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Singer/bassist Mike Dean and singer/drummer Reed Mullin of hardcore punk veterans CORROSION OF CONFORMITY recently joined forces with a number of well-known musicians from the metal and hardcore scenes to create the new project TEENAGE TIME KILLER.

The instrumental parts for the upcoming debut release from TEENAGE TIME KILLER, which is named after a RUDIMENTARY PENI song, were recorded at Dave Grohl‘s (FOO FIGHTERS, NIRVANA) Studio 606 in Northridge, California on the famous Sound City mixing board, which was the central focus of Grohl‘s acclaimed “Sound City: Real To Reel” documentary.

In a brand new interview with Jump Metal (see below), Mullin revealed some of the names that are going to be involved with the project:

* Jello Biafra (DEAD KENNEDYS)
* Tommy Victor (PRONG, DANZIG)
* Phil Rind (SACRED REICH)
* Randy Blythe (LAMB OF GOD)
* Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein (MISFITS)

Back in May, Blythe posted an Instagram photo of him with Dean and Mullin in the studio and described his contribution to TEENAGE TIME KILLER, a track called “Hung Out To Dry”, as “old-school C.O.C.-style thrash punk.”

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Guitarist Mick Murphy of the Los Angeles-based rock band MY RUIN has been a busy man recently. Besides writing and co-producing MY RUIN‘s eighth studio album, “The Sacred Mood”, with Soundtrack Black Studio owner Joel Stooksbury, he has been moonlighting the last five months with the classic rock cover band CHEVY METAL, featuring Taylor Hawkins of FOO FIGHTERS and Wiley Hodgden.

“I’ve been having a great time playing songs I grew up listening to and have vinyl records of in my collection, and when people like Nikki Sixx and Perry Farrell join us on stage it’s a trip,” says Murphy. “Having Dave Grohl sit in has lead to a few memorable moments as well. He and Taylor are both amazing musicians and all about the old school rock. I feel right at home and every show with these guys has been killer!”

Dave Grohl recently joined CHEVY METAL on stage to cover a few classic ’70s THE ROLLING STONES tunes when they played the “Party In Your Pants” one-day music festival in Topanga Canyon presented by KLVC and Levi’s to celebrate the launch of the clothing company’s vintage-inspired Orange Tab collection. You can check out a montage of footage from the show here:

Mick has also been in the studio writing and recording an album with legendary CORROSION OF CONFORMITY drummer Reed Mullin for the new side project TEENAGE TIME KILLERS which is being produced by John Lousteau. Though still in the early stages, the album boasts guest appearances by an array of rock luminaries such as Randy Blythe (LAMB OF GOD), Mike Dean (CORROSION OF CONFORMITY), Greg Anderson, London May, Dave Grohl, Vic Bondi, Woody Weatherman (CORROSION OF CONFORMITY), Tommy Victor (PRONG, DANZIG) and MY RUIN vocalist Tairrie B. Murphy, along with many others who are committing their time and talents to the project.

“I’ve known John Lousteau for many years,” says Murphy. “We were both in bands back in the day in Knoxville, Tennessee. He’s been sitting in on drums with MY RUIN recently and we’ve been doing a lot of session work at Studio 606. When he approached me about recording guitar on a few of Reed‘s songs, I said count me in! We got into the studio and things just clicked. Reed asked me to write a few songs as well and it grew from there. He’s one of my favorite drummers of all time and it’s an honor to create music with him and so many other incredible musicians and vocalists. This album is both organic in nature and spontaneous in spirit which is the beauty of it, It has an old-school vibe and I think people are going to really dig it when they hear it.”


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So in case you missed our shameless and endless plugging over on Twitter recently (yes, that was a plug within a plug right there), we finally got our shit together and joined Instagram! SO 2012, RIGHT?!

Follow us on metalhammeruk for photos of us hanging out with bands and generally being bell ends.

Anyway, we’ve spent the last month trawling through as many cute animals, burgers, trainers and tattoos as we can (we can confirm that #girlswithink is definitely a “thing” – we do the hard work so you don’t have to), all to bring you the definitive list of people you need to be following on Instagram. You’re welcome.

Name: James Hetfield (Metallica)
AKA: papa_het_
Most Likely To Post: Photos of his FAMILEEEEEH
Such As: 

Name: Randy Blythe (Lamb of God)
AKA: drandallblythe
Most Likely To Post: Arty scenic photos
Such As:

Name: Oli Sykes (BMTH)
AKA: Olobersykes
Most Likely To Post: Stuff ripping on his bandmates
Such As:

Name: Chris Jericho (Fozzy)
AKA: ChrisJerichoFozzy
Most Likely To Post: Pictures of him and his showbiz mates.
Such As:

Name: Lzzy Hale (Halestorm)
AKA: officiallzzyhale
Most Likely To Post: Snaps of Halestorm bassist Josh Smith.
Such As:

Name: Zakk Wylde (Black Label Society)
AKA: zakkwyldebls
Most Likely To Post: Pictures that make you wish you were Zakk Wylde
Such As:

Name: Devin Townsend (Mad Genius)
AKA: dvntownsend
Most Likely To Post: Gurns
Such As:

Name: Shawn Crahan (Slipknot)
AKA: 6cl6wn6
Most Likely To Post: Photos of himself hiding behind things
Such As:

Name: Kat Von D (Ink Icon)
AKA: thekatvond
Most Likely To Post: Freakin’ schweet tattoos
Such As:

Name: Brent Hinds (Mastodon)
AKA: bhinds
Most Likely To Post: Wood carvings
Such As:

Name: Davyd Winter-Bates (Bury Tomorrow)
AKA: swearboxdj
Most Likely To Post: Shots of his weird cat toy thing
Such As:

Name: Daniel P Carter (BBC Radio 1 Rock Show)
AKA: danielpcarter
Most Likely To Post: Cool-as-fuck artwork
Such As:

Name: Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails)
AKA: treznor
Most Likely To Post: NIN studio pics (we think)
Such As:

Name: Robb Flynn (Machine Head)
AKA: robbflynn
Most Likely To Post: Photos of himself throwing the horns
Such As:

Name: Marilyn Manson
AKA: marilynmanson
Most Likely To Post: Dress-up pics
Such As:

Name: Scott Kennedy (Bleed From Within)
AKA: scottkennedy_
Most Likely To Post: Pictures of his dog Alba
Such As:

So there you go. HAPPY FRIDAY.

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Randy Blythe (LAMB OF GOD), Robb Flynn (MACHINE HEAD) and Max Cavalera (SOULFLY, CAVALERA CONSPIRACY, SEPULTURA) are among the “surprise” guests who performed with with the surviving members of SUICIDE SILENCE at a special show last night (Friday, December 21) at the Fox theater in Pomona, California as a tribute to their late frontman, Mitch Lucker, who died November 1, after sustaining injuries

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Randy Blythe (LAMB OF GOD), Chad Gray (HELLYEAH, MUDVAYNE), Robb Flynn (MACHINE HEAD), Dez Fafara (DEVILDRIVER, COAL CHAMBER) and Tim Lambesis (AS I LAY DYING) are among the guest musicians who are tentatively due to perform with the surviving members of SUICIDE SILENCE at a special show on December 21 at the Fox theater in Pomona, California as a tribute to the band’s late singer, Mitch Lucker, w

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Apparently, it’s International Talk Like A Pirate Day. This means that a few people probably say “Y’arrrr” a bit and then forget about it. Because we think pirates are proper cool and deserve a bit more that that, we decided to put together a list of the ten rock stars that we think would be most at home terrorizing the high seas. SHIVER ME TIMB-ah fuck it.


Al Jourgensen (Ministry)

Mmmm, cutlassy

We told you it’d be bad. Anyway, Al Jourgensen not only looks the part (packing a gold tooth and everything), but he’s mental enough to be pretty scary should you ever come face to face with him on a galley. Or starboard. Or whatever it is.

Randy Blythe (Lamb Of God)

Randy Blythe: Not happy with his eye patch

Even more so with his recent dreadlocked look. We wouldn’t say this to his face, though.

Rob Zombie

Nice parrot, mate.

Not least because he spends most of his time dolled up looking like something that crawled out of a grave beneath the waves. Gnarly.


Where's the rum?

Well they were always going to go in, weren’t they? Yes, yes they were.

Ol Drake (Evile)

Five Sea-Serpent's Teeth? No? Anyone?

This is a guy who not only runs around in bandannas anyway, but has one of the most piratey beards we’ve ever seen. Unsurprisingly, this took the least amount of photoshopping. Unsurprisingly, the photoshopping is still terrible.

Keith Richards (The Rolling Stones)

Keith Richards. Depp's best mate. And dad. Maybe.

Okay this is cheating a bit because we know that Keef made an awesome pirate in the Pirates Of The Caribbean series, but seriously, how fucking cool does he look right now?

Erik Danielsson (Watain)

Watain: Pirate wrath

He already stinks of dry blood and looks pretty grim at the best of times. We see plunder in his future….

Johan Hegg (Amon Amarth)

Vikings vs Pirates: Game On

Well he’s basically a Viking anyway, and Vikings are basically Scandinavian pirates, right? Yeah this isn’t going well.

Ozzy Osbourne

Oh god.

He’s arguably the biggest hellraiser in the history of rock ‘n’ roll, had been known to enjoy a drink and is loaded with bling/booty/gold stuff. No-brainer.

Rob Trujillo (Metallica)

Why is there a shark in this?

Because he’s hairy and walks like a cra-ah whatever.

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The rest of Lamb Of God returned home earlier this week

Lamb of God have released a full statement surrounding the recent arrest of Randy Blythe. Read the full thing below:

“First of all, thanks to everyone who has reached out in support of Randy [Blythe, LAMB OF GOD singer] and each of us in this terrible situation. It’s noted and very much appreciated.

“We have been keeping our heads down and not speaking out due to the fluid nature of the situation and the constantly changing information that even we receive daily.
Within an hour things can do endless 180s. It’s maddening to try and make heads or tails.

“We’re taking the time to speak to you as it has been a significant period of time since this situation began and while nothing is immediately clear to any of us, we are not trying to keep anyone in the dark.

“We have reached out and are making use of the resources we have acquired to help our brother, who is still detained in Czech jail.

“In the two years since, we were never notified of anything related to this incident.

“Randy is our brother and we assure you we are all staying very positive for him, working endlessly behind the scenes to provide any and all assistance possible.

“The best we can do is to stay positive and continue to support our friend that we know is innocent.

“We know that justice will prevail and we will continue to do our part to support our friend.”

Lamb of God responded to fans’ asking to donate to Randy’s legal fees by setting up a special fund page for him.

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Richmond, Virginia metallers LAMB OF GOD have released the following statement:

“First of all, thanks to everyone who has reached out in support of Randy [Blythe, LAMB OF GOD singer] and each of us in this terrible situation.

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Metal Hammer

Metal Hammer were saddened to hear that Armand Crump, long term guitar tech to Kerry King and Slayer, had passed away this weekend. Here’s what the world of rock and metal had to say:

RIP Armand Crump

Dave Lombardo (SLAYER): “SLAYER and the metal road crew community is mourning the loss of a hard worker and dear friend Armand Butts Crump III. He was the best, he had to be to work for Kerry King. I’m going to miss him fucking with me from stage left. I still can’t believe it. We are deeply saddened. RIP ABCIII.”

GUNS N’ ROSES: “We are deeply saddened by the tragic loss of our colleague and friend. Your spirit lives on! RIP Armand.”

Dave Mustaine (MEGADETH): “Rest In Peace guitar tech, Armand Crump.”

Phil Demmel (MACHINE HEAD): “It’s times like these when I realize how much I take for granted how lucky and blessed I am to have my health and the love of family and friends. My thoughts and prayers go out to Armand‘s family. The world is a darker place without you my friend, you will be sorely missed.”

Zach Myers (SHINEDOWN): “For the big man with a even bigger heart … Boise tonight is for Armand! Thanks for being so nice to me.”

Alex Skolnick (TESTAMENT): “One of the best guitar techs I’ve ever known, Armand Crump — whom I borrowed from my friend Kerry last year — has passed away. RIP AC.”

Randy Blythe (LAMB OF GOD): “A bro died — Kerry King‘s tech Armand Crump. Known him for 12 years, from the very first LAMB OF GOD tour when he was with AMEN. RIP bro. We will miss you”

Rob Dukes (EXODUS): “I will miss you my friend. Me and John are gonna take our ride in your honor. You will be missed.”

Doc Coyle (GOD FORBID): “Sad to hear of Armand Crump‘s passing. Known him for 11 years and he’s always been cool to me. Hopefully he’s doing shots with Dime and Jimi.”

Andreas Kisser (SEPULTURA): “Fuck!!! Just heard about Armand!!! Man, this sucks big time, So sad. My feelings goes to Armand‘s family. RIP my friend….”

Paolo Gregoletto (TRIVIUM): “Just heard about ArmandKerry King‘s tech, passing away. He was a very nice dude and always treated us well when we toured together.”

Matt DeVries (FEAR FACTORYCHIMAIRASIX FEET UNDER): “Armand was a such a great dude and was always nothing but kind and helpful to me when I was in Chimaira. RIP brother.”

Brian Fair (SHADOWS FALL): “So sad to hear about Armand Crump passing away. Was a great friend for years. Teched for Amen on one of the 1st ever Shad tours. RIP brother.”

Jamey Jasta (HATEBREED): “My heart hurts for the friends & family of Armand Crump. He always made me smile. R.I.P.”

Chris Beattie (HATEBREED): “The world lost a really awesome guy RIP Armand Crump.”

Michael Amott (ARCH ENEMY): “Just heard about guitarist Kerry King‘s longtime techArmand Crump passing away. Great guy… Was always cool to see him. Very sad news. RIP”

Mark Hunter (CHIMAIRA): “RIP Armand… always treated us like family.”

Brian Slagel (Metal Blade Records): “This is terrible, Armand was such a great guy. We are saddened by the tragic loss. Your spirit lives on! RIP Armand.”

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British heavy metal titans Judas Priest has announced that they will be releasing a new compilation album on October 11th through Legacy/Sony, entitled, “The Chosen Few.” What seperates this record apart from other compilation albums is that all the songs were chosen by some of the biggest names in hard rock and heavy metal, including the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, Motorhead frontman, Lemmy and Metallica members Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield amongst others.

“This is a collection of songs chosen by our friends and respected peers,” Priest frontman Rob Halford tells Rolling Stone. “So we hope all the metal maniacs out there will rock out to the tunes enjoyed by metal legends.”

The tracklisting is as follows:

1. Diamonds And Rust (1977) – chosen by Joe Elliott (Def Leppard)
2. Dissident Aggressor (1977) – chosen by Steve Vai
3. Exciter (1978) – chosen by Accept
4. Beyond The Realms Of Death (1978) – chosen by Lars Ulrich (Metallica)
5. Delivering The Goods (1979) – chosen by Kerry King (Slayer)
6. The Green Manalishi (with the Two-Pronged Crown) (1979) – chosen by David Coverdale (Whitesnake) & Randy Blythe (Lamb Of God)
7. The Ripper (1979) – chosen by Ozzy Osbourne
8. Victim Of Changes (1979) – chosen by James Hetfield (Metallica)
9. Breaking The Law (1980) – chosen by Lemmy (Motorhead)
10. Rapid Fire (1980) – chosen by Vinnie Paul (Pantera, Hellyeah)
11. Grinder (1980) – chosen by Zakk Wylde (Black Label Society)
12. Living After Midnight (1980) – chosen by Alice Cooper & Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath)
13. Screaming For Vengeance (1982) – chosen by Slash (Guns N’ Roses/Velvet Revolver)
14. You’ve Got Another Thing Coming (1982) – chosen by Klaus Meine (Scorpions) & Corey Taylor (Slipknot)
15. The Sentinel (1984) – chosen by Chris Jericho (Fozzy)
16. Turbo Lover (1986) – chosen by Jonathan Davis (Korn)
17. Painkiller (1990) – chosen by Joe Satriani

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