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A two-year foundation degree in heavy metal being offered by New College Nottingham has been labelled as an “easy option” and a qualification that would “lack weight” in finding work by education campaigners.

The degree, which was developed by music lecturer Liam Maloy and will teach students about a range of subjects including the composition of heavy metal and its effect on popular culture, film and even video games, is planned to start this September, despite causing some controversy amongst critics who feel it isn’t a degree that can be taken seriously when it comes to looking for work.

Could we soon be seeing whole modules dedicated to Maiden and Sabbath?

“There are too many degrees being offered that lack credibility in the marketplace,” says Chris McGovern, chairman of the Campaign for Real Education.

“I suspect that may be the case with this course, unless you want to be a heavy metal star, in which case why would you need a degree in the subject? It might seem an attractive, easy option to some people. But you don’t need to do a degree in heavy metal. It’s a waste of time.”

“It’s a degree, so it will be academically rigorous,” counters Liam Maloy. “In the past, heavy metal has not been taken seriously and is seen as lacking academic credibility when compared with other genres such as jazz and classical music. But that’s just a cultural construction.”

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What do you think? Is it really necessary to have a whole degree dedicated to one genre of music or is there an argument for metal’s rich history being ripe for study? Let us know over on Facebook.

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Metal Blade Records has issued the following statement about inking a deal with death metal act Antropomorphia:

“Metal Blade is proud to announce the signing of Holland’s best kept secret over the past 24 years! AntropomorphiA is legion to Death Metal lunatics of the underground and will infect soon enough all worshippers of classical Death Metal and bands such as BOLT THROWER, GRAVE and AUTOPSY as well as newer high class acts as BLOODBATH or HAIL OF BULLETS.

“AntropomorphiA was created under the influence from bands such as Hellhammer/Celtic Frost, Infernäl Mäjesty and Bathory in a tiny town in Holland in 1989.

“Over the years they got more and more brutal, released several demos and the Necromantic Love Songs MCD in 1993, but went on a hiatus in the late 90s since other bands became more important.

“Fast forward 2009 when other projects moved into the background, AntropomorphiA got re-activated. The line-up is still the same, original members, F (vox/guitar), M (drums), S (bass) form the trinity that is AntropomorphiA till this day.

“In early 2011 AntropomorphiA made their first live appearance since 2001 at the Neurotic Deathfest where they put up a convincing brutal show. At the end of 2011 most of the new record was recorded and the band is taking their time to make sure this album is something more, something huge, resulting in Evangelivm Nekromantia – an album consisting of nine tracks, divided into three chapters of each three songs. Lyrically driven by nekrophilae, murder, necromancy and necrolesbian lust. Mastered at Necromorbus Studios by Tore Stjerna.”

Comments AntropomorphiA on the deal with Metal Blade and what to expect from the “Evangelivm Nekromantia” album: “We are very proud to have our album coming out through such a renowned metal label as Metal Blade. Metal Blade has a rich history and houses some amazing bands so to become a part of that family feels great. We’ve been working on this conception for almost a year. Dedicated to composing a new sort of disturbing death metal darkness exceeding most of the one-dimensional releases you got to hear most of these days!”

“Evangelivm Nekromantia” will be released on October 19th/22nd via Metal Blade Records in Europe on CD and LP and on digitally in North America on October 23rd.

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The number of heavy metal DVDs released every year is increasing.  Unfortunately most of them are a cash grab, quickly throwing something together to tide over fans until the next CD.   Thankfully, not all of them are like that.  Many are well thought out with numerous extras to give buyers a little extra bang for their buck, along with extra insight or information on the band.  This year’s top 10 list is packed with big names that released outstanding DVDs.  That’s not surprising, because bands that have been around a while have much more material to draw from, and a rich history worth mining with documentaries.

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If you are from Mass and are a legit fan of local metal and hardcore, odds are you know the band Ramming Speed, who for the last few years have been honing their skills with a flurry of crust, hardcore, thrash and some good ole’ fashioned grind to make sure those sunshine boys in Cali know that Boston hasn’t gone all starry eyed with the success it has had in thrusting many of their brethren into the spotlight. Ramming Speed are a true, hard working band who have recently gained National notoriety by signing a distribution deal with Candlelight Records for their first album, Brainwreck. Recently drummer Jonah Livingston took time out of his busy life to answer a few questions about the future of the band and his feelings surrounding the New England metal scene.

AMR: Boston and New England has always been kind of an epicenter of American heavy metal (especially in the last 10 years), what does it mean to you to be a Boston thrash band?

JL: I honestly think this area is known much more for its rich history in the hardcore punk scene rather then involvement in metal, but there obviously are a lot of heavier bands coming out of here in recent years. We’re lucky we have the existing foundation of boston punk/DIY and we definitely soak up a lot of influence from that scene. Whether it’s trying to play most of our shows in all ages spots or just keeping our music short and to the point, this band and most of the northeast thrash acts came out of punk. Just like how the dudes from Anthrax were going to CBGB’s shows in New York when they were coming up… most of us grew up going to hardcore punk shows in VFW halls and basements.

AMR: Ramming Speed, along with the likes of Lich King, Ravage, Cockpunch! and several other New England based bands, have really held the flag for more traditional styles of metal and hardcore that, at least until the last couple of years, were fairly obscure and regional. Do you think that the successes of New England based metalcore and melodic death metal in the last decade kind of prevented more prevalence for bands that didn’t fall into a specific popular niche?

JL: What you’re talking about seems to happen with any music scene, whether it’s that Massachusetts metalcore sound or the grunge explosion in Seattle. A couple of bands hit it big and record labels come swarming to sign anything that even remotely smells of the latest trend. That’s just the way the business works, it’s stupid, but if anything it pushes bands trying to do something a bit more legitimate to work even harder. It also filters out the weekend warriors that aren’t willing to hit the road for months at a time and make something happen for themselves. Blaming lack of success on the industry or whatever new hair cut is cool seems like a cop out, just put in your time and force people to pay attention.

AMR: Being a New Englander, I have been following you guys off and on since the release of your EP Full Speed Ahead when you guys were strong regional workhorses. What has been the biggest contributing factor to you guys ultimately scoring national/international recognition, and your signing with Candlelight Records?

JL: That rules you’ve been keeping up with us, but I’m terribly sorry you put yourself through that first record! This band works hard as shit and honestly nothing has come easy. It’s really cool that Candlelight wanted to help give Brainwreck some international distribution (prior to them I released it on my DIY label, TDB Records), but besides that we haven’t really hit any big breaks. We earn our fans one show at a time, driving city to city through Taco Bell hell trying to do something awesome with our lives. At the end of the day you somehow find yourself an hour outside Budapest listening while a bunch of psyched teenagers play you ringtones they made out of your songs.

AMR: Some may say that retro thrash is already played out, with many elitists stating that it shouldn’t have experienced a resurgence to begin with. What do you say to people like this, and do you consider your music  to be original?

JL: On one hand heavy metal is one of those genres where living in the past kind of comes with the territory. Most attempts at bringing metal up to date with turntables or  electronics or whatever ends up being total garbage, but you’ll never go wrong listening to Reign in Blood and getting shit faced with your friends. On the other hand Slayer play Slayer riffs the best, Exodus play Exodus riffs the best, I think as a newer band its worth our time to try and progress the music a bit and not just rehash whats been done best by our predecessors. We play Ramming Speed riffs better then anyone and if we tried to write from a pure 80’s thrash mindset we’d all get bored. If anyone isn’t convinced, our next record should be the nail in the coffin. We’ve musically hinted at it in the past, but our new songs feature our various influences in a much more in-your-face mixed bag of thrash, grind, death metal, classic rock, crust punk etc.. We’re not reinventing the steel, but we’re definitely bridging the gap between a few styles that have been sharing sides of the same mix tape for years. This kind of retro resurgence might be harder to fit on a “For fans of” sticker, but we’re all pretty excited about it.

AMR: I have noticed that you guys seem to embrace the vinyl resurgence happening in the underground right now with Always Disgusted, Never Surprised, Brainwreck and Full Speed Ahead all receiving special, limited edition vinyl presses. Do you prefer vinyl, or is it just a little something special for your fans?

JL: Everyone in the band collects records and is into the relevance of putting out a product that sounds great and looks rad. For every ten kids downloading music without really appreciating the the work put into it, there’s a kid somewhere dying to get their hands on the vinyl to play their friends, hang on the wall and really treat like something special. You run into vinyl heads a lot more in Europe, but its obviously growing in the states.

AMR:  Have you started writing/recording for your Candlelight debut yet?

JL: The Candlelight deal was actually just for the re-release of Brainwreck, but we’re currently half way through writing for a new record to come out this fall. Currently it’s anybody’s guess which label is going to put it out, but we’re chatting with a couple. If any head honchos out there are reading this, we’ll tour til the wheels fall off our van and we look great on magazine covers. Call me!

AMR: What are your top 5 favorite beers?

JL: Depending on what part of the country we’re in we drink plenty of Old Style, Nargansett, Yingling and Tecate.

I also definitely wanna throw Flying Dog’s “Road Dog” Porter on the list for having a sweet name, featuring art by Ralph Steadman, being an awesome beer, and because they went to court for 5 years fighting for the right to put “Good Beer, No Shit” on the label. Rules.

AMR:  If you could play with 5 inactive bands, who would they be?

JL: I ran this by everyone in the band and here’s what we got! Terrorizer (Ricky), Carcass (Kallen), Pantera (Phil), Metallica with long hair (Pete) and His Hero Is Gone (me)

AMR: If Brutal Truth, Terrorizer and Driller Killer were pitched in an epic battle of musical dominance, who would reign supreme?

JL: Ricky says definitely Terrorizer. Come to a show and ask him why.

AMR: Anything else you’d like to add for our readers?

JL: We’re headed to Europe for six weeks in late June so any headbangers from that part of the world should mark their calendars! When we get home we’re hitting the studio to start recording for the next opus before getting back in the van to dominate basements across the USA. Check out the re-release of Brainwreck out now on Candlelight records worldwide and our newest 7″, A.D.N.S on Punks Before Profits. Thanks a ton for the well thought out interview questions and for anyone that took the time to read all this! Heavy metal rules, listen to Battlemaster.

Interview by CODY

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