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Former THE HAUNTED and current AT THE GATES guitarist Anders Björler will take part in the reunion show of Gothenburg, Sweden-based thrashers PAGANDOM at the Gothenburg Sound Festival, set to take place on January 4-5, 2014 at Trädgår’n in Gothernburg.

Says Anders: “I am happy to be a part of PAGANDOM‘s reunion show at Gothenburg Sound Festival in January 2014.

PAGANDOM was a thrash metal band from Gothenburg formed in 1987, which had a huge impact on the local scene in the late ’80s/early ’90s. This is pure nostalgia on my part.”


Martin Carlsson – Guitar (1987-1996)
Christian Jansson – Vocals, Bass (1987-1996)
Rikard Ligander – Drums (1987-1996)
Johan Zackrisson – Guitar (1988-1991, 1994-1996)
Jens Florén – Bass (1993-1994)

PAGANDOM‘s reunion lineup 2013/2014:

Christian Jansson – Vocals
Martin Carlsson – Guitars
Anders Björler – Guitars
Sören Fardvik – Drums

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German black metallers ENDSTILLE will release their eighth full-length album, “Kapitulation 2013”, on November 8 in Europe and November 12 in North America via Season Of Mist.

“Kapitulation 2013” track listing:

01. Aborted
02. The Refined Nation
03. Reich An Jugend
04. Sick Heil
05. Blasphemer (SODOM cover)
06. Monotonus 2013
07. Nostalgia
08. Stalin Note
09. KDF 511
10. Endstille (Abschied)

The song “The Refined Nation” can be streamed below.

With its eighth full-frontal assault, “Kapitulation 2013”, ENDSTILLE is armed and dangerous again. There is true grit and dirt in the nine original tracks as well as in the cover version of the SODOM classic “Blasphemer”, featuring a guest appearance by ex-SODOM guitarist Grave Violator on guitar.

“Kapitulation 2013” has everything you expect from German black metal and more: furious droning of deliberately monotonous guitars, relentless punishing from the rhythm section and undiluted vocal aggression from the raw throat of frontman Zingultus – formerly of legendary NAGELFAR. Now ENDSTILLE is once more ready to take on the world with “Kapitulation 2013”, combining its strongest aspects on one album.

ENDSTILLE‘s seventh CD, “Infektion 1813”, came out in May 2011 through Season Of Mist.

ENDSTILLE in 2009 announced the addition of vocalist Zingultus to the group’s ranks.

The group’s sixth LP, entitled “Verfhrer”, was released in April 2009 via Regain Records.


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According to The Pulse Of Radio, METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich explained in a question-and-answer session that followed a recent screening of METALLICA‘s upcoming movie, “Metallica Through The Never”, that the film has actually inspired the metal legends to get moving on new music. Ulrich said, “Getting a chance to do all these challenges and adventures really fuels us to go back into the studio and make hopefully a better album… METALLICA, I think, increasingly depends on these types of things to feel challenged as artists. So making films is great and it certainly gets us out of our comfort zone, so when we get back to the studio we just feel more inspired and more invigorated.”

Ulrich told The Pulse Of Radio not long ago that the band gets energized by branching out into other projects before returning to work on its next record. “There’ll be a new record and we certainly never want to turn into a nostalgia band, but at the same time, you’ve got to keep yourself, I guess, creatively alive and that’s what we do by playing these gigs and doing all these other projects and doing movies and festivals,” he said. “I mean, it’s just, all that stuff’s a lot of fun, but it takes a lot of time, you know.”

The drummer added that the band is immensely satisfied with the filmmaking experience and final result, saying, “Three years later it’s just so cool to sit up there and feel the energy and take it in that energy on the screen.”

Frontman James Hetfield agreed that the band’s creative process while making the film was similar to the way it comes up with ideas for its albums, saying, “We had a whole bunch of ideas and that was the easy part. Making them all come to fruition and getting them in the movie was (the hard part). We couldn’t put everything in there as the price tag would have doubled or tripled.”

“Through The Never” premiered earlier this month at the Toronto International Film Festival and will open in IMAX theaters on September 27, expanding to more screens on October 4.

This Saturday (September 21), METALLICA will play a special show at New York’s famed Apollo Theater as part of the promotion for the film.

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Elle Haus of Full Throttle Rock recently conducted an interview with British vocalist Tony Mills (TNT, SHY). A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Full Throttle Rock: You’ve had a long, fruitful career with TNT. Do you look back on that time with fondness and accomplishment for the work you created?

Mills: Not really for the work I created, to be honest, although the third and final album, “A Farewell To Arms”, was the best of the three, without a doubt.

Full Throttle Rock: But this time really belongs to seven years on stage and not a lot else.

Mills: Maybe we did 500 shows or something like that, but not many out of Norway. It has been the most prolific live period in my career, and when I felt the stagnancy and the lack of desire to grow and develop any further, I knew my time was done with the band. I don’t think it’s sensible to expect new art from the band after thirty years, just a lot of re-living the past and reconstructions of old albums and performances. None of us are getting any younger, but I have a great desire to not stop creativity in my life. I hate wasting days and singing songs from the past to satisfy old fans. Nostalgia wasn’t doing it for me. We were never close as friends or anything like that, so there is no great loss, and I have no doubt they will reform the original lineup and just do the whole thing all over again. I wish them good luck on that. I have other releases to come that excite me much more than that.

Full Throttle Rock: You’ve publicly stated that in today’s world long gone are the days of going to a shop to buy your favorite artist’s new record, with the whole digital revolution of music and downloads. What is your opinion of the state of the music industry at the moment?

Mills: The young musicians of today will get different kicks, I guess, but there was nothing like getting a letter back through the post from a record company with a positive response to a demo that you had sent weeks before. Or recording in big studios where you stayed for months; a lot like being on holiday, but creating great music with big name producers. Record advances have all but disappeared, and the market is evolving in many different ways. I often hear engineers saying that they miss the roll of the tape machine in the background. I can empathise with that, although the technology is so much better now. I feel sorry that the traditional record company and its releases have all but disappeared, but on reflection, they also made a mess of a lot of things and they can’t do that anymore either. Corporate record companies had many of their own ideas that didn’t agree with the artists’ ideas at all, but nevertheless were enforced regarding releases and artistic direction. They had no real place in that, but they waved the cheque book and you had your arm twisted in their direction one way or another. I kind of soldiered on regardless through all the changes of the last thirty years, because they were so inevitable. I don’t see a whole lot of money in making records anymore; the profit has lay in the performance and the merchandise for quite a while now, so we write and record to support that ethic and do the best we can.

Read the entire interview at Full Throttle Rock.

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A389 Records will celebrate the label’s 10th anniversary with its annual winter bash this January, once again bringing hordes of contemporary hardcore and metal bands to the stage alongside a barrage of headlining acts. The A389 X Bash will take place on the weekend of January 17 through January 19, 2014 — as always, in the heart of Baltimore — and while most of the event’s lineup will remain unannounced to be unraveled over the next few weeks, the label has decided to let everyone in on a little secret.

Headlining the A389 X Anniversary Bash will be INTEGRITY‘s legendary 1993 lineup consisting of Dwid Hellion (vocals), Aaron Melnick (guitar), Leon Melnick (bass), Chris Smith (guitar) and Mark Konopka (drums). This is the iconic lineup that wrote/recorded the band’s seminal “Systems Overload” LP, which was recently reissued by Organized Crime Records. Appearing on stage together for the first time in twenty years exclusively for A389‘s tenth anniversary, this performance will be one for the history books.

A389‘s Domenic Romeo explains: “In the mid-’90s, ‘Systems Overload’ was my introduction to INTEGRITY, who instantly became my undisputed favorite hardcore band of all time. It’s an incredible honor to have the lineup who created that album reunite for one night and give all of us diehard fans of this day and age a once in a lifetime experience we’ll never forget.”

“It will be great to play music again with old friends at the 10th annual A389 festival in Baltimore,” offered INTEGRITY‘s sole full-time member, frontman Dwid Hellion. “When Dom approached me about this idea, I was delighted to participate. Aaron Melnick has always been one of my all time favorite guitar players and I was lucky enough to record a few albums with him in the ’80s and ’90s. A bit of nostalgia and a way for me to honor the original members of INTEGRITY while celebrating A389‘s 10th anniversary.”

Added guitarist Aaron Melnick about performing with INTEGRITY again: “It will be cool to play these songs with Dwid, Lenny, Chris and Mark again after so many years. Can’t wait to thrash out as the early INTEG at the A389 bash in January!”

After the one-off “Systems Overload” performance, the current touring lineup of INTEGRITYDwid Hellion, Robert Orr, Jon Pearcy, Andrew Ransom and Alex Henderson — will continue on in support of the band’s newly-unleashed 10th studio LP, “Suicide Black Snake”, which was released on A389/Magic Bullet Records in June.


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For a large portion of the crowd here at Donnington, Papa Roach are a band who were ubiquitous in their teenage years. The some time nu-metal titans have got the power of nostalgia firmly on their side but to their credit they are a band who have never rested on their laurels. Jacoby Shaddix leads the assembled throng infront of the main stage through a setlist that encompasses both old and new material and does so with such a shit eating grin plastered on his face that it is virtually impossible not to smile along with him.

Shaddix is an genuinely brilliant frontman, bigging up fans both old and new and celebrating his bands twentieth (TWENTIETH!) anniversary by taking a mud bath in the photopit, he has the crowd eating out of his hand by the time inevitable closer Last Resort rolls around. A truly entertaining festival set from a genuinely brilliant festival band.

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The drummer talks about the group’s attitude to stay fresh and release new records.

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With METALLICA frontman James Hetfield recently telling an Australian rock station that “gigs keep popping up” which delay work on the group’s next album, The Pulse Of Radio asked drummer Lars Ulrich for his take on the band’s more leisurely approach to recording.

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As previously announced, Imperium Dekadenz will unleash fourth album “Meadows of Nostalgia” on March 15th (March 19th in North America) through Season of Mist. “Aura Silvae,” a brand new song taken from this dark opus of melancholia, is being streamed on right here

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German black metallers IMPERIUM DEKADENZ will release their new album, “Meadows Of Nostalgia”, on March 15 in Europe and March 19 in North America via Season Of Mist.

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