in the Stockholm metal scene and a very skilled guitar player. Most people recognize Atte as the man behind Blackshine, but for all you old school death metal fans you should know that Atte was the man to lay down the vocals on the classic Necrophobic debut album ‘The Nocturnal Silence.’ “Thru the years Atte has built up quite an experience after having supported and been on tour with UDO, Bruce Dickinson, Moonspell and Lacuna Coil to mention a few

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Montreal metalcore band Heavyweight Division has announced that it has parted ways with its drummer in a statement that it released:

“Hey everyone! Here is some important news!!! We are here to announce that our drummer Le Fou has decided to part ways with Heavyweight Division for personal reasons. That being said, we are currently looking for a new member to write tracks with us and also work on a new sound.

Share this information as much as you can to help us get back on track as soon as possible! We wish all the best to Le Fou in his future projects. Thank you all for reading and taking the time to help us out.”

Heavyweight Division released its debut “Perversion into Gluttony” back in 2012, several tracks from the album which made their way into YouTube uploads such as “Luxurious Delirium.” For more information, visit the band’s facebook page.

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Ukraine’s Semargl has issued the following announcement about recruiting new members:

“Semargl presents new band members: Adele Ri as female vocal and Romulus on bass/vocal. Adele Ri has already cooperated with the band on the Satanic Pop Metal album — she’s done vocals for songs I Hunger, Drag Me To Hell, God Is Not Love, Opium, Loneliness and Redire. And for now Adele Ri will perform for band live shows and record tracks.

“After 5 years of close cooperation Hannibal had to leave band due to personal occasions and new member Romulus replaced him for recording work and live shows.

“After such lineup changes Semargl will present more new music experiments and the band is currently recording a 6th album which will be released in 2013. The band has already performed with the new members at Halloween Horror Night 2012 (at Bingo, Kyiv, UA) and video is available below.”

You can also check out Semargl’s previously posted music video for “God is Not Love” at this location.

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