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Israel’s Switchblade (not to be confused with the Australian band) recently linked a five year deal with Killer Metal Records, which also has in its roster the Stormwarrior, Lonewolf, and Damien Throne. Switchblade will release debut album, “Heavy Weapons,” near the end of November. The album consists of fresh material along with re-recorded songs from earlier singles

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MÖTLEY CRÜE bassist Nikki Sixx has commented on the growing trend by music consumers of purchasing and downloading individual songs through digital outlets rather than experiencing full-length albums as they were intended to be heard by the artists that created them.

In a post on his Facebook page, Sixx wrote: “When I was scrounging through record shops as a kid, you usually (unless you just shopped for singles) bought the whole album. I always fell deeper in love with the band because ‘ALL’ their songs spoke to me. Of course, some jumped out at you right away while others grew on you, but you didn’t skip any songs; you would listen from top to bottom over and over again.

“When I started making albums, I always believed the WHOLE album was the adventure. Of course, there is the lead single for radio but when did THAT become the whole experience?

“I talk to more and more people every day who tell me they only buy singles now. iTunes hasn’t helped for that, of course.

“We have asked them many times to bundle our album as one download so fans wouldn’t cherry pick the hits and miss the hidden gems, but it’s not part of their business model.

“I love iTunes and buy music almost daily from it, but it still frustrates me. I just wish more people clicked ‘BUY ALBUM.’ Maybe I am old-fashioned in how I believe music should be listened to, but I refuse to ever buy just a band’s single. I always buy the WHOLE album. I encourage you to do the same.

“Technology may have changed, but the fact that a band makes a WHOLE album for you hasn’t. Dig deep and I promise you, you will fall deeper in love with the artist than you ever could only listening to one song.”

In a 2011 interview with, MÖTLEY CRÜE drummer Tommy Lee spoke about not wanting to make albums anymore. He said: “As far as making new music, I’m sure we will. There’s nothing official laid out yet. What I meant was just making records to make records doesn’t seem like that’s got much of a point anymore, when people don’t buy records, they buy singles. Why not make more singles more often than these big, long records over two-, three-, four-year spans? Give the fans more music and better music, like doing EPs. I just think that would be a way better thing. Now, making a full-length record, I think, serves a purpose, like, let’s say, when [MÖTLEY CRÜE‘s] ‘The Dirt’ [movie] finally gets made. I’d say that totally warrants a full record and soundtrack album. But just to make long-playing records now, I don’t know. I’ve lost my appetite for it, and if you look around at the facts, so has the rest of the world.”

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Chapel Hill, NC’s experimental act Horseback is streaming the full 3 CD set of singles and rarities titled “A Plague of Knowing.” Check it out via Bandcamp or in the player provided below.

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Sheffield’s (UK) alternative/metalcore outfit Inherit The Stars has posted a new video online. The second release from the “Orbis” trilogy of video singles, “Caught In The Crossfire” is taken from the bands debut album “We Were Made To Walk The Skies.” Check out this new clip below, or watch the previously posted video for “Citizens of Earth” at this locaiton . Inherit The Stars will also be headlining Sheffield’s 02 Academy 2 on September 21st

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Their next album isn’t a concept record, but they say it lives up to the classic art of releasing a record to enjoy from start to end.

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PureVolume recently conducted an interview with ALICE IN CHAINS guitarist Jerry Cantrell and drummer Sean Kinney.

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Russia’s Grenouer has signed with Mausoleum Records for the release of seventh full-length album “Blood on the Face.” The CD is scheduled for release in Europe on May 3rd, 2013 and North America on July 9th, 2013. The band also comments: “Initially that album was set to see light through USA based label The Metal Den Records (individually run by Randy Rocket Cody) under the title ‘Showdawn’ in August 2012, yet that label started to exercise incompetence pushing down the release for later dates, disintegrating the album into separate iTunes singles without the band’s consent and providing lame promo activities. Grenouer was forced to break the contract and after a while entered in agreement with authoritative Mausoleum Records

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The first single and title track from the 2012 album by South African hard rock/metal band Juggernaught has been made into an official video. That song, “Bring the Meat Back,” is streaming below. “Bring the Meat Back” is the second album from the Pretoria band, and has been streaming in its entirety over on bandcamp.

Their first release, 2009′s “Act of Goat,” was well received locally, selling out its first pressing in less than two months on the heels of the lead single, “Mountain Man.” Following the momentum of its debut, the band was invited to write and record a song with local music star, Mapuputsi, for the South African Broadcasting Channel’s highly rated Jam Sandwhich television show, the result of which quickly became one of the highest selling singles in the show’s history.

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French symphonic progressive metal act Adagio posted a demo version of the new songs “Torn” and “Carry the Cross,” the first two singles to be released on the band’s upcoming fifth album and first since 2009′s “Archangels In Black.” The band has promised the fans “Underworld 2,” referencing the highly acclaimed 2003 sophomore effort regarded by many as the band’s best album. “Torn” is the first to feature new vocalist Kelly Carpenter (Darkology/Epysode/Ex-Outword/Ex-Beyond Twilight) who replaced the outgoing Mats Levén, who was with the band for about a year but did not record.

The statement from the band along with the demo stream is as follows: “Hi guys, here is a demo version of one of the two singles that will be featured on Adagio’s upcoming album, planned to be released in 2013.

“To the die hard prog Metal fans: Remember those two songs are ‘singles’….for the rest of the album, we promised Underworld 2..don’t worry, you gonna have it above your expectations ;) cheers.


Check out “Torn” here:

Check out “Carry the Cross” here:

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Christopher Lee as Saruman: Top Wizard

Acting legend Christopher Lee is releasing some metal Christmas song covers. Fucking hell we love this man.

Check out a sample below…

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