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Mikee Goodman of SIKTH and PRIMAL ROCK REBELLION fame has revealed details of his new band, OUTPATIENTS. The lineup will feature Yuuri on vocals, Mikee W. Goodman on vocals, Kieron Pepper on bass/keys/samples, Charley Olsen on guitar and Will Romain on drums.

Mikee describes how the collaboration came about: “I went to Tokyo last year in a search for something new to inspire my mind. Finding Yuuri opened up many more possibilities. Her versatile style and unique melodic voice works so well with my own.”

He continued: “I phoned Kieron from Japan and he sent over beats to match our ideas.

“It’s heavy, got electronic elements and really tough grooves, but also contains epic, dark melodies. I am singing in a very aggressive style on most songs, which I like doing.

“This band feels as if it has gone somewhere very different.

“We are so excited about playing these songs live!”

The band’s first music video, for the song “Throw Rocks”, can be seen below.

“The ‘Throw Rocks’ music video was mainly recorded on one cold day in December 2012,” explains Mikee.

Will, our drummer found this barn. It was falling apart, in total decay. A tree was growing through the bricks, and we even had debris falling on us throughout the shoot… But this was perfect for what we wanted, where we felt we should be, for the vibe of the song. After filming there, I edited and kept on adding new layers.

“The song and the visuals really complement each other. I am really proud of it. We all are.

“I actually think SIKTH fans would be into this band too, ’cause of the dual vocals and frantic nature, but this is very much out there on its own, in terms of style and sound.”


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Primal Rock Rebellion frontman and former Sikth screamer Mikee Goodman has unveiled his brand new project – and unsurprisingly, it’s a bit nuts.

Featuring Mikee on vocals, vocals, Kieron Pepper on bass, Charley Olsen on guitar and Will Romain on drums, Outpatients will tour the UK next month and have unveiled their first ever video, Throw Rocks.

Check out the video below and find out where you can catch the guys in October:

THROW ROCKS ou†pa†ien†s from OUTPATIENTS on Vimeo.

Outpatients UK Tour

Friday 18th @ The Anvil, Bournemouth
Saturday 19th @ The Hope, Brighton
Sunday 20th Scholar Bar, Leicester
Monday 21st @ The Boileroom, Guildford
Thursday 24th @ O2 Academy, Oxford
Friday 25th @ Voodoo, Electrowerkz, London (onstage midnight)
Wed 30th @ The Black Heart, Camden, London
Thurs 31st @ The White Rabbit, Plymouth (with Skindred)

“I went to Tokyo last year in a search for something new to inspire my mind,” says Mikee of how the band came together. “Finding Yuuri opened up many more possibilities. Her versatile style and unique melodic voice works so well with my own. I actually think SikTh fans would be into this band, cos of the dual vocals and frantic nature, but this is very much out there on its own, in terms of style and sound.”

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Ben Smith of‘s Tuner recently conducted an interview with MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below. Why do you think metal continually doesn’t get the respect it deserves?

Mustaine: You’ve got to look at a lot the participants in it. To their own demise, a lot of heavy metal performers act stupid. You know, “Hey bro, duh.” It doesn’t further our cause any. If you want to be treated intelligently, then act intelligent. I remember a lot of the opportunities that I’ve had to do coverage for different shows or stuff, with the whole political process. People forget that. You don’t have to be like, “Hey, F you, dude,” this kind of stuff to be cool. I think that rock ‘n’roll and heavy metal is about rebellion and if everyone thinks you’re stupid then rebel, be smart. A lot of the bands that were thrash and speed metal bands were anti-authoritarian, anti-establishment bands but there were also a lot that played heavy metal that were singing about mythology and taking it to the extreme with death and black metal bands. I have nothing against it. I just kind of think that’s where it started to spider web into all these different fragments of metal. Think about it, there are dozens and dozens of types of metal. To me, it’s all metal. It’s basically how you sing. The majority of these black and death metal bands have great players but people won’t take them seriously because of their lyrical content. I think if you want to appeal to the masses you have to talk about what’s happening in the real world or you have to address things that are happening emotionally with people that’s going on inside their own personal world. If not it’s like in “Purple Rain” when the guy looks at Prince and said, “The only person who understands your music is yourself.” That’s one of my favorite lines in any musical movie because you can very easily lose the plot. Growing up in the ’80s and listening to the thrash metal and hardcore bands, when one of those bands got any sort of acknowledgment from the greater, more commercial, music world, it was such a big deal because those bands mattered so much to the fans. I don’t see that as much today. Do new bands still matter like the way they did back then?

Mustaine: I think the whole thing is there isn’t that culture of community. It’s not just the metal community. It’s people in general. People in general have a sense of entitlement right now like people owe them something. We’ve been on tour and had several incidents where there’s been bands that were nobodies and acted like they should be headlining over us, and it’s like, bless your heart, that’s a great attitude to take but you know, don’t shit the bed. It’s kind of weird sometimes how people, because of the digital audio work stations and how easy you can make a song on a computer, lose sight of that fact that that doesn’t make you a musician. It means you know how to cut and paste. And if you can write a song and you’re a great musician, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve got a great band. You can have 3 or 4 guys that play music and a musician and you can go and do stuff like these celebrities that have acting careers but are playing in a band with some schmoes. When you get into a band where there’s a bunch of musicians and a star, that’s when things start to happen. And if the surrounding members become stars themselves, it forces the leader to become more than that which is where you get into the elevation to superstar or legendary status. And the problems is everybody is so living in the moment with Instagram and tweeting and Facebook and everybody knows everything about everybody else. We’re profiling so much and it’s about our outsides. Because we compare our outsides to other people’s insides. And our insides to other people’s outsides. We’ll see somebody and think they’ve got it all going on but we don’t know what’s going on with them. You see some of these bands that think they’re entitled to this stuff, they want to be just like us. Well, you got to work for it. It’s called paying your dues. If you pay your dues and you deserve it people treat you with respect.

Read the entire interview at

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A look inside our new issue

In our explosive cover feature, out right now, we talk to Korn about one of the most unexpected reunions of recent times – namely that of the Bakersfield legends and their former – now current again – guitarist, Head!

“Head played in my town, Bakersfield, and my wife dragged my ass down there,” says frontman Jonathan Davis. “We hung out all night and we was back to normal, he wasn’t into that crazy Christian shit no more. Then he came to Carolina Rebellion and it was the first time he saw Munky, and that really hit Munky hard because that was his other half, musically.”

Korn: together again

“He was just cuckoo with religious stuff. I’ve seen people go through it, and he was kicking speed so obviously he’s not gonna be right in the head for a while. Him getting all crazy Christian and stuff, what it really did was save his life, so I don’t give a fuck. I’ve had too many people around me die from drugs and I wouldn’t want that to happen. Him and [Fieldy] are born-again Christians, that’s fine. I don’t choose sides, I’ve got Christian friends and Satanist friends.”

“The press twisted a lot of that stuff too, but I was calling it on myself,” adds Head of his relationship with the band upon leaving. “I remember I took my braids out and I had this curly hair, then I grew a beard and looked like Jesus! I was going to be baptised and they gave me this white robe. It was like, ‘This is gonna be awesome, I’m gonna look like Jesus and everyone’s gonna make fun of me.’ I didn’t even care anymore.”

To read more from that interview, you know what to do.

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Ohio act The Dagger Rebellion has checked in with the following announcement about deciding to disband: “To those who have supported us since July 2005 all the way to those who may have just heard about us yesterday: We want to thank you from the very bottom of our heart and soul for checking out what we do. Today we come with the burden of letting you guys know that as of a few days ago, we have decided to call it a day, and end The Dagger Rebellion

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In continued support of the “Once Denied” album (released May 4th 2013), Canadian metal band Shock is proud to release the video for the song “Paths of Glory.” The video follows the fictional story of the attempted overthrow of a corrupt government by an equally corrupt rebellion. With both sides promising victory and power to the people, in the end, the people are the losers either way.

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On April 16th Skid Row released ‘United World Rebellion – Chapter One’, the first in a series of planned EPs from the hard rock band.

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SKID ROW’s new EP, “United World Rebellion – Chapter One”, was released in Europe on May 24 via Germany’s UDR Music.

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UDR Music has released a “hands-on” trailer for the collectors box edition of SKID ROW’s new EP, “United World Rebellion – Chapter One”.

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