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Iron Bonehead Productions has set April 21st as the international release date for Skelethal’s “Deathmanicvs Revelation.” The label also issued the following announcement: “Skelethal’s debut MLP, Deathmanicvs Revelation says everything it needs to in its title: absolute DEATH WORSHIP, wielding the metal of death like a scythe, an axe, and blunt hammer simultaneously, all in obeisance to occult forces beyond the mien of man. “At 22 lean, licentious minutes, Deathmanicvs Revelation allows this French duo to gallop forth into – and beyond – the realms of death, utilizing a morbid, miasmic thrust and an execution that sounds utterly possessed. “Despite their young years, Skelethal are well learned in the ancient ways of death metal, and the resultant sound across Deathmanicvs Revelation is not so much ‘old school’ nor ‘retro’ as it is simply respectful of its traditions, adding their own hideous flair to the form.” The track listing is as follows: 1

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During a brand new interview with Chile’s Radio Futuro, MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine was asked about his recent revelation that he was “studying a lot of world history and a lot of crazy science stuff for new lyrics” that will presumably be included on the band’s next studio album.

“Writing a record takes a lot of time,” Dave said. “And when you finish a record, there’s kind of like a period after an animal gives birth to another living creature — it has to heal and it has to get its strength back then, within a short period of time, it’s ready to rock again.

“I think right now, with going out and doing Gigantour after we finished ‘Super Collider’ and being with a new record label and having David Ellefson [bass] playing with us again, and the IRON MAIDEN tour and the [BLACK] SABBATH tour and everything, all these things that are going in the right direction for us, it’s just exciting and it makes us wanna play.

Shawn [Drover, drums] and David and I have all talked. Chris [Broderick, guitar] talked a little bit about it, too — about us starting to write music for the new record. And I think that when you have a band like MEGADETH, you’ve gotta spend time writing the songs. There’s so many different talented writers there, if you don’t listen to everybody’s ideas, it would be kind of stupid.”

Mustaine also spoke about his daughter, Electra, performing a cover version of the MEGADETH song “A Tout Le Monde” on a Seattle-area TV show.

“Yeah, that surprised me,” he said. “I didn’t know she was doing that. I know she sings, but I didn’t know she was gonna sing ‘A Tout Le Monde’.”

He added: “She has a great voice. She sings better than I do. She loves music, that’s for sure.”

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Florida’s electronic metal outfit Exotype has released a lyric video for the track “Nanovirus,” which can be viewed below. The video was created by Yan Ivanov at Core Radio, while the track was produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Matt Johnson at Revelation Studios.

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Legendary rock band Stryper have released a new lyric video for the track “Revelation”, from their upcoming album ‘No More Hell To Pay’.

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MÖTLEY CRÜE guitarist Mick Mars has dismissed reports that his poor health is partly to blame for the band’s decision to retire from touring.

In a recent interview with the Oakland Press, CRÜE singer Vince Neil said that Mars‘ ongoing battle with Ankylosing spondylitis, a painful form of chronic arthritis that causes vertebrae in the spine to fuse together, as well as the band’s desire to “go out on top” were the primary reasons for CRÜE‘s revelation that they will call it quits after 2015. “It’s just time,” Neil said. “Mick‘s health is not that good, and touring is tough on him. I’m sure in five, 10 years’ time, we’ll probably do something together again, but it’s not gonna be like a KISS farewell to the farewell to the farewell tour. We’re not gonna be like that.”

He added: “We want to go out on top. We don’t want to be one of those bands that people are like, ‘Oh, they’re playing a little club now.’ We still sell out arenas and do stadium shows and stuff like that, and that’s how we want to be remembered.”

However, in a posting on his Twitter account, Mars painted a different picture, claiming that his medical condition had never affected his playing. “Any rumors regarding a farewell tour due to ‘my poor health’ are BS,” he said. “I am doing fine, my AS has never kept me from touring and never will.”

MÖTLEY CRÜE will return to Las Vegas for an exclusive twelve-show engagement September 18 through October 6 at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

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August 8th — At the sold-out show in Nashville, TN on the tour featuring headliners Children of Bodom and Amon Amarth and support acts Huntress and Battlecross, a shocking last-minute revelation came just before the first set via a member of the Bodom crew: Alexi Laiho has been hospitalized, and the band has decided to cancel the set for the evening. No further details were given.

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FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH drummer Jeremy Spencer spoke to Artisan News about the recent revelation that the band’s lead singer Ivan Moody developed a serious drinking problem while the band was touring in support of its last album, “American Capitalist”.

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Los Angeles theatrical rockers BLACK VEIL BRIDES have released the lyric video for their previously unreleased track “Revelation”.

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Swedish black metal band Svartsyn has unveiled the second track off the upcoming full-length album “Black Testament.” Check out “Revelation In The Water” courtesy of Sweden Rock Magazine here or through the player below. The album is coming to shops on the 28th of May in Europe and 11th of June in North America on Agonia Records

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In addition to our regular CD reviews, every week we bring you a bunch of short reviews collected in one convenient location. This week check out our take on the latest releases from Agrimonia, Altar Of Plagues, Battle Dagorath, The Body, Bone Sickness, Coliseum, Corsair, Famous Last Words, Freedoms Reign, Heaven Shall Burn, Hessian, Howl, Pushmen, Purson, Revelation, Sacrilegious Impalement, Silent Knight, Simulacro and Stilla.

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