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The Dillinger Escape Plan have released some snippets from new album One Of Us Is The Killer. Unsurprisingly, it’s sounding awesome.

One Of Us Is The Killer was recorded in Southern California with longtime producer Steve
Evetts (Glassjaw, The Cure, Suicide Silence), and is the follow-up to 2010′s rather smashing Option Paralysis.

Expect the album to drop this May and stage-destroying shows to follow soon after.

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Mind-bendingly amazing mathcore legends The Dillinger Escape Plan have announced their new album! FUCK YES!

One Of Us Is The Killer was recorded in Southern California with longtime producer Steve
Evetts (Glassjaw, The Cure, Suicide Silence), and is the follow-up to 2010′s rather smashing Option Paralysis.

Expect the album to drop this May and stage-destroying shows to follow soon after.

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The Dillinger Escape Plan has issued the following brief statement online about completing work on an upcoming new album:

“Only a couple weeks of recording to go and our new album will be finished. We’re keeping our blistering pace of once every three years.”

The band also recently commented online: “While others celebrate the holidays….we are working on this new album. When others ring in the new year….we will be working on this new album. When we release this new album….others will be working to catch up. Thanks everyone for being onboard for however long you’ve been onboard….the next leg of the journey is about to be underway.”

Further details on the new album and follow-up to 2010′s “Option Paralysis” (reviewed here) will be announced as they are made available.

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THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN has begun writing material for its fifth studio album and follow-up to 2010’s “Option Paralysis” (Party Smasher Inc./Season of Mist).

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The Dillinger Escape Plan has posted footage online of the band performing live with Mike Patton, which can be viewed below. The band also issued the following road report:

“Wow this tour is really good. Red Fang are killing it and Mastodon is better than ever. It’s only been a week and a half and we already have had so many tour highlights. Rocking with Patton in San Fran was obviously one of them. Check out this video for a glimpse of that.

“Hanging out with our old friend Jello Biafra was stimulating as usual. We must have sat in our back lounge with our driver Tal for 2 hours at least talking about Wesley Willis. For those of you who don’t know who that is please educate yourself. Before becoming our baby sitter, Tal handled Wesley until his unfortunate death from leukemia in 2003. Jello released all his music on his label Alternative Tentacles. I have his bowling ball. The finger holes are so big I can probably fit my entire hand in one of them but it’s still an honor to possess it.

“It was also great meeting up with the Cavalera boys. We all hope to see Greg’s project with Max surface someday soon. We will surely keep you updated.

“So about G.T.O (Giraffe Tongue Orchestra), Brent and I have already got new material. The guy just spits out riffs like a riff machine. Day off tomorrow in Colorado and we shall be working all day on sweet sweet melodies sure to make the young girls cry and the old one scream (not necessarily in that order).

“Thanks again for coming out to these shows and representing. This isn’t exactly a typical Dillinger crowd but you guys are really helping to make these shows amazing. Just about out of these Dillinger/Botch Calculating Infinity European posters but we are holding on to a few limited edition Option Paralysis boxes sets for this tour. Just a few per show if you are interested. Shit, Jello has one.”

Untitled from The Dillinger Escape Plan on Vimeo.

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Dillinger Escape Plan has announced a North American tour in support of the “Option Paralysis” album alongside Deftones.

Continue reading here:
Dillinger Escape Plan Updates North American Tour Schedule

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Welcome once again, faithful lot, to the third annual Up to the Minute Awards! As in years past, this feature is running in conjunction with a number of other metal and rock blogs whom you can find listed at the end of the ceremonies. With that, let’s can the pomp and circumstance and get on with it…

Metal Album of the Year:

Enslaved – Axioma Ethica Odini

Other Metal and Heavy Favorites of 2010:

Killing Joke – Absolute Dissent
BXI – s/t EP
Deftones – Diamond Eyes
Rosetta – Determinism of Reality
Ihsahn – After
Iron Maiden – The Final Frontier
Kylesa – Spiral Shadow
Sigh – Scenes From Hell
Fear Factory – Mechanize
Dio – Dio at Donington UK: Live 1983 and 1987
Accept – Blood of the Nations
Slough Feg – Animal Spirit
Danzig – Deth Red Sabaoth
Filter – The Trouble With Angels
Exodus – Exhibit B: The Human Condition
Heathen – Evolution By Chaos

Mouth of the Architect – The Violence Beneath EP
The Ocean – Heliocentric / Anthropocentric
Ratt – Infestation
The Absence – Enemy Unbound
Keep of Kalessin – Reptilian
Halford – IV: Made of Metal
Ufomammut – Eve
Finntroll – NifelvindZuul – Out of Time
Jon Oliva’s Pain – Festival
Dillinger Escape Plan – Option Paralysis
Overkill – Ironbound
Armored Saint – La Raza
Grave – Burial Ground
October File – Our Souls to You
Raven – Walk Through Fire
Dommin – Love is Gone

Favorite Non-Metal Albums:

Devo – Something for Everybody
Jimi Hendrix – Valleys of Neptune
Daft Punk – Tron: Legacy soundtrack
Mini Mansions – s/t
The Memorials – s/t
Gorillaz – Plastic Beach
Microtia – Spacemaker
Heart – Red Velvet Car
Medicine Lake – s/t EP

Guitar Rock Album That Didn’t Wank:

Paul Gilbert – Fuzz Universe

Worth the Return Trip: Reissue Heaven:

Poobah – Let Me In
Iggy and the Stooges – Raw Power
Neurosis – Enemy of the Sun
Jimi Hendrix – Blues
Jimi Hendrix – First Rays of the New Rising Sun
Bruce Springsteen – The Promise
Blind Illusion – The Sane Asylum
The Rolling Stones – Exile on Main St.
Earth – A Bureaucratic Desire for Extra Capsular Extraction
Twisted Sister – Club Daze Vol. 1: The Studio Sessions

Thanks, But No Thanks:

Ozzy Osbourne – Scream
Beatallica – Masterful Mystery Tour

Would’a Been Great Minus the Trendy Bonus Re-Recordings:

Lillian Axe – Deep Red Shadows

Because There Was No Original AC/DC Album in 2010:

Airbourne – No Guts. No Glory.
Krokus – Hoodoo

Bringin’ the Anvil Metal Feelgood Story of 2010:


The Undying Obsession Spin From Yesteryear:

Beach Boys – Pet Sounds

Favorite Music DVDs:

I Need That Record! The Death (Or Possible Survival) of the Independent Record Store
Rockpalast Hard Rock Legends Vol. 2: Michael Schenker Group
VH1 Classic Albums: Rush – 2112 and Moving Pictures
Heaven and Hell – Neon Nights: Live in Europe
Jane’s Addiction – Live Voodoo
Megadeth – Rust in Peace Live
Frank Zappa – The Torture Never Stops
The Rolling Stones – Ladies and Gentlemen
Electric Light Orchstra – The Early Years
Suicidal Tendencies – Live at the Olympic Auditorium

Most Hardcore Metal Event Of The Year (Forget Terror or Full Blown Chaos):

img src=”” />
The Last Living Slut: Born in Iran, Bred Backstage by Roxana Shirazi

Most Intense Live Performance:

A Storm of Light

Most Un-Metal Moment:

MTV relegating Headbangers Ball to an hour at 3:00 am on Mondays

In Memorium:

Ronnie James Dio

Peter Steele

Creepiest Concept For Film:


Most Welcome Franchise Reboot:

Tron: Legacy

Red-Hot Popcorn Film That Didn’t Need 3-D To Be A Spectacle:


Still Sicko After All These Years:

Silent Night, Deadly Night

Best Coffee Ray Tried in 2010 That Kept Him Going:

Mickey’s “Really Swell” Coffee

Malcolm McDowell Favors It And So Does Ray:

PG Tips

Best Name For a Microbrew Ale:

Raging Bitch by Flying Dog Brewery

Twilight Zone Award:

The entire 2010 NFL season

This May Be a Generation Gap Thing, But Is This Shit Really That Hip?

Jersey Shore

The Only Reality Show That Matters:


Yet Another Reason The United States Is Hated By The Rest Of The World:


Cue Up The Beatles’ “Yesterday”

The Double L

Are We Not Men? Nuh-Uh:

Metros and their lame-ass faux hawks

And You Think Your Job Sucks:

President Obama

Because He Can, Obviously:

The Hef Gets Engaged

Returning Champ as Still the Hottest Celeb in Hollywood:

Jane Seymour

Please also visit these fine bloggers for their year-end lists and specials:

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Ahoy, followers of The Metal Minute!

The world’s going insane with volcanoes, floods, oil spills and terrorism it’s no wonder metal is considered the number one escapist form of music. Not that we should turn our backs to the world’s problems, but you can see why the genre grows stronger and why so many artists scramble to get in the door.

Pounding down some Sumatra coffee on my way out today and gearing up for a big weekend which will be detailed next week. Here at The Metal Minute expect an upcoming review of the slammin’ Annihilator DVD Live at Masters of Rock plus The Ocean’s latest (also The Metal Minute’s Album of the Month selection for May), and we’ll see what other goodies Uncle Batjerk can fish out of the utility belt for your edification.

On that note, cheers, my lovelies…

Ratts/t EP
RattOut of the Cellar
RattInvasion of Your Privacy
RattDancing Undercover
RattReach for the Sky
Dillinger Escape PlanMiss Machine
Dillinger Escape PlanOption Paralysis
RamonesRocket to Russia
RamonesRoad to Ruin
RamonesEnd of the Century
RamonesSubterranean Jungle
PelicanWhat We All Come to Need
AirbourneNo Guts. No Glory.
GorgorothUnder the Sign of Hell
Rosemary’s BabiesTalking to the Dead
Mouth of the ArchitectTime & Withering
Sex PistolsNever Mind the Bollocks Here’s the Sex Pistols

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The Dillinger Escape PlanOption Paralysis
2010 Season of Mist
Ray Van Horn, Jr.

Dillinger Escape Plan is one of a handful of metal artists from this generation whom the metal records will reflect upon as revolutionary. They sit in esteemed company with Opeth, Mastodon, Isis, Pelican, Nile, Fantomas, Wolves in the Throne Room, Boris, Gonin Ish, Sigh, Nachtmystium, Chthonic and Between the Buried and Me. Some consider Dillinger Escape Plan math metal, some tech grind. Either is appropos along with nerd metal and crunk punk, but the truth about Dillinger is they’re so far ahead of their peers no mere label will describe them in whole.

Historically Dillinger Escape Plan is as spastic live as their voluminous, swery, speedy cacophony on slab. Almost nobody owns more real estate onstage than this band, where even the tops of amps are scaled and claimed, wherever the venue showcases them. To some fans’ surprise, Dillinger’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel during their previous album cycle for Ire Works was a suspect house of cards. Yet Greg Puciato led a furious charge to occupy every nook and cranny of the frame on national television and it was glorious.

A befuddling change of labels for Dillinger Escape Plan (considering Relapse Records made them a flagship band) also brings a change in attitude, songwriting-wise. Option Paralysis is the anti-Ire Works, the anti-Miss Machine. As many listeners like to bring up Mike Patton and Faith No More in parallel to Dillinger Escape Plan, consider Option Paralysis the group’s Angel Dust. Get around the slinky, dervish “Gold Teeth On a Bum” from Option Paralysis and it’s not just Greg Puciato’s Patton chops which proves the point. The choruses are hooky but loud, the verses full of agitation and it’s the closest this album comes to producing a red-hot single. The echo distortion of Puciato’s mike spikes atop Ben Weinman’s chunky riffage, and yet the song extends its own life with further protraction. Not the stuff of single making, but it holds the attention as agreeably as anything else Dillinger Escape Plan has done.

Dillinger’s previous two albums, in arms with Every Time I Die, Norma Jean and Between the Buried and Me, proved you could weave art overtop egregarian stop-go ratchet tempos, to transcend the sheer brutality of Napalm Death and Morbid Angel to create sharp-cutting lava melts. Electro grooves, alt shakes and trip hop diced up some of the jagged insanity of Dillinger Escape Plan’s lunatic creations, and yet tunes like “Black Bubblegum,” “Setting Fire to Sleeping Giants” and “Panasonic Youth” revealed a yearning on the band’s part to expand their framework to lure in new listeners.

Option Paralysis is more akin to the spearheaded blizkrieg of Calculating Infinity than their last two albums. For many, this is going to be a delight, because Dillinger goes back to basics but with the benefit of refined minds and expert hands. Some might think they’re actually rewriting and rebuffing Calculating Infinity for much of the ride because you will find very little streamlining on this album outside of the steady groove of “Chinese Whispers,” which still allots for snaky polyrhyhtm, plus the tranquil piano nocturnes of “Widower,” one of the most eloquent compostions Dillinger’s ever penned.

“Farewell Mona Lisa” is practically a farewell to all Dillinger has aspired to this point, as their trademark snub grind flails at breakneck velocity on the subsequent “Good Neighbor,” “Endless Endings,” “Room Full of Eyes” and “Crystal Morning.” Forget what you know on Miss Machine. Dillinger Escape Plan essentially kicks their tricks to the curb on Option Paralysis in the interest of wailing forthright with tremendous speed and snapcase guitar yelps.

In other words, Option Paralysis isn’t fucking around. Get in, get out, kick a few teeth (courtesy of Billy Rymer’s insane pounding) and serenade a few dropkicked heads on the way with some Patton-esque wooing to ease the pain.

If Mike Patton wasn’t so active himself these days (remember Patton filled in with Dillinger for a stint an the EP Irony is a Dead Scene) Greg Puciato would be his heir apparent. Puciato’s delivery on Option Paralysis full of suave staccato and raging whips never missing his marks. Impressive how Puciato (also principal lyricist on this album) elevates himself along with Ben Weinman and company behind him.

The tradeoff for all of the repelling tomfoolery and astounding signature waves on Miss Machine, still Dillinger’s masterpiece to this point is a more blunt instrument of fury. Option Paralysis is a blue album when played after Ire Works and Miss Machine, but wow, do they know how to climax on “Widower” and “I Wouldn’t if You Didn’t.” The latter abruptly shifts from ugly nasty to opulent sexy before ripping out an abusive pummeling in the finale. “Parasitic Twins” may be the only true sign of Dillinger Escape Plan willing to hold onto a piece of their last two magnums with beat machina, melancholy piano and a Beatles and Beach Boys-esque hum-along. Beautifully orchestrated, but still left-of-center.

Not really a disappointment against the free-spirited Ire Works and Miss Machine, Dillinger Escape Plan sheds many extracurriculars and instead flexes their core muscle on Option Paralysis. This is why the term “post hardcore” is utterly bogus. Post, our in-the-now asses! The Dillinger Escape Plan shows no signs of relent and despite a sway backwards in style, they are as relevant as ever. If anything, they exhibit a due diligent harnessing of their flashpoint cadence while keeping a masterful grip on their never-ending teeter. Nobody else of this generation outside of Mastodon and Between the Buried and Me makes math metal sound so elementary.

Rating: ****

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Paint it Black (c) 2009/10 Ray Van Horn, Jr. / The Metal Minute

Welcome to Blursville, faithful lot! If anyone can tell me where the past week went, oy…

Banging my eyes more than my entire head with manuscript in lap, striking pen at the helm. The novel has really found its heart and soul and I’m excited about the clean up effort while consulting some old manuals and pep talk books my grandfather gave me a lifetime ago when he predicted I’d become a writer. I’d like to think he’s especially been with me the past couple days during these rewrites, wow. Miss you, Grandpa. As I posted at my Facebook page (come on by and say howdy, y’all), when the heart and the mind bleed as one, the pages runneth over spectacularly.

Of course, when your two-year-old locks you out of the house and you’re put into a desperate position, the mind unlocks hidden treasures which crop out once the situation is resolved and the adrenaline quelled. Good times.

For our purposes at The Metal Minute, be on the lookout for more goodies. Had to reschedule your next Take 5 guest and prayers of health and healing go out to his family. It’ll be worth the wait, readers, and with that, it’s a new day and loud vibe to carry it forth. Thanks as always for your unyielding support.

The OceanHeliocentric
Jon Oliva’s PainFestival
Jon Oliva’s PainManiacal Renderings
Jon Oliva’s PainGlobal Warning
Led ZeppelinIII
Led ZeppelinZoso
Them Crooked Vulturess/t
DevoNew Traditionalists
DevoDuty Now for the Future
Keep of KalessinReptilian
Black RobotBaddass
Dillinger Escape PlanOption Paralysis
Bob Dylans/t
Bob DylanSlow Train Coming
Modest MouseNo One’s First, and You’re Next
RaconteursConsolers of the Lonely
AirborneNo Guts. No Glory.

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