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“If Not Here, Where?”, a brand new song from Finnish metallers AMORAL, can be streamed below. The track comes off the band’s upcoming album “Fallen Leaves & Dead Sparrows”, which will be released in early 2014.

‘Fallen Leaves & Dead Sparrows’ is a concept album, and ‘If Not Here, Where?’ sits right in the middle of the album and the story, marking a turning point in the protagonist’s journey,” says Ben Varon, guitarist and main songwriter of AMORAL.

“We wanted the first taster to really represent the whole album. Also, ‘If Not Here, Where?’ being such a massive chunk of music, almost like two songs in one, it will take some time for listeners to digest it all, and hopefully this track will keep people occupied until we leak out another song.”

AMORAL‘s fifth album, “Beneath”, entered the official chart in Finland at position No. 30. Released on October 26, 2011, the CD came equipped with a stunning 18-page poster booklet (made by Spanish artist Marta Nael), expanding the cover artwork into all its glory.


Ari Koivunen (RASKASTA JOULUA) – Vocals
Ben Varon (GREASE HELMET) – Guitar
Masi Hukari – Guitar
Pekka Johansson – Bass
Juhana Karlsson (SHEAR) – Drums

(Thanks: Fireangel of Night Elves)

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“Electronicore” is the latest hipster tag to emerge in the metal world and one of its face bands is Osaka’s CROSSFAITH. Essentially what you’re getting with this digi-bang tribe is a rave-minded interpretation of BLEEDING THROUGH and AUGUST BURNS RED. Formed as a protest against a pop-saturated Japanese music market, CROSSFAITH‘s use of romping synths and grinding electronic filaments amidst hardcore and metalcore methods is not for everyone. However, it’s easy to appreciate the band’s inherent thumb bite despite frequently ringing like a Tekken soundtrack gone metal-mental.

On their third full-length, “Apocalyze”, CROSSFAITH continues to employ the party-down metal tears of their well-received singles “Jagerbomb” and “Monolith” from their 2012 EP, “Zion”. “We Are the Future” bursts as a roaring manifesto about bands trying to break molds, thus allowing “Apocalyze” to bop between mid-tempo hook jams and rhythmic metalcore schemes.

“Hounds of the Apocalypse”, one of the heaviest tracks of the album, alternates between blast beats and varied hardcore stamps with Tamano Terufumi‘s smothering of the final section with IMMORTALS-esque synth frolics. The party-flavored “Eclipse” next comes with a crazily-constructed succession of punishing strikes and pulsing pumps that gives woofing vocalist Koie Kenta a moment to throw out some rare cleans. The proto-punched theme continues into “The Evolution”, a song with the obvious intent of getting CROSSFAITH‘s audience pogoing on the floor.

In direct counter to each other, the groove-oriented “Gala Hala (Burn Down the Floor)” at the midpoint of the album is instantly squashed by the abrasive and noisome “Countdown to Hell”. The latter’s theme about bullying takes a darker path on the following track, “Deathwish”, a slinking bopper that pits a vengeance-minded protagonist on the search for his loved one’s killers. Ikegawa Hiroki‘s bass licks on “Deathwish” are menacing despite the awkwardly up-tempo feel of the track

A brief string intro to the anthemic banger “Counting Stars” makes for a tasteful lead into Tamano Terufumi‘s astral electro fills on the verses and bridges while the song lofts on its choruses. Here, Terufumi‘s synthetic textures serve the song’s drive, along with supplemental vocals from Bianca Roman and mounting guitar fills from Takemura Kuzuki. “Burning White” might’ve become “Apocalyze”‘s hardest hour, but the spanking double hammer from Amano Tatsuya is quickly morphed into a melodic bangfest that’s lavished by a gorgeous guitar solo from Kuzuki.

CROSSFAITH saves their most potent venom for “Only the Wise Can Control Our Eyes”, a song spotlighting the Fukushima nuclear disaster. The moshing verses are brutal, the wrecking breakdowns are smartly executed and still CROSSFAITH engineers a tuneful chorus amidst all of the mayhem. It becomes “Apocalyze”‘s moment of grace as the band seeks to give voice to the citizens impacted by the Level 7 fallout and to hint at a believed governmental cover-up.

While CROSSFAITH may take some listener acclimation with all of their tenacious electronic rakes, “Apocalyze” is nevertheless a creative and energetic album that grows strength with repeated listens. This album will excite metalcore freaks like it’s the dawn of a new era. Like their contemporaries MUCC and DIR EN GREY, this band isn’t afraid to dabble, tinker and stretch boundaries largely borrowed from the western sanction. While BORIS continues to reign over the Japanese metal scene in their own modest way, CROSSFAITH will appeal to a broader audience. For certain, expect to hear these guys jacking up a video game or two in the near future.

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Showtime just picked up the documentary “Last Days Here” from influential doom legends Pentagram – showing information can be found here . On June 20th, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Winchester, VA will be screening “Last Days Here” followed by a Q+A from the film’s co-protagonist and band manager, Pellet.

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– May 30th, 2013 – Screening at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in VA locked for June 20! Premium subscription channel SHOWTIME just picked up the documentary “Last Days Here” from influential doom legends PENTAGRAM – showings can be found HERE . On June 20th, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Winchester, VA will be screening “Last Days Here” followed by a Q+A from the film’s co-protagonist and band manager, Pellet. Thirty beers will be on tap from around the world including locals from Devil’s Backbone, Lost Rhino, Three Brothers, and more! Check out details and get your tickets to the screening HERE .

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Amorphis guitarist Tomi Koivusaari has named his top five concept albums of all time. View Metal Hammer’s exclusive video below.

The band’s 11th studio album, Circle, is out now via Nuclear Blast. Lyricist Pekka Kainulainen recently explained the concept: “The protagonist has been dealt a bad hand at birth. He’s always felt himself an outsider with strong potential to become marginalised. Through an accident, after a crisis, he finds a connection with his inner powers.

“A guide is sent to him, from some other time and place. He gets a chance to take hold of his own life and change his destiny. From the past of Carelian Finland he finds his own spiritual tribe and the power to turn the course of his doomed life. This is a story of survival.”

See Amorphis live at the Bloodstock Open Air festival at Catton Park, Derbyshire, on August 9, and at London’s O2 Academy on December 1.

Circle tracklist

1. Shades Of Gray
2. Mission
3. The Wanderer
4. Narrow Path
5. Hopeless Days
6. Nightbird’s Song
7. Into The Abyss
8. Enchanted By The Moon
9. A New Day

CD+DVD digipak tracklist

1. Shades Of Gray
2. Mission
3. The Wanderer
4. Narrow Path
5. Hopeless Days
6. Nightbird’s Song
7. Into The Abyss
8. Enchanted By The Moon
9. A New Day
10. Dead Man’s Dream (Bonus Track)

Bonus DVD:
– The Making Of Circle
– Nightbird’s Song (video clip)

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Stone Sour

Looking for a free Stone Sour track? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s Gravesend from House Of Gold & Bones Part 2.

Corey Taylor says of the song: “The protagonist is being assaulted by a lot of different memories and different things. He finds himself in a cemetery, Gravesend. He’s given the answers slowly but surely – and he’s not so happy with the answers he gets.

“In one way it’s retroactive as far as seeing things for the first time. On the other hand he’s having to fight the reaction he’s having. In a lot of ways it’s the culmination of the journey, and it leads to the final act.”

House Of Gold & Bones Part 2 is out on Monday April 8 – and if you preorder you’ll receive an instant download of Do Me A Favor.

Stone Sour will play at this year’s Download Festival on June 16 as part of a European tour.


01. Red City
02. Black John
03. Sadist
04. Peckinpah
05. Stalemate
06. Gravesend
07. ’82
08. The Uncanny Valley
09. Blue Smoke
10. Do Me A Favor
11. The Conflagration
12. The House Of Gold & Bones

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Buckcherry has premiered a new video for “Gluttony” – the first single from the “Confessions” album – through AOL’s Check out the track right here or in the player below. The clip was directed by Billy Jayne and features the band performing the song in a church filled with people indulging in all types of vices, while the video’s protagonist struggles to overcome his own gluttony.

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Birmingham project Aeurtum is set to release debut full-length “The Fall” on July 27th, 2012. The album will feature 9 tracks, and according to a press release is a “first person journey following the emotional breakdown and ‘search for the meaning of life’ the protagonist goes through.”

You can check out the song “Uttered” off the new release through the YouTube player below. More info can be found at the band’s official Facebook page.

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Post-black metal act Thraenenkind, which features bassist Nathanael from Heretoir, has announced the band’s new album will be titled “The Elk.” Nathanael commented:

“Besides the new singer Nils (Fäulnis, Ophis), Torsten of Agrypnie and myself have done vocals on this great release – expect something different from the older material but yet something very melodic, mature and absorbing.”

The track listing is as follows:

1. Monument
2. Just another way of expressing defeat
3. The king is dead
4. My transparent heart
5. Today, the sea (Anja’s song)
6. Deleting those three words
7. Eternal youth
8. Silence is everything
9. Seven dead horses
10. Forest
11. This story of permanence
12. The elk

The following press release was also issued about the album:

“The upcoming Thränenkind debut album will be a concept album with about an hour running time. It will tell you the story of two siblings, who are on a roadtrip to the funeral of their father. On this trip they meet friends of former times, old memories, tragedy, hope, death and a mysterious ‘stranger.’

“The story is set in the northwest of the USA. But it is a methaphorical story and could take place everywhere on earth and everyone could be a protagonist. What counts is what the heart says.

“Concerning the music there will be some changes and alterations compared to older Thränenkind releases, but still atmosphere will be the main point of Thränenkind’s music. Some songs are really slow and have a little touch of crustcore in them. Some are fast and unfold the power of black metal, while others are completely instrumental songs with a lot of atmosphere.

“Around the end of this year the album will be released and you will have the possibility to buy this record, which is made of heart’s blood and contains everything Thränenkind stands for. Check out our Facebook page once in a while and you will get the chance to listen to some songs before the album is released.”

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Awesome fantasy RPG The Witcher 2 unleashed an ace Enhanced Addition last month, and to be honest, we’ve barely stopped playing it.

Here are five reasons we think The Witcher 2 is Metal As Fuck.

Geralt Of Rivia Is A Fucking Badass

Geralt: It's in the eyes…

He’s the protagonist, is a monster hunter, looks like a vampire-assassin-supervillain and is nicknamed “The White Wolf”. Legend.

There’s Tons Of Cool Monsters

Alright ugly

Such as this one. Grim.

The Makers Put On The Best Launch Event EVER

And this was all just for an expansion! What the fuck is gonna happen for the next sequel?

It’s Proper Bloody And Has Sweet Finishing Moves In

Not that we can hit any yet but at least we know they’re there.

Metal Hammer Editor Alexander Milas Really Likes It

“If, like the Hammer crew, you like a bit of hack and slash in your console with some tawdry storylines to boot, then check out the Witcher 2.”

…sold! The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition is out now. For more information head to the Witcher 2 website.


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