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Orange Goblin: headed to Donny

Another round of names have been added to this year’s Download festival!

Stoner metal fans get a beast of a double-whammy as Monster Magnet and Orange Goblin both join the fun, as do comedy thrash legends Lawnmower Deth and rock legends The Wildhearts!

The full list of new additions is as follows:

Against Me!
Monster Magnet
The Wildhearts
Orange Goblin
Lawnmower Deth
Page 44
Royal Blood
The Dirty Youth
Kid Karate
The Magnus Puto
No Hot Ashes
Colt 45
Tax the Heat

The full, confirmed lineup so far is looking rather splendid, eh?

Download 2014 takes place June 13-15 at Castle Donington. Stay tuned for more announcements soon and buy your tickets here.


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Orange Goblin’s Ben Ward is currently hanging with the amazing trio of bands on this year’s Lords Of The Riff tour! Here’s how it’s going so far…

Day 4 – Wednesday March 19th – Another Day Off!

Woke up to the smell of bacon cooking as our good host served us up a full English breakfast and a pint of tea! Before we left Colchester we stopped off to pick up some sleeping bags (essential touring kit) and debated going to visit a zoo or a castle but everyone decided to get to the hotel in London and get some much needed rest. In no time we were back in the smoke and the band got some sleep whilst I managed to go home and do some laundry. Later that evening we all met up for some food at possibly the worst Chinese restaurant in the world before heading to The Red Lion in Leytonstone for beers.

We were joined by a few friends including Joe, the guitar player from Orange Goblin, and the night soon started to get messy as everyone started sampling the wide range of guest ales. We ended up back at a friends house drinking whiskey, wine, cider, more beers and whatever else was going whilst rocking out in the kitchen to Captain Beyond and Budgie. I don’t remember leaving but I must’ve staggered home at some point and the band jumped in a cab for the hotel. Days off RULE!

Day 5 – Thursday March 20th – o2 Academy 3, Birmingham

Off to the birthplace of Heavy Metal! The home of Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Judas Priest amongst many others. Everyone was feeling a little sceptical about this show as we knew that Red Fang, The Shrine and Lord Dying were playing across town and could seriously affect the turn out. With this in mind I did what anyone in my position would do……….I got in touch with my friends in Red Fang and arranged for them to put us all on their guest list for after Scorpion Child had finished!! We rolled into Brum around 3pm, found a place to eat and did some press before the doors opened. The turn out in the small room was great and all the bands put on a fantastic show. A fan arrived with an awesome cake for the bands (see pic) which I was amazed remained intact throughout the entire evening.

Unfortunately due to the timings of both shows we didn’t make it across town to catch up with Red Fang but we all considered the night another massive success for all involved. After the van got loaded we headed to a friends house, drank some beers and played the cheesy band name game, which involves trying to incorporate different cheeses into band names. I can’t take the credit for it but the best was ‘Crosby, Stilton Nash’!!! Tomorrow, the Lords of The Riff head north!

Fri 21 Mar – SHEFFIELD Corporation (SC closes)
Sat 22 Mar – GLASGOW King Tuts (MT closes)
Sun 23 Mar – NEWCASTLE Academy 2 (SC closes)
Tue 25 Mar – NOTTINGHAM Rock City (MT closes)
Wed 26 Mar – LONDON Underworld (MT closes)
Thu 27 Mar – MANCHESTER Roadhouse (SC closes)

Tickets are on sale now. To buy online, visit (Sheffield shows), (Newcastle, London, Manchester), and (Nottingham). See you at the front.

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Orange Goblin’s Ben Ward is currently hanging with the amazing trio of bands on this year’s Lords Of The Riff tour! Here’s how it’s going so far…

Day 3 – Tuesday March 18th – The Arts Centre, Colchester

Everyone was surprisingly refreshed after the Crobar last night and after some pub grub we were on the road from East London for the short drive up to Colchester. We arrived at the venue, which is stunning. It’s an old converted church set within the old roman wall of Colchester complete with it’s own ancient graveyard. As stunning as it is, it’s a pain in the arse to get a van and trailer to in order to unload and load equipment!

The band set up in quick time so that they could go for the obligatory photo shoot in the said graveyard. Scorpion Child were headlining the night and the stage looked great with the backdrop in front of a huge stained-glass window! Dinner was a delicious vegetarian Chilli that I probably ate too much of and soon the venue was filling up nicely. Again, Buffalo Summer kicked things off and they were soon followed by Monster Truck. I was half expecting the Monster Truck keyboard player to set up in the pulpit at the side of the stage! By the time Scorpion Child hit the stage the crowd had swelled and everyone was ready for the rock! Scorpion Child definitely brought it too! An hour of high energy, high volume rock and roll and again all the punters went home happy! After the show we headed off to get pizza and kebabs (again!) before having a few beers and discussing horror movies back at a friends house. And the tour rolls on…

Catch Lords Of The Riff on the following dates:


Thu 20 Mar – BIRMINGHAM Academy 3 (MT closes)
Fri 21 Mar – SHEFFIELD Corporation (SC closes)
Sat 22 Mar – GLASGOW King Tuts (MT closes)
Sun 23 Mar – NEWCASTLE Academy 2 (SC closes)
Tue 25 Mar – NOTTINGHAM Rock City (MT closes)
Wed 26 Mar – LONDON Underworld (MT closes)
Thu 27 Mar – MANCHESTER Roadhouse (SC closes)


Tickets are on sale now. To buy online, visit (Sheffield shows), (Newcastle, London, Manchester), and (Nottingham). See you at the front.


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Orange Goblin, currently out on tour in Europe, has checked in with the following announcement about an upcoming show changing venues: “We have to announce that the show at Scuderie in Bologna scheduled for Tuesday 16th July has been cancelled. This is due to the venue having its live music license revoked.

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Coming fresh off a tour with Clutch and Orange Goblin is a helluva way to start your career, which is the prime position Austin quintet Scorpion Child find themselves in. Signing to venerable mid-major label Nuclear Blast certainly adds to the prestige with which the band introduces itself to the world, but ultimately the quality of recorded studio material will be …

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Clutch: Monarchs of Maryland

Clutch and Orange Goblin brought the riffs (and what fucking riffs!!!) to Anaheim’s House Of Blues this past weekend. Here’s Joe Daly‘s review.

In an appalling display of grotesque self-promotion, the Disneyland resort in Anaheim, California has long billed itself as “The Happiest Place on Earth,” and if screaming children, eye-watering prices and queues that move slower than icebergs constitute happiness, than their description is bang on.

On Sunday night, however, Disneyland lived up to its warranty for about 1,700 raging, oiled-up punters who descended on the Anaheim House of Blues—tucked smack in the middle of Downtown Disneyland—to experience the skull-crushing majesty of Clutch and Orange Goblin. With thousands of people milling about the shopping district in front of the park entrance, band t-shirts and mouse ears made it relatively easy to separate who was there for the gig and who was there to empty their pockets into the teeming coffers of Mickey Mouse.

Texas-based Scorpion Child call the proceedings to order with a terrifyingly potent set of swaggering, no-bullshit rock that surely earned them a legion of new fans in a frustratingly brief set. Summoning the virility of the mighty Zep with the wanton six-string excess of the Sunset Strip, the four-piece raise the bar improbably high for the next three acts—no small feat considering that the house is already close to capacity and that most of the crowd are still sober.

Scorpion Child [Pic by Joe Daly]

Lionize shoulder the splintery task of following the electric Austin upstarts, and dive right into a maelstrom of proggy grooves and gooey riffage that place them squarely in the Clutch corner of the rock and roll playground; which comes as no surprise, given that Lionize’s part-time guitarist is none other than Tim Sult, Clutch’s longtime axe-wielder.

Orange Goblin follow with a blistering campaign through their back catalogue that sees Herculean frontman Ben Ward whipping the Californians into a frothing, headbanging tangle with his massive fists clenched and arms pumping towards the rafters. They cap their foundation-shaking, forty-minute set with the one-two punch of Quincy the Pig Boy and Red Tide Rising from their superb 2012 release, A Eulogy for the Damned.

OG’s Ben Ward [Pic by Joe Daly]

Finally, at 10:45 p.m., the headliners storm out and light straight into Freakanomics, followed by The House that Peterbilt. If journalists are prone to relying on preacher metaphors when describing frontman Neil Fallon, it is because he delivers lyrics with the fiery-eyed passion of a man whose own salvation depends on you getting on board with what he’s putting down. Howling, waving his arms and exploding into spastic fits of dancing, Neil owns the House of Blues within the first 30 seconds of the set and when they reach 2004’s The Mob Goes Wild, the crowd responds with a thunderous singalong that continues through the balance of the set.

All Hail The Fallon [Pic by Joe Daly]

 While showcasing much of the new material from this year’s Album of the Year contender, Earth Rocker, Clutch scatter in fan favourites such as The Regulator, Burning Beard, and Electric Worry/One Eyed Dollar, finishing the nearly twenty-song set with Texan Book of the Dead and A Shogun Named Marcus.

PREACH, BRUTHAH! [Pic by Joe Daly]

Spilling back out into Downtown Disneyland as the midnight hour passes, it is clear that right now, the happiest people in the happiest place on earth are the ones with black t-shirts and ears ringing, floating out of the House of Blues.

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Orange Goblin Rocking The Shades

The final part of our Raz’s trip to Austin for this year’s immense South By South West Festival sees our intrepid hero fight through Bloody Marys, stoner metal legends and a magic Baroness acoustic set. Tough life….

Where best to have a Bloody Mary but at Red 7 for Alternative Press’ 100 Bands You Need To Know party? NOWHERE. There’s a spicy, boozed-up treat in my mouth but there’s a spicy (probably not) boozed-up treat onstage as well. Davey Suicide – who apparently hails from UnHolywood, Killafornia if we are to trust his Facebook info – is a mad and ridiculous mash-up of Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson via Wednesday 13. What’s more is that he’s got the painted up demeanour of a kiddy rock phenomenon but the songs of Billy Idol and Weezer. If there’s anything right with the world, this band will be huge. You heard it here… second.

Next stop on the final day of SXSW is a 20-minute walk across town to the Scoot Inn. It may be flying over 30°C by now but that doesn’t mean the cold-blooded assault of Black Breath on my rapidly re-burning forehead is any less brutal. Their searing, bearded riffs rip through the sunshine outdoors at this Thrasher/Converse DeathMatch. It’s ruddy brilliant. It’s the best venue at the festival with all the best bands. As soon as the Seattle Entombed-core troupe stop playing and start drinking, Royal Thunder start going in the stuffy confines of the actual inn. They’re great, and we’ll see some of them later on…

Next up is the excellent double whammy of Clutch and Orange Goblin. You don’t need to read another review of these bands – just buy the magazine! Metal Hammer magazine, that is. Yes. Anyway, this is Goblin’s first trip to the USA for eight years and they’re received magnificently. It’s good to see. They’ll definitely be back.

Now then, here’s something I missed before: at noon, I queued up for and got a magic wristband to see Justin Timberlake play a teeny, tiny gig. As the day wore on, however, I slowly realised that I really wanted to go see Brooklyn expansive black metallers, Mutilation Rites and Baroness‘s John Baizley play a solo set instead. So I ditched a couple of acquaintances and the tens of thousands of “St. Patty’s Day” revellers in the name of… HEAVY METAL. Fuck the haters.

Mutilation Rites were as excellent as ever. Go get your hands on Empyrean if you like anything in the realm of black metal. You won’t be sorry. They are just a warm-up for the Baizley, though. He runs through a excellent mix of Baroness songs (along with Bruce Lamont accompanying a song on saxophone and Royal Thunder’s Mlny Parsonz on back-up vocals), a few covers and a whole load of pouring his heart out to the crowd. In amongst songs that gave me goosepimples and an understanding of music that connects ever so deeply, Baizley also explains exactly how he feels: how he feels naked without the other members of Baroness around him; how it’s been so difficult to return from the bus crash of last summer; how great it is be here. It really is. I, for one, cannot wait for a full band set by Baroness. This solo set is magical, but I want the excellence I had before. It’ll come.

Now? Sleep. And maybe a salad or two to balance out all the barbecues.

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For more info on SXSW, head to

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Here are the new heavy metal CD releases for this week.   For the most detailed and up-to-date schedule, check out our complete Heavy Metal CD Release Date calendar.

March 12, 2013
Adrenaline Mob - Coverta (Elm City)
Damnation Plan - The Wakening (Coroner)
Fit For A King - Creation/Destruction (Solid State)
Godyva - Alien Heart (Southern Brigade)
Heavatar - Opus I – All My Kingdoms (Napalm)
Hot Lunch - Hot Lunch (Tee Pee)
Illnath - 4 Shades Of Me (Pitch Black)
Mortillery - Origin Of Extinction (Napalm)
Napalm Death - Enemy Of The Music Business/Leaders Not Followers Re-Release (Secret)
Necrocurse - Grip Of The Dead (Pulverised)
Neroargento - Underworld (Coroner)
Nolentia - May the Hand That Holds the Match… (Kaotoxin)
Orange Goblin - A Eulogy For the Fans-Orange Goblin Live 2012 (Candlelight)
Patria - Nihil Est Monastica (Drakkar)
Rammstein - Videos 1995-2012 DVD (Density)
The Saint James Society - Bab(a/y)lon Rising (Tee Pee)

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Metal Outlaw TV conducted an interview with the heavy-hitting British metal band ORANGE GOBLIN on February 11 at King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow.

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Orange Goblin Rocking The Shades

2012 was a massive year for the Orange Goblin lads. Not only did they release what is arguably their greatest album yet with the mighty Eulogy From The Damned, but they announced that, for the first time ever, they were going to quit their day jobs to properly tour the world. Oh, and they bagged the Number 3 spot in our albums of the year list. Not bad, eh?

Tomorrow sees the Londoners bring their all-conquering, muscular stoner metal onslaught to London’s Islington Academy to bring their latest UK tour to a close. With seven blinding albums in their back pocket and a long-consolidated reputation for being the best party band our nation’s capital has to offer, you have no excuse for missing this if you’re in London tomorrow night.

It’s on a Friday and everything. You know it’s going to be the best party in town. And a couple of tickets are still available from the link below, but we really do mean a couple, so if you fancy it, go buy ‘em quick. Go on, you bell end!

Orange Goblin London tickets


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