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In celebration of the 30th anniversary of JUDAS PRIEST’s “Point Of Entry” album, the band’s guitarist, K.K.

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As Judas Priest will be hitting the road this year for their reported final tour, it’s appropriate to wander back to their 1977 masterwork, Sin After Sin.

Sin After Sin was, at one time, an acquired taste in Priest’s catalog. While it remains one of their all-time heaviest and most polished recordings, most fans picked up with the band either via British Steel and Hell Bent For Leather or Screaming for Vengeance and Defenders of the Faith. Those albums are slicker, louder and filled with iconic heavy metal classics. Sin After Sin is iconic itself, but you really had to dig backwards when learning the history of metal in order to appreciate their grinding “Dissident Aggressor” (made popular by benefit of Slayer’s cover) and the banging “Sinner,” “Race With the Devil” and “Starbreaker.”

A bit more refined than the over-the-top bludgeoning and tunefulness of their later work, Sin After Sin is a portal into a heavy metal wonderland, in sound by “Last Rose of Summer” and visually by the album’s escapist artwork. I have a great fondness for a lot of the older, detailed paintings gracing Judas Priest’s albums, in particular for Sad Wings of Destiny, Rocka Rolla and the Hero Hero compilation. I’m most fond, however, of the minimalist copier paper trail to infinitum found on Point of Entry. As a writer, that triggers my neurons and sends them scampering in search of that elusive vanishing point.

Yet the Sin After Sin album cover may provoke the most imagination of any of Priest’s albums. I think of Heavy Metal the magazine, I think of Arthur’s fadeout in Excalibur and I think of lust and desire, depicted in the abstract forms found at the sepulchure’s portal on this cover. One must deal with temptation from both sides when approaching the tomb, which really strikes my fancy.

Seduction and damnation await all who enter, and yet the Sin After Sin cover makes you want to see more, particularly to see if there’s a payout to the suggested sex by the translucent girl parting her legs to the side. What’s she hiding between her thighs? Kind of reminds you of an installment of Den from the pages of Heavy Metal, yes? With the devil obscura towards panel left, you get the feeling there’s pain coming with the pleasure, woe be to your genitalia…

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Howdy ho, neighbors!

A little brief again this week. Condolensces go out to my friend Metal Mark and his family with the passing of his mom this week. A truly fine lady and it’s all very surreal.

At the office this week, there’s been no running water as that community has been tapped dry since last Saturday and no concrete fix date. Back to the primitive, I assure you, and it really puts you in the place of those less fortunate on a day-to-day basis as well as the recent quake victims in Chile and Haiti. After watching 2012 last Friday, I was disturbed enough to really feel for the downtrodden. Bless you all.

Upcoming here at the site, expect another installment of the 2003 Headbangers Interview Sessions. For fun I’ll leave the guest’s identity a mystery. Been behind on reviews, so those will get along like dogies very shortly. Four chapters left on the first draft on the novel…feeling like a proud papa who has to let his chicklings go into the world and still needing to refine them just a few clicks before the world gets a good gander.

Speaking of papa, my boy is all over Judas Priest, even if I was very much stuck on The Clash’s London Calling as it designed one of the novel’s chapters. I just adored watching the kid headbang and yell “Music…loud, Daddy!” You betcha, kid, you betcha…

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