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SATYRICON has released a second lyric video from their new self-titled album, set for release September 17th in North America on Nuclear Blast Entertainment.

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They will be joined by Primal Scream, Jake Bugg and more to be announced.

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Josh Homme: showbiz mates everywhere

Queens Of The Stone Age have been confirmed as one of the acts announced for this year’s iTunes Festival.

The full list of confirmed names so far is as follows:

September 6 – Queens Of The Stone Age

September 7 – Phoenix

September 10 – Jake Bugg

September 16 – Jack Johnson

September 18 – Thirty Seconds To Mars

September 20 – Primal Scream

September 23 – Jessie J

September 29 – Justin Timberlake

Tickets can be won through

QOTSA also play Download in June

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Rockers get abducted by beautiful women in the latest video single from “Save Rock and Roll.”

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French deathcore act Right To The Void has unleashed a video clip via YouTube for the song “Phoenix,” which was filmed at The Black Sheep in Montpellier, France on March 1st. Check out the video clip below

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“A Drug For All Seasons”, the 2005 debut album from F5, the Phoenix-based band featuring MEGADETH bassist David Ellefson, ex-SICK SPEED vocalist Dale Steele, drummer David Small, and guitarists Steve Conley and John Davis, has been reissued via iTunes with a bonus track, “Sleeping Giants”.

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London-based doom monsters Ramesses may have announced their recent split, but from the ashes yet more gnarly phoenix shall arise. Subterranea got an exclusive chat with former frontman Adam Richardson about the end of their reign, and why the future is psychedelically bleak.

Because you were down to play Desertfest, and then you made the announcement you were splitting, it gives the impression the decision was really sudden. Was it as sudden as it appeared?

“No, to be honest. We cancelled Desertfest in early December, but it took a while to filter through. I guess it’s been on the cards, basically. It’s just become unworkable, so we wanted to make it clear, because there’s still stuff on the internet about Ramesses playing Desertfest, so we just felt we should make it more definite.”

Was it musical differences, personal things?

“Not really. Tim [Bagshaw, guitarist], who’d been living in the US, left the band in August, not long before we went on tour with Eyehategod. He’s now playing in Serpentine Path, the band Ryan Lipynski did after Unearthtly Trance split. So we ended up doing both that and our own tour with two separate stand-in guitarists, including Vest from Bong. It was unfortunate that we didn’t get Mike to do the UK tour, but it didn’t pan out like that and me and Mark weren’t prepared to cancel our engagements, so we just soldiered on as we have done in the past, when Tim hadn’t been able to make gigs. So that was fine, and then effectively Mike joined Ramesses during the preparation and execution of the second leg of the tour, and things were looking up. We finished the tour, but things weren’t the same, because Tim had left, and then it just got to the point to where everyone needed a break from it – for a lot of reasons, but that was the general vibe anyway. Nonetheless we said we were going to have a break and we would continue next year, but with Mike on the guitar. So that was all agreed, and then Mark [Greening, drummer] started jamming with Electric Wizard, so he’s effectively relocated his drumkit and that was that. But I’m chuffed for him, whether he eventually rejoins them or not.”

Did you try to record Ramesses material with the new lineup?

“We had a few jams when we were rehearsing with Mike, but it was pretty much teaching him the stuff for the tour. I’ve got all sorts Ramesses stuff written between me and Tim, and we’ve all written stuff on our own, but he quit the band and it wasn’t going to work out. Twenty-first century recording aside, it’s not really what we started out doing.”

The original release of the Possessed By The Rise Of Magic album had the three of you in the room on the cover, and Ramesess needs that energy, doesn’t it?

“Exactly, and that wasn’t happening. Mike was the perfect replacement, if things were going to continue, and then Mark starting his jams with Electric Wizard, we decided that’s probably it, really. It’s for the best. Maybe we’ll do something in the future, but at the moment we’re all quite happy with the decision.”

Do you have anything new you’re working on?

“It’s a band called 11 Paranoias, which ironically it’s a band we started before the split of Ramesses, which ironically ended up with the same lineup at the end. It was me, Mark and Mike, and we managed to get 11 tracks recorded, and then of course because of Mark’s current engagements, for the same reasons he’s not going to be helping us out with 11 Paranoias anymore. We’ve got a new drummer called Gareth Brunsden, who was actually the drummer in Lord Of Putrefaction and was also Thy Grief Eternal and Hexed, which is the band I was doing just before Ramesses but never released anything. He’s also from Winbourne in Dorset. I’m very excited to announce that, and we’re going to start recording some new stuff shortly. In the interim I’m just trying to finish the record that me and Mike have been making since we recorded it with Mark. It’s shaping up nicely.”

Is that going to be very different to Ramesses?

“It’s meant to be a totally new band, although obviously the people involved in the initial recording has led to some obvious parallels to be drawn, but there’s also some shockingly different bits as well. It’s definitely more psychedelic rock and it’s still experimental and a bit crazy, but it’s a bit less Ramesses. It’s less aggro, but weirdly there are few parts that surpass even Ramesses for heaviness, which does make it a bit of a weird one. We weren’t planning that but it just came out, and some stuff was ridiculously heavy, other stuff just sounded really tripped out and spacey – a 60s/70s psychedelic rock sort of sound.”

Ramesses was really claustrophobic-sounding, so it’s going to be interesting to hear you deal with something more expansive.

“Yeah, while we trying to name tracks to work from, one track was simply called Pixies Cure Burzum, because that’s exactly what it sounded like. The guitar and the drums sounded like Pixies, the drum and bass The Cure, the vocals Burzum, atmosphere Burzum. I can’t remember what we’ve named it now, but it does now have a proper title. But for the most part, 11Paranoias is going to be combination of Loop, Monster Magnet and Hawkwind, plus of course a bit of Ramesses and Bong. Those last two just basically equal the original three culprits plus ridiculous heaviness, whist bypassing having to sound like anyone else. It does sound fucking out there.”

Check out a couple of 11Paranoias demo track at

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Phoenix, Postal Service and Wu-Tang Clan are also set for Indio, Calif. this April.

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During a recent interview with The Phoenix, SOUNDGARDEN guitarist Kim Thayil spoke about accusations from some in the media — as well as SMASHING PUMPKINS mainman Billy Corgan — that the band’s reunion is nothing more than a “cash grab.” “How is it a cash grab?” Thayil asked.

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High Roller Records has set a February 8 release date for “Phoenix”, the new album from the Swedish “full-throttle heavy metal” act SCREAMER on CD and LP.

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