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At The Gates: touring the UK!

A monstrous extreme metal feast is coming our way this winter.

Reunited melodic death metal legends At The Gates will play a batch of UK dates, with support coming from Tom G Warrior’s doomy beasts Triptykon and progressive death metal heavyweights, Morbus Chron! What. A. Bill!

Catch it on the following dates:

Dec 4 London Forum
Dec 5 Manchester Academy 2
Dec 6 Glasgow Garage
Dec 7 Birmingham Academy
Dec 8 Cardiff Solus

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Rogue Records America has announce the release of the self-titled full-length album from Sweden’s HUMANITY’S LAST BREATH. For fans of MESHUGGAH, VILDHJARTA and progressive death metal searching for another amazingly brutal act to latch on to, HUMANITY’S LAST BREATH is your band.

“Humanity’s Last Breath” is out now on both physical CD (limited-edition digipak) and as a digital download (digital format also includes the entire album as an instrumental version).

The song “Animal”, taken from “Humanity’s Last Breath”, can be streamed in the YouTube clip below.

Bludgeoning your speakers with 13 tracks that grind any brains you have left into a pulp, HUMANITY’S LAST BREATH once again sets the bar in the death metal genre, showing the progression of not only the band but the limits of what one can do with metal itself. Chugging riffs, thunderous drums, pounding bass and banshee-like vocals take the listener through a more groove-oriented sound than the band’s last release.

HUMANITY’S LAST BREATH was formed in 2009 by drummer Buster Odeholm and guitarist Kristoffer Nilsson. They previously released two EPs, “Reanimated By Hate” (2009) and “Structures Collapse” (2011).


Marcus Hultqvist – Vocals
Kristoffer Nilsson – Guitar
Stefan Bengtsson – Bass Guitar
Buster Odeholm – Drums


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“Mechanical Trees”, a brand new song from the Reading, Pennsylvania-based modern progressive death metal quintet RIVERS OF NIHIL, can be streamed below. The track comes off the band’s upcoming album, “The Conscious Seed Of Light”, which will be released on October 15 in North America (one day earlier internationally) via Metal Blade Records. The CD was recorded in March 2013 at Mana Recording Studios in Florida with producer Erik Rutan. Guitarist Brody Uttley said: “Working with Erik was a true privilege. Coming from the DIY circuit and immediately recording with one of greatest death metal producers of all time pushed us all more than we ever could have expected, both as musicians and as people. We have grown tremendously as a band in all aspects because of our experience with Erik.”

Regarding “Mechanical Trees”, RIVERS OF NIHIL bassist Adam Biggs said: “The lyrics paint a bleak picture of humanity’s future, wherein the environment has become so damaged that we are forced to rely on machines to create breathable oxygen for most living creatures. Eventually, this way of life becomes too much for Earth’s dwindling human population, so the powers that be lace the machines with hallucinogenic substances to ease the pain of death. While that seems bleak, this song is actually a lot of fun to play live. It contains some of the more difficult riffs on the record, while also maintaining a good deal of atmosphere.”

RIVERS OF NIHIL, which also features vocalist Jake Dieffenbach, guitarist Jon Kunz and drummer Ron Nelson, has added dates to its fall touring schedule. In October, fans will be able to see RIVERS OF NIHIL on the road with BENEATH THE MASSACRE, RINGS OF SATURN and LEGION throughout the East Coast.

Formed in 2009, RIVERS OF NIHIL‘s music is as dark and heavy as the coal and iron their home city was built upon, taking influences from some of death metal’s heaviest, most abrasive hitters: MORBID ANGEL, GOJIRA, SPAWN OF POSSESSION and DECAPITATED, to name a few.


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New York progressive death metal act Open Denile posted the first in studio video featuring behind the scenes footage of the recordings for the sophomore album “The Efflorescence of Creation.” The album is expected out soon and is the follow up to the 2012 debut ” Visions of the Next Dimension.” Open Denile is: Dorian Cruz aka ” Kanonn Kage” – Lead Vocals Craig “Krieg” Storer – Lead Guitar, Clean Vocals Alex Stevenson – Drums The band is searching for a bass player. To inquire, please head over to the band’s Facebook Page for more information. The video shows guitarist Craig Storer laying down guitar tracks

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One of the most touted bands of the metal underground is Australia’s BE’LAKOR. 2009’s “Stone’s Reach” made as many insiders’ Best Of lists as THE OCEAN‘s “Pelagial” likely will this year. Of course, it’s almost a given BE’LAKOR‘s third release “Of Breath and Bone” will be in the running as well.

If you’re unfamiliar with the name, BE’LAKOR is a progressive death metal horde who’ve studied the chops and frames of OPETH, INSOMNIUM and to certain latitudes, AMON AMARTH. While hardly coming off like any of these acts in a direct sense, what has to be said about BE’LAKOR is they are near-perfect understudies who can enthrall and luxuriate every space available to them in their commonly long arrangements.

George Kosmas‘ demonic grumbles are about as extreme as BE’LAKOR gets. The band rockets in spurts, but detail, opulence and fluid transitions are principally the band’s focus. “Of Breath and Bone” breaks no new ground for BE’LAKOR, but it sustains the band’s near-mystic prowess for captivation.

They may hail from down under, but BE’LAKOR comes off like they’ve spent their vacations literally chilling in the Scandinavian permafrost. The Flemish and Baroque art pieces flooding the packaging for “Of Breath and Bone” lends impeccable nuance to its dark, old world majesty. Upon a first sweep of the liner notes, starting off with the uneasy prospect on the cover that Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf might’ve actually been in cahoots, you know you’re in for a cerebral treat.

For death metal, BE’LAKOR‘s delicate techniques and expressive wonderment makes them almost tame, but never make the mistake of assuming virtuosity compromises this band. The instrumental interlude “To Stir the Sea” with its synthetic flutes and gorgeous acoustic weaves summons the subliminal sound of crashing tides in the listener’s mind. This sets up a sprinkle of piano overtop the steady and eloquent crunch of “In Parting”. In TESTAMENT‘s realm, a thrash opus would follow an interceding guitar instrumental, but BE’LAKOR shows that slow and sure is just as powerful. Soon, “In Parting” accelerates beyond its climbing decorativeness, much as BE’LAKOR does earlier in the album on “Abeyance” and “Remnants”.

While the entire album is sprawled with extensive structuring, the rear section of “In Parting” is a widespread sequence of nine minute mini-epics running through “In Parting” and “To Dream and the Waking”, then concluding with “By Moon and Star”. There is so much happening in these three compositions they could sustain themselves as a separate release. Bursting at double hammer only in doses, they’re still emotive and articulate, demanding a dedicated investment of the listener’s attention.

Keyboardist Steve Merry, who gets drowned in the earlier tracks, is practically showcased towards the end. His moody piano laces overtop and underneath the ceaseless fret breezes summoned by Shaun Sykes, George Kosmas and John Richardson. Jimmy Vanden Broeck is the unsung hero of the band, as he is nearly accountable by himself for keeping BE’LAKOR on track through their unending signature swaps. Vanden Broeck is called upon to deliver a mostly tempered roll throughout BE’LAKOR‘s diligent movements while being reflexive enough to step on the gas for a bar and then immediately brake back down. Vanden Broeck is just as incremental to the sophisticated configuring of this album as the Gothic guitar lines and supplemental instrumentation. As nasty as George Kosmas‘ spew can be, there’s still a presiding refinement to BE’LAKOR‘s craft that his malice is all but exorcised.

Another impressive outing for a band that might as well be considered architects more than mere musicians. If you’re already a fan, “Of Breath and Bone” is happily status quo. If you’re just stepping up to BE’LAKOR, the experience will be comparable to witnessing the genesis of a dark horse character in a comic book series rise to prominence.

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U.K. death metal alchemists Grave Miasma have completed work on their debut full-length LP, which they’ve christened “Odori Sepulcrorum.” Profound Lore Records comments: “Following up the ‘Exalted Emanation’ debut EP and the ‘Realm Of Evoked Doom’ compilation EP respectively, ‘Odori Sepulcrorum’ is a audio summoning where occult progressive death metal levitation exalts itself as Grave Miasma have created an album that will serve its purpose as a pillar in the realm of death metal artistry.

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Norwegian progressive death metal trio Diskord has announced a double-CD reissue of the debut full-length “Doomscapes” on July 30th via Poland’s Hellthrasher Productions. Originally released in 2007 by currently non-existing Edgerunner Records, the album will be re-pressed in the edition of 1000 two-CD sets including a bonus disc with the previously self-released “Aural Abjection” EP. The track listing is as follows: CD1 1

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Witherscape, the stunning new atmospheric and progressive death metal outfit formed by Swedish singer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer extraordinaire Dan Swanö and fellow Swedish multi-instrumentalist Ragnar Widerberg, will release debut album “The Inheritance” on August 6 in North America (July 29 in Europe) via Century Media Records. In anticipation of The Inheritance’s release, Witherscape has now premiered a lyric video for the album track “Dead for a Day” on Decibel

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Andorran progressive death metal band Nami has posted to its facebook page details regarding the recording of its follow up to the “Fragile Alignments” release: “Hi everyone!!! After several months of crazy work we are more than happy to announce that we finished the recording of the upcoming new album! As with “Fragile Alignments”, Jens Bogren will be in charge of the Mix and Master of the tracks in Fascination Street Studios.

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Romanian progressive death metal act Illuminati has posted a new song online titled “Please Lose,” which features a guest spot by Patrick Mameli of Pestilence.

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