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U.K.’s Metal Hammer magazine recently asked guitarist/vocalist Matt Heafy of Florida metallers TRIVIUM to give us his thoughts on the state of metal in 2013. As ever, his answer was an interesting one. Check out the clip below.

“The state of metal in 2013… It’s in a great place and it’s also in a bad place,” Heafy began. “I think the fact that there is so much… I guess to each his own, and I always talk about being acceptant of all styles of life and all genres of music — I mean, you can learn something from everything — there is a lot of manufactured nonsense out there.

“For me, when I think of hardcore and I think of metal and I think of bands that I love from those genres… I don’t know. In my head, I know what they should sound like. And I can see what these bands are all copycatting off each other’s copycatting and not quite making anything original and not making anything of their own; they just keep copying a form of a copy.

“I know I’ve been looking for that young, new metal band. Where are the kids that are picking up a guitar, saying, ‘Hey, I wanna be like IRON MAIDEN,’ ‘Hey, I wanna be like METALLICA.’ Instead it’s bands that are putting weird dance music in with heavy music. Which is fine — I guess they’re doing something that kids love — but for me, as a metal fan, I’m missing out on where are the young kids picking up a guitar and starting metal bands. I guess there are a few last hopes out there — there are some really incredible bands that are doing some really incredible things. The fact that METALLICA and IRON MAIDEN are bigger than ever is a really, really great thing.

“We, as fans of metal, need to not just look at it as a thing to get turned on to casually — it’s a lifestyle; it’s far beyond just something that we casually listen to.

“I think that metal fans and metal bands need to support each other and band together and help bring each other further and bring each other upwards versus trying to drag each other down. I’m not saying that’s a common feature and that’s what’s happening now, but I definitely don’t see enough of a brotherhood, of people helping each other — bands helping each other go up, fans supporting all bands because they’re in the genre they love. I think we need more of that. And we need more kids to start playing metal again.”

TRIVIUM‘s new album, “Vengeance Falls”, will be released on October 15 via Roadrunner Records. Produced by David Draiman (DISTURBED, DEVICE), the follow-up to 2011’s “In Waves” is available for pre-order at The first single, “Strife”, is available as an instant download with all pre-orders.

TRIVIUM‘s “Strife” video can be seen below. The clip was filmed in July at Studio One in Orlando and was directed by Ramon Boutviseth, who has previously worked with NONPOINT, DARKEST HOUR, INCUBUS and ALL THAT REMAINS, among others. Check out photos from the video shoot at this location.


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Are the April Fools Jokes done yet? Seems every April Fools I want to disconnect from the Internet and find a secret, undisclosed bunker until it's all over. Fortunately we were able to pick up some great music before the April Fools nonsense really took effect, and were able to bury ourselves in our headphones …

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In a recent video interview with Fuse, the dangerously aroused members of Steel Panther throw out some possible names for their upcoming album and insist that they’ll play “Asian Hooker” at Ozzfest Japan. Check out the nonsense below.

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Svart Records has announced January 11th, 2013 as the worldwide release date for Atomic Cries’ new 7″, “Suspended Between the Mouth of God and the Fist of Man.” The release contains two new tracks of self-professed “primitive doom metal,” both of which are available for streaming via the Bandcamp player below. The track listing is as follows:

1. False Prophecies
2. The Atheist

“Suspended Between the Mouth of God and the Fist of Man” is now available for preorder through Svart Records right here.

The band also states: “We are Atomic Cries, and since 2010 we have played Primitive Doom Metal exclusively. No flares, no bongs, no irony, no pseudo-occult nonsense. We worship at the altar of Armando Acosta. We love Saint Vitus, Trouble, and Black Sabbath, but we sound like none of them. This 7″ contains two tracks of uncompromising, slow downer-rock that refuses to be easily categorised. We are Saúl Do Caixão (lead/rhythm electric/acoustic guitars & vocals) and Andy Lippoldt (drums/organ/bass/backing vocals). Jeder für sich und Gott gegen alle.”

Suspended Between The Mouth Of God And The Fist Of Man by Atomic Cries


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Lamb of God are headlining Bloodstock 2013! Holy fucking crap!

Lamb Of God: coming to Catton

The Virginia icons will be making their only UK festival appearance of 2013 at the most metal festival in the country, and will be joined by fellow new additions Dark Funeral and Amorphis.

They all join previously announced headliner King Diamond, plus thrash icons Anthrax, German heavy metal legends Accept, Greek power metallers Firewind and US heavy metallers Fozzy.

The King will rule over Bloodstock 2013

Bloodstock 2013 takes place from August 8-11 at Catton Hall, Derby, with many more bands yet to be announced. Head to and grab your tickets immediately, alright? Alright.

Bloodstock 2012 was the biggest yet, with immense performances from the likes of Behemoth, Watain, Machine Head, Alice Cooper and many more. Check out our montage featuring some of the action (and nonsense) from across the weekend below…

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After a man claimed the band stole his concept for a space rock opera on their last album, the band have called his lawsuit “nonsense”.

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New Jersey pirate thrashers Swashbuckle announced today on its Facebook Page that it is launching a webcomic called “Nautical Nonsense.” The announcement comes on the “International Talk Like A Pirate Day” (and no, we are not joking). No details on a date for the launch was mentioned.

The brief announcement reads: “We’re excited to finally announce that we’re launching our own WEB COMIC entitled “NAUTICAL NONSENSE”! We’re going to blast the living shit out of SO many people.”

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British heavy metal legends JUDAS PRIEST have released the following statement:

“There has recently been some nonsense and propaganda posted on the Internet, including on Rob’s [Halford, JUDAS PRIEST singer] web site, regarding the band and management.

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Borknagar’s Jens F. Ryland has weighed in on having their music pulled from Spotify under the recent decision by Century Media. Here’s what he had to say on the topic:

“A couple of days ago I received a mail from Century Media stating that they had removed Borknagar and all the other Century Media bands from Spotify. In the two days after this a debate has formed and I’ve seen articles and comments in several zines and newspapers, including The Independent and LA Times. (sic) is even having an ongoing row with the ‘Suits’ of Century Media on their site. What I haven’t seen yet are any comments from the musicians themselves, so let me tell you what I think of this:

“Stepping into this salad I’m still undecided which side I’m actually on. The way I see it, this situation is an ongoing shape-shift of the whole business. And it’s still in it’s early stages, most people and businesses are still confused and have little idea of what is going on and noone can really see the outcome of this. It makes most of the ongoing debate into a blabber of nonsense where nothing constructive comes out. Spotify are hiding the numbers, Century Media is offering critics to come work for them for free and Metalsuck are stating that most bands would be better of with no payment as it would lower the use of drugs! Guys, this isn’t going to renew the music business!

“I think I just decided to not side with any of these.

“What is this all about then? It strips down to a relation between me as the musician and my audience and listeners. In this equation all the others are mere middlemen. And I want to reach my audience in a way that allows me to keep working as a musician and keeps the audience happy. As simple as that. And it involves some actual income from all the work.

“You see, the change has been made already. It came with Napster and the ability to share music and movies around for free. And even though Napster is long gone, this isn’t a problem that has gone away. I would say that my decrease in income has little to do with Spotify, it’s more relying on the Music-industry giants like Century Media and their lacking ability to adjust to the “new” era. I will agree on one thing in this debate; the times where the sales of physical copies as the main income of any artist is long gone.

“The lack of interest from the younger generations to pay for the music is in a way annoying, I would have to admit that. The rise of political parties to force this policy is to me a sign of decadence. I would guess there are more important issues to any country then to force music to be a free-ware? But the message is clear.

“So we need to talk about business-models. And I’ll agree to one more thing here; both Spotify and Metalsucks have discovered a business-model that not too many are fully aware of yet. Oh wait, did I just “out” Metalsucks? Maybe everyone believes that Vince Neilstein and his team are working for charity? No they are not. Their income is reliant on how many people they get to click on their website and make use of their advertisements. And don’t get me wrong, it’s a business-model I appreciate and make use of myself. The advantages are enormous, the audience gets to use the service for free. Advertisement pays the salary for Neilstein and his people.Isn’t this just the solution to all the problems?

“But Spotify are taking advantage of peoples lack of general knowledge about this business-model. You see, the big difference is that a site like Metalsucks are making money of something they themselves created; the articles. Spotify on the other hand are selling something I made and all the other musicians and artists out there. And they’re selling lots of it. And paying back minimal fees. And they are getting away with it because so few people still know what amounts we are talking about here.

“Two days ago I saw numbers from Great Britain concerning Lady Gaga. The Independent wrote about one of her hits “Pokerface” being played 1 million times in a given period, giving Lady Gaga the whipping payout of 400£. I think the equation was set up that showed that in order for Lady Gaga to reach the minimum salary in British standard she would have to reach 4,2 Million streams on Spotify. Each month!!

“175 000 paying customers in USA alone? Anyone want to do the calculation? And I would also guess that this isn’t even the biggest part of their income, but the adz are. 36 million streams pr month (in USA alone)…

“This is where the current problem lies. What seems most strange to me is the utter lack of knowledge about this in the music industry. I do believe that this is now being thoroughly looked into though, by some heavy-weight players like national music organizations, the bigger labels and now also getting attention from investigative journalists.

“As you probably understand by now, I’m no big fan of Spotify either. Although I will acknowledge that what they’re doing now have great entrepreneurial value. They are Pioneers into the new era of music industry, but I would guess that their offices suffers from a bit of panic. What is the nature of a process like this? If I were to launch a streaming system that actually paid something to the artists, still without charging the audience. How long would Spotify be able to compete with that? And I hope for their sake that they understand this. They will not have much time to react.

“People are making money on web, and I’m amazed that so many find that hard to believe. This is what creates possibilities for companies like Spotify.

“My revelation of the future doesn’t exclude the traditional labels like Century Media. But it requires a huge reorganization. And please guys, stop saying that the physical copy will be the main source of income in the future. It will not even be the main source of income next year!”

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Her family dispute that her death was drug related, while sales of her music have increased by 3700% after news of her death on Saturday.

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