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Amaranthe – the modern metal sextet from Gothenburg, Sweden – has confirmed an autumn 2014 release date for a new studio album via Spinefarm Records.

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Iron Bonehead Productions has set April 21st as the international release date for Skelethal’s “Deathmanicvs Revelation.” The label also issued the following announcement: “Skelethal’s debut MLP, Deathmanicvs Revelation says everything it needs to in its title: absolute DEATH WORSHIP, wielding the metal of death like a scythe, an axe, and blunt hammer simultaneously, all in obeisance to occult forces beyond the mien of man. “At 22 lean, licentious minutes, Deathmanicvs Revelation allows this French duo to gallop forth into – and beyond – the realms of death, utilizing a morbid, miasmic thrust and an execution that sounds utterly possessed. “Despite their young years, Skelethal are well learned in the ancient ways of death metal, and the resultant sound across Deathmanicvs Revelation is not so much ‘old school’ nor ‘retro’ as it is simply respectful of its traditions, adding their own hideous flair to the form.” The track listing is as follows: 1

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Finnish act Magenta Harvest has released a highlight medley of music from the band’s upcoming debut album titled “Volatile Waters.” Check it out below. The album was recorded at SoundSpiral Audio by Juho Räihä and a worldwide release date is set for January 10th, 2014.

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“The Bitch is Back…Live” is a brand new live album from hard rock/metal queen Lita Ford. The release date of the album has now been pushed back slightly, with the digipak and download versions becomign avialable in USA/Canada on November 5th, Germany on October 25th, and Europe on October 28th through SPV/Steamhammer.

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Bentonites rejoice–legendary death metal act DEICIDE have set November 25 as the release date for their brand new full-length album In the Minds of Evil on Century Media Records.

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Optic has checked in with the following statement about releasing a new album online via Bandcamp: “We are happy to finally announce the release date of our debut album ‘Iris In’ is Thursday, September 26th! To satiate your desires in the meantime, here is the album’s cover art. Hope you enjoy, and thank you to everyone for your patience in the face of our lolly-gagging.” 1

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Svart Records has announced November 14th, 2013 as the release date of Tombstoned’s self-titled debut album. The following press release was issued about the band: “Committing their their first undead body to the earth, Tombstoned are veritable funeral directors of doom, kicking up new dirt in the old graveyard with a warm vintage sound that’s as fresh as it is genuine. Dragging along truckloads of smoking riffs and coffins of classic, doom-laden heavy rock ‘n’ roll, these young stalwarts of psych-rock have the real magic of a future classic.

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Original ENTOMBED members Alex Hellid (guitar), Ulf “Uffe” Cederlund (guitar) and Nicke Andersson (drums) will rejoin forces to perform the band’s classic second album, “Clandestine”, on February 1, 2014 at Gävle Konserthus in Gävle, Sweden. They will be backed by the 65-piece Gävle Symphonic Orchestra and a 40-piece choir.

Says Alex: “We will be performing ‘Clandestine’ as arranged by Thomas Von Wachenfeldt and it will be the first time in 17 years that me, Uffe and Nicke play together again as ENTOMBED.

“We are all very excited to start working on this project and look forward to see where it’ll take us!”

ENTOMBED previously performed “Clandestine” in its entirety with the Nordic Chamber Orchestra on April 12, 2013 at Tonhallen in Sundsvall, Sweden. A recording of the song “Blessed Be” from that show can be streamed using the audio player below.

Hellid was not involved in the writing and recording of “Back To The Front”, the recently completed album by a completely different band calling itself ENTOMBED, featuring vocalist — and sole original member — Lars Göran Petrov alongside Olle Dahlstedt (drums), Nico Elgstrand (guitar) and Victor Brandt (bass).

Asked in a recent interview with France’s if the omission of Hellid‘s name from the ENTOMBED biography accompanying a promotional copy of “Back To The Front” was a mistake on the record label’s part, Petrov replied: “I do not want to speak publicly about this at the moment; this is something we want to keep internal and private for now. But this is not an error in the biography. Next question?”

Century Media Records announced earlier in the week that the release date of “Back To The Front” was being pushed back to early 2014 from the previously announced October 29 due to “unpredictable technical problems.”

Hellid did not accompany the Petrov-fronted lineup of ENTOMBED when the band performed at the Manizales Grita Rock festival in Colombia last month.

ENTOMBED performing “Blessed Be” with Nordic Chamber Orchestra on April 12, 2013 at Tonhallen in Sundsvall, Sweden (audio):

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The reunited METAL CHURCHRonny Munroe on vocals, Kurdt Vanderhoof and Rick Van Zandt on guitars, Steve Unger on bass, and Jeff Plate on drums — will release tenth studio album, “Generation Nothing”, on October 22 via Kurdt‘s label Body Of Work Recordings in conjunction with Rat Pak Records.

“Generation Nothing” track listing:

01. Bullet Proof
02. Dead City
03. Generation Nothing
04. Noises In The Wall
05. Jump The Gun
06. Suiciety
07. Scream
08. Hits Keep Comin’
09. Close To The Bone
10. The Media Horse

Audio samples of the songs “Hits Keep Comin'” and “Scream” can be streamed below.

According to Vanderhoof, “Generation Nothing” — which was recorded at Kurdt‘s English Channel studio in Washingtion — marks a “return to [METAL CHURCH‘s] classic metal sound. It has elements of the first album and ‘The Dark’, but still embraces the new sound of the band without chasing the past.”

Munroe said in a recent interview with Metal Assault that the new METAL CHURCH effort would contain material that is “very reminiscent of the old days with some stuff that’s very ‘now.'” He added: “There’s a bit of… I’m not going to say ‘prog’ because it’s not, but there’s a couple of elements in there that are a little bit progressive. For the most part, out of this batch of songs, they really sound more reminiscent of the early days than anything we’ve done before with this lineup. This excites me very much, and I think the fans are really going to dig it.”

Regarding the circumstances that led to METAL CHURCH‘s breakup in 2009, Ronny said: “Well, in a nutshell, without going into a huge and long story here, it was certain aspects of things that had continued to happen to the band throughout its career. Not having the proper management and the proper people in place that were handling us. You know, we ended up taking some shows we shouldn’t have taken and that just led to where Kurdt was really getting fed up and then we all kind of got that way. Basically, we figured before we end up disbanding because of other reasons such as maybe starting to fight with one another or whatnot, we decided to go ahead and end it then. We all ended up friends and we wanted to keep it that way. So I won’t go into specifics, but we all know what the music industry is like now compared to what it was like back then. We just didn’t have the right people in our camp.”

Asked what the band is going to do differently this time around to avoid falling into the same trap, Ronny said: “This time around we’re going to release this next record on Kurdt‘s label. Basically, Kurdt and the band and whatnot are taking a lot more control of the situation. Yes, maybe the downloading thing is even worse than 2009, but also on the other hand, if you know what you’re doing and you use the Internet correctly, you can actually have success. Kurdt‘s been doing that with his prog band PRESTO BALLET and whatnot. In this day and age, the time is right to go and try something on your own. If it doesn’t work, you can always end up going out and searching for a label or something. We’re going to take a shot at it and see what happens and I think we’re probably going to have some decent success.”


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KXM, the new band consisting of King’s X frontman/bassist Doug Pinnick, Ex-Dokken guitarist George Lynch and Korn drummer Ray Luzier, has posted a trailer for the upcoming debut LP, as of yet untitled. The band signed on with Rat Pak Records and the release date will be announced soon. In the trailer, the three musicians talk about how the project came together and they play parts of the new track “Gun Fight.” Check it out here:

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