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“We’re All Stocked Up In Here”, the third song from DEEP ARCHITECTURE, the new “musical collaboration” between former THE HAUNTED drummer Per Møller Jensen and Danish musician Carsten Lender, can be streamed at this location.

Per Møller Jensen quit THE HAUNTED in October 2012. He explained in a statement: “This decision has been underway for a long time and cannot be attributed to [former THE HAUNTED frontman Peter] Dolving‘s departure [in early 2012].

“My penchant for music, creating — as in digging deep — and practicing has never been at a higher peak than now. When you throw musical differences between members in with that, I started feeling unfulfilled. This is not pointing fingers at anybody, but rather just seeing, accepting and acting on that fact.”

THE HAUNTED recently returned to the spotlight after almost a year without public activity and restructuring behind closed doors, following a major switch of lineups around fall of 2012. Joining bassist Jonas Björler and guitarist Patrik Jensen in the band’s current incarnation are Ola Englund (guitar; SIX FEET UNDER, FEARED), Marco Aro (vocals; THE RESISTANCE, FACE DOWN) and Adrian Erlandsson (drums; AT THE GATES, PARADISE LOST).

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The members of METALLICA took part in a question-and-answer session following the September 23 screening of their new 3D IMAX movie, “Metallica Through The Never”, at New York’s Walter Reade Theater. Fan-filmed video footage of the discussion can be seen below.

Regarding comparisons to the classic 1976 LED ZEPPELIN film “The Song Remains The Same”, METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich said: “I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but [we felt strongly that] it shouldn’t be ‘The Song Remains The Same’. We don’t want to be in the non-concert part. We don’t see ourselves acting.”

He added: “[We decided] it shouldn’t be in the infomercial style that a lot of the current ones are, where they follow a band on the road, and here they are on and off airplanes. There wasn’t a blueprint for this movie, and that’s what made it so hard to sell in Hollywood.”

“[Director] Nimród [Antal] came up with the story line,” frontman James Hetfield added. “It really is two movies in one. We wanted to have the best concert footage ever filmed and also have a story line and give it some legs that will be open for interpretation. There are so many metaphors in there. And there’s no good side or bad side. There’s just turmoil. That’s just a part of human nature — fight or flight at times. For me, when the rider shows up he’s the embodiment of hate. And then there’s fire. Of course. You gotta have fire.”

Ulrich also spoke about METALLICA‘s penchant for avoiding the obvious path and taking chances with their projects.

“We’re four guys and we’re always thinking, ‘Let’s be creative and try something different,'” Ulrich said. “The model of album, tour, album, tour is a little old. There are so many other ways to express yourself now. There are festivals [like our Orion Music + More festival], and Lou Reed calls, and movies. There are so many different things we want to do. We’re just so curious, and we want to live in these things and experience them, and that invigorates us so when we go back to making another record or writing a song we have all of these experiences to draw from.”

“Making a film of this size was radically different than making a record,” added Ulrich. “For me, the biggest thing was the scale of it and the amount of people that are involved. It can get overwhelming at times. It’s been three years and there are times it felt like the whole thing was running amok and [we wondered] who’s steering the ship. The intimacy you have in the recording studio where you really feel on top of what’s going on…I don’t feel we had that the whole time [with the movie], but we tried to commandeer it. I’m proud to say most of what you see does come from us, but it’s been a mindfuck at times. And we’re all psyched to get back to the studio and get back to that intimacy again.”

“Metallica Through The Never” opens this Friday (September 27) on IMAX screens before expanding to more theaters on October 4.

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Owen Brown, who has attracted attention on a number of occasions for being heavy metal’s “oldest fan”, has sadly passed away at the age of 87.

Owen’s love of Iron Maiden, Megadeth and Judas Priest earned him props from bands and fans around the world as well as some international press, with his penchant for relaxing in his garden shed and blaring out his favourite music at ear-splitting volume shocking neighbours and peers alike.

“It’s great because I can play it as loud as I want in there,” he once told the Western Daily Press in an interview. “I can sit back with a drink and listen to Megadeth with no worries in the world.

“When all the kids were at home they would often ask me to stop playing it or turn it down but it’s only worth listening to at full blast.”

Megadeth themselves have lamented Owen’s passing, commenting via Facebook: “We would like to express our deepest condolences on the passing of Megadeth’s oldest and most cherished fan, Owen Brown. You will be missed.”

We’d like to reflect those condolences and pay tribute to a true defender and an absolute gent. RIP, sir.

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Spanish melodic death/doom metal sect Graveyard Of Souls has released its debut, “Shadows of Life,” today through German label FDA Rekotz. This 45 minute album showcases the band’s penchant for atmosphere, melodies, melancholy and emotion.

The post Graveyard Of Souls Streaming “Memories Of The Future” appeared first on Daily Heavy Metal News.

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On June 21st, German metal label FDA Rekotz will release the debut full-length from Spanish melodic death/doom metal act Graveyard Of Souls. Entitled “Shadows of Life,” this 45 minute album showcases the band’s penchant for atmosphere, entrancing melodies, melancholy and emotion.

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Airbourne: climbing all over the Golden Gods 2013

Not THAT kind of rock climbing, silly. Joel O’ Keefe discusses his ludicrously dangerous and thoroughly entertaining penchant for climbing stages.

New Airbourne album Black Dog Barking is out May 20. Airbourne play Download in June. Of course, you can read more about how brilliant Airbourne are in our BRAND NEW MOTHERFUCKING ISSUE, BAYBAY


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MCR: Gone but not forgotten, whatever you think of them

The recent news that My Chemical Romance are calling it quits after over a decade together was met with hysterical dismay by their biggest fans and vitriolic jubilation by their fiercest critics. But should we really be rejoicing in the demise of a band that undeniably changed the landscape of heavy music – and arguably for the better? Tom Doyle investigates…

So then, My Chemical Romance have announced their decision to split some 12 years after lead singer and mischief-maker-in-chief Gerard Way formed the band in the wake of the September 11th attacks.  Now that the dust has had a chance to settle, what better time to have a look at why MCR were such an important band in the story of the last decade of rock music and why metal fans, whether you like the music they produced or not, ought to care about the New Jersey quintet?

Firstly, they were a band with a firm grasp on the concept of spectacle. Their penchant for military regalia owed more than a little to Iron Maiden and the pomp and circumstance they brought to their at times knockabout punk gave it a widescreen appeal that took them to stadia across the globe – they weren’t nicknamed “Queen Day” for no reason. This is why Metal Hammer were the first mag in the UK to put them on our cover; because we could see what everyone would eventually see, that they were turning what they had into something greater than the sum of its parts.

MCR on the cover of Hammer back in 2007

Another crucial facet of MCR’s enduring charm was the role they fulfilled for their fans throughout their career. Every now and then a genuinely tribalising band come along; in the world of metal for the last 15+ years it has been Slipknot, in the world of pop-punk and ‘emo’ (or whatever you want to call it) it was MCR. These bands induce something in their fans beyond the regular adoration. To call one of these bands your own feels defining and all-consumingly powerful. Maggots and The MCRmy – not so dissimilar.

That tribalism can be a powerful force for self-definition, but be under no illusions, it is quality that is ultimately the most important thing, regardless of what specific creed of rock music the band in question are from. Hammer straddles many of those creeds; from power metal to powerviolence and beyond, it is only right that we take an embracing rather than exclusive stance.

MCR were a genuinely vital band and capable on their day of winning over fans from all corners of our diverse family. As a lover of music (as each one of you reading this surely is), it is important not to get bogged down in the seemingly ever more divided lines of sub-genre warfare. That way, dogma lies. Put it this way: apples are lovely, but you wouldn’t want to eat them all the time, would you? There’s nothing wrong with trying an orange every once in a while.

Maybe even more important than all of this, though, is the band’s relationship with the ‘mainstream press’. When vile hate rag The Daily Mail set its sights on tarring Chem’s fans as a cult of self-harming devil worshippers, it was no different to Christians Against Slipknot or Tipper Gore having a pop at Dee Snider. What was heartening to see was a group of fans, some very young, prepared to stand up for themselves and what they believed in – the right to listen to whatever they wanted to and express themselves however they see fit.

MCR’s penchant for military-inspired garb and sense of showmanship in the ‘Black Parade’ era drew comparisons to everyone from Queen to Marilyn Manson

They marched and they caused a fuss and exposed the Mail as the reactionary prats that they are – “Long live The Black Parade, we’ll listen to what we fucking want”. MCR fans weren’t prepared to take any shit, and for that we should all salute them. That’s what rock music is all about; an outsider culture that we should all be ready to stand up for and defend. My Chemical Romance mobilised this intense feeling of belonging in a new generation of fans, and for that alone they should be applauded.

Do you agree with Tom’s thoughts? Are MCR are band that we, as rock fans, should embrace? Head over to our Facebook page and let us know what you think.

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Shadow Kingdom Records, in its penchant for reissuing early rock/metal classics, has re-released the 1971 opus “Mourning” from Bolder Damn. One of the seventies’ heavier acts, the Ft. Lauderdale band’s classic album has been fully remastered and updated with band pictures and information. Over forty years ago upon its issue, “Mourning” was proto-doom with its heavily fuzzed-out and psychedelic sound of that Blue Cheer/Sir Lord Baltimore era. The seven-song release is streaming over on the Shadow Kingdom bandcamp page, or below.

Mourning by BOLDER DAMN

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Solid State Records is excited to announce the latest addition to its roster of artists: Pennsylvania metallers My Heart To Fear, which is wasting no time in announcing the November 20th release of debut EP, “Lost Between Brilliance and Insanity.” Solid State Records commented:

“The EP follows up several DIY releases that showcased the band’s penchant for technical riffs, swaggering vocals and sky-high choruses, elements that helped them build the fervent fanbase that supports them today.

“The Williamsport, PA-based act hails from the same geographic region and musical circles that spawned a number of metalcore successes in recent years – most notably genre giants August Burns Red, in addition to the likes of Texas In July (Equal Vision) and This Or The Apocalypse (eOne Entertainment). While a less confident band may look to steal a page or two out of those artists’ playbooks, My Heart To Fear are intent on forging their own sound.”

“When we write music we don’t stick to any one formula,” explains vocalist Trevor Pool. “We don’t write to please a certain group of people or to fit into specific genres. Nor do we sit down with a preconceived idea of what a song should or should not sound like. Instead we allow the music itself to reveal subconscious and spiritual paths. Rather than deriving inspiration solely from music, we find influence in the world around us and aim to transpose these non-musical entities into the musical aspects of a song.”

“Signing with Solid State is a huge step for us,” says Pool. “It is almost surreal to look back at all of the literal blood, sweat, and tears of our journey and to wonder what we would have thought at each phase if we could have seen, just for a moment, where we are now. We love the family-centered mentality of the Solid State staff and artists and hope to strengthen the family in whatever way possible!”

“We want to encourage everyone to not just shoot for their dreams, but to fight relentlessly for them,” Pool goes on to say. “We could not have made it this far in our journey without the endless support of those around us.”

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Pulverised Records is pleased to announce the latest addition to its roster of brutality: Malaysian death metal deviants, Lavatory. The following press release was issued about the band:

“Spawned in 2012, a five-song EP entitled ‘Transgression’ was issued earlier this Summer and showcases the band’s unwavering penchant for raw, Swede-ian death metal as originally conjured by the likes of Entombed, Carcass and Dismember. Lavatory is currently working on their full-length debut. In the meantime, sample their delicious sonic decay below.”

Notes Lavatory throat-slasher Muntah Ke Darah of the union with Pulverised: “It’s a dream come true for Lavatory to sign with Pulverised as we are the first Malaysian band offered with this opportunity.”

Adds Pulverised Records label manager Roy Yeo: “Lavatory caught us by complete surprise when we first heard them, and truth be told, there really aren’t many bands in the Southeast Asia region paying tribute to the elder statesmen of Swedish death metal! This sinister alliance between Lavatory and Pulverised Records will prove to be an interesting yet lethal one indeed. We cannot wait to hear how they will pick up from where they left off with the Transgression EP. Something tells me that a mixture of sick, crushing and rotten death metal is coming our way!”

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