Posts Tagged “Positive Vibes” recently conducted an interview with former METALLICA, VOIVOD and FLOTSAM AND JETSAM bassist and current NEWSTED frontman Jason Newsted. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below. How far into the future are you looking in terms of where you want to take [NEWSTED]?

Newsted: As far as we can. I guess it’s not like you are asking a 25-year-old guy who is starting his first band how far he wants to take it because of all the things that have already happened. I just turned 50 and got married and all that kind of thing, so there’s a lot of different kind of worlds going on. [laughs] I’ve been so touched and so surprised by the positive vibes, and acceptance from the fans we’ve played to across the world. As long as my shoulders and neck keep working, I’ll keep going at it, keep chasing it. As long as people keep giving a shit and keep giving us this acceptance, I’ll keep chasing it. As long as we can still come up with music that reaches a certain standard for us to be able to share, then I’ll keep doing that. It’s so important when to say when especially in a business like this. But, we’ve only got to play about 15 to 17 countries so far on this first six months of the band and I’ve got a lot more to play. I ‘ve got a lot more things to do. I think the title itself, “Heavy Metal Music”, is quite reflective because it is something that has been a career, a lifestyle, a passion of yours for a long time. These days, do you feel it’s easier or harder being a metal musician?

Newsted: I think for any kind of musician or entertainer or journalist, it takes a lot more. We’ve got to work four times as hard for half as much as you used to get. There’s so much more competition. There’s so much of this instant-gratification stuff and people feeling entitled. There are fewer jobs and more people trying to get them. Everybody wants to be famous and all this different kind of silly shit, and there are factors that maybe weren’t there before. They were there, but not as intense as they are now since the Internet and the “everybody is somebody” vibe. [However] just like any of these things we just mentioned, if it’s a person that is gifted and it’s a genuine article, then the cream will rise to the top and they will have a proper career, and people will learn to appreciate it. People will see through it if it’s fake. For me personally, I’ve got to say, I’ve been pretty enlightened these last couple of months as I’ve travelled around the place playing music for people. The metal world is in better shape than I thought it was before I went out there. That’s my take on it now. I’m happy to be a metal musician. It is harder to be one, but those of us that have been in it for a long time and done the right thing, we will be here forever. As you were saying there, you’ve done this for a long time. Probably one of the biggest changes in music is the role of social media. How important is it to interact with that medium and specifically interact with fans more directly?

Newsted: I’m finding that it’s all-important. That channel wasn’t really available last time I was in a big band. A lot has changed in the last ten years since I was in the business. I guess pretty much everything has changed. [laughs] Only a couple of [major] things have changed [though]. You’ve still got to take the music to the people, you’ve still got to have that human interaction exchange with the rock when the volume is up and [with] the sweat — you’ve got to have that. A computer can’t change that…it can’t take it away either fortunately. The ability to press one button and get to the corners of Timbuktu and all that is amazing to me. It’s still so new to me that I’m fascinated by it. I repelled it for so long and I’ve only just taken on my Facebook of November last year. It is kind of real, real new. I was always a fan-based guy myself, so having the ability to rekindle relationships with long-time fans and also make new ones [is great]. I used to have to go out right to the city itself, out in the middle of wherever, to find out what music people were listening to. I had to play in their town and shake their hand, and say, “What bands do you listen to?” to know what was going on there. Now I can just go on the Internet to see what is going on in that area or region, and who is popular where. It’s amazing. Learning about it every day my man. [laughs]

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Newsted: ANGRY MAN

Former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted, who recently announced his long-awaited return to music, has talked about his difficult experiences over the past 11 years in a new interview.

Check out some excerpts below:

On how the Newsted project came about:

Jason: “Metallica did their Fillmore shows for the 30th anniversary, and Lars called me and said they were having all the family out and anybody that played a part in the history. I said ‘Let’s do it.’ I really didn’t know what to expect. I was overwhelmed by the positive vibe from people. It truly took my breath. I heard my name in all kinds of dialects and accents and positive vibes coming. I had an epiphany and looked over the crowd and said ‘I’m gonna try this one more time.’ That’s why we’re where we are now because Lars gave me a call and asked me to jam again.”

On having to go through series of shoulder surgeries on both arms and not being able to play, which made him turn to painting:

Jason: “When I had my shoulder surgeries, they took over a three-and-a-half to four-year span, back and forth, left shoulder, right shoulder, left shoulder, right shoulder. With complete bicep tears and rotator cuff tears and very ugly rehab and therapy. Painkiller addiction, the whole deal. I only had one arm at a time, so I started painting. Now, I can use both hands equally for everything. That’s how the art came. I had to have something to do because I could not play my instrument.”

On playing guitar and singing in Newsted:

Jason: “It’s exciting and terrifying at the same time. It’s gonna be that newness, scared, excited feeling when you first start out again. I get to taste a bunch of that.”

On his 15-year run with Metallica:

Jason: “The Metallica thing was just a dream. Still kind of is. I don’t know how to explain that. I’m the only human out of all the humans that got to be in that band and then back out, still alive and healthy and appreciating them still. I’m the only person that has that perspective and that’s kind of a crazy place to be.”

On the freedom he’s enjoyed the 11 years since he left METALLICA:

Jason: “I filled my role every time I was asked to do something, but it does put this thing in you that you can’t really make any kind of plans of serious aspects with anybody you really care about because the band has to come first. Having the freedom to be with the people you love and still do the music you want and do the paintings you want and live the life you wanna live, only do what you want to do when you want to do it, it is worth more than all the money that’s ever been printed. That’s the bottom line.”

On his expectations for Newsted:

Jason: “I’m not taking anything for granted. This is like a rebirth. I don’t have to start over again. I just start from where I stepped off, which happened to be the peak of the highest mountain you could climb in metal. I stepped off that spot so that’s kind of where I’m at. I’m doing this because I wanna do it. It’s hard for people to fathom it, but it’s more valuable to have control of my time than to be in the biggest band in the world.”

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Black Sabbath legend Tony Iommi has issued an update on his ongoing battle with cancer.

“A little update on how it’s all going,” states the guitar god.

“Well, I’ve had the last dose of chemotherapy, so hopefully my body will start to get back to normal soon. The steroids were the [worst]. I’ve now got three weeks of radiotherapy coming up which I’m told can be very tiring, so we’ll see.

“A big thanks to Ozzy [Osbourne] and Geezer [Butler] for coming over to England; it was a big incentive for me. We managed to work most days and have some great new tracks.

“And, importantly, thanks again for your kind messages. Hope to be seeing you soon.”

It goes without saying that we’re all sending positive vibes and good thoughts Tony’s way, and we hope that we’ll be able to see him back on his feet as soon as possible. We’re thinking of you, brother!

Black Sabbath are currently scheduled to play this year’s Download festival in June, with a new album produced by Rick Rubin tentatively due out later this year. Download takes place from June 8-10 at Donington, and will also feature the likes of The Prodigy, Metallica, Machine Head, Megadeth, Lamb Of God and many, many more.

You can still get your Download tickets from the link below:

Download tickets

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Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi was diagnosed with lymphoma, a cancer of the blood that develops in the lymphatic system. Black Sabbath made the following post on its official Facebook Page:

“With the news that Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi has been diagnosed with the early stages of lymphoma, his bandmates would like everyone to send positive vibes to the guitarist at this time. Iommi is currently working with his doctors to establish the best treatment plan–the “IRON MAN” of Rock & Roll remains upbeat and determined to make a full and successful recovery.

This comes as Black Sabbath–Ozzy Osbourne (vocals), Tony Iommi (guitar), Geezer Butler (bass) and Bill Ward (drums)–are writing and recording their first album in 33 years in Los Angeles (still set for release this fall) with producer Rick Rubin. They will now go to the UK to continue to work with Tony. Further information will be released as it becomes available.”

More news on Iommi’s condition is expected shortly.

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Sebastian Bach (SKID ROW), Lemmy Kilmister (MOTÖRHEAD) and Jason Bonham (LED ZEPPELIN) are among the guest musicians who performed with CAMP FREDDY this past Monday, January 24 at Whisky A Go Go in West Hollywood, California as part of a benefit event to create awareness and raise positive vibes in celebration of breast cancer survivor Carolyne Williams.

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Legendary Whisky A Go Go, Roxy and Rainbow Bar & Grill founder and recovering cancer survivor Mario Maglieri is presenting a benefit event to create awareness and raise positive vibes in celebration of breast cancer survivor Carolyne Williams.

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