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Entertainment: Impressed by the description? Hear it yourself!

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General Music News: He follows in the footsteps of Bruce Springsteen, who also recently played his own version of the hit.

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Beaten To Death

Beaten To Death: suspend all rational thought

Grindcore fans, and fans of mentalist heavy metal in general, rejoice, because Norway’s nirvana-inducing noise experts, Beaten To Death have wisely chosen Metal Hammer as exclusive hosts to stream their forthcoming album, Dødsfest! – out on October 4 via Mas-Kina Recordings – in full.

Fronted by She Said Destroy’s Anders ‘Ugmod’ Bakke, this is ADD-enhanced grindcore running headlong through the looking glass, and yet also strangely accessible. If you’re a fan of Rolo Tomassi, The Locust, Brutal Truth, moshing like a maniac or the sensation of being eaten alive by seriously tripping, exhibitionist lions, this album is going to blow your mind. Check it out below!

Pre-order the limited edition 12-inch vinyl here.

And check out Beaten To Death’s own Facebook page here.

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The Irish Times recently conducted an interview with bassist Ben Shepherd of reunited grunge legends SOUNDGARDEN. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

On whether he expected “Badmotorfinger” to be as successful as it was:

Ben: “I think it was successful on our end, I don’t know about fanfare or anything. I remember being chided because it was supposed to come out in September [1991] — the day NIRVANA‘s ‘Nevermind’ came out — and all my Seattle friends were like: ‘God, you guys are dicks. Your album is out the same date as NIRVANA.’ But the cover was messed up so we postponed it and put it out later. In comparison to other albums, it was a success for us. It was fun as hell to make. It was my first venture into the band and becoming part of the band.”

On why he thinks Johnny Cash chose to cover SOUNDGARDEN‘s “Rusty Cage”:

Ben: “Probably because they’re bad-ass, truthful, lyrics. Chris [Cornell, SOUNDGARDEN singer] is a great writer and Johnny could probably relate to that. Johnny always talked about, if you read his books, how a singer has to sound like they’re telling the truth. It’s all about the truth. If you mean it then it sounds right. If you don’t mean it it’s a schlock thing (and)you tell it a mile away.”

On going through some difficult times after SOUNDGARDEN‘s breakup in the late 1990s:

Ben: “Not only did SOUNDGARDEN break up, HATER [Shepherd‘s side-project band] broke up and my personal life fell apart all at once. I was totally gutted and cut adrift, basically. I never got back on my feet enough to actually, you know, do the music industry thing. All my connections were gone in the fog. That’s not pushing the blame somewhere else — I fully accept the blame for myself not doing what I needed to do. I was just kinda floating.”

On SOUNDGARDEN‘s reformation in 2010:

Ben: “It was some tweet that Chris sent about reforming the fan club — not the band reforming — and everbody ran with that! So we just let them run with it — and we ended up reunited! I remember that New Year’s Night or New Year’s Eve, right then I was finishing my solo record. Two days before that [when the band announced it was to reform] I told everyone in the studio that: ‘Now I’ll never be in another band again — I was in a band once — that was a real band!’

On whether it was hard finding that SOUNDGARDEN sound again after all these years:

Ben: “There is a natural chemistry. The influences we have outside the band are filtered because we play to each other in the band. I can’t wait for Kim [Thayil] or Matt [Cameron] or Chris to hear a song I write and I cannot wait to hear their songs. Collaborating has always been really cool. We always just bounce ideas off each other.”

On what it was like going back into the studio with SOUNDGARDEN:

Ben: “There were some structural things that we had to work out. ‘Non-State Actor’ was way over-composed I guess, or way over-organized. I didn’t like how it turned out but now when we play it live it makes sense. I probably had too many parts and I kept trying to chop parts and change parts and everybody else did to. They’re the things you iron out before you get into the studio usually but there were a few songs we hadn’t even done pre-production on.

On whether there are any plans for SOUNDGARDEN to return to the studio:

Ben: “God, I hope so because we’ve got a lot more songs to go — I know we do! But, I don’t know if we’ve toured off ‘King Animal’ enough. It’s a trip for me that we have not played Europe on the ‘King Animal’ tour yet.”

Read the entire interview at The Irish Times.

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“Everything around that record is so interesting and cool,” says guitarist Joe Trohman.

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Frontman talks future of rock, while Foo Fighters get ranked as No. 1 artist in Billboard Alternative chart history.

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“I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened,” the guitarist says.

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“My Nirvana experience was much different than the other three guys,” says the axeman.

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Band once again joins forces with Nirvana producer and Garbage co-founder Butch Vig.

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See the original one-page document between Nirvana and Sub Pop which offered them only $600 as their first payment to start recording.

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