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The Metalluminati conducted an interview with drummer Xavier Muriel of Californian rockers BUCKCHERRY on September 14 at the Aftershock festival at Discovery Park in Sacramento, California. You can now watch the chat below.

Asked about his views on illegal music downloading and bands relying on the Internet to be heard by the masses, Xavier said: “I feel sad for the generation that we’re in, because of the fact that everything is go instant gratification, point and click. With the whole social awareness of going to see a concert and meeting new people and what are you wearing and what’s the trend, that’s where we all came from. So it’s kind of sad, but at the same time, when you have such a massive elevation of technology, this is what happens.”

He added: “As far as the downloading thing, to me, do we all want the money in our pockets? Well, absolutely. We’re not out here just for fucking shits and giggles. But at the same time, if people get your music, people get your music, and that’s why you kind of do it in the first place. So it’s kind of like a double-edged sword. But with technology and the way things move on, you’ve kind of gotta roll with the punches, and if you don’t, then you’re gonna get left behind.”

Xavier also commented on the increased importance of touring for rock bands like BUCKCHERRY compared to how it was when the group first started out.

“In the specifics of rock and roll, back in the day day, securing a record label and then getting a half-a-million-dollar deal and then a two-hundred-and-fifty-thousand video budget and all that shit, it was great, because it sounded great coming out of your mouth,” he said. “But you still have to pay that back, regardless of what happenes. Nowadays, a lot of us, our moneymaker is touring and merchandise, because record sales aren’t what they used to be.

“You have a completely other genre, which is hip-hop and pop and all that stuff, that sells what they do and why they do and how they do, but at the same sense, to me, there’s no origanicness. You go to see these shows and it’s just like, ‘Wow, I should have just stayed home and watched the video.’

“For most rock bands, selling records is a difficult thing; if you’re not the major icons, it’s hard. So for us, it’s getting out there and promoting ourselves and doing whatever we can. And we’ve been doing it for eight and a half years now straight — since August of ’05. When I say we literally have not stopped touring and making record, we haven’t. In almost a decade, we’re still doing what we’re doing.”

BUCKCHERRY‘s sixth studio album, “Confessions”, sold 18,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 20 on The Billboard 200 chart. The CD was produced by guitarist Keith Nelson and Marti Frederiksen (AEROSMITH, OZZY OSBOURNE) and features eclectic CD artwork by graffiti artist Ewok.

The band’s previous CD, “All Night Long”, opened with around 28,000 units in August 2010 to debut at No. 10.

BUCKCHERRY‘s fourth studio effort, titled “Black Butterfly”, premiered with around 47,000 copies back in September 2008 to enter the chart at No. 8.

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Norwegian folk metal party-starters Trollfest care about one thing: starting parties. Suits us.

Trollfest: Duck!

“Me and four of my friends were having a party, sitting around drinking, and we decided that we’d got sick of all the music we had available. So we decided to make some songs of our own – for shits and giggles, basically. Some new music to go with our party.” This is how Trollmannen, vocalist of Norwegian metallers Trollfest, explains the band’s genesis. Playing a particularly gleeful breed of folk metal, the band, despite only releasing debut album Willkmen Folk Tell Drekka Fest! in 2005, are already releasing their fifth party-fuelled album, Brumblebassen. And they are quite happy to acknowledge their band’s focus as one of fun.

“There’s enough bands that take themselves very seriously these days,” says Trollmannen. “Our guitar player and drummer spent quite a few years playing in more serious, dark and moody black metal bands, so there was an element of wanting to do something with a smile on our faces when we started Trollfest.”

Stylistically based in extreme metal mixed with Baltic folk music (think Finntroll meets Metsatöll with added booze), Trollfest are a slightly unusual mix. They neither fit quite with the more straight-laced acts like Eluveitie, offering far too rambunctious a prospect to fit in with that scene, yet are more interesting than generic, accordion-led fun-time bollocks. They also have devised their own lyrical style, mixing tongues to produce the sinister-sounding “trollspråk” to represent the trollish themes.

“If you say anything in German with an angry voice, it will sound insanely evil,” explains Trollmannen of the language’s origin. “’Ich liebe dich’”, which means ‘I love you’, sounds like you want to kill someone! I wanted to sing in German because of the sounds, but then I can’t really speak German. So we thought ‘fuck it, if we can’t find the German translation, we’ll write Norwegian one.’”

The band quickly followed up their fourth album from last year by touring Europe with Finntroll and Turisas, and wasted no time getting straight back into the studio. They’re now back with a tasty follow-up in Brumblebassen – with the mantra to keep sounding fresh. “From day one it’s been experimenting,” says Trollmannen. “We try as hard as we can to keep that experimental level going in the band so we don’t end up sounding exactly the same on every album. There’s already one AC/DC, and they’re doing it quite well!”

Brumblebassen is out August 24 via NoiseArt

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The next step in the ongoing saga of modern rock instrumentalism takes the shape of Perth, Australia’s Tangled Thoughts of Leaving, but unlike the previous years’ incarnations which are largely metal acts going out and exploring the world around them, Tangles Thoughts of Leaving are more like bored jazz musicians who decided to try a little PCP for shits and giggles.

These Perthians…Perthites…Perthonians (???) have more to do with the likes of John Zorn than Animals as Leaders by playing experimental music that melds intense jazz, metal riffs, and electronica to create a sound that is all their own. Having released an EP as well as a split release, Tangled Thoughts of Leaving are already seamless artists with so much to offer to the music world. To the average listener, this stuff might seem a bit too disjointed and radical, but jazz aficionados, fans of Sigur Ros and avant garde metal can only be attracted to the ground swell of creativity that is Tangled Thoughts of Leaving. Challenge your tastes by going to check these guys out.

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